This was added advantage and BIL who was already moving his hands all over my body became bolder and started kissing me.
I purposely stopped saying he is looking a bit loudly to which BIL removed 500 Rs note and told him, “kay dost tumh ko kuch problem”. He told “nahi sabh barish mein yeh sab chalta hi hai”
BIL hands were on my thighs inside me skirt pressing my thighs and also removed my two buttons of my top and started to suck my breast. He unzipped and gave his cock in my hand and I could see the driver was driving slowly and looking behind more through the mirror.
We reached at the restaurant and BIL told the driver he too can have his food as it will take some time. He told there is no problem he will wait. It was garden restaurant big one pretty dark too at the entrance and BIL purposely pressed and squeezed my butt knowing the rickshaw driver was watching us as we were entering the restaurant.
We went to the restaurant and I was excited like hell knowing this new unknown man what will he do to me and so on and what’s my randy Bahuji’s plan was.
We just had 1 beer each and when he ordered the lowest rate whiskey which smelt yuck the dirtiest aroma that spreads and I was quite surprised. He doesn’t allow his driver to drink nor tell Kamal to touch that if they have to enter the house.
I went mad seeing what he did. He didn’t get the bottle to drink but he poured the same on his shirt here and there and winked at him and I asked why he did that. He told me now he will come to know I am heavily drunk. He also applied some to his face as a after shave.
It was around 10:30 pm we paid the bill as we were reaching the gate of the restaurant to come out BIL put his hand on my shoulder making others feel as if he is drunk heavily and unable to walk.
Seeing us BIL’s hand on my shoulder walking as if a drunkard is walking our Rickshaw driver brought the rickshaw at the gate and I tried to push BIL in and at the time I had his first touch.
His hands came from behind and as I was standing out with my buttocks bent I had his cock just bumping on my buttocks as if he was trying to help me or to feel me.
We sat in the rickshaw and BIL was telling me “sorry darling todha jayda hogi”. He tried to kiss me here and there.
“Tu dar mat mein abhi bhi hoosh mein hoon, tujhe mast chodunga jaise mein hamesha chodhta hoon” he was purposely saying so that the rickshaw driver can hear the same.
I told him to shut up aur chup chap ghar ja ke so janeko. BIL slowly kept the house keys in my purse pocket inside and whispered in my ears and told, “ask for keys” I didn’t understood to which I told him, “Honey ghar ke chavi de do, nahi to tum gira donge”.
Like a drunkard he asked, “kay ghar a gaya”, “tum chavi ahh”. He started searching and made the rickshaw driver to take back to the restaurant to find the keys.
This was painful but he took back to the restaurant without saying a word telling, “theek madam isme taklif kay hai” and I and the rickshaw driver went to search the keys and the waiters too searched but in vain.
First of all it was no fallen and this real life drama created my BIL was really getting excited.
We came back and I was just trying to make a scene now what to do and all that stuff. I told we have to wait till morning as my friend who is having extra keys is having a nightshift and she will be coming tomorrow morning and so on.
Rickshaw driver consoled me not to worry he will help in whatever form I could want. I was waiting for the next move and BIL pretend as he is deep sleep and when I touch his crotch it was erect like anything and I knew he was more excited then me.
For the next move God answered our prayers as we reached Chandini chowk it was raining heavily and as the Rickshaw driver has got no protection he was getting wet and there were no street light and he had tough time driving the rickshaw and at on point he hit a big pothole unable to see as water was clogged.
He stopped near the slop of Chandini chowk on the way to University, there was hardly any lights anywhere.
I told him to stop rather then we meet with some accident in that heavy rain. It was raining heavily and he too was getting wet BIL whispered in my ears to tell him to sit back as he is getting wet.
I told him the same and swiftly pulling the cover he was next to me. His shirt was fully wet and the rain was not stopping at all.
I said he is fully wet and all that stuff to which he removed his shirt and kept on the rod and he was just in his Pants. At the same time BIL faking as if he is sleeping told me “ghar aya” and his hands were on my thighs moving on my skirts telling me, “darling dar mat itne nashe mein tujhe mast chodunga”.
He was rubbing my thighs and his hands came on my breast and he purposely pushed me on the rickshaw driver I was telling him to stop telling what he is doing and all that stuff we haven’t reached home and so on.
The driver too moved side ways and giving me an exact position where my back was on his chest and I turned my head telling him sorry I don’t know what to do of him.
His left hand came on my hips as if to support me and said, “theek hai madam lekin apke pati to nashe mein hain aur ap to inke wajse baichain be ho rahe hain itni barish mein”.
I said to him, “kay matlab hai tumhara ahhhhhh bahujiiiii”. I shrieked because BIL pressed my breast and this rickshaw driver latched on to that opportunity and his right hand came on my head and he kissed me and his left hand were firm on my thighs.
His mouth was stinking with guthka and all that stuff, but the fire in me was burning two guys all over me.
Rickshaw driver was suddenly stopped kissing me and asked me, “tumh bahujiii bhol rahe ho inhe yeh apke kaun hai”. I immediately tried to correct and told “mein tumko bhol rahi ti bhaiyajii”
BIL was pressing my breast and was acting as if he was doing without his senses and telling me, “dekh jan nashe mein bhi mein tumhe kush kar raha hoon”
The rickshaw drivers hand came on my hairs and started kissing me and his other hand has reached where it has to reach.
He pulled my left leg on his thighs and his hand again entered in my skirt. BIL deliberately removed my top buttons and he deliberately opened my left side breast from the cup of my bra which was on the rickshaw drivers side pressed it few min and his hand came on my right side as if he was tired and sleeping.
This was added advantage for the rickshaw driver as he latched on to my breast and started sucking and biting it.
His hand entered my skirt and was right where I wanted between my legs rubbing on my crotch on my panties and found its way from the side of my panties inside my wet cunt telling me, “Wah madam apka tight gora jism, tana hua sina, gori taange Kasam se tera yeh mast jism dekhke koi bhi mard tujhe apnana chahega tera bevada pati ko jo karne ka hai woh karne do, mein tumhe janat ka saher kar wa dehta hoon”
He took my hand and placed it on his crotch which was like iron rod and still finger fucking me now with two fingers telling me, “Madam mare lund apko acha lagega teri chut ko Mere lund yeh teri is mast gilli chut mai fit baithega masti se chodugna, tera pati har raat uska lund teri chut mai ghusake masti karta hoga na? Itna mast jism hai to khub maaze karta hoga jab jee mai ayea tere yeh mast jism ko nanga karke chodhta hoga?"
Before I could say anything his mouth again latched on to my mouth and he started kissing me finger fucked me but as I was about to cum he stopped and rain to was not so heavy. He rushed back to the driver seat and was in full speed for what he knew.
He stopped somewhere near that Aundh pool near a bar and brought a county made liquor and beer and gave country made liquor to BIL telling him that it will be really good and winked at me.
BIL thanked me telling me “thank you dost isi ki jarurat ta and rather then drinking he again poured it on himself a bit and on his face making dead sure the stink doesn’t go and as the rickshaw driver started again and took us to Range Hills BIL was slowly spilling down the liquor outside the rickshaw.
BIL pushed my hand on his cock and whispered he is really going to get excited. He took us to some old military quarters and somehow we helped BIL who was too good in acting and took us to first floor and opened the keys to one of the doors.
It was dirty room with all clothes hanging around and just few beds on the first room and there was other room which was a kitchen and a bathroom on the other side.
He dropped BIL on the bed telling me “iska kam to huwa” and came towards me. I was waiting for the same. This time he didn’t bothered to come near me looking into my eyes telling me
“Madam apka itna kam kiya apse se acha bakshis mil na chaiye”
Saying his hands were on his crotch adjusting it and I said to him, “Ek bar inko inke nashe se bahar to ane do phir jo bhologe de dungi”
He winked at me and giving a shrewd smile he said, “Madam yeh to kal dupher talak hoshe mein nahi ayege, jo pilaya hai taraha inse yeh utenge nahi”
I immediately interrupted him, “ye kay bol rahe ho tum”
“Mujhe to bacha huwa bakish chaiye jo hamne beech raste mein kiya ta”
I was pretty much aroused with his slang language, but didn’t show him the same. Just seeing the tent that was made on his pants made me wet.
“Kay dekh rahi hai”, he was openly moving his hands on his crotch.
“Dekho mein bahek gayi aur kuch nahi”
“Bahek gaye to puri tarah bahek jana chaiye madam, adha adure bahek jane mein dono side taqlif hoti hai” stating that he started coming near me.
He came so close to me and I could feel his breathe in fact bad breath of his gutkha looking into my eyes directly he was still for a second. I too looked for a few seconds and dropped my eyes down and moved back and in fact there was no place.
He held me tightly I pleaded him to let me go telling it was mistake but the next move was very fast and I didn’t knew in what way he pulled my sleevles top and removed of my skirt and I was there in just bra and panties and pushed me on the other side.
I hardly put a fight to stop him and I sat on the other end of the bed and tried to cover myself with the blanket.
The rickshaw driver came on his knees in front of me grabbing my hairs and pushing my head on his crotch telling me, “Madam, mujhe jyada taklib mat do, yeh bachone jaise harkat pe tera aur mera energy aur time waste mat karo, ek to apne chalu kiya ta aur mujhe katam karne do”.
Slightly slapping on my cheeks “Bolo”
Saying that he pressed my face on his crotch and I was oozing between my legs feeling his hard cock across my face and I was wet and hot feeling the heat of his cock from his pants and might be from his undies. I told him to leave or I will go to the police
Grabbing my hairs pressing my head on his crotch, he started grunting, “Behanchod saali, bahut natak huwa tera. Randi us bewade ke sath randibaaz karte waqt nakra nahi karti mere rickshaw mein, Sun chinal, aaj tujhe chodhe bina mai nahi chodnewala kal chaiye tere rape case mein sat sal jail bhi chala jaunga, lekin aj rat bar terko chodke rahunga.”
I tried to resist him, he pushed me on the bed and was on top of me and started grinding his cock on my cunt, “Madam, jayda taklif mat de bedardi se chudgi tu aj, chup chap apne apko chudwale nahi to bahut pachtana padega tujhe”.
I loved more of his cheap slutty talk and I knew BIL also loved the same. I was wondering what he might be feeling sleeping just few feets away with ears hopefully eyes wide open. He got up and was on his knees and grabbing my hair he picked me up and forcefully kissed me.
He left me go and stood up and started removing his shirt and picked up his pants and he removed a bottle of whiskey from its pocket and again coming near me placing a leg on the bed looking into my eyes and telling me, “Sun chinal, yeh sab natak mere samne mat karna. Tujhe pata hai aur teri choot ko bhi pata hai maine tujhe chodne wala hoon. Meri baat nahi mani to nanga utake bahar phek dunga Abh tu mujhe jayda taklif mat de”
He took a sip from his bottle. I was stunned he was having it raw. He came between my legs and his face was near my crotch and started taking deep breathe as if he smelled my panties and then started licking it.
His finger entered my wet cunt through the side of my panties “Waahhh re rand nahi nahi bol rahi ti aur dekh tera choot chudne ke liye baichan hai
He kept on finger fucking me and moving his two fingers from right to left and then again left to right.
He pushed himself up finger fucking me and started sucking my breast on top of my bra, then he yanked of my bra and this time it was wonder he was just licking my tits with rapid force and then slowly sucking with his lips and again sucking them made me give a powerful orgrasm.
I could hear him saying, "dekho memsaheb, abh talak to maine chodha bhi nahi aur tera pani nikal padi mera chudwane ke bad kay hoga ".
He looked at me and he took his fingers and started sucking the first and then the next telling me, “Mast rand hai re tu”.
He removed his undies and I was dazed seeing his huge black purple head dick all-gleaming with his own cum.
He was proudly moving it up and down telling me, “Muh khol chinal, aur bol kaisa hai soch tera choot kaise raund dalega yeh”
I immediately understood why BIL had told he is good. I was shocked seeing the same it was dark black circumcised with big purple head really made it look unique for any wet cunt.
Holding my legs he yanked of my panties and started again smelling it “mmmhhhh kay kushbu tera choot ka, lund tadap raha teri gili choot chodne”.
Moving his hands slowly on my cunt “kay choot yeh tera resham jaise, baigar bal ke aur bhi acha dikh rahi hi teri gili choot”
I didn’t know how he guessed I wanted to suck his black gorgeous dick. He came on top next to my face and grabbing my neck made me suck his cock.
I was eagerly sucking his cock, and he was groaning “Choos, rundi aru jorse choos hanh uhhh hanh. uhhh hanh uhhh aise hi ahhh kay chusti tera pati to kuch kam hi nahi, waise uska lund bhi aisi choosti hai tu bahut achi choosti hai, ahhh aur jor se”
I was sleeping on my back lifting my head and sucking him. He started moving his hips to and fro in my mouth and his hands were all over my body and sometime bending himself and finger fucking in my cunt and ass.
He kept on finger fucking my cunt and ass so harshly I was fully tempted with his orginess. He kept on finger fucking making me suck his cock.
The Rickshaw driver Mehmood (it was his name in fact came to know when everything was over) was finger fucking and making me suck his cock and I started sucking his hairy balls, which tempted him more telling me “Are randi tu mast cheez hai tujhe to bolne ke jarurat nahi kay karne ka aur kay nahi karneka, chal lage hath meri gaand bhi chati”.
I was stunned hearing the same. I had done the same with BIL few times and he immediately lay on his stomach spreading his legs. His cock was still in my hand as he parted his legs more.
“Kay dekh rahi hai, chal jaldi kar”. Saying he grabbed my head and pushed it down. His black ass too was gleaming and he forced me to lick it up.
Holding my hand on his cock and making me licks his ass made him pretty much aroused and I too was not because of licking his ass but holding his sticky wet cock aroused me more, and I could hear him grunt as I moved my tongue on his asshole. "Ahhhh saaaliiii kya mast chat rahi hai ahhhh Aur jor se hila apni jaban meri gaand mai uuuuffffff".
Mehmood got up looking at me and grabbing my hairs started kissing me again. He was so randy while kissing I could believe the way he kissed me with his tongue deep in my mouth and lifting my naked body as if I was small child.
He stopped kissing me and started licking my face telling, “aj tujhe janat dikhu dunga roj ayegi chudwane mere pas”.
Then making me sleep perfectly on the bed he came on top of me and was on his knees and started again flicking my nipple under his tongue scraped it across his teeth and the roof of his mouth.
It was good my head swam with delight. Mehmood nibbled on it, rolled it between his teeth, sucked on it slowly at first and then with increasing pressure, and then slowly let it go. He moved to the other breast.
"Ahhhhh !" I gasped for the first time "Ohhhhhh ahhhhhhh!"
Hearing me say the same he stopped and looking at me, “Bhol memsaheb mera lund dal du tere choot mein, bahut baichan hai teri choot mera lund ko nigalne”
"Yes ... fuck me!" I muttered in a husky, erotic tone.
He leaned over on his knees and one forearm, guiding his cock in my cunt with the other hand was underneath my head.
I could feel his cock head spreading my cunt lips and could feel the fierce heat of his cock-head on my cunt lips. His buttocks high and unflexed, he paused on both forearms and knees and bent his head to kiss me.
"Tahir yeh rand mera lund nigalne ko?" he said.
I nodded eagerly. He flexed his buttocks and slowly inched his cock forward and down into my hungry cunt.
I gasped and winced my head jerked back, Mehmood shuddered and groaned, his head snapping back. Flexing his buttocks, he drove in deeper still, grinding inexorably forward.
"Ahhh yehhhh huwiii na batttt randi, maaza aa raha hai na chinal saali kya mast chut hai teri, Lagta hai tere pati ne aajtak teri thik se chudai hi nahi ki. Koi baat nahi raand, ab jab tu meri laude ke swad chak liye hai tujhe pat lage ga rand ke chudai kaise ki jati hai”
He was still with his cock grounded in my cunt and that was pissing me instead of fucking a wet cunt he was more interested in humiliating me. I loved that too, but yelled at him, " Fuckkkkk meeee”

"Acha ! jaldi kay rat puri bakhi hai rand subhe talak terko chodunga chal le kuti Sali” stating that he slept on top of me taking his hand underneath my left leg and started fucking me very slowly.
His other hand was under my head lifting the same kissing me licking me tickling my ears and with the same slow rhythm he fucked me.
He built up speed steadily, and soon his buttocks were moving rapidly up and down, up and down, his hips swinging smoothly to and fro between my parted thighs.
Mehmood’s cock pistoned faster and faster in and out of my cunt, my body jerked and snapped under his thrusts.
My cries tempted him more "Ohh Ohhh Ohhh uhhh OHhh uhh OHhh uhh Ahhhh UNHhh oH ahhhh aur jorrrrr seee ahhhh ohmaOHHHHHuhhhh OHHHH!".
Mehmood was fucking me hard and I was getting hammered by his huge cock which had already made me cum 2-3 times as I lost count.
Mehmood kept on fucking as hard as he could and now he was kneeling taking my legs on his shoulder and I was grunting real slut just like this mens wanted, "OHHHHH... UHHHHH... OHH uhhhh hanh uhh ohh uhhhh oh ma uhhh ohhhh uhhhh ahhhhh uhhhh AHHHHHHHH  UHH hanh UHHH OHHH ... fuck me! Fuck me,    aur jorseee ahhh chodddd ahhhhh!" I gasped, writhing
"Ahhh rannndddddd chodddd rah huwwwww le aur leee ahhh randiiii... chul rundi... lele ... le mere lund koha  uhhh ohhhh uhhh hanh uhhh  ahh-uhh-ahh-uhh-ahh-uhh-ahhh-uhhh hanh uhhhh chul saali rahnd kuttiii lele le mere laved ko bol accha lagta hai na rundi Bol saali rand BOL!"
"Yes, , yes ... hanh ... uhhhh hanh uhh ... bahut accha lagta hai ... hanh uhh ... oh yes ... oh god yes ...    it feels so good, Ohh uhh ohma uhh yes ... c'mon ... fuck me! Fuck me harder, baby aur jor seeee Hanh uhh ahhhh uhh ohma  uhhh  hanh uhh OHHHHH!" I cried in reply.
His fucking was more hard and I could feel his cock bulge and his grunting more harder "Behanchod yeh leee randi mareee laudee ka paniii apni chut mai. Aaaahhhhhhh ufffff”
I gasped in pleasure as I felt the sharp, hot stinging shards of jizz spurt in an endless flood in my cunt.
It kept on cumming and he was smooching me real randy with his tongue deep in my mouth and he was too good still slowly moving in and out. I could feel his semens fill my cunt like hell. He broke the kiss and turned on the side and lay panting for breath.
Telling me as we laid next to each other, “dekha madam desi tare ka kamal itne jor se chila rahe te tera pati ko to kuch pata hi nahi, ki uski biwi mast chudke maza le rahi hai”
At that time I asked his name and he told me his name and I told him I was hungry to which he immediately wore his dress and told he will be back with Anda burzee which is sold at the Kirkee station in 20-25 min.
He told me to lock the door from inside. He went out and I closed the door and the moment he was out BIL had unzipped his pants and telling me that if I liked it. I told he was great. He was between legs and the movement his cock was in he was mad, what the fuck is this he has created a pond in your fucking cunt baby.
He fucked me without stopping like hell and he too came in me. He hardly took not more then 3-4 min of banging my cunt. He dressed and told seeing his pissing cock he came to know this cock has fucked many and could do wonders to me.
But before we could complete we heard the knock and BIL went off to sleep covering himself with the blanked and it was Mehmood, who told that his rickshaw’s petrol got over and he has parked few meters away and come to get his scooter keys.
He told why not I come with me and have it hot it will be good, I told I am tired he forced me to dress up and he went into the bathroom. BIL opened his eyes and winked at me telling me to go and have fun.
As he came out I too went cleaned myself and wore my dress. We came out Mehmood closed the door locked it and kept the key in the small garden pot which was hanging opposite.
I asked him why he kept there he told its safe and as it is there is nothing in his house. He lost keys 3-4 times so thought this was a good spot and it became a habit
It was still drizzling we went near the station had egg burjee. We had interesting dirty talks and one was interesting when he told, “madam apko nahi lagta apka pati kuch kam ka nahi, aise logon se shadi karke apki jaise tadapti jism kis aur se chudwana kuch acha lagta hai, apko to mera jaise pati chaiye jo apko din rat apki gilli choot choodh choodh ke kush rakhe” he told
“Aisi bat nahin mera pati sirf shaniwar ko pita hain, baki din office jate mujse pyar karte, aur itne karab insane to nahin hai, agar mera pati kuch kam ka nahi hota ta, tera kam kaisa hota ta”
“Are mera pati pikae behosh nahi hote te, tujhe to mujhe touch karne ka chance nahi milta chodne ke bath hi chodh de”
He laughed telling, “ahhhh ap to bahut chalu ho madam”
We came back and this time BIL was really sleeping this time for real and Mehmood fucked me again in fact we were standing out of his room as he was smoking. He was playing with me grinding his hips on my butts and then took me in the same bad where he fucked me again slowly but nicely with lot of kisses and we fucked pretty long.
In the morning it was pretty good as BIL went in the bathroom to clean himself it was our slam bang time doggy style in the kitchen.
We left the place around 10 am, BIL paid 2000 Rs for taking care first he denied then I told him to keep it and while leaving I signaled him to give his telephone number which he scribbled immediately and gave it to me.
His rickshaw was not working so we left in a different one.
The moment we reached home we both were in our tub with a bottle of wine talking about the incident. BIL loved that I liked getting fucked by Mehmood and he told he don’t have any problem if I call him again and again for my hungry cunt.

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