or the bag. He stopped the car. Suddenly he was very aware of her nearness. Her pallu brushed against his shoulder. Her blouse was momentarily uncovered on her left side, near him. Its entire left side was soaking, too. He saw the bra clearly outlined underneath the clinging blouse. The lacy bra, his mind noted irrelevantly. The ringing stopped. She half turned back, but then reached back again, saying “It will probably ring again.” Swiftly, his eyes took in the full curve of her ass, outlined against the stretched tightness of her sari as she strained to reach his bag. He frowned at himself again, trying to control his thoughts. But it was rather late. Somehow, with her pallu resting on his shoulder and arm, his lund was filling up. Uneasily he shifted in his seat. Then she had got his bag and sat back, handing it to him.
He tried to remain still. He got the phone out and looked at it. It was his wife, as expected. He was aware of his companion looking at him expectantly. “It is my wife,” he said, and she nodded. He called his wife, listening and explaining his own situation. But for some reason that he couldn’t explain to himself, he left out any mention of his passenger. After the call, he explained, “My wife has left work, too, and is on her way.” He put away the phone and they started driving again.
The going had become noticeably harder. The rain had intensified. There was no conversation. There was no chance for any. The windshield wipers were barely coping with the deluge. It took all his concentration to drive. A number of times he had to come to a complete stop, to figure out where he was and where he should turn. The sound of the rain hitting the roof of the car was now surprisingly deafening, even through the so-called sound-proof car.
“I’m sorry,” she said suddenly.
“Why?” he asked, surprised.
“I’m putting you through much trouble,” she replied. He wanted to protest, but she continued. “Am I taking you out of your way too much? Maybe you should let me out and I’ll just walk home. Driving in this is just too tense for you,” she said.
“No, no, no,” he said automatically. Though, to be honest, it was indeed quite nerve-wracking. “I’m not going out of my way at all. Actually, that is my street not too far away,” he said.
“In that case, you’ve reached home,” she replied. “Please do let me out now. I cannot possibly ask you to drive any more,” He thought it over. It was indeed tough driving. As if to underscore her point, the rain got even harder as they reached his home. Sighing, he stopped the car in front of his gate and parked it. Then he looked at her. “Thank you very much for driving me this far,” she said, “I’m very very grateful.”
Uncertainly, he retrieved her umbrella and handed it to her. Once again, their fingers touched. He released his grip on the umbrella just a fraction later than he should have. His touch on her fingers lingered just that bit longer. Blushing to herself, once again, she collected herself, and looked out of her window. It was daunting. She reached to open the door.
“Would you prefer to wait inside until the rain reduces?” he asked suddenly. She didn’t answer immediately. The rain.
“No,” she said finally, “I should try to get home. My husband will be worried.”
Trying to steel herself, she opened the door and put her left foot outside. It was immediately upto her ankle in flowing water. Gathering her determination, she put both her legs out, got the umbrella outside and opened it, then slowly stepped out. She had to hold on to the car to steady herself. The force of the rain pushing against her umbrella, and the swirling waters around her feet kept her from taking even one step. And when she did try after several seconds, at the very first step she overbalanced and flailed her hands, trying to stay steady. Exposed to the downpour, he saw her get nicely drenched.
“Get in! Get back in the car!” he shouted to her automatically. Meekly, she did, getting even more drenched, and sat there, breathing hard from the exertion. “Please,” he said, “come inside and wait for the rain to slow down. We can call your husband from inside. My wife will be home soon, too,” he added reassuringly. She nodded silently, looking down at her wet hands. She was a little shaken, thinking what might have happened if he had indeed let her walk away in this storm.
It was his turn to get out of the car, this time to open his gate. He drove the car into the parking space. A sense of intense relief flowed through her when she found herself under a sheltering roof, and the roar of the hard rain hammering on the car roof ceased. Then he went out again and closed the gate. By the time he returned, his pants were soaked as well.
She stood respectfully, a few feet away behind him as he opened the door of his house, waiting for his “Please come in,” before venturing inside. Her wet clothes dripped on the floor. “I’m so sorry, I’m messing up your floor,” she said, embarrassed. But she was done with trying to brave the weather outside. The safety and warmth of the house was just too inviting.
“Never mind,” he said. “First things first. Let me take you to the bathroom and you can towel yourself dry.” Wordlessly she followed him, looking around as she walked. There was furniture scattered around haphazardly, boxes all over the floor.
“Please don’t mind the mess,” he said, noticing her surprise. “The rooms are all being painted, and this is the result. We had to move all the furniture from the other rooms.”
As they entered the bathroom, he turned around to face her. In the bright light, he clearly saw the state of her clothes. Her drenched sari and blouse were clinging to her skin. His eyes developed a mind of their own, lingering a little too long over her wet blouse. She lowered her face and blushed deeply as she felt his eyes on her. He controlled himself and looked away, only to find her reflection in the mirror. Seen in her clinging outfit in the mirror, she seemed almost naked.
He caught her eyes in the mirror. They locked briefly before separating. Covering his confusion, he tried to talk cheerily, “Let me bring you that towel. And, I’ll tell you what. I’ll get you some of my wife’s clothes. No, no, you must let me!” he added when she seemed about to protest. “Otherwise my wife will kill me for letting you catch cold in this.” He pointed to her dress.
She looked down at her sorry looking sari. He looked at her, taking in her breasts, her bare waist, the shape of her thighs in her clinging sari in a rapid, fleeting glance while she wasn’t looking at him. His lund was coming alive. Ashamed, he turned and left the bathroom, saying “I’ll be right back,” over is shoulder.
He soon returned, and deposited a pair of his wife’s pajama top and bottom, a warm-looking bathrobe, and a couple of towels. “Change into these and I’ll drop your wet clothes into the clothes dryer,” he said and left the room. She locked the door. Unable to help himself, he waited just outside, listening to the sounds from within. By now she must have divested herself of her sari. His mind raced, despite himself, mentally undressing her. He scolded himself, but didn’t stop undressing her until she was completely naked! He had drunk in enough of her in the clinging wet sari to complete the task. His lund was painfully erect now inside his wet trousers.
The door opened. “Where can I hang these?” her question brought him around.
She was nicely wrapped in the pajamas and bathrobe, and holding her wet clothes, now wrung out of excess water, in front of her. He led her to the dryer. “You can dry them here,” he said.
She stood uncertainly, and it dawned on him that maybe she hadn’t used one before. At least, not this model. “Here, let me,” he said, and took the wet bundle from her hand. She briefly resisted handing it to him, but relinquished it in the end when he looked at her questioningly. The reason for her initial reluctance dawned on him soon enough as he separated the bundle. Her bra, and then her panties were the first to get untangled from the bundle. He held each one in his hand, examining them just a fraction too long as if reluctant to let go, before dropping it into the dryer. She saw him, holding her most intimate pieces of clothing, and a hot flush spread through her cheeks and neck.
She could sense very fine hot perspiration break out on her forehead. She turned away to hide her hot face. He took the opportunity to hold her panties in his hand just a bit longer, crushing it inside his palm, and then dropping it in. His out-of-control mind raged: If I slip my hand under her pajama top, I would find… her naked breasts! It would be so easy! And more! If I slipped my hand inside the waistband of her pajama bottoms, and slid it down, down, … down… her cunt! His wanton mind lingered on the word.
His lund was rampant at the imagery his mind conjured up: His left arm wrapping around her from behind, around her waist and up inside her pajama top; the hand clamped fully over her breast, feeling the nipple hard against his palm. His right hand slipping inside her pajama bottom, feeling its way down her belly, down toward her most cherished possession. He imagined her two hands grappling with his hands, trying to remove them, half-heardtedly, and inevitably not succeeding…
“I’ll wait outside,” she spoke and left the cramped little laundry space, breaking his daydreams. He finished dropping her clothes in and started the dryer.
“Let me change, too, and then we can call your husband,” he said.
In a few minutes he returned, wearing a robe as well. He offered her his cell phone. She took it very gingerly from his hand, avoiding touching his fingers. He was disappointed. But the phone was a model she wasn’t familiar with.
“How do I enter the number…?” she asked, feeling silly.
His left hand reached out and cupped the back of hers, as if to steady the phone. He showed her how to bring up the dial system. In the process there were several inevitable little touches of his fingers on hers. She stayed quite still while he finished. “Why had she allowed her hand to remain in his?” she asked herself. Shouldn’t she have withdrawn it, or tried to? But she hadn’t. Shockingly, her hand remembered his compelling masculine touch. Even worse, it missed the touch when he released her hand! His hands were so large! Hers had looked tiny, cradled inside his palm.
She dialled her husband and explained the situation. “He wants a word with you,” she said in the end, handing him the phone.
He reassured her husband. “My wife and I will take care of her, until this rain stops,” he assured him. He waved away the husband’s thanks, saying
“Hope this rain stops soon!” She had a few more words and they hung up.
He then dialled his wife, debating exactly what he should say about the unexpected guest. But his debate was preempted. “There’s no way I can get home tonight..” he heard his wife say over the phone. He glanced swiftly at his guest and saw her narrowed eyes. She had heard her too.
“What are you going to do?” he asked.
“I’m going to stay with my friend,” his wife replied. “Her house is not far from here.”
I guess I will see you tomorrow, he replied. “Let’s hope the rain stops by then and the roads clear! Call me before you leave!” He ended the call. He never got around to mentioning the guest. She, too, noticed that he had never mentioned her. Irrelevantly, the sense of his touch on her hand came back to her. She frowned mentally.
“I suppose we should think about dinner,” he said and went to the kitchen. She followed hesitantly. “There is left-over food in the fridge. Or would you rather we make something fresh?” he asked.
“Oh, please don’t worry about me. Even some curd-rice will be enough,” she said. He warmed up some food and cleared some space on the cluttered dining table
She looked on, feeling embarrassed. “Let me help,” she said when he started bringing the food from the kitchen to the table, thinking that at least she should make herself useful. He offered her the pot he was carrying, to take to the dining table. His left hand was holding the bottom of the pot, using a pad to protect his hand from the heated pot. His right hand held the handle of the pot, steadying it. She hesitated. But she had offered to help, after all.
She tentatively reached out to take the pot from him. For a few seconds they were both supporting the weight of the pot, her hand covering his at the bottom. Then the full weight of the pot was in her hand, with his hand caught between hers and the protective pad underneath the pot. He extricated his hand with some difficulty. His lund enthusiastically savoured the pressure of her palm on the back of his hand.
Three more pots followed, in similar fashion. It seemed foolish to both of them to try to find a different way of exchanging the pots that would avoid their hands touching. Not only that, knowing that his wife was going to be away all night somehow seemed to give them legitimacy. All of a sudden the touches of flesh upon flesh seemed perfectly all right and normal.
By the time the last pot was exchanged, he made a great show of making sure that she had a good grip on it. By the time she took the pot from his hand, his lund was rampantly twitching and jerking inside his bathrobe. They sat across from each other and started eating, watching the TV report on the stormy weather. He asked her for a ladle. When she handed it to him, he went out of his way to let his hand graze over hers. Their eyes met and separated. Not guiltily, but with a faint promise of more touches to come.
As promised, the touches continued. It seemed silly, and almost rude, to avoid them. It was almost as if they were husband and wife. After all, they were alone, and were going to be alone for the entire night, together. That gave them the right. The rain poured, unabated and as hard as ever.
It was past 11 o’clock when they finished.

While they were cleaning in the kitchen, his phone rang. It was her husband, wanting to know if there was any chance she would be back tonight. Obviously, he had no hope of that, but didn’t wish to openly impose on the stranger. Finally, he was assured that it was no imposition at all. There was enough spare room for her and she would be home first thing tomorrow after everything cleared. The husband was clearly relieved, and thanked him several times. They wished good night all around. Then he called his wife and wished her good night. Now they were truly alone and set for the night.
They settled down on the sofa, watching TV for a few minutes.
“I suppose we should think about bedtime,” he said, eyeing her doubtfully.
And then the lights went out.
In the sudden darkness, and the stillness with the TV switching off, the sound of the pounding rain intensified. Automatically, her hand reached out for his, seeking reassurance. It was met by his hand. For a second or so, the two hands searched each other and then her hand settled into his. He peered this way and that, trying to see through the blackness, still holding her hand.
He saw nothing. The power cut seemed total. It must be city wide, or at least a large area around. He didn’t even know where the candles were, or a torchlight. Then a thought occurred and he said, “I’ll find my cellphone. That should provide some light.”
His cellphone was lying somewhere in the kitchen. Slowly and gingerly he made his way past her on the sofa, holding his hands in front of him. As soon as he cleared the sofa, he tripped on some box or furniture, he couldn’t tell which, on the floor. He nearly fell, causing a commotion.
“What happened?” she asked.
“Nothing. It’s all these boxes,” he replied. Straightening himself, he was now thoroughly disoriented. Which way to go? He took two or three tentative steps and tripped again.
“Why don’t you come back and just sit for a while, and see if the power comes back?” she said. “The floor is covered with boxes and furniture. You will probably fall next time you trip,” she finished.
True enough. He agreed and carefully stepped back. “Where are you?” he asked.
“Here,” she guided him.
Slowly, using her voice, he retraced his way back to the sofa. On the way, his searching hand rested briefly on her thigh. She caught his wrist in his arm. He then took her hand, and found his place on the sofa next to her. Her hand remained in his, seeking his reassurance in the strange environment. They stayed still and quiet.
Then they heard his cellphone beeping. “Oh no!” he said.
“What is it?” she asked.
“The cellphone battery is dying,” he said.
“Ohhh!” she exclaimed. Did he sense Her hand trembling a little in his? At any rate, he squeezed it gently, reassuringly, and held it a little tighter. Should he make another go for it? Even if he did get to it, so what? The phone would die soon anyway and be useless. And so he stayed. In two minutes the phone fell silent.
They waited, hand in hand, and sleepless. For two hours he fought the impulse to reach out and kiss her. Two hours during which her hand remained in his, during which it slowly, slowly went from a simple, innocent grip to the object of his attention. Conversation was limited. But every time they spoke, it seemed to give him a chance to change his grip on her hand, and caress it in the process. As if hypnotized by the rain, by the darkness, by the circumstances of their togetherness, she allowed him those caresses.
After two hours it seemed to both of them entirely natural and inevitable when he finally raised her hand to his lips. He kissed the back of her hand, several times. When he was quite sure that she was going to allow that, he began kissing his way up her arm. It took him one more hour to kiss her cheek. Another hour during which his lund ached with lust, and she fell under the influence of his attentions, and became pliable. When she felt his lips graze her cheek at last, she felt her body quivering in anticipation, and was lost.
He kept up the maddeningly slow pace. Another half an hour of soft kisses all over her face. She fully expected to be kissed on the lips but it didn’t materialize. Her entire body wound up tightly, expectant in anticipation.
Ohhhhhhhh! The kiss that finally landed on her lips was full. There was absolutely nothing tentative or uncertain about it. After the snails-paced advance of his attentions, she was caught completely unprepared and breathless. His mouth demanded her mouth. His lips crushed hers bruisingly. Pressed them to open, open, open up! She melted, and at that moment she became his wife for the night. He didn’t know this at that time, of course. And so he wooed her very slowly and carefully. The caresses that started then would take more than two hours to develop into a full-fledged session. A full-fledged fuck session.
But, first, the kiss. Her lips parted, and softened, under his. His mouth sensed the softening, the yielding of her unbelievably soft and feminine lips. His lund strained inside his robe. Would her other lips also be so yielding? So yielding when his hot lund prepared to penetrate, shaft, slide inside her slick cunt? He moaned without being aware of it. She heard his moan, and answered with a sigh, automatically. He heard it. His tongue slid out and tentatively slid over the inside of her parted lips. It encountered her teeth.
Slowly his tongue slid along her teeth, from left to right, from right to left. Then again, and again and again. His heart hammered inside his chest. Pounding. Fearing that it would end too soon; she would stop it. And every second that passed and she didn’t stop him, he grew wildly hopeful. He groaned again in his throat. It echoed through her body.
A deep sigh escaped from her. Her mouth opened, inviting his tongue inside. He stilled, as his exploring tongue discovered this new, uncharted territory. It discovered its companion that waited warm and soft and wet, and, above all, his. Slowly his tongue slithered over hers, slithered and slipped and slid, over and over and over, making love to her tongue. Slowly, slowly, she joined the dance. Their lips were tightly locked, mouths parted wide open and air-tight. Inside, their tongues wickedly played, drawing moans from both of them, muffled moans that echoed inside their lip-locked mouths. Moans that fed each other’s desires, each other’s lust.
The tongues moved rhythmically, licking each other, lick, pause, lick, pause, lick, pause, lick… Moans accompanying each lick. Mouths opening wider as the tongues went out seeking each other, then closing slightly as the tongues retracted. But remaining lip-locked, air-tight. The mouths filling with hot saliva, heating their already hot tongues. His mouth was the first to break off.
Under the cover of darkness, her mouth stayed open. Her tongue hung far outside, searching. It was met by his open lips. Then his tongue slid up hers and his lips closed over her tongue. She moaned at his assault and trembled. He sensed the trembling. They licked each other, hungrily. The tongue, the lips, cheek, chin.. And moaned and moaned. The roaring rain only partly hid their lustful mmmmmmmmmm’s and ohhhhhhhhhhh’s. He began lustfully licking her mouth and lips, as he would lick her other pair of lips, the even hotter pair down between her legs. His tongue slid from one corner of her mouth to the other corner, as he would do to the hot slit of her cunt. He nibbled on her lips, then mashed his lips against her mouth. His tongue slid in, fucking her mouth, thrusting in and out and in and out. He was unaware of his solidly erect lund pressing into her hip.
Under cover of the heated kissing, his hand slowly crept inside her pajama top. He didn’t even intentionally do it. Neither was she aware of its invasion. Furtively, his hand sneaked inside, rested on her naked abdomen. As they kissed wetly and moaned heatedly, his hand slowly crept up her abdomen. Both were only dimly aware of this progression and they paid scant attention. His fingertips touched the underside of the swell of her breast, and paused. As if by mutual consent, their kissing and moans intensified even further, providing cover for his fingertips, for her breast to get familiar with them. He became aware of his grip when her chest arched, pushing her round breast into his palm.
Her body reacted this way instinctively when her breast felt his large, masculine hand closing on it. His hand tightened its grip. The size of his hand was equal to the fullness of her breast. She opened her eyes wide as she felt his hot hand on her naked breast. She saw only complete darkness. Nothing to distract her senses. She closed her eyes again.
Her chest was already arched, offering the hot peak to his bold assault. She arched it further, and felt his answer as his hand tightened, squeezing her breast fully now. His forefinger and thumb sought out the hard peak, then closed on it. Her mouth broke away from his to let out a plantive sssssssssssssssss of breath, feeling his fingers working that tormented peak.
Then, swiftly, his other hand was also under her pajama top, now openly seeking out her other breast. In the darkness, and in her heated situation, she was unaware that her legs were up on the sofa, wide apart, and that he was kneeling on the floor between her legs. He loomed over her in the dark, kissing and licking her mouth wetly, fondling her breasts freely. Slowly, slowly, she slid from a sitting position to lying down lengthwise on the sofa. Her robe lay open and trailed on the floor under his knees.
Now he was kneeling near her head, face bent down over hers, smooching and kissing her hungrily. Once again he ate her mouth, as he would eat her cunt, tongue-fucking her mouth, as he would her cunt, while his left hand had its sweet way with her naked breasts underneath her pajama top. She freely allowed him to feel them to his heart’s content. She had never ever been kissed and caressed and mauled for this long, ever. Not even close. The new sensations tensed her body and it stretched and arched this way and that, her legs flailing slowly here and there, searching for something. The ceaseless writhing of her body drew his hand away from her breasts.
First it caressed her abdomen, stroking it just below her breasts. Sometimes returning to the peaks of her globes as if to make sure they were still offered for his, and her, pleasure. But gradually his left hand strayed further.
You know very well where that hand was headed. However, it took him a good half an hour to get to that destination, by which time her cunt would become freely his for the taking. His searching hand encountered her pajama bottom. Then it strayed lower, slowly creeping along and down her left thigh. Then it stopped, just inches from her cunt. Her leg tensed, and then her entire body. Her chest arched up in deep desire. Her tongue snaked out and waved in the air, seeking his tongue. Then his tongue found hers. They snaked over each other wetly and lustfully. Just the tongues. Her dancing tongue promised him — everything. He could have slid his hand over and covered her cunt.
But for some reason his hand resumed creeping down her thigh. He was caught in wonder at the situation, his hand openly caressing a strange woman’s thighs. He wanted to prolong it as far as he could. His hand caressed its way down to her knee, then slid underneath the knee. He lifted her thigh, and she submitted, allowing her leg to bend at the knee and give him full access. His hand started climbing up the underside of her thigh, still clad in her pajama trousers. His hand crept up and then paused, again within a couple of inches of her heated wet cunt. Her leg stiffened. Her toes curled in hot anticipation of what might come. His hand kneaded that inside of her thigh, slowly and methodically.
Her legs slowly and longingly fell wider apart. He felt the flesh of her thigh quivering in tortured need. With all her attention on that hand, his right hand searched for her breasts, and caressed them avidly through the pajama top. Her breasts were mauled in every way, sometimes grazed lightly over, but all over, sometimes gripped and squeezed quite thoroughly, sometimes the peaks held through the pajama fabric and tugged and twisted and tortured lovingly. In between, he found her buttons, and undid them.
All the while his left hand kneaded the inside of her upper thigh, caressed that thigh up and down, sometimes lewdly coming and resting at the very top of her thigh, his fingers within millimeters of her outer lip if not actually grazing there. Then her pajama top was open. His mouth swooped down and clamped down over her naked left breast while his right hand claimed the other breast.
He sucked hard, and she mewled in want. His right hand rhythmically squeezed and squeezed and squeezed her other breast.His fingers were fully spread out over that quivering globe, gripping it and making it his. Then he stopped the assault on her breasts. She felt his hot breath travel over her chest, felt his tongue lick her chin, lick her lips, her own tongue answering eagerly. Then his mouth clamped over hers, totally smothering her.
Then she felt his left hand move under and up the inside of her thigh. Quickly his hand rode up her thigh. His tongue thrust deep into her mouth, totally muffling and smothering her hot moan that arose from deep inside her throat when his hand came to rest, his palm pressed squarely and flat on her steamy cunt.
Her legs tried to close. But with her left leg trapped in his left arm, she struggled. Her trapped leg writhed in his grasp, making her thigh rub hard against his entire arm. He held his palm firmly where it was. He could feel the heat from her cunt on his palm, right through the pajamas. His torrid lund quivered with a rampant desire to taste it. An instant later he felt her hand clasp his wrist.
He could feel her trying to push his hand away. The lustful longing in his ramrod lund blinded him to her efforts. Instead, he groaned into her mouth repeatedly, mmmmhh mmmhhh mmmhhhh… as if to subdue her struggles. Gradually she fell under the spell of those demanding groans, and his tongue thrusting powerfully into her open mouth. She slowed and then ceased her struggles. She forgot that she was holding his wrist. Slowly, he began caressing her captured cunt. Slowly. Up and down, up and down. Her soft and warm hand now held his wrist gently, as though guiding it. This was her first such touch on him and he relished it. His lund relished it, throbbing riotously.
As he rubbed and caressed, he became aware of small undulations of her hips. Seduced by his caressing hand on her cunt, her hips were answering him. Seduced by him, and at the same time seductively urging him on. His right hand stole over her bare stomach, searched for the rope holding the pajama bottoms waistband and slowly slowly tugged at one end. She felt the slipknot of the rope being undone with excrutiating slowness, while his left hand slowly caressed her cunt up and down. She panted in lust, unaware that she was doing it. She felt a sudden loosening at her waist as the knot gave. He pressed his mouth over hers harder, hotly savouring the taste of her tongue.
She felt his left hand releasing her cunt. Swiftly it slid back. releasing her thigh. Her hand holding his wrist loosened, the fingers trailing over the back of his retreating hand. Then he was forcing her left leg off the sofa and down to the floor. His left hand continued up her hips, over her waist, slid over her belly and then under her now loosened pajama trousers. He groaned repeatedly, and she, too, moaned again and again in heated response, their mouths devouring each other’s tongue with loud lustful smacks. And his hand crept along on its stealthy downward journey. Over her bare flesh. Her lower belly trembled and heaved hugely, convulsing under the rudely invading hand.
Her moans turned into loud muffled gasps, mhhhhhhhhhh mhhhhhhhhh mhhhhhhhhhmmm.. echoing the violent convulsions of her assaulted belly. Her gasps fell on his lust-drunk ears. He groaned long and low into her mouth. Suddenly, her chest arched up in ache. He had just raked his fingernails across her belly. His right hand sought and captured that seductively offered naked breast. His fingers spread out and curled over that sultry mound. It squeezed, and his fingernails raked torturously over her belly once more. Suddenly he couldn’t understand why he was waiting. He squeezed her captured breast thoroughly with his right hand, and his lusting left hand arrived, at last, at her fevered cunt.
This time she fell quiet. Her tongue froze inside his mouth, waiting, waiting, while his palm captured and covered her cunt. Both her legs quivered uncontrollably in high tension. His hand felt that quivering, and, emboldened, it began exploring the sweet cunt. His fingertips traced around the outside of her cunt, tracing a complete circle just outside the puffed-up swollen lips. Then his fingertips were brushing lightly over her soaking cunt lips. Up and down the two lips. He longed to see them, to feast his eyes on her beautiful, beautiful cunt. He imagined the two lips, so swollen and glistening wetly for him. He imagined the tip of his lund probing them, pushing them apart, finding the fuckhole, slowly entering…
He imagined the cunt lips pushed up on either side of his invading lund. He imagined them pushed up a little at first, then more and more, as the invading lund thickened in its girth and stretched her cunt wider and wider as it entered deeper and deeper. He imagined his lund penetrating to the hilt into her cunt. He longed to see that. He longed to feast his eyes on that, to trace her slick cunt lips with his fingers, with his lund buried inside her. He longed for her to see it. He longed to pull out his lund just a few millimeters, so she could see the heavy and solid hardness of his lund, the size and thickness of it, coated with the cream from her cunt. He wanted to fuck her, to make her watch her own cunt getting fucked by his lund, by his cock. He wanted her to see that, unable to tear her eyes away from that lewd, yet irresistibly beautiful sight.
Ssssssssssss.. ahhhhhhh.. she drew in her breath sharply. His middle finger had found her slit, worked down that cunt, dragging his finger over her throbbing clit. The tip of his middle finger arrived at her hole. He knew it from the intense wetness that immediately surrounded his fingertip, by the way his fingertip inevitably slid inward, from her sudden SSSSSS… She waited, quivering in anticipation, utterly powerless to stop him, to stop herself, giving up her most private cunt to him, freely. His fingertip, having found her cunthole, pressed in, gently. Her cunt instinctively resisted his probing finger. He eased his assault, allowing her cunt to get familiar with his loving finger. Quite suddenly, his gently probing finger felt her cunt giving way, opening for his finger, and it entered. Sssssssss.. she hissed.
He sensed her legs parting wider open, and he slid his finger further and further inside her cunt. He couldn’t quite believe it. His head swam giddily. “Oh God! My finger.. it’s INSIDER HER CUNT..!!” his brain told him silently. “Wow! I only met her a few hours ago, and here she is..” Words failed him. His lund reacted wildly to the heat enveloping his buried finger. He imagined that white heat wrapped lovingly around his shaft.
He pictured her legs lewdly open, allowing his throbbing shaft to invade her fuckhole. He imagined fucking her, pounding her, ramming her. Imagining all this, he stayed still. He wanted to know what she was feeling. He wanted to hear every little breath, moan, gasp, of hers. Her legs began quivering with unfulfilled need. He withdrew his finger, almost completely out, but with the tip keeping her hole open.
He joined his forefinger to the middle finger and thrust them both into her quivering cunt. Smoothly and completetly. OHHHHHHH.. she moaned out loud, her cunt spread open by his fingers. The loud moan tore into his senses. He needed to hear more, he did not want it to end. His fingers slid out and back in, like a thrusting piston. Smooth and slick, thoroughly lubricated. Her chest heaved and thrust up, her legs flew out to accommodate the fingers. His fingers savoured her cunt dripping with lust and desire.
Then he was pumping, fucking her with his two fingers. In and out, in and out, in and out.. he pumped her. Even over the roar of the pouring rain, and over her hissed moans of ahhhhh ahhhhhhh ssssss ahhhhh ssss ahhhhhhh, his ears were filled with the wet, slick sounds of fucking, of a thoroughly dripping pussy being worked. If he wanted to know what she was thinking, what she was feeling, here was his answer. Her dripping cunt told him everything, everything he wanted to know.
His right hand closed over her breast, rolling its peak in his fingers. Back and forth and back and forth he rolled it while rhythmically driving his fingers in and out of her cunt. Her hips began bucking under his assault. Her right hand closed over his other hand tormenting her breast. She gripped his wrist hard, choking on her breath. AHHHHHHH.. AHHHHH.. AHHHHHH.. she choked out her breath aloud, as she alternately held her breath and then let it out in gasps. He heard her stop breathing and her hips raised high off the sofa, allowing his fingers to plunge deep into her cunt.
Holding them deep inside, he got his right hand free and swiftly slid her pajama trousers all the way down to her ankles. Then he grabbed her breast once again and began fucking her upraised, naked cunt in short hard thrusts with his fingers held mostly deep insider her. The tension was building up, up, up in her legs, in her thighs, inside her cunt, deep inside..
AHHHHHHHHHH.. she screamed out over the roar of the rain, her cunt exploding in a raging orgasm that shook her body. He felt her hips and thighs quivering hard and he tried to keep pumping her orgasmic cunt. He felt both her hands reach down and grip his left wrist, restraining him. Only then he stopped pumping, but kept his finger totally buried inside her cumming cunt.
All of a sudden her hips dropped down to the sofa, his fingers coming out of her cunt. He even heard a soft plop as his fingers left her hole. Phewwwww, phewwwww, phewwww.. she breathed out hard, trying to regain her breath and relax her trembling legs.
Vaguely she was aware of him shifting her hips on the sofa, her legs being moved around, of her legs and thighs being opened. Utterly spent, her legs languidly obeyed him, allowing them to be positioned as he wished. Then she became aware of him looming darkly over her. His mouth sought her face, found her mouth and devoured it, drinking in her mouth and tongue in the hungriest kiss.
Now she was feeling something familiar, and yet a little unfamiliar. Something hot, hot and hard and unyielding, and yet velvety smooth, sliding over the slit of her cunt. She suddenly realized what it was, just a split second before the head of his lund found her cunt hole. She knew it must have been the underside of his hot shaft, the underside with the thick vein, that he must have guided down the length of her slit, and now the head was poised.
“Noo…,” she started saying. But it turned into a “Nooooammmmmmhhhhh…,” her mouth muffled by his kiss. His lund had found its way home into her cunt. All the way home. His ass cheek muscles flexed and tightened, straining to thrust his lund in as deep as it could go. His mind was racing. “God! I’m IN HER … CUNT! My LUNDDD, it’s INSIDE THIS WOMAN’S CUNT!!” “No…,” she tried to protest, while her tongue yet snaked around his. “No?” he asked hoarsely, under his breath? He saw her hesitate, a long moment. “Yes…” she whispered, almost inaudible, finally.
He grew uncertain what she meant. “Yes, meaning.. this…?” he asked and slowly pulled out his cock until only the tip remained inside. Her freshly cum cunt screamed out to her in protest. “Or did you mean Yes to this..?” he asked and drove his lund back into her cunt. Lewdly her cunt made a clear “pthhhhhhhhh..” sound as his rampant shaft tunneled its way into her dripping hole. As if he couldn’t quite believe it was happening, and wanting to hear that sound again, he drove his lund out and in, out and in, twice, the second time ramming his lund home into her cunt, hard. “Pthhhhhhhhhh.. pthhhhhh..” her cunt responded. That was enough for him, and for her. She didn’t need to answer his question.
The heat from her cunt enveloped his lund and rose all the way. Even his balls, hanging tight and heavy just outside her cunt, felt the heat. He could feel his lund jerking violently inside her cunt. He knew she could feel it too, and he let her. Let her know how her wanton cunt was maddening his lund.
He knew he wouldn’t last long, at all. Groaning loudly, trying to calm his rioting lund, he stayed still, and held her still with his hands gripping her hips.

Held unmoving, her cunt began to focus on the full length of live ramrod flesh that impaled it. It felt the pulsing, the throbbing, the swelling. It fed that lund its own heat, and also felt its heat. Unconsciously, her hips began grinding against his loins. He groaned. His hips awoke and pumped her. Once. His lund felt as if it was driving through a white hot, thick liquid. “Yessss..” he heard her whisper.
Then his hips pumped again, and again, and again. “Yes.. Yes.. Yessss..,” she moaned out, answering his pumping lund, answering his question at last.
“Fuckkkkkkkk..,” he exclaimed under his breath, fighting to control himself, but feeling that he was going to fail. “Fuckkkkkk…” It was the first time she had heard that word, at least heard it in circumstances anywhere close to this. Certainly not from her husband. It was the first time a man was saying it in her ear, that he was FUCKING her. Not making love, which is what she did with her husband. Not making love, but.. FUCKING! She was being FUCKED.. At last, she thought, now I’m a complete WOMAN, being FUCKED! Unaware that she was doing it, she whispered out aloud, “FUCKKKK, YESSS! I’m BEING.. FUCKEDDDD!!”
He heard her. He froze. Then he lost all control and his hips took over. Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang … His hips sent twenty thrusts of his fucking lund ramming into her eagerly waiting cunt. Twenty, thirty, forty pounding hard thrusts that sent her squealing oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh in response. and then she heard him groaning. A very different groan almost as if he was in pain. Suddenly she felt him stop, his cock held halfway inside her cunt. She felt it jerking violently for a second. And then hot cum came spilling out and flooding into her fucked cunt.
He had tried to control himself. Tried to keep his mind off his straining lund. But his lund… Almost in panic, he felt the cum boiling up inside him. He held his breath and strained hard against his lund. Against all his efforts, his cum came flooding out of his balls. He felt the first burst shoot through the centre of his shaft. One long burst that streamed through his lund and sent unbelievable electric sensations through his entire shaft, that spread through his entire body. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH… he groaned out as the hot cum burst out from his swelling cockhead and into her waiting cunt. There was no controlling any more. He was no longer aware of her. Just his lund and his balls, and the need to empty his cum. Simultaneously with that first burst, he rammed his lund in the remaining halfway into the very depths of her fucked cunt.
His ass and thighs strained hard, his hands holding her hips firmly in place for his assault. Then his hips and ass swiftly withdrew halfway and drove in his lund again, ramming it in hard for the second burst of cum, pulling on her hips hard with his hands and straining into her.
AHHHHHHHHHH.. he groaned again. AHHHHHHHHH.. AHHHHHHHH.. AHHHHHHHHH.. AHHHHHHHH.. Again and again his body repeatedly rammed her cunt, emptying his balls with spurt after spurt of hot cum, filling her cunt with HIS cum.
After the final hard thrust, he quieted, his knees and legs shaking and trembling violently. He became slowly aware that so were her thighs and hips, shaking in his grip. He recalled what his brain had failed to register so far. She’d been gasping, “Yes.. fuck.. yesss.. fuck.. yessss.. fuck.. yesss.. yesssssssssssssss..,” under his thrusts, gasping and grinding her hips to match his assault. And exploding a second time as her fucked cunt had received his entire load of cum.
He collapsed on top of her naked body. He hands searched out and held her face and his mouth captured hers. They kissed and kissed and kissed, wantonly, shamelessly. Shamelessly they whispered “Fuck.. fuck.. fuck.. fuck..” over and over and over to each other. He held his lund inside her cunt. Gradually, he felt their hot cum oozing out of her cunt and drip down his balls.
They kissed and kissed and kissed some more. A lot more. His hips gyrated slowly, experimentally, sending his still not entirely soft cock exploring into her cum-laden cunt. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. she murmured against his open mouth. An appreciative mmmmmmmmmm, or so it seemed to him. More accurately, so it seemed to his cock. Slowly it swelled.
Her cunt felt it. Mmmmmm.. she murmured again, hesitated, and then added a daintily spoken feminine “Fuckkkkkkk..” at the end of it. The swelling of his lund accelerated under her murmurs. The mmmmm’s turned into more heated mmmhhhhh’s.
He disrobed her, completely. Removed her bathrobe, the open pajama tops, her pajama trousers bunched up around her feet. Everything. He made her completely naked for him. Appreciatively his hands roamed over her naked body.
From her face to her breasts, to waist to hip to thighs, and back up. His hands found and closed over her arched, freely offered breasts. He took possession of them slowly, taking his time. This time he would not lose control over his lund quite so easily. Hopefully, it would become dawn before he did. And then he would be able to see! His lund revelled, swelled and tightened inside her pleasurable cunt at the thought. He wanted to see, see her swollen cunt.
With his lund buried inside, with the swollen cunt lips yielding to his invading cock. With these thoughts he pulled out of her. Uncomprehending in the darkness, she waited until she felt him lifting her up off the sofa, turn her around, make her kneel, facing away from him. She felt him mount her from behind, felt his lund find her cunt, unerringly. OHHHHHHHHHHH.. she gasped as his lund drove into her cunt, deeply. He didn’t know it, yet.
But he was the first to fuck her from behind, doggy. She laid her head down and rested on the sofa, concentrating on the new way of being fucked. She blushed as she imagined themselves and the position they were in. But.. she was his wife for the night, a fuck-wife. She relaxed and their mmmmmmmmmmm’s and ohhhhhhhhhh’s drowned out the roar of the still-pouring rain.


Hi…Mein hun james . Agar apko meri kahani achchi lage to mail karna mat bhulna…Baat kuch saal pehle ki ha … me mukherjee nagar, delhi me reh rha tha… me pg pe tha aur job kar rha tha. mere samne wale ghar me ladkiyan pg pe rehti thi. Eye contact to hota rehta tha aur muth bhi kai baar mari par baat karne hi himmat ni padti thi. Ladkiyan wahan ias ki coaching ke piye ati thi aur kuch mahine baad ladkiyan badal jati thi.
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Deepshikha ne poocha,” jiju, thak gaye itne me hi?”
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Hi. I’m Parul. A strong, financially independent Delhi woman put up in one of the posh colonies of South Delhi. Many Delhites can understand how my life could be. I work at an MNC, even though my husband is filthy rich. My husband is a businessman and earning well. He married me for my beauty, though I hail from an upper middle class family. Yes, you guessed it right. I’m drop dead gorgeous. I’m married for 8 years, have a 3 year old kid yet I can give a run to 20 year old model wannabes. Soft glowing and clear skin, right sized assets and almost ignorable tummy due to my jog run every day.
After marriage, as expected there’s pressure from husband’s family to leave my job. But I stood strong. And I know how to get my husband into my line. Whatever said, he also likes me for my strong mind. So, even with his half-hearted support I managed to continue my work and now, I have grown to a nice position as a Product Manager in an MNC.
Coming to my sex life, which is the premise here, it’s kind of ok. My husband is kind of ok in bed. He can fuck me well. Just that there’s no spice in it. It’s monotonous, routine and boring. At the end I’m a beautiful and sexy wife who he shows off as a prized possession. But loving that beauty is not something he is great at. And it’s not just about sex; my life was boring and monotonous. There’s so much of plasticity around me in daily chores, work, relations, sex and what not. I always felt I really need a break. Occasional family trips to some foreign locales were not the breaks that were giving me the excitement.
Enough of the boring introduction and the premise… So, the story am going to narrate is about how I broke the shackles and indulged in intimate ecstasy with complete strangers. It’s just one night in my life, where I left behind all the morals, values, and societal bonds and treated myself with pleasure that a body of mine really deserves. It all started with me boarding a plane to Tokyo, Japan to attend a conference related the technology I’m working on. My boss was supposed to go along, but it feel into my lap due to some changes within the organization. A boring 2 day trip, I thought to myself. How wrong I was!!!
The two days passed by as usual. Morning conferences, new groups to meet up blah blah… The first night went on to prepare for the next day. On a professional note, it was awesome. But I was so bored to death by 2nd day evening. I had the flight back only the next day evening. There was a group who asked me out to join them roaming around the city. I let it go and returned. Back to my hotel suite, I just laid down on my bed. There’s deadly silence. I was lost in the silence. I wanted to scream. I didn’t have sex for the past month or so. My husband and I, both of us were busy. I couldn’t even masturbate for this time. My body was craving for something. My mind was craving for some excitement in life. I wanted to break shackles and do something out of the ordinary.
I have decided to unleash a bitch out of me. Why not? I should hit a pub all by myself. Get sloshed. Hit upon strangers and may be end up sleeping with someone. This night, no morals, no bonds, just me and my desires… I got up, freshened and checked out my wardrobe. Huh, do I hit a pub in trousers or jeans. Of course why would I carry party wear to conferences? May be that’s good. I can buy and wear something extremely sexy and revealing. Something I never did before.
I hit out to the town and entered the fashion destination stores. Tried several ones and finally picked up a mini skirt with noodle straps and bare back. Never wore this short and revealing dress before, but I didn’t care a damn. Got another sexy net laced black panty to go along with the dress, high heeled stilettos and came back to the suite. On the way, I noticed good crowd moving to the discotheque down stairs at the hotel itself. Even better, now I don’t even have to search where I need to head for my blast.
Had a warm shower, and took almost an hour to get decked up for the show. OMG!! The mini is quite revealing and now I start shivering. Nervousness coupled with the excitement and the anxiety of trying to cross some lines. Just like how I felt before my first kiss long back in teens. Anyways, this dress’s back is hardly covering any and almost ending at my ass crack. No bra and the nipple do shooting out on the satin dress. Can I carry this off? Is this overboard? What the heck, why am I thinking all this. I should just unleash. I thought; why not get a drink before I step out. I ordered a bottle of vodka and gulped couple of drinks in the suite. Now, am high and can take the night on storm.
I headed to the pub/ disco in the hotel. It’s a slightly unusual disco joint and there’s not much glitz in the look of it. Most importantly I notice only teenagers all around. Oh no, I hope all this excitement doesn’t lead to an anti-climax. I can’t hit upon these kids. I need to be in the arms of a strong man. Anyways, I carried myself to a corner and settled on a high stool. I ordered a hard drink as I really want to go high. Liked the scotch… 30 minutes and a peg down, I didn’t see anyone who’s worth it. I can see many teens ogling me. Well, why not at least try a dance with any of them.
I joined the crowd in the center and started dancing myself. Some guys started moving towards me and tried to dance along. They are awkward dancers. And there’s no masculinity at all in them. That’s when my eyes stuck on this man right opposite to where I sat before. He was a macho man, defined. Looks Indian… Broad shoulders, stubble, casual denims, gulping down scotch on the rocks… He is the one then. Shamelessly, I headed out to his table, stood sexily and introduced myself. I can see a spark in his eyes, when I stood in front of him. First job is done.
Yes, he is Indian. He works for a travel portal and here in Japan as part of his job along with another partner of him. He is put up in the same hotel. Basically from Mumbai, but been out of India for really long. He looks and talks like an Indian version of Pierce Brosnan. I decided he is the guy I should cross the line with.
We caught up on different things about India and I can see he is an interesting person. Definitely a gentleman and knows how to treat an women. My glances at his body now and then gave him a hint what am looking at. He laid his hand on my bare thigh while offering his scotch. His touch has a magic. They are gently placed but the subtle squeeze made sure I quiver. He made a slow movement upwards and brought quite close to the love triangle before placing the hand back on the table. I gulped his scotch at one go. He smiled and that’s it, I’ve fallen for him. And I did the unthinkable, for myself

.Our lips were entwined for the longest of times. Yes, I jumped on and smooch him hard. He was taken aback a bit. But hell ya, responded within a couple of seconds. That was a hot smooch. And God, he knows how to kiss. We broke the kiss. The kiss was the last test I wanted to do if I’m really up for this adventure. A minute of silence in my mind, despite the blaring sound around, I had decided, this was it “Am fucking this guy out of my nuts”.
His hands and fingers were already sensually moving around my back. I had placed my hand on his shoulders and went for the kiss again. This time, it was slower, sensual, hotter and deeper. He had good fingers which are exploring the erotic zones of my body. A soft touch through the spine rolling down till the ass crack, a gentle squeeze on the nape, massaging the sensual back neck, while we were exploring each other mouths. This was turning to be better than I thought. We broke the long kiss and he asked “my room or yours”. I somehow didn’t want to reveal any of my details and said ‘Yours’ and we stepped out.
My heart was pounding heavily and it was surreal. We entered the lift and he kissed again. This time it’s harder and the passion had kicked in. I didn’t leave behind and held onto him tightly and kissed him deeper. There was sense of hunger in the way we were kissing. One of his hands had crushed me on to him and now my boobs are tightly pressed against his broad chest. The other hand was exploring the back and slowly it reached down and he inserted his hand right inside my mini and the panty and gave a squeeze on my ass. I pulled his hair and bit him in reaction. He drew my further close and pushed my leg up to wrap around him. I just pulled both my legs up and wrapped around his waist without breaking the kiss. All this action made my noodle straps fall sideways and he quickly had taken out the right shoulder strap completely out. Half my right boob must have been popping out. We were only taking the passion high and the lift doors sprung wide open. I hardly remember someone being there outside, but we didn’t care a damn. He moved just the same way while I was on him wrapping my legs around the waist. Moved along the corridor the same way and reached his room.
By the time he took out the key and opened the door, I could see my right boob is already out in the open completely. Didn’t occur to my mind I was exposed that way all along the corridor. We entered the room, closed behind the door and my lover held me against the wall attacked me. He kisses on the neck, licking along the nape, the throat, the bare shoulder, gentle bite on the ear lobe, and again sucking my lips. This is ecstasy and I’m oozing my juices down there. He held by right boob then. His palm was slightly rugged and my soft skin on the breasts loves the touch. Despite the strong passion running, he didn’t squeeze it hard initially. It was that right knead which made my nipple erect so hard. I let my first moan out. I removed the other shoulder strap out and exposed my other boob too. The next moment, he sucked the nipple and gave a gentle bite around the aureole.
Mighty strength he has that he could lift me for so long and making love. All this while the cold steel buckle of his belt was touching my vagina on the panty and that was a tickling and erotic feeling. How could I cope with such touches all over? I just can’t even feel many parts of my body. I came down then and started removing his shirt and the denim. Realised one of my stilettos was already out, didn’t know where, and within a minute we were in briefs. He removed my mini and he stood in his brief. Pressing me against the wall, he raised my hands and kissed so gently at the neck and pinched the left nipple hard with his right hand and pressed his hardened meat on my panty right at the triangle. Oh God!! That was beyond words. Sex starved for weeks, such erotic encounter with a stranger at an unknown place, this is just too much to handle. My love hole is oozing out juices. He was still one of my hands up the wall, and came down sucking on my right boob. His right is kneading my left boob rather strongly and I dug my hands into his hair and pulling him strongly on my breasts. He slowly brought his right hand down, gently brushing all along the hip side and inserted one finger inside the panty top hemline. Erotically, he touched through my skin below the hemline teasing me for the final push. I brought my hand down, looked into his eyes and slid into his brief and took his tool into my palm and gave a strong squeeze. He couldn’t hold onto the teasing and he slid his hand inside my panty completely and rubbed his finger from the bottom all through the labia and ended at the clit with a gentle press. That was it!!! I came!! I came really hard and pulled his hair so strong and left a grunt out. My first cum that night.
I was almost lost in my ecstasy for quite some time and I hardly recollect anything that was happening but could feel that I was flying and floating in the air. My body felt so light and rejuvenated. Only women who have gone through strong orgasms can understand this. As I could come back to my senses, I realized I was on the bed already and my man that night was kissing me all over while his fingers and hands were still playing with my pussy. I was just lying there enjoying the moments and when he came near my face again, I dragged him close and kissed his lips so deep to express my passion running inside again. The kiss was really long and deep, running into several minutes while we embraced each other tight and rolled all over the bed. His meat was touching my pussy and I thanked myself that he maintained it hygienic.
After the long kiss ended, I started dominating him and rolled over top of him and kissed him all over. Bit his nipples, run the tongue over the neck line, kissed the broad shoulders, sucked the fingers. Then I went and took his tool into my right hand while the left hand was rubbing the inner thighs and playing with his balls. I didn’t bother the size of the dick as it never mattered. What he had was definitely good to quench my burning desire. I took it in my mouth slowly. I was never an expert in giving oral with my husband, neither had any burning desire to suck dicks. But at that moment, the passion had taken over and made sure I give enough pleasure to my man. He is moaning my with the sucks and am enjoying it. He got up a bit up and told me to go slow and casual. He guided me to suck it well. I rolled my tongue well and licked the head all around. Licked the dick from the bottom and swallow the top for a while. Gently tickled the dick opening with the tip of my tongue and tasted the salty pre-cum. Hell, never knew blowjob is such an art. And the guy knows how to get what he wants. The excitement made sure I swallowed more than half the dick inside. His moans had increased and it really gave me a high that I could really do that.
Just sometime later, he asked me to hold and pulled me up on him and we engaged in some deep kisses once more. Then he asked me to ride on. I questioned him with my eyes about condoms. Japanese hotels and it was easy to get a full pack in the drawers. I wore the condom to his tool and I moved myself down, positioned his tool upright and slowly took it in. Fulfilling… And it was a feeling that I was on the top of the world. I was so wet already and the rhythm was tickling my clit gently. I knew how to make the best out of this, and just arched my body back and started jumping up and down. Such a high it was and I started moaning very load while I pulling my own hair sometimes, pressing and pinching on his chest marking my nail bites subtly and showing my raw desire for him. He got up slightly and started sucking my boobs while I continued to ride on him. He took my nipple inside his mouth and I arch my body back, pulling my boobs long and I again fall back on him; played this game while I kept on riding on him.
Just few moments later, my moans have become so loud and he realized I need the final bang and he rolled me down and started ramming me hard. I wrapped a leg around his waist, and placed the other on his shoulder. He was fucking me fast and crazy and I was leaving load grunts. A few moments and I lost all my senses. I must have cum really hard that I was unconscious for so long. Felt again like floating in the air and I was flying for the second time tonight.
It must had been sometime that I came back to this world and I was lying stark naked on the bed. I saw the guy on the couch sipping beer. Saw the clock and it was 1 am in the night. What a night it was. Let the emotions flow and riding on the opportunity and here I am, just a woman making the most with the best man without any inhibitions here. How did I get this gut? Not sure, it’s the right moment, right place, right man and I had the best fuck of my life. I just closed my eyes and thinking about the night. Somewhere I was feeling, I still have some desire left. May be another fuck.. But I had much more.. A double whammyFelt like there is something coming up.. I opened my eyes and all I could see was, someone entered the room and by the time I realized it, he is already there near the bed. I was quick to cover myself with bed spreads, but still am sure he had a good glimpse of my naked body. The Indian was unfazed and he warmly said Hi to the other man and introduced me as his travel partner sharing the same room. A Scottish man and was around mid aged, but looks lean, fit and lanky. I felt so embarrassed to be in such a position before another man. I thought, what must these guys had been thinking about me? A cheap pick off the pub.. Some nymph who can throw herself wide open for anyone? But then I thought, wtf, he is no one to me in my life and would never meet him again. How does it matter what do they think of me. Why should I be bothered about their judgement? I really wanted this night to be ecstatic and that’s exactly how it is turning out to me. This made me feel little comfortable, but still I was wrapped up by covers till the neck. I was thinking, “is this what I was waiting for. If it was about breaking the shackles, why should it be just about fucking one random stranger? Should I think off 2 guys in one night? Is this turning out to be some porn fiction coming true? Can this be real?”
While I was deep into my thoughts, the other guy went to the fridge, picked up beer cans for all. He sat nearby to the bed, on a couch and both of them are cracking some jokes, which made me laugh. The Scotty was praising me before the other guy and I blushed. All the jokes have lightened up the ambiance and I was thoroughly enjoying the stranger’s presence with me being naked. I never let my soul speak, but just let my emotions drive me through the night. I thought to myself, make the most of what you got.
As I got more comfortable, I had let the covers little down and let boobs pop out a little which is an invitation to the Scot. I could see the hard on in his pants and I dragged the covers still down showing my boobs completely to him. The Indian went to the fridge to get another beer. And the Scot took off his shirt and entered the covers. A passionate smooch from him was enough to arouse me further. This guy was going slowly and I was enjoying it now. He brushed my neck, ear lobes with finger and circled with his fingers around my boobs and then the nipple. I got goose bumps all over and I kissed those fingers to show him the pleasure I got. He pushed his fingers inside my mouth, and I sucked them.
Now his tongue did the circling around the boobs and nipples and I loved it. He started playing with the two and sucking them slowly and for longer time. I closed my eyes to enjoy the pleasures. And that’s when there’s another tongue tickling my womanhood. It’s the Indian and I’m surprisingly overwhelmed for having pleasure with two at the same time. I thought “No morals should hold me this night” and enjoyed every moment of it. The very fact that I was made love by two men at a time was completely new high for me, something beyond surreal. I came again and lost my senses for a while again. I was flying, again!!!
While I was back to senses, I felt am being loved so well by these two men. They were real partners and have good understanding among them. Must have done that together few time before. Both played around my body and never let a dull moment come in between. It was so surreal that I just couldn’t remember details. While one was buried between my boobs, the other was drenching in the fluids coming out of my womanhood and licking all of that away. While one is caressing and kissing my bare back, the other is full on the butt and giving as many love bites as he can. While I take one’s tool into my mouth, the other gives me the fingering pleasure. And finally, my womanhood was filled with a man’s tool for the second time in the night. The Scot is giving the strokes slowly while the Indian is squeezing my nipples. After a while, the Scot took me to a doggy position and stroked from behind. The Indian got under me and had my boobs in his hand and mouth, while his other hand was massaging my clit. It was a total new high that I came once more. Such quick cum and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was flying, very high again!!!
By the time I was back to the world, his stamp of manhood, the semen, was all over my butt and I realized that I came quite strongly. I just lied down on the bed; eyes closed and never realized that I was earth here that I’m lying on. It was just heaven for me. New pleasures being explored… After a while, the Scot tapped on my butt and gave me another beer can. I saw the Indian savouring the beer on the couch, and winked at him. We were laughing loud by the jokes that have cracked and were lost in our own world. Time was The Scot asked me ‘you wanna get played on both sides babe?’. I read his mind and said ‘bring it on!! The holes are just waiting for you”.
It started all again with the Scot showing his tongue’s prowess on my pussy. I called the Indian and took his tool into my mouth. I have shed off all the inhibitions, whatever were left in me. He gave a mouthful’s job to the Indian, while the Scot was giving tongue down there to me. They shifted the positions a while after, and I took Scot’s hands on to my boobs to make them squeeze harder. I knew I was turning wild, and wanted to only get wilder. The Indian entered me soon and I’m getting wild with the Scot’s tool and taking it fully inside my mouth.
A while later the Indian rolled on, taking me along with him, now me being on top of him. Scot had spread my legs apart and made me bend forward. I sensed some jelly being applied on my asshole and I got ready for the bang. Though I had few fucks before, still it felt like the first anal fuck. The Scot pushed his tool from back and I screamed like hell. The Indian just gave me a smooch, which only resulted in giving him a wild bite on the lips. But then, it was all over and his tool was inside me fully. And they both were stroking me slowly. The very thought of having two penis inside got me wild and I grunted, screamed, roared and gave a strong bite on the Indian’s chest. I came strong, that very moment once more that night.
The strokes got slower and they both removed their tools out. But, I wanted more. And then, I realized that they are just shifting. The Scot lied down with me on his top and the other guy straight into my back. Omg, it’s just not heaven, its hell too and i love it like anything. The strokes got stronger and stronger, which is shown by the way my boobs were swaying along and the Scot did bite them hard, real hard. A high, new high and the best pleasure that I have ever got… I came again within 5 mins and just fell over the Scot. I’m lost, tired and exhausted.
By the time I woke up, there’s the Indian lying on the couch and the Scot next to me. It was noon already, which also meant I had the best sleep in the life. I got dressed, washed my face and left the room without even looking back at them. Even today, I just have my memories, which make me go all wet every time… I never tried this adventure again, nor tried to hit on anyone back at Delhi. These things just happen and when they happen, I have to go with the flow…


After my B.E. i started training in various engineering colleges for campus interviews as an aptitude trainer. So in my daily routine i meet many beautiful girls everyday of 3rd and 4th year of engineering. One such girl is Hrithika.
I’m quite good as a trainer in delivering the required content for them in the class and make fun of myself to make them laugh. This helped me to create a good rapport with students. So at the ending of training week many students request me for number or mail id.
Hrithika was quite a good student in aptitude. She used to sit in 1st bench always with a keen interest to learn new tricks. Many a times i saw her cleavage while teaching. Though it was not intentional tht used to disturb me a lot. After every class she used to come up with new doubts along with her friends which i used to clear. So everything went well n on final day she along with her friends asked my number. I gave them as it was common for me n dint bother to ask her number. After around a week or so i received an msg an from unknown number stating she is Hrithika from so n so college. I dint remember her name or face. So i saved tht number n checked in watsapp. There i found her face n recognised in a sec. I texted her back in watsapp n told her tht i don’t have free msgs so had to text in watsapp n she was completely fine with that. So after exchanging courtesy greeting she said she has a problem with few topics n can i help her. But i was in some other college so told her to call me in the night. She called me around 9 in the night but i was having dinner so cudnt pick up. So called half n hour n said my situation. She said it was fine n was quite happy as i called her back.
Then she listed few topics n problems. I tried to explain her in call. In around some 40 minutes i cleared most of her doubts but cudnt explain few in call as i need pen n paper. So she asked me can i meet her any time. But i was training in Hyderabad so i told her tht i will meet her once i come back to Bangalore. She said thanks n cut the call. We even did some chat in the night about studies n future. She was taking few advices abt job n higher studies. So next two days i dint text her but she was sending casual forwards. I did text her after 2 days on Saturday that I’m in Bangalore n I’m free for this weekend. She was ready to meet on same day. I told her to come to JP Nagar central cafe coffee day; also told her come along with any of her friends. So we met at around 12 noon. She came with one of her classmate i knew that guy to he was really cool. I ordered some coffee for three of us n started clearing their doubts. After half n hour the guy had to leave with some work. But we both continued. All of a sudden two guys from some other college greeted me.
They were too happy to see me thr but i was little uncomfortable as i was with a student. We spoke for 10 min n they left. Then i told her that this is the reason y i asked u to come with friends as it won’t be good if someone see me alone with a student. Luckily they were different college students. She said sorry. I explained for some time n we both parted for the day. She was so happy n texted me in the night. We did chat for some time.
Me: u owe me now.
She: sure sir. Anything u ask.
Me.: thts fine i was just kidding.
She: no sir. I will give u treat tomorrow.
Me: no buddy i can’t meet u outside. Pls understand.
She: ok sir. No prob. At least u suggests something.
Me: movie??
She: sure. Tom mrng show?
Me: that’s grt.
So nxt day (Sunday) mrng she booked tickets in gold class in Orion and waited inside theatre as i told her to do so. After 5 min i entered n sat beside her in a sofa. Both of our bodies were touching but none of us bothered. The movie was full of kissing n i was little out of order. She was 5.2. Fair n firm boobs and ass. Her hairs were straight n silky. In one word she was a blonde. Somehow i controlled n finished movie. Then we thought of having lunch but i said no. I asked her can she come to my flat thr we can have.
She: but sir what if one someone sees.
Me. Don’t worry. U jus tie a scarf around ur face n follow me on ur bike.
I had my bike. So i took one cheese burst in Dominos with a coke. We reached my home n then she removed her scarf. We both sat on a mat n started talking all crap n cracking jokes. Finally we had pizza n rested against wall. Both of our hands were touching n we were close enough. We were talking n i held her hand normally. She was fine n we continued. While laughing for something i pull her towards me with her shoulder. N my hand remained on her shoulder as i dint remove. She too was fine with tht. Slowly i started pinching her cheeks and caressing them sometimes. She said she is sleepy and lied down.
I too slept beside n put my hand on her waist n pulled her closer to me. Her breathing was increasing n both of us were silent. I started smelling her hairs n neck n slowly kissed her on her neck. She was breathing heavy. N i got up n started kissing other side of her neck n was squeezing her waist slowly. She closed her eyes n was not uttering a word. Nether i did. She was in red kurta n white leggings which were suiting here skin tone. There was a thin gold chain around her neck. I was arousing her by playing with her chain n rubbing waist. I slid her black bra strap n kurtha a little n bite her shoulder softly. She left a sweet moan n held my hair. I was biting n licking all round her neck n was pressing her over her ass towards me. Now my hard dick was touching her crotch area. I put one leg over her. I brought my hand to her right breast n squeezed it slowly. She said in low voice “sir pls no. Don’t do this to me”. But i was deaf. I know even she want this.
I started kissing n biting her cheeks. Slowly i entered my hand into her cleavage into her bra n caught hold of her bare soft breast. It was so soft. She again started saying n tried to remove my hand. I placed my lips on her. She was not responding. I entered my tongue in her mouth n was sucking her tongue. Slowly she gave up started responding. I was kissing her slowly n squeezing her breast. Now i came completely over her n sucking her tongue. My chest was pressing her breast n it was soo smooth n good. I removed t-shirt n lifted her kurta up. I lowered her zip from back n removed her kurta completely.
Mannnn……… Her fair body in black bra… What a view it was. I came down n started kissing her cleavage badly n squeezing her bare waist. She was holding my hair n moaning loudly. I raised her hand n smelled her underarms. Smell was so erotic n arousing. I kissed n licked all over her underarms like a hungry dog. I slid her bra aside n freed her right breast. She had fucking awesome pink nipple. I took in mouth n sucked it hard. Couldn’t control n started biting n chewing hard. She was begging me to be slow n gentle as it was hurting her. But d problem was i was not in my own control. I removed her bra n made d same justice to her left breast. I went up n saw her. She dint open her eyes yet. I asked her to open. She was not talking. I asked to open pls.
She slightly opened her eyes n i slowly started kissing her lips. I was so slow n romantic. She too was responding well. I slid my hand through cleavage to her naval n started fingering it. I slowly went down n started rubbing her cunt on her leggings. She held my hand n tried to say no. But i pressed my mouth harder n was kissing her badly. She was not strong enough to remove hand. I started circling on her cunt with my middle finger. It was all wet. I entered my hand in her pants n panty n held her cunt. She was holding my hand n was trying to close her legs but my hand was already in between her thighs. I started circling on wet pussy slowly. She loved it n left me free. I went down pulled her legging n panty down, she was all nude in front of me. The sight was amazing. I went down to her cunt n smelled it. It was pungent but i liked it. Slowly i gave a peck on her soft n wet pink pussy lips. She gasped with a shock a left huge moan. I placed my lips on her pussy lips n started smooching badly. She used to jerk her body every time i bite her pussy lips. I used to pull those lips up with my teeth. I made a room for my tongue in her cunt
I slowly moved my tongue in out n she locked her thighs around my head as i was sucking her. It was difficult to breath for me. I was pinching her nipples hard meanwhile. I came out sat on my knees n entered my finger inside her cunt. It was little tight but wet. I was circling my finger in her cunt to make it loose for bigger event. I entered another finger too. I was moving my fingers up n down slowly n gave a hard push all of a sudden n she cried out a loud as i broke her hymen in fraction. To make her cool down i started kissing her. Tears were rolling out. I waited for a minute n started my motion slowly. I got up to my knees n placed one hand just above her clit n pressed hard n held that way. N i started moving fingers inside her cunt moving up n down rather than in and out. She loved it n moaning loudly…. Mmmmmmmm…… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh……. Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr…… Pllsssssssssssssssssssss… Faster sirrrrrrrrrrrrr plsssssssssss……. I beg uuuuuuuuuuuuu………
I felt d bulge in her cunt that was pushing my fingers out. I understood tht she is cumming n increased d pace. She started shivering n jerking her body removed my hand she released her venom jerking like a lawn sprinkler. Mean while i was pressing above her cunt hard so tht everything comes out. She shivered for around 3 minutes. She was sweating very badly. N that smile and satisfaction in her face at d end made me quite happy; i slowly went over n lied on her. She hugged me tightly n said thank u. I kissed on her forehead n said its ur turn now, she said i don’t know wat to do. I removed my pant n undy and placed my dick in her hand n smooched her. She was pressing my dick. Her cold hand around my hot dick was an amazing feeling. I whispered in her mouth to take my dick in mouth. She said “noo.. Pls.. Expect tht ask anything sir…. Pls”.
I dint force her i came up n sat over her n placed my dick in her cleavage. She was pressing her boobs hard around my dick. That was fucking amazing boobjob. I lied on her placed a pillow below her ass n started rubbing my cock on her cunt. She was looking into my eyes n i asked her slowly “can i”. She nodded yes with her eyes n i gave a sudden jerk into her cunt. She tightened all her body n nerves around my dick. I waited for some time n kissed her. My nipples touching hers… It was grt. Slowly i started moving in and out n was increasing the pace. I banged her for 10min n cummed in her pussy all together. I lied on her for a while n we both slept off. We got up around 6 n got freshen up. I brought her ipil n she left for home. We had two more times. N we have no strings attached kinda relationship. We just fuck each other whenever we want.


When I hear both of my parents starting to snore in the room below me, I quietly get out of bed and sneak over to my dresser. I dig past the piles of underwear in the top drawer until I find what I am looking for. I pull out the black silk panty and slide it up my shaved legs, tucking my tiny cock back into the smooth crotch of it. Next, I pull on a black petticoat, a black lacey blouse, and finally I wear a semi-transparent black saree.
I look at myself in the mirror through the moonlight. From the shoulders down, I could definitely pass as a young woman. But in reality, I'm a slightly plump, not yet fully developed, twenty four-year old guy with more curves than muscle. My hair and eyes are brown; my cock about 5 ½ inches long and uncut.
I climb back into bed and lay down. I let my hands drift across my body, touching my curves and feeling the smooth silk against my skin. My mind starts to wander. I start to think about letting a man take me, letting him use me as his little slut and have his way with me. My hands begin to drift over more sensitive areas of my body. I start to lightly rub my cock through the silk material of the panty. It twitches at attention, and I start to rub the tip of it. It makes a small tent through the saree.
Bringing my knees up, and lift up my saree. I spread my legs a little bit. Without even realizing it, my hand drifts down to my asshole. I start to rub it through the side of my panties. My asshole twitches in anticipation.
I squirt some Vaseline on my fingers and pull aside the panty. I start to work some Vaseline around my ass before easily slipping in two wet fingers. My hole clamps around them tightly, and I let out a sigh. Shivers run up my spine. I pull my fingers out to my knuckles, and then slowly work them back in. I start to work up a rhythm, and begin to fuck myself with my fingers. I work in a third finger with little effort.
By now, I'm thrusting my ass against my hand and biting my pillowcase to keep myself from moaning. This needs to end soon, before I'm let out a squeal and wake up my parents.
Reaching under my bed, I search around with my hand until it touches plastic. It's a sample sized bottle of parachute oil. I've been using it to fuck myself with for a while now. It's the closest thing I could get to the shape and size of a cock.
I slather vaseline onto it and press it against my accepting asshole. It slides in slowly, and for a second I feel a sharp pain. It's almost instantly replaced with pleasure though, as the rest of the bottle slides up into me. I start to pump it slowly in and out of my little hole, spreading my legs wider, just like a good little slut.
I imagine that someone is using me. I slam the three fingers that were in my ass into my mouth and lick them clean, sucking on the greedily. I want to be used. I want to be someone's whore. I want to be filled with cum all day and all night. My deepest desire is to be a walking sperm ass-bank; to be ready for cock and expecting it at all hours.
With these thoughts, I begin to cum. I barely have to touch my cock, and already it's exploding warm sperm all inside my pantiy. I slam the shampoo bottle deeper into my ass as I cum, struggling not to moan. The orgasm finally subsides, and I let out a deep breath. I know what I have to do to be a good girl.
I pull the shampoo bottle out of my ass. It's covered in Vaseline and ass juice. I bring it to my mouth and lick it clean. I scoop up the little pool of cum that's collected inside my panty and lick it from my fingers. I hold it in my mouth for a while, enjoying the taste of it, before swallowing.
I strip my lady's clothes off and climb into bed naked. I fall asleep a little after, tired and unhappy at the fact that I have to wake up for college in the morning.
This is an ordinary night in my life.
I'm sitting on the benches in the basketball court the next day during lunch-break, watching the team run laps around the court. My younger sister is in the class, and I find it funny that as I'm watching her run, she has no idea that I'm wearing one of her panties under my jeans. She glances up at me and we make eye contact. She smiles and waves, and then continues her conversation with the girl she's running with.
The bell rings. I stand up and pretend to adjust my pants, but in reality I'm fixing my panty.
My sister stops running and comes up to me. Her friend is standing behind her. I catch her checking me out.
"Hey, I forgot to tell mom that I have practice in the evening after college," she says.
"Well, mom and dad aren't home tonight. They have that retirement party to go to."
"Ok then...well I might just stay at Karishma’s house tonight then," my sister says. I nod my head.
"Alright. But make sure you're back in the morning, mom and dad will be angry if they know I let you stay out," I warn. My sister smiles at me somewhat sarcastically. I roll my eyes and head to my locker.
In class, my mind wanders from Biology to more perverted things. I think about what I'm going to do when I get home. I decide which of my sister's outfits I'm going to try on first.
"Deepak!" my teacher-Mr.Desai-says. I look up and realize that he's calling on me to answer a question. "What happens during cellular replication?" he asks. I open my mouth to say something, but realize that I have no idea what the answer is.
I stutter for a moment, managing to say "I don't know." My teacher shakes his head.
"See me after class," he says. A few snickers echo throughout the classroom.
When the bell rings, I hope that Mr. Desai forgot that he had asked to see me, and I try to sneak past him.
"Deepak," he says. He motions for me with his finger. I approach his desk.
"What's up?" I ask. Mr. Desai sits down, sighing. He opens a desk drawer and flips through a row of files, finally pulling out a test with my name on it. Next to it is a huge "F" written in bright red ink. I stare at the test blankly.
"You have just failed this latest test. 20% is pathetic.," Mr. Desai says. "And you're constantly late for class." I say nothing. He looks up at me and raises his eyebrows.
"I know. I just get distracted easily," I stammer.
Mr. Desai holds his hand up to stop me.
"You know, I do offer an after college tutoring program. If you attended and showed some effort, I might be willing to be a little more open minded about your marks," he says.
I hesitate. The last thing I want is to have to stay after college to put up with even more of the subject that I simply hate.
"Of course, you can just stick with the F." Mr. Desai smiles at me.
"When is it?" I ask.
"Right after college," he replies. I nod my head.
"Sure, I can stop by for a little while."
"Good. I'll see you then."
For the rest of the afternoon, I think little of my tutoring session with Mr. Desai. However, I have no idea just how much it will end up changing my life...
At 3:00pm, I find Mr. Desai in his classroom, sitting at his desk and typing something into his computer. I'm the only student there; it's obvious that the tutoring isn't something many students choose to take advantage of.
"Deepak, you came. Have a seat," Mr. Desai says. I drop my bag to the floor and sit down in a desk that Mr. Desai had pulled up to his.
"Here, fill these problems out. These are some of the questions that are going to be on the next test, so it'll help you if you study them," he says, handing me a worksheet. I rush through it, wanting to get home as soon as possible so I could dress up and be a whore for the evening.
As I lean forward to hand Mr. Desai the worksheet, he says something that makes my heart stop.
"Nice color," he says.
It takes me a second to realize what he's referring to, but when I feel air against my bare back, I realize that he was referring to the strap of my neon green panty, which has risen up and is resting of my hip.
I feel my face turn hot with embarrassment. I quickly stand up and grab my bag, slinging it over my shoulder.
"I need to go," I say. Mr. Desai is just smiling at me.
"It's not that big of a deal Deepak. I'm expecting you to stay here and earn your grade," he says. My heart begins to race as he walks over and shuts the door. "I know how dirty you've been," he says quietly. He slowly walks up behind me. "I can see your panty straps every once in a while. I can only imagine the thoughts that are going through your head."
I am at a loss for words. I don't know what to say. I'm not sure if this is a good thing, or if it's turning out to be something very, very bad. Mr. Desai clears his throat.
"Have you ever been with another man, Deepak?" he asks me. I swallow hard and shake my head. "Well, what if I told you that I could see to it that you pass my class with 90% every time?" I look up at Mr. Desai. I notice the obvious bulge in his pants. For some reason, this excites me. It brings out the entire other side of me; the bad part of me. I smile slyly at him. He gets the hint.
"Get up, now," Mr. Desai says. I obediently stand up and follow him into the storage room. He turns the dim light on and shuts the door behind us. Without warning, he unzips his pants and frees what is a massive cock. It has to be at least eight inches long, and very thick.
I stare at my first real cock in a mixture of lust and confusion.
"It's not going to suck itself Deepak," Mr. Desai whispers. I smile at him and get down on my knees.
Using what I've learned from practicing on my bottle, I slowly lick up the shaft of his cock, flicking my tongue against the head of it. My teacher begins to breathe heavier. I can feel myself starting to grow hard. It's turning me on so much to know that I'm pleasing an older man, especially my teacher. I work my lips down over the head of his cock, licking up his pre-cum and swallowing it. I let some of my saliva slip out of my mouth and down to the base of his cock, and use it as a lubricant to jack him off with one of his hands.
I get about half of his dick into my mouth, and we're working up a rhythm of him thrusting his penis into my mouth and me jacking off the base of it. Mr. Desai reaches down and pulls the straps of my panty up around my hips.
"You dirty little slut. I always thought you'd make a good little boy-whore," he moans. I look up at him and make eye contact, staring up at him innocently. I moan a little "mmm hmm," and continue my sucking.
"That's a good little bitch."
I'm rock hard now, stroking myself through my jeans. Mr. Desai is pushing almost his entire cock into my throat. I gag a little, but struggle to breathe through my nose and relax my throat muscles. I'm making it my mission to give him some of the best blowjob he's ever had.
His hands are pulling at my hair, forcing my head into his mass of pubic hair as his balls slap against my chin. I'm gagging with every thrust he makes, struggling not to vomit.
"Oh fuck yes. Oh god," Mr. Desai moans. Without warning, I suddenly feel something warm shoot down my throat. It causes me to gag really hard, but when I go to pull my head away, Mr. Desai forces it back down onto his cock. More of his cum shoots down my throat. It tastes warm and salty-kind of stringy. I gag again, forcing some of it to shoot out the sides of my mouth and down my chin. I swallow what I can, but there's too much, and a little bit more of it dribbles down onto the floor. Mr. Desai' breathing begins to slow, and he pulls his slick penis from my mouth with a slurping noise. I'm gasping for air.
Mr. Desai reaches down with his finger and scoops up the cum from my face, shoving it into my mouth roughly. I swallow it diligently. He smiles and zips up his pants.
"Keep that up, and you just might get your 90%," he says. I smile up at him naughtily.
"Can we do it again sometime?" I ask him. Mr. Desai' smile gets bigger.
"Of course we can Deepak. Maybe we can arrange for a study night at my place this weekend," he says.
"That'd be awesome!" I say. I gather my bag from the classroom and smile over my shoulder at him.
As I'm walking home, I can still taste the saltiness of the sperm in my mouth. I walk the rest of my way home pleased with myself. I just whored myself out for  better marks, and I love it.
As I'm walking home, I can still taste the saltiness of the sperm in my mouth. I walk the rest of my way home pleased with myself. I just whored myself out for  better marks, and I love it.

When I open the front door to my house, I'm already hard. I'm going to be home alone for an entire night, and I have a lot of things planned.
I toss my college bag and jacket onto the sofa, and by the time I reach my room I already have my shirt off. I let my pants drop to the floor and pull off the green panty, not bothering to hide it anywhere.
The first thing I decide to do is take a long, hot bath. I shave my legs of any hair that may have grown in the last couple of days, and proceed to shave my underarms, ass, and crotch, shaving my balls and pubic hair off and leaving only a small strip of fuzz above my cock. I like it that way...it makes me feel like a real little slut.
Satisfied that I'm good and smooth, I dry myself off and walk naked into my sister's room, sitting down in front of her dressing table. I look at myself in the mirror. From the waist down-aside from my rock hard cock-I could pass as a slutty girl. But my face is what gives everything away.
I've experimented with make-up before, but I've never had the opportunity to actually put a full effort into it. I want to go for the super slutty look, so I pick out some of my sister's most intense make-up.
First, I blend a liquid base onto my face, giving my skin a somewhat fairer tone. I then apply a very small amount of blush to my cheeks. Next, I decide on some black eyeliner and a dark blue glittery eye-shadow, which I blend with some light pink eye-shadow. After I'm finished with that, I put on some maroon-ish lip gloss, coating it on so much that my lips almost stick together.
Looking at myself in the mirror, I'm very proud with the work. My face really does look like one of a slutty girl. I slowly slide the tip of my tongue over my top lip, checking myself out. I realize that I need to do something about my hair.
My hair is shaggy and somewhat long, but it definitely isn't long enough yet to pull it into a ponytail. I'm brushing through it, trying to flatten it down, when I notice my sister's hair straightner. I pull my hair through it, and I notice that it takes on a thin texture and is much easier to style. I pull my bangs out and brush them down one side, and let the back of my hair tease out a little and go a little wild. It's a look that resembles that of Victoria Beckham whom I have seen in the fashion magazines my sister buys.
I paint my fingernails a sparkly red, along with my toenails. Satisfied with my transformation, I decide that it's time to pick out an outfit.
I pull on a hot pink panty, tucking my balls back into it. I pull the straps up around my hips like a good little girl. For a bra, I pick out a black push-up and pull together my man-boobs to fit convincingly into my sister's 34b bra.
After trying to decide between a skirt and a saree, I choose to go with the skirt. It's a white pleaded one, and is very short. It's so short, in fact, that if it blew up even a little bit in the back, someone would see my little ass cheeks. I pull on a hot pink tank-top and arrange my bra so that the cups are covered.. I liked it.
I pull on a pair of white sandals and check myself out in the mirror one more time. I really, honestly could pass as a girl, there's no doubt about it. The thought of this starts to get me hard, and I realize that I'm going to have to learn to control that if I am to try and pass as a girl.
I play with my plastic bottle for a little bit, sucking on it and teasing my asshole with it, but I decide that I need something a little bit more. Early today had put me in a very adventuresome mood, and I was willing to do almost anything. It's as if a light bulb turns on. I grab the phone book and look up Mr. Desai' number. I want to finish what I started.
After dialing him, a woman picks up after a few rings.
"Hello?" she asks.
"Is Mr. Desai there?" I ask, not bothering to change my voice. There's a pause on the other line.
"Yes, just a minute," she finally says. I can hear some mumbling between her and Mr. Desai in the background, and then he answers.
"Hi Mr. Desai. This is Deepak from college," I say. There's a quiet gasp from the other end.
"Hold on just a second Deepak," he mutters. I hear a door shut as he goes into another room.
"That was my wife," he whispers, sounding somewhat irritated.
"I'm sorry," I say. "But...I was having some trouble with my homework and I was wondering if you could help me out." I say this in a cute, sly way - a way that would make it hard for anyone to ignore. There's another long pause on the other end.
"Let me eat dinner, and I'm sure we can work something out," Mr. Desai says. My heart starts racing faster. I'm finally going to get fucked!
I give Mr. Desai my address and he tells me that he'll be here in an hour.
While I'm waiting for him, I pace back and forth nervously in the living room, a porno playing in the background. I check my make-up and rearrange my bra about eight hundred times. It seems like only a few minutes go by, but close to an hour later-around eight-there's a knock on the door.
I take a deep breath and calm myself. I'm actually more nervous than I thought I would be. I slowly open the door and take a step back. Mr. Desai is standing in the doorway with his hands in his pockets. He slowly looks up at me and gasps.
"Wow...Deepak?" he asks. I smile at him.
"Deepika," I reply, doing my best to sound like a girl. A naughty smile falls across Mr. Desai' face, and he takes a step toward me, kicking the door behind him. There's no hesitation. We get right down to business.
Mr. Desai wraps his arms around my waist and pulls my close to him. I wrap both of my arms around his neck and pull him to me, kissing him hard with my gloss covered lips. I probe his mouth with my tongue and breathe heavily into him, moaning softly as his hands move up and down my body. They find my ass and squeeze it tightly through my skirt before lifting the back of it up and touching my bare ass. I lower one of my arms and reach down for his cock, still while kissing him heavily. He's already rock hard, and I stroke him through his jeans.
Fuck this, I think to myself. I know damn well what I want, and I'm not going to wait for it any longer. I unbutton his jeans with one hand and pull them down to his knees. His hands are groping at my "tits" now and he's burying his face into my neck, nibbling lightly and giving me a hickey. His hard cock is making a tent in his briefs, and it causes me to pull his underwear down too. I kiss Mr. Desai lightly on the lips and look at him in the eyes. Gently giving him a little push, I direct him to the sofa and sit him down, taking charge. He watches me with the most lustful eyes I've ever seen. I'm so hard that my cock is trembling.
"Oh yeah baby, work that wonderful mouth of yours on my cock," Mr. Desai says. I grin at him and kneel down on the floor in front of him, taking his entire cock all the way into my mouth. I gag and quickly recoil, pulling it out and catching my breath. Taking it slower, I work my mouth down around his shaft and begin pumping him in and out, jacking off the base of him with the spit and precum from my sloppy blowjob. His fingers are running through my hair, and he slaps my hand away from his cock, forcing my head all the way down. He hits the back of my throat and I gag again and try to pull away, but he slams me down even harder and shoves his cock all the way down my throat. His balls slap against my chin as he face-fucks me, and I'm struggling to catch my breath. Finally, he stops and pulls out, slapping his dick roughly across my cheek. I moan and give him a naughty look, grinning slightly.
That must have encouraged Mr. Desai even more, because he pulls me up and throws me down on the sofa. He grabs me by the hips and lifts my ass up in the air, my face buried in a pillow.
"You're such a little whore Deepika," he says.
"Uh-huh!" I giggle, wiggling my ass. Mr. Desai lifts my skirt up over my ass and pulls the string of my underwear away. Without hesitation, he shoves his face between my cheeks. I spread them apart with my hands to help him. I feel wetness against my asshole, followed by a huge amount of pleasure. I push myself back against Mr. Desai' tongue, letting him probe my smooth asshole with it. I shut my eyes and begin to moan softly as he laps away at my asshole, spreading it apart with his tongue and working it in just a little. He traces around the ring of my hole with his tongue and then pushes hard against my opening, fucking my little boy hole with it.
Once he feels that I'm excited enough-it's not as if I already wasn't-Mr. Desai slaps my ass and tells me to stand up. I oblige, and he pulls down my skirt, leaving my panty and sandals on. He produces a bottle of Baby Oil from his pocket and slathers it onto his eight inch penis.
"Lean down over the armrest of the sofa whore," he demands. I nervously bend over the side of the sofa, still standing up, and bury my face in my arms. I've fucked myself plenty of times with my plastic bottle, but I've always known that that wouldn't be enough to prepare me for the real thing.
Mr. Desai squirts some oil onto two of his fingers and roughly smears it onto my already saliva covered asshole. He works two fingers in and fucks me with them for a few seconds, lubing me up on the inside too. By the time he's finished, my asshole is dripping wet, just waiting to be invaded by a nice, throbbing cock.
In just a few seconds, it is. Mr. Desai pulls me back a little, readjusting me. I push my ass up towards him more.
"Spread your legs apart more," he says. I do, and he pulls my panty down and lets it stay around my shins. He's holding me apart with one hand and guiding his cock with the other. I relax and shut my eyes, trying to keep my asshole from tensing.
I feel something warm against my hole, and then a sharp pain as he pushes the head of himself in. I let out a loud squeal and bite my bottom lip in pain, balling my fists and trying to relax.
"Oh shit. You're a little virgin aren't you?" Mr. Desai asks.
"Uh-huh..." I cry. He pushes himself in further, to about half way. He pulls back out to his tip, and then pushes back in half way. He slowly fucks me like this for about thirty seconds, getting me used to the feeling of having a real cock inside of me, and then, without warning, he pushes himself into me until his balls are resting against my ass cheeks.
"Oh shit!" I cry out. He grabs my hips and holds me there like that for a minute or so. I can feel myself starting to relax around him, and the sharp pain starts to slowly go away. It's replaced with a feeling of fullness and pleasure, only so much better. This is throbbing, has veins, and is warm. A plastic bottle is entirely different. Just from having a real cock inside of me for only a few minutes, I'm already starting to realize how much I love it.
Mr. Desai pulls out about halfway and then slides back in. I open my eyes and turn around. We make eye contact, and I lick my lips and bite my bottom lip. He starts to work up a faster rhythm, grabbing onto my hips and pulling me against him. I try to help, and grind myself against him to the rhythm of his thrusts. When he's pushing into me, I'm pushing back against him.
"God-dammit girl, you're pussy feels so good," Mr. Desai says. Hearing him talk like that to me only excites me even more. It makes me realize that I really am a fucking slut. Here I am, fucking my Biology teacher, just because I wanted some cock. God, I'm such a little whore!
"Oh yeah Mr. Desai. Fuck me. I just want you to fuck me," I say. He breaths heavily and starts slamming into me harder. We're going at a really fast pace now, and he's pulling me hard against him. I can hear the sound of our skin slapping together and his balls slamming against my asscheeks-mixed with the slurping sound of his bare cock slamming into my soaking wet asshole.
It feels like he's pushing against something inside of me, that's how hard and deep Mr. Desai is fucking me. Without any warning, he suddenly pulls out of my ass. I let out a little farting sound and I instantly feel empty. I can feel the cool air against my gaping hole.
"Get down on your back bitch," Mr. Desai orders. I lay down on the sofa and he grabs my legs and tosses them up over his shoulders. He places his cock at the entrance of my boy-pussy and immediately shoves it back into me and starts fucking me even harder than he was before.
Getting fucked in this position must be hitting my prostate, because I instantly feel an intense sensation in my groin. It feels almost like I have to pee at first, but I learn to accept the feeling and it soon becomes extremely pleasurable.
Mr. Desai shoves three of his fingers into my mouth and keeps fucking me.
"I'm gonna fucking cum in your little pussy," he yells. I wrap my legs around him and pull him closer. His body rests on top of mine as he slams into me.
"Yeah sir. Fuck my little pussy like the little whore that I am. Cum inside of me and make me feel it splashing against my insides," I whisper into his ear. I nibble at his earlobe lightly and let out a low moan. This sends him over the top, and he lets out a yell and starts to slam into me with long, hard strokes. I can feel his cock throbbing as it shoots his load into me. A warm wetness shoots inside of my ass, I can feel it washing against my rectal wall and going deep inside of me.
The "splat splat" sound of Mr. Desai cock fucking me gets louder as he fills me up with his cum, and he eventually slows down, collapsing on top of me and breathing heavily. He kisses me passionately and I can feel him slowly withdrawing his softening penis from my hole. There's a slurping noise as he pulls out, and I can feel his warm cum dribble out and run down my asscrack. He notices it too, and reaches down and scoops some of it up with his fingers.
I start to jack myself off as he feeds me his cum right from my gaping asshole. He works three fingers into me and starts jiggling them violently, pushing against my prostate. I shudder and let out a yell, shooting a long strand of cum up onto my hot pink tank-top. Stream after stream shoot out and land on my stomach and abdomen as he works my g-spot with his hand.
We're both breathing heavily as my orgasm subsides. He pulls his fingers from my hole and stands up, muttering something to himself about how much of a slut I am. I really do feel like a slut too. A part of me feels a little bit guilty, but I quickly dismiss it and remind myself of how much I love my new lifestyle.
"Where's your shower?" Mr. Desai asks.
In the shower, we wash ourselves off, and I end up sucking Mr. Desai off again, letting him cum in my mouth. I, of course, diligently swallow his load, savoring the taste in my mouth before letting it slowly slide down my throat.
Mr. Desai gets dressed without saying a word. I'm standing in my living room in only a towel as he laces up his shoes. Both of us are silent.
Without even looking at me, he stands up and walks out the front door, closing it softly behind him.
I change into my sister’s silk red nightgown and a matching panty and fall asleep playing with my asshole, admiring how adjusted it's becoming to a cock fucking it. I spend the rest of the weekend in the house, dressing up for a good part of the time whenever my sister's gone at her friend's house