Banged in policestation

My husband never allows me to drive his new Honda Jazz fearing that I may damage it. This May, he was out of station for a conference, and...


My name is Aarati . I am married for two years. My Husband is a big businessman. He works in his own personal office along with his staff from where he manages all his business empire. Today I was going to visit my friend travelling in my car. I was sitting alone in the backseat and our young driver was on the steering. The temperature was too hot. My husband was in his office. He called me to check where was I going. We lived in our posh locality. Our home had large lawns and a garage where we kept out two cars. He took the costly car with him, and my car don’t have Ac and its old one which belonged to my father-in-law. I told him so many times “you have so money, please give me a new car”. He promised but till now I am driving this one.
I told my driver to stop and told him. Ï am coming in front next to you. . He told me its much hotter here as the engine is here. “No problem, we can chat a little, you don’t have to turn your back while driving.”I decided, not to go to visit my friend. I wanted to freshen up . I told him to go to our farm house. There are fruit trees. I thought, I will take bath in our pond. We were going to our farm house where no one lives and the area is very lonely. I check my purse and found that, yes I have the keys to the gate.
He called somebody and I found he is changing the route. Then some unknown man waved his hands to stop. And he stopped the car. He said “He is my uncle , he wants to go with us, I will drop him nearby, can he come in ? He is nice man,. At first I hesitated. The man was very ugly and dark but he looked very strong. I thought for a moment, but as he was his relative, I said okay, but don’t tell anybody that I allowed a stranger in my car. They smiled, “no we won’t’”. He called another person in mobile. Wait for me in the LIC square, Then when he reached LIC square another .
Another man came near our car. He looked at my boobs and said ”so beautiful woman” and then got inside the car. They said where are we going.driver said to farmhouse., we will have fun”. I knew about this plan all along, but pretended as if I don’t know anything. Only driver knew I am aware. The man was not his uncle but a car mechanic he knew and another one was his friend who is very naughty. Before entering the car he inserted his hands inside and felt my boobs. I pinched his hands, get inside, this is not the right place. Then even in the car he got up and tried touch my boobs from behind. After struggling for one inute I let him grope my boobs . He felt my shape and size and was satisfied. “ ” madam aapka choochiyan”,, kya hua meri choochiyon ko. “. “bahut sundar hai aapki Chhoochiyan”. I replied . “Tumne sirf choowan hai dekha kahan”.
We reached the farmhouse. I opened the gate locks and said come in everybody. I locked the door. There are some fruit thieves who cross the boundary wall. I told them to check the area. After 5 minutes they came and said all clear. We went inside the house. We sometimes have party here. I brought some costly wine from the store. These poor people never tasted so much before. I took off my saree and in front of them and went to the pond in my saya and blouse. I dipped inside. I was relaxed from the summer heat. All of them were inside the house. Why they are not coming here to watch me?
I found it difficult to move in saya, so I got up and removed saya and blouse also. I was only in bra and panty. I found they were hiding behind a few trees and were actually watching me. I pretended as if I don’t know about their presence and dried my self with towel. I went inside and wore a blue shiny sleeveless blouse and blue silk saree. I did all I can to look beautiful with my lipstick, shades and perfumes. I called my hubby and informed him I am in my friend’s home so don’t worry if I am late. He doesn’t know which friend I am visiting, he doesn’t wants to know. I behave so nicely in front of my family.
I went under the shades of a tree. They came near me one by one. We sat down and had our lunch which we purchased from a good restaurant in the road. They poured the drinks in a glass. And we started talking. The talking became nasty. My driver wanted to have sex with me but never got any chance before. This was his first chance . as I got up and went in a corner which is not visible from the gate. I let my pallu drop.
He hugged me tightly and we started to roll on the ground. There was deep kissing. He grabbed my blouse and opened it. Then he opened my bra. He kissed my breasts and fondled them. The others joined and started to suck my nipples. I was not pregnant after two years of marriage. They wanted my milk which I didn’t have. I said make me pregnant. You will get milk. I became completely naked. And he opened his pant chain and brought his dick out. He separated my thighs and messaged my vagina. “aapka choot ko main apna lund daloonga, aaj aapko jamke chadunga main”. “aap kitmi gori hain, aapke dono choochiyan kitna sundar aur gol hai, gori gori choochiyan lall ho gaye hain, madamji”.
His erect penis was huge. He pushed his dick inside my pussy. It went half inside. He brought out a little and gave another push, now it was fully inside. Putting his hands over my boobs he went on doing my cunt’s chudai , he had fucked me . it was awesome having sex with my driver. I told him throw your liquid inside me. I felt his warm sperm flowing inside my pussy.
Then the mechanic and the helper whom I knew before cam and asked me love them. I opened their shirt and pants and made them naked. I held their head and forced them on my boobs. They rubbed their dirty mouths over my boobs. I held them as they kissed my boobs hard. They pulled my nipples. I rode over the mechanic and penetrated his dick in my pussy. I did up and down , my breasts were bouncing till we both came together. After half an hour I laid on the grass in doggy style as the helper fucked me.
Others watched my shaking boobs. They tried to pull my boobs and my nipples from sideways. I asked others to do foursome. Driver on my mouth , the helper went down, changing his position from behind. and the mechanic from behind , on my ass. He held my mouth and put his penis inside. It was full of semen and my own vaginal juice. The helper was having difficulty so I fucked him with strength balancing myself after he cummed on my mouth. I stood up to make it easier for both of them .
Now the helper was happy, he kissed my lips and my breasts. Holding both of my breasts he pushed his erect penis inside my cunt. The mechanic meanwhile was unable to hold my breasts , so he pulled my nipples and entered his dick in my asshole. It was a bit painful at first, but I wanted to do this. I was desperate. The double penetration was going on. My body crushed between two ordinary men. I am a rich woman, and I am having hardcore with poor men. My cunt and my ass was filled with their sperm after few minutes. We lied on the ground tired. We went back home. I decided to do this with them again and again. Maybe they will make me pregnant, and finally I can have someone’s baby in my womb.


t was a rainy day in Chennai, where i work as a Receptionist for a Sales and Marketing Company in Maraimalai Nagar.
I am a pretty girl in early 20s with 34D-28-34, fair skin, black long hair, brown eyes. Usually i wear official uniform of Shirt or t-shirt and Pant except Friday, when i wear my choice ranging from saree, half saree, skirt, t-shirt, other casuals.
On this Friday i was in my sleeveless red chiffon saree. Morning sky was clear and reached without issues. But evening, it started drizzling. As per my routine i went to metro rail station, but all are too crowded and i was wondering how to reach my residence in chengalpattu.
As i lost hope of catching up a train, i came to share auto stand. there too lot of crowd as it seems some accident and bus didn’t arrive for more than an hour. I cursed my situation and as i took some more time to get a seat in share auto, a heavy downpour made me dripping with rain water.
I again cursed myself and waited no more and got into the next share auto that arrived. There were many young workers from the nearby factories and they gave a window seat and i adjusted.
But the chill breeze, rain drops , wet saree blouse made me shiver. Understanding my condition, some gave small towel or hanky to wipe some portion of body. Then came a petrol pump station, where the driver told he needs to fill up diesel and by that time i can squeeze out some rain water from my dress in women’s toilet. I thanked and used this time to remove my bra and panty which were causing itching. and squeezed out as much water from my saree, blouse, petticoat and dressed myself and came back to share auto which was waiting.
Now clouds are clear and some dry air is available. so i adjusted my pallu to spread and get dried. Since it is a see through chiffon red saree the other passengers could make out my structure and also able to see my nipples through the blouse without lining. I gave them a good visual feast. the driver too adjusted rear view mirror and was looking at my chest.
Now its almost past 6pm and started to get dim. There were 9 male plus driver and me traveling in highway. Suddenly one Tyre got punctured and happened to stop on the road side and unfortunately no shop or house at least up to the eye could see. i requested to change me to other share auto, but none stopped as all are already full.
Mean time my bladder is getting full and i need to release away from these guys. I informed the driver to wait and i went some distance. by the time i came back they have swapped punctured wheel and ready to roll.
In this gap, it seems they made a plan. when i was about to reach close to auto they started and made me run behind for about a 100mtrs. and they waited till i reach them. again they drove the vehicle some more distance and waited to see me running towards them. since my handbag is inside auto i dont want to miss it which has significant cash. Their tantrum went for 4 to 5 times and i am exhausted. i couldn’t walk any more and my saree also got distorted and sweat made my dress wet. They reversed and came near me. this time they pulled me in and made me sit in middle. 2 guys either side and 5guys opposite to me.
My pallu is loose and falling exposing my breast through see through blouse. i didn’t had energy to cover myself or resist them. They turned off light inside share auto and started fondling and groping me. many hands ran over my breast navel back thighs face, i started to enjoy. started pulling cocks of either side guys. They informed driver and he took vehicle into a remote area and everyone started playing with me.
Now my dresses are removed one by one and made me naked in dark.
One guy made me sit on his lap and inserted his penis into my vagina. another made me bend forward and pushed my head to take his cock into my mouth and give a blow job. all others were squeezing my breast, hip, pressing here and there.
After each one ejaculated into respective holes, next person took that hole and continued till all are satisfied. i was exhausted. they couldn’t dress me up properly. so i said driver to take me to his house where i can take some rest and refresh before going to my hostel.
All passengers got down and driver took me to his residence which is a small hut in a slum dwelling. on opening his house i just took my things from share auto and ran into his house with my clumsy dressing.
It was about 1am and no light there. i asked if he can get out of house so i can dress-up. he laughed and said that he has enjoyed her in both holes there is nothing left to hide. i realized and i thought of sleeping for a while and dress-up properly in morning. right now i just wrapped the transparent saree just around me. all my bra petticoat blouse and panty are in my hand bag.
I asked to turn on the light to see where I am going to sleep. but the driver resisted. i insisted. then he turned on and i was shocked to see 10more auto drivers drinking and lying there. i cursed my situation again.
Suddenly one grabbed my hand from behind. another inserted their smelly underwear in my mouth. pulled my saree , there I am naked again with another 10 hulks. they just put me in the floor and started fucking me in both my pussy and ass one in front and one in rear. ….. it lasted till morning when all are exhausted and slept. i didn’t had any energy to move and slept naked with them.
Morning, they arranged for hot water took bath inside hut in front of them. which again turned them on and again fucked and bathed with all those 10 hulks and finally I am able to dress up and leave in the share auto which dropped me in my hostel. i took some birth control pills and pain killers and slept for couple of days to start my routine work again.


I am Sneha from Noida. I am married with a four year old son. I am 29 years old. I stay with my husband in our flat. We have hired an auto driver to drop our son to school. I don’t leave him alone. I go with him and come back alone in the auto. The driver is very nice man. Previous auto driver was slutty and used to stare at my boobs. After he passed some dirty comments, my husband asked him to quit. My breast size has increased after pregnancy. I am very modern. I wear jeans pant and tight top when I visit shopping malls and restaurants.
One day my husband was out of town for two days. The auto-driver came to know about it when asked him to come in the evening to take me to the market. I trusted him. That evening while I was getting ready, he rang the calling-bell. I told him to wait for few minutes. But I was taking some time. He knocked the door and asked to come inside. I said wait, I will be ready just now. He was nice, but I am alone. Can’t allow an auto-driver in my house. He suddenly pushed inside forcefully and closed the door. I was surprised.
He said “Mujhe aapse kuch jarrori baat karni hai”. I replied “kya baat karni hai”. He shamelessly looked at my chest and “ main appse bahut pyar karta hoon, aapko chodn achahta hoon. Aap bahut gori aur khoobsurat hain”. Saying that he hugged me tightly. I tried to remove myself and succeeded. “Kya to pagal hai, tu itna battameez ban gaya, main kispe bharosa karon, Tu apni aukad dekh saale”. He went on “aapke choochiyan mast hain na Sneha, ek baar dikhaye na”.
Meanwhile my son came here after getting dressed up. I requested him, don’t do anything before him. I opened my Tv and made him watch a cartoon show. Then I dressed up completely. I wanted to take my son with me but this auto-driver changed everything. If he stays much longer here, neighbors living in the same flat might suspect. I locked my home and went to the market. He was talking all vulgar. I didn’t reply. I didn’t say anything to my husband. What should I do? Maybe the next driver would be worse. I am beautiful, I have faced extra attention always. For one month he didn’t repeat his lustful behavior. After that he asked me sit next to him. He touched my shoulders in public . people were busy in traffic and nobody noticed. He asked my phone number five times. I gave my number when he asked sixth time.
Then he used to call regularly. He was more lecherous on the phone.
Today after dropping my son, he asked me “Kay humlog roj roj ghar hi jayenege, kahin sunsaan jagah par chalet hain, jahan main aapko pyar kar sakoon, aapke ghar mein to nahi ho sakta”. I gave him confidence “Ghar mein ho sakta hain, jab mera pati ghar pe hi rahega aur padosiyon ko koi shak nahi hoga”. “sneha aaj main kuch karna chata hoon, bahut sabra kar liya main”and he took the auto to a lonely lane outside the city. There was no houses, only a petrol pump in a far way distance and trucks and busses on the highway. Still it was visible area. He went deeper. Now it seemed safe place. I said you have only one hour. I have to reach home.
He sat next to me. And kept one hand on my shoulder, with other hand he rubbed my tummy. He lifted my top. He tried to reach my boobs but I stopped his hands. We were looking at each others eyes smiling. He came to kiss me, I moved my face away. He held my face with two hands and smooched me for two minutes. It was so passionate and he forced his tongue in my mouth. I had to taste his saliva. He opened my pant button and inserted his hand, rubbing my cunt over the panty. He was strong.
I had enough and doing in public place was risky. I forced him to take us home. I consoled him “ Ajj sham ko main tere saath chaloongi, Kahin aur jahana itna traffic nahi hoga. “ I asked him to bring his Identity card and gave him a pair of my husband’s dress which he will return. I kept my son and husband in home and came out. I called him on his phone. I told him to keep his auto in his home and meet me outside this hotel. I reached the hotel and he came there after one hour. I was already impatient and some youths were passing comments at me. When he came, I asked him to be quiet and do as I say. I booked a single-bed room with AC. We locked the door and this was what he waiting for.
I hotel was popular among lovers and this is where I lost my virginity before marriage. He grabbed my boobs from outside and pinched my nipples. He took my sleeveless top off. I removed my bra. He was mad after looking at my fair and round breasts with light brown nipples in the middle. My breasts were round and could make any dick erect within seconds. I cupped my breasts and teased him. He just couldn’t stop himself from kissing my boobs. He kissed my left breast and kissed my right breast.
He held my breasts and brought the nipples in middle together and sucked both nipples together. “Wah sneha, kamal ke size hai tumhari, kitna sundar hai yumhara doodh”. “Haan be, mere breasts ko daba aur mere breasts pe pappi le aur mere nipple choos chooske laal karde”. I opened his pants and took his dick out which filled with pre-cum. He sat on the bed and I held my tits over his dick sideways. I moved my boobs pressing them over his dick. He knew I was titty-fucking. He pulled and pinched my nipples hard. I said “kyan be maja aa raha hai ki nahi, bol kaisi hai meri chhochiyaan”. He grabbed my tits and said “Gora hai, gol hai, mast hai, aaj main aapki choochyon se doodh nikaloonga” I breasts were not milking for one year after I stopped breast feeding my son.
“Wah kya doodh hai tumhari Sneha” . liar, there was no milk. He slapped my tits few times from blow which made me chuckle and feel shy. I teased him “Kyonbe bahut khel raha mere nangi chhochiyon se” He started to slap my boobs as if he is playing a table. Then he opened my jeans pant chain and exposed my panty. He rubbed my pussy by inserting his hands inside. He slowly fingered my pussy and I gave my pussy juice on his finger. He licked it and made me stark nude. We were looking at each other anticipating next move. He forced me on the bed and I knew what will happen next. I separated my thighs and rubbed my pussy. I held his dick when he inserted his dick and helped him to point properly. My husband called and I switched the phone off in anger. Bad time to call. His large dick was half inside. He pushed harder which made me scream but he covered my face.
He lied over me hugging me tightly. I hugged him tightly. He soft breasts were pressing on his hairy chest. He went inside and outside my pussy increasing his speed. I said “Chod mujhe, chod mujhe, apni Sneha ko chod” .The pleasure of this sexual adventure was much more than what I got from my husband and boyfriends.
After ejaculating he rested for few minutes. Then he fucked me again in different position. I was standing with my back resting on the wall. With each of his movements my boobs were moving up and down. He was fucking and looking at the motion of my breasts. This time his dick was taking long time to ejaculate. He caught my shaking boobs and increased his motion. His balls were hitting on my pussy hard. I could hear the sound of his balls hitting my private area ( hidden from public view, lol ).
I turned back facing the wall. I kept my hands on the wall and he fucked me from behind. His hands were pressing my tits and nipples. His fingers were digging on my nipples. I ordered him “Aur jorsa daba mere breasts ko, Mere breasts ko dabake doodh nikaal saale, ab take k boond bhi nahi nikaal paya saale madarchod” . He replied ”Thik hai madam aapki breasts ko mein kaske dabata hoon” . “Haan mera breasts daba aur mujhe jamke chod, behenchod”. His fingers grip on my tits were hard and he fucked me wildly, then he slowed and I could feel his warm liquid entering my pussy. His sperms trying to reach my egg.
That night, I had huge argument with my husband and I came with an excuse that there was heavy traffic jam. I had to have sex with him too inspite of being tired to please him after taking bath in warm water.


The Diwali season was nearing and Dushera was on the head, the land lord came to visit me and see the condition of the house. The house was in good condition except the boundary walls. He asked me whether it will be alright if he breaks the whole boundary wall and get constructed a new one. It was not an issue for me, only the issue was parking bike.
So I told him the concern, he went away and came back with a solution. He handed me a key of garage which he owned, situated at the end of colony. Now having no concern I gave him permission for that. Next day the land lord came with a man who was in mid-thirties, ugly looking called as Laddan, the land lord introduced him as a contractor for the work. We have a formal meet and he told me his entire layout for the work.
Next day he started his work but he arrived late by 11 and left the place by 5 in the evening as told by Neetu. I was not concern about the work as Laddan promised that they would complete it before Dushera which was a week later. Two days later when I return home the boundary was gone, with entire stuff of waste materials and it was made clean. Later at the evening Laddan met me at a tea stall.
He told me not to worry as work will finish soon, as for last two days he had employed one labour and from tomorrow there would be two workers working. I was not concerned about the work as that was a rented apartment and it’s the owner who needed to concern. Still he pointed out towards a direction were two fellows in early twenties were sitting having some local smoke. Both were heavy build normal looking guys, physic was extra ordinary due to hard working.
I took my tea and bid him good bye for the evening. From next day the work really went very fast. The beam work was really going on smoothly. But Neetu suggested at night that if the front gate was shifted to the corner many privacy issues could be solved. I also liked her idea so decided to instruct Laddan on next day.
As they all came late for work, next day I moved to office. At lunch time I took lunch off to get back to home and instruct Laddan for the gate. But as I got out the office found my bike tire punctured. The lunch time was only for 1 hour so I decided to get home by public transport. Usually I prefer auto or taxi but as I reached the road the bus stopped just beside me so I took the bus. The bus dropped me a KM away from my home that too on the opposite side, from here my house backside reaches first. I started to move towards my home.
A few steps and I saw Laddan coming towards me. He wished me and then I told him my concern, he said that he was leaving for the day as he was having some work at his house. He told me that he would return tomorrow morning and I can tell him about it then.
He was in hurry so I let him go. Usually I don’t take lunch at home, have office canteen for lunch but as I was very near to house I thought to go and have lunch at home itself. I took fast steps and reached my home in few minutes. Going to the front side was another 100 meters so I thought when the walls are broken then why not to enter from back side itself. So I moved toward the back of my house. Soon reached the backyard and when I was about to turn inside I saw both fellows peeing inside my bedroom from side window.
I waited there for a while, what the hell are these two idiots doing. And why they are peeping inside, both of them stayed there for 15 minutes peeping inside and whispering among themselves. After 15 minutes they moved towards the front side of the house. As soon as they moved I tip topped towards the window and peeped inside. The scene was welcoming and irritating, Neetu was sitting all naked in front of dressing table combing her hairs.
So this was that moron viewing, and how much idiot could Neetu be. Suddenly she got up and went inside the drawing room, as she vanished inside the drawing room it was no way I could see her. I thought I heard a knock on the door so I thought she had gone toward the front door to open it. But I thought she went there to open door all nude?
So I rushed to the front side and saw the front door closed. I dismissed the thought that how fast could the door open and close. So I thought for the lunch and I ringed the bell, but no sound came, might be bell switch was off. I knocked the door 2-3 times, but after a minute there was no response. I called on Neetu mobile but it was switched off. I thought what the hell is happening, she came to the drawing room, yet no response. I don’t think she could sleep so fast.
But she was not responding at anything which was making me confused. Suddenly I heard a hissing sound inside, followed by few more hissing sounds. There she was, inside hissing but yet she was not responding. I knocked the door for few more times but it was no vein. I was sure she was in drawing room but there was no way to see inside as the windows were locked completely. I went to the back side of the house to check any door or window was open. Luckily the back door was open but as soon as I entered I found the door separating the back veranda and the drawing room to be closed. But the hissing sound was clearer from here.
I was about to go back of the place when I went to the kitchen, when an idea hit my mind. The drawing room had a ventilator which opened in the kitchen. I climbed the kitchen counter and tried to reach up to the ventilator, I did succeeded few times but seeing through it vertically downwards was not possible. I got down again and then saw the dustbin. The dustbin contained few pieces of broken mirror, which accidentally broke by me only. Neetu swept them and placed them in the dustbin.
I grabbed a piece of it, climbed over the platform. Then I raised my hand and placed the mirror on top side of the ventilator, so see inside in the reflection of the mirror. There she was my beautiful wife lying on the sofa table all naked. Both the labour that went towards the front side of house definitely went inside. I don’t know why Neetu opened the gate for them all nude, why she let them in and why she was letting them fuck her up. Yes one of them was fucking her up and another one was playing with the boobs and was getting a blowjob in the meanwhile. It seemed that the game was on since a long time and both were about to discharge. And as expected the one fucking her pussy discharged in about a minute or so. As soon as he went lump and withdrew the guy getting the blowjob replaced his place and started to give her thumping.
Neetu had an eyes closed, smiling lightly, hands behind his back and behind his head, caring his hairs, encouraging him up. He didn’t take very long and discharged quickly. Both started to dress up where as Neetu started to clean her up. They both went to the gate followed by Neetu. Both of them pressed her boobs and butts few time, before opening the gate and existing outside. Neetu closed the gate and went straight to the bedroom. I got down and went outside without making any sound. When I came outside I checked my phone and saw two missed calls from office. I started to move towards office.
At night Neetu didn’t complain anything, which was a confusing question like always. Was she been seduced, forced, raped or she was willing. Or might be she invited them inside. Anyways I dropped the thought to question her and went to sleep.
Next day I reached office and came back after an hour. Not for any special purpose but to check Neetu out. I parked my bike at the garage, and came to my house direction. I reached near my house and hid myself behind a tree, which was having thick shrubs near. There was no way anyone could see me from here. Laddan arrived after few minutes and went straight to his employees to give some direction. He talked with them very eagerly for few minutes and then went to my house gate and knocked the door. As I was little side angled I wasn’t able to see the door straight.
But as I hoped the door opened and Laddan went inside closing the door behind. Both the workers saw each other and smiled meaningfully. I think both had told Laddan that how easily they had fucked Neetu last day, and how easy was laying hands on her. I had no way of viewing inside the house at any condition, as those two fellows were in my house premises. But I was facing another problem of mosquitoes, the place was full of mosquitoes and so after few minutes I decide to move elsewhere. I slowly switched my position and went towards the front side of my house. I entered a close house boundary and sat behind the boundary wall.
Luckily it had few slabs near the wall which could be used as chairs. I sat there with head covered by the boundary walls and I had to raise only few centimeters to see my house. Laddan was inside since 10 minutes how, and I was not sure whether he was inside due to work or was fucking Neetu inside. Suddenly I heard a shout and raised my head to see toward the gate.
Laddan was standing on the gate all naked, the door was open and Neetu was missing. One of the labours went to him running, he told him something and he ran towards the market. Now I was sure that he was surely fucking Neetu inside. After about 10 minutes the labour came back with a carry bag and knocked the door. I raised my head and the sight welcomed me with Neetu on the gate all naked, hair messed up and a wide smile on her face. The labour gave her the carry bag which she took it with a wide smile, and then he pressed both her boobs. Neetu shoed him up with a smile, went inside closing the gate behind. I was confused but yet excited, but very much annoyed with the progress too.
After about half and hour I heard some talking and peeped. The labours were laughing and I saw in their direction. A few second later from the direction of the back door, Neetu appeared all naked running towards the bathroom. The toilet and bathroom in our house are outside the house at the corner of house boundary. She was followed by Laddan who was also naked but was carrying a carry bag with him. Neetu went inside the bathroom and closed the gate behind. Laddan reached the bathroom and started to knock the bathroom door. Both his labour where laughing on his state. After few knocks Neetu opened the door and Laddan vanished inside.
I got an idea to hit Neetu with a punishment today. After 30 minutes, I supposed Laddan had finished fucking Neetu and both had taken bath, I came from my hideout and went straight towards my house.
I was hearing whispering from the bathroom, and the labours were discussing something and laughing. I went to the labours and shouted at them that they are useless fellows and not doing work properly. They were stunned to see me and shocked till bones. All the sudden the whispering from the bathroom was gone, the sound vanished completely. I asked where Laddan was and they pointed towards the bathroom.
I reached to the bathroom and knocked the door and asked Laddan to come out. I asked what he was doing inside. He replied that Neetu had told him that the bathroom door was getting jam from inside and he was checking it. I said that I’ll ask Neetu about it and went inside the house, pretending to search Neetu. When I came out Laddan was out of the Bathroom and both his labours were in attention position.
I told him that Neetu was not inside which he confirmed that she went to see her friend. I questioned him in doubt that why did she left the house open then. He said that they are trustable peoples and we can trust on them. I went to the bathroom gate and pushed it but as expected Neetu was inside and the door was locked from inside. Laddan interfered that the door wasn’t repaired yet and need a professional carpenter to repair it up. I went to the veranda and brought a comfortable hanging chair and placed it in front of the bathroom door. I took a newspaper and magazines and sat on the chair.
I asked Laddan whether he would be repairing the gate or I should call someone professional from my link. He panicked and said mumbling that why to waste money for that as he was happy to help, and he will bring the carpenter himself. I said him to keep moving, on which he told me that he will bring him on lunch time and I can move to my office for now. I took a cigarette out and started to puff it. I told him that I had taken a day leave from office and would be here all day for keeping an eye on the work. I also told him that he was generous in helping so when Neetu will return back I’ll discuss more repairing with her and let him know on the spot. He went pale and so moved towards a direction.
I asked him where he was going on which he replied one liner, “To search a carpenter.” I didn’t say him anything and he vanished but didn’t return for half hours. In the between either his labour went to pee, or maybe they wanted to discuss something privately. This gave me time to peep inside and confirm whether Neetu was inside or not. There she was inside all wet, seems she had bath with him also. She was all nude, without a towel and any other cloths. I smiled and took the seat.
After 1 more hour the labours told me that they were leaving for lunch which I permitted them. They told me that I should also go inside the house and have my lunch on which I told them that today was my fast, which was a lie of course. They left leaving me and Neetu behind. As expected they didn’t showed up after the lunch. I peeped several times inside; Neetu was inside shivering from cold, sometimes sitting on the floor & sometimes standing. It was now about 3 hours now, since Neetu was inside the bathroom.
I though noticed a young man roaming in front of my house several times in few intervals, with a packet in his hands. I think he was a labour of Laddan who was roaming to get a chance to pass cloths to Neetu but I was enjoying the punishment for Neetu. Hours passed and it was 8 in the night and Neetu still trapped inside the bathroom, all three morons were off and no one returned. I called the owner of the house and complained about them, I said they are unnecessarily extending the work and I’m not comfortable with their behavior with the colony women. He took the complaint, seriously and assured me that he would replace Laddan with new person. He also assured me that he will stay at the side himself every day, every minute until the work was finished.
Now I was off the problem from these three morons. I was thinking that the punishment was enough for Neetu so took all the things and went inside the house. Closing both the doors, the back one and front one. Went inside the bedroom and closed the curtain, and started to peep from the curtains. After whole fifteen minutes the same guy roaming outside came to the bathroom door, he knocked the door few time and Neetu opened the gate. He handed her the packet and Neetu opened it to check it out. She was checking the contents inside and he was checking her naked body mean while.
She said something to him and he said something to her. Neetu showed anger on her face and so the guy started to push her inside. Neetu was resisting but yet she went inside. I think he too was interested in fucking Neetu and Neetu was denying to it. Reason was obvious, she was struck inside for many hours and she didn’t want to struck inside for long. I didn’t interfere and soon the guy was inside closing the door behind. After 15 minutes the door opened and the guy peeped outside.
After confirming that no one was around he said something to Neetu and took the packet from her. He rushed towards the main road and vanished. Neetu came out after few minutes, neatly dressed up, nicely combed hair and with light makeup. She was wearing high heels also. She looked in all directions and came out, walked towards the front door and knocked the gate. I purposely opened the gate a little late.
She came inside and I asked where she was. She replied confidently that she went to see her friend and as she had met her after a long time she stayed long. I said that she must have called me which she said that she forget to take the cell with her. I didn’t enquire her more and dropped the topic for future. After we slept Neetu started to sneeze and cough, she had surely caught a cold.


 can see from the window opening few men dancing in the tune of the music.Many of them were sitting on the ground with the bottle of desi rum. All of them were laughing and shouting among each other.Few of them were dancing holding bottle over their head.Every one of them looks drunk and celebrating.I try to remember how I came to this village.All I could remember the first day when I came to this village with my parents.My father Jaydeep is a government hospital doctor.
He got transferred to this village.We stayed on a bungalow little away from this village.My mother Radha started complaining about the heat of the place from the first day we arrived in the village.There was a woman who used to work in our house. Her name was kamla. My mother used to talk with her a lot. I try to recollect more and could remember the night I overhear my parents conversation.It was after our dinner, my dad was reading newspaper and my mom was sitting near the mirror and was combing her hair.
Mom-“Who is Rajat Seth?”
Dad-“How did you know his name?”
Mom-“Kamala told me about him.”
Dad-“What did she say?”
Mom-“She said that he is the most important person of this village”
Dad-“add what did she say?”
Mom-“He has done very good thing about the village”.
Dad-“I heard exactly opposite from other village women.”
Mom-“what did you hear?”
Dad-“He is a devil. The village people worship him. The village people are nothing more than devil worshiper.Most of them are illiterates and superstitious.”
My mom looked amazed and replied back-“who said you that?”.
Dad-“There was girl called Rekha who worked in our hospital as a nurse.”
Mom-“then why did you take transfer to this village…”.
Dad-“I am saying what I have heard from. I dont know how far the information was correct.”
Next day my mom passed this information to kamala.Kamla looked angry-“Bhabhi…You dont know other village women…they are so jealous of us…”
Mom asked-“why?”
Kamla-“Because our village is much superior than others…”
Mom laughed-“In what respect?”
Suddenly I heard the sound of the opening of the door. I hurriedly moved to the bed and close my eyes.
I saw Kamala entered with two men.I recognised one of them but could not recollect where I have seen him.
Kamala said-“We have this room free for us”
One of them said pointing at me-“What about him?”.
Kamala laughed-“You know…he will not open his eyes for today..”
The other one-“He has missed the ceremony today…”.He was giggling.Both of them are drunk today.
Kamala-“Now I need a help from one of you…carry this boy and lock him in our small storage room.”.One of them carried me in his arm and took me to a small dark room. I was frightened but still I was able to pretend before him that I was sleeping.Luckily, the door of the store room was partially broken and he was not able to lock that door.
I lay like a dead leaf and slowly stood and walk silently to the room.
I saw Kamala with her ass pointed in the air and asking one of the men-“Fuck me like Rajat Seth..Oh God…I wish if I could be his wife.”
One of the men said-” Rajat Seth will never fuck bitches like you from now…He has got such a beautiful prey to feast on…He is going to extract all the juices of his new bride today…”
I could remember the name Rajat Seth. I have seen him come to our house.He was a big man with broad chest and strong biceps. He came to our house to invite us on his house puja.I felt that his eyes ogles all over my mom all the while he was with us.My mom was not feeling comfortable before him and soon left our room.
In the night I heard mom speaking softly to my dad thinking that I was sleeping.
Mom-“Are you going to his house?”
Mom-“I did not like that person..”
Dad-“I have seen that…the way he was looking at you…Radha,please be patient for few days…I will take transfer within few days.”
Mom-“I am not going to his house…”
Dad-“ok…it depends on you…I need to go..We need to be friendly with those people as long as we are here…”.
That day after my dad had went, I overhear the conversation of kamala and my mom Radha.
Kamala-“Bhabhi…why did not you go there?…you should have gone there…Rajat Seth is a very person.”
Mom-“I did not like that person..”
Kamla-“Bhabhi…let me ask you a question…I hope you will not mind..Bhabhi..you are a very beautiful woman…what did you see in Doctor Sahib?”
Mom laughed-“I dont think doctor sahib is so ugly..further he is a very caring husband…I am proud to have him as my husband:.
Kamla-“I did not say that he is a bad looking but man like him does not deserve a woman like you.”
Kamala-“In our village we define men in three category horse,bull and mare. Doctor sahib seems to me more like a mare and you need someone of status horse.”
Mom-“I am not able to understand what you are trying to say…”.Mom scornfully asked Kamla.
Kamala laughed-“No…Bhabhi…do not take it serious..I was just saying…you deserve better….a better man than your husband”
Mom-“who is that man?..May I know?”, mom face was red when she say this.
But Kamla did not care before saying the name-“Rajat Seth”.
Mom -“Be careful of what are saying and to whom you are saying…I dont like this..”.
Mom did not continue her discussion and started working.
That evening after dad returns, I heard the conversation of my parents.Mom did not want kamala to work in our house.
Next day, my dad told kamla that she cannot continue to work on their house.
I looked into the room and try to understand what was actually going inside.
One of the men who was close to kamala came near her and raised her saree to her waist. Her naked dark brown ass was visible in front of my eyes.
Kamala continued her speaking-“The bitch should be treated roughly today.She should understand her position today.”
The man near her opened his lungi and pulled out his semi erect penis and started rubbing it over her ass.
Kamala continued her speaking-“The bitch thinks herself as savitri…Today Rajat seth is going to redefine her chastity.”
Other man who was standing little away from Kamala came near her face and dropped his lungi and pulled out his cock and move it roughly over her face.
I could not able to see their action any longer and ran away from that place.I did not want anyone to notice me, so i walk cautiously in the dark and move away from the corridor.I took the staircase and went in the upper floor.In the upper floor, I see two couple constantly knocking the door of a room, asking the inside people them how long they are going to take. I could hear the voices of men and women in other locked rooms.There were moans and cry all over the places.I felt like that I was in hell.I ran away from that place and decided to stay in the in the roof.I went to the roof and saw the door of the roof was closed.I panted for my breadth and started to recapitulate how did I reach here.
Everything flashed back to me. The night it happened.It was before our dinner. My dad has returned from hospital and mom was busy with her house hold work when we heard chaos outside our bungalow. M parents came outside.There were few angry men with shovel and arms in their hand.They were shouting.
“Doctor how you dare to touch her?”.
My dad -“what happened? what have I done?”.My parents were terrified.Seeing my parents in this situation, I got terrified.
Suddenly we heard a gunshot. The mob moved away from our house.We saw Rajat Seth car coming and it paused near our house.
“Do not touch anyone…Do not take law in your hand…”-A man was saying with gun in hand.He was dressed in khaki. The mob moved away from our house.
“Dr Jaydeep..you need to go with us..”-The police man said.
“What happened…why they want to attack us..” -My father asked them.
“Dr jaydeep..it is safe for you also..if you come with us..”-The man said.
My mom-“what happened? why do you want to take my husband?”.
Rajat seth came out of the car and stand near mom.-“bhabhiji…I am sorry to say…bhaiya has committed a crime that he should not have ”
Mom-“what crime?”
The police man-“madam…your husband has been convicted for rape…he has raped yamuna…the nurse who worked in our hospital..”
All I could remember my dad was taken that night.
Suddenly I got distracted and my eyes went towards the terrace room where light was coming out.I walked towards the room and peek through the window.
The room was fully decorated and saw a couple in a bed.The woman was dressed in a bridal dress and was sitting on a bed covered with flower.A man was sitting beside her with his hand running over her leg.
Then within a second, I recognized the couple.It was my mom in bridal dress sitting beside Rajat seth.Her eyes were filled with tears.
Rajat Seth-“Are you hearing all the voices down there..it is men and women moaning ?…Do you know why they are mating today…because it is our custom that if any outsider touches the village girl, his wife, mother, sister or girl is going to get punished by every one of the village people…do you know how many girls that i have to bring only to entertain them…you should consider yourself lucky …you are with me..”
Mom-“Rajat ..please do not do this to me …My husband has trusted you..”
Rajat-“I am your husband now…this beautiful body of yours belong to me…”
Mom-“I never trusted you…my husband thought you as his friend..you have betrayed us..”
Rajat Seth-“Are you saying I have betrayed you…I have saved you from this village men..they would have destroyed you..if they were given a chance to touch you…”
Mom with fiery eyes-“You are part of this Rajat…My husband has never touched that nurse….Where is my son?”
I looked into the window and saw Rajat seth holding my mother’s cheek with force.
Rajat-‘He is fine…I have taken a good care of him…We gave him drug to make him sleep…The bad thing is that he had missed our marriage…forget about him…think about your new child that I am going to plant inside your tummy today….”.
Suddenly all of of the series of events was flashed before my eyes.
Next morning my dad returned. My mom was happy seeing him. She has cried a lot in the night after the incident.
There were two Rajat Seth men beside my dad.One of them was the one who was with kamala today.My Dad was not happy.Mom rushed towards dad and held him by her arms.
Mom-“Oh ! God…you have returned…I was so worried.”
My dad held mom by her arm-“give me some moment with my wife…”.
Both of them left the house.
Mom-“what happened?”
Dad-“we are in serious danger Radha…This village is ruled by some ruthless lunatics.”
Mom-“what happened?”
Dad-“Do you trust me Radha?”
Mom-“yes darling…”
Dad-“Are you going to do what I say?”
Dad–“There is no law and order in this place…Panchayat has called for a meeting today where my fate is decided and also your fate…”
Dad with tears in his eyes and shivering while saying those words-“They said that in this village if any outsider is convicted of any crime, he and his family member will be punished…oh god! why did I come into this village.”
Mom-“What they are planning to do?”
Dad-“They will declare your fate today…Rajat Seth and inspector told us that they are going to help us to ran away from this village…but currently it is possible because many village men are constantly watching us.”
Mom-“Oh God!…I could not believe what you are saying…”
Dad looks restless -“No Radha..it is far worst than you are thinking..”
Mom-“What worst can it be?”
Dad-“They can make you a prostitute if they want…”.
Mom stood froze hearing this.She was shocked.”How can Rajat Seth help us?”
Dad-“Oh! god..I misunderstood that man…he will convinced the village people to stop this anarchy…he will ask your hand of marriage and you need to prove to the panchayat that you will do everything to accept any punishment on behalf of your husband”
Mom-“Did you really commit any crime? why are you accepting his proposal..”
Dad-“I dont know Radha…I am feeling like that I will go mad but I had no option. If the man say he will protect you…I will accept any crime…My family protection is prime thing now.”
Mom-“you are saying..if I marry him..I will be protected…Are you mad?”
Dad-“No marriage is a plan to make village people accommodate in one place … so that we can elope.”
That day we went to the village court. There were panchayats sitting under the tree and talking.After we reach there , the trial begins.
One of them said-“Doctor…our village is open to outsiders but we are not going to tolerate anyone who destroy the life of our girl in our village.”
Second one said-“your wife being the other half of you will share your sin…She needs to sleep wit/h each individual of our village and till then you and your family will have to stay here.”
Rajat Seth who was standing little away from crowd stood up-“I do not accept this…We cannot allow such kind of punishment”
Third one said-“what do you want Rajat Seth?”
Rajat Seth-“She cannot be treated like a prostitute but she needs to punished.”
Fourth one-“What do you advice Rajat Seth?”
Rajat Seth-“Before saying that…I wanted to say…does every one of you trust me?”
The fifth person said-“Yes…”
Rajat Seth-“I want to marry this woman…I will keep her with me for one year…This will be too much tormenting for a husband seeing his wife servicing a new man…but i need to get the consent of the lady…if she donot wish me…she can choose any one from the village.”.
The fourth person asked-“What do you think lady”.
Mom looked like a dumb and she looked at my father and said-“I will become his wife”.
The third person-“we need to get a proof that you are agreeing to accept him as your second husband”
Rajat Seth-“what do you want to proof”
The third person-“Give her a kiss…claim her in front of her husband”
Rajat seth came near mom. Mom looked at dad and then at rajat seth. She looks totally dumb and was not sure how to react.Rajat Seth bought his face near her.Mom moved her face away from him.
Mom-“I am sorry..I cannot do that..”
One of the men in panchayat said-“you have said that you will become her wife…why are you saying no?”
Rajat Seth said something to my mom and then hold her cheek and put his lips over hers.He hungrily sucked her lips running his tongue over her lips.There was a desperation in his face.Mom pushed Rajat from her. She was breathing heavily. Rajat Said-“So…she has agreed to what she has said.”
Before this, I had an idea that kiss is only meant for cheek. I had never thought in my wild dreams that anyone can suck their lips in the name of the kiss. I felt disgusted seeing the whole scene.I looked at my dad.He had no expression in his face.He lowered his eyes and was not able to look at mom.
Panchayat declared their verdict.
We came home.My parents did not talk with each other.In the night Rajat Seth came to our house explaining his escape plan to Dad.
Mom was with me when they were discussing the plan.
After Rajat left, dad explained mom that Rajat was going to take mom to his place and when everybody will be enjoying the marriage ceremony, he would take her back to the station secretly where dad will be waiting for us.
Now I could remember how I was here. I saw my mother constantly pleading to rajat and constantly reminding him about his promise that he had made to my dad but Rajat hand was moving over her shoulder and neck.His eyes was filled with lust was constant roaming around his body.
“How can I leave you now darling…believe me you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen in my life.”
Rajat caught hold of her neck and mom cried-“no Rajat..Please…”
“Have you forgot that your son is with us…Do you want to see him dead…I have told you…I am going to kill him…if you misbehave…”.
Mom panicked-” No..No..”
Rajat silenced her mouth by putting his lips over her.My mother lips deeply coloured in red lipstick was seen locked inside his mouth.Rajat Seth then slid his tongue inside her mouth and started rolling his tongue over hers.I felt that Rajat was giving another mouth to mouth kiss to my mom and both of them had their saliva mixed with each other.
While kissing her mouth,Rajat’s hand moves to her blouse and started unhooking her blouse.He opened her blouse and pulled it down her hand.Now Rajat separate his mouth from hers and looked at mom’s breast.His hand moves to her breast, touching it and cupping it with his hand.Mom moved her face sidewish in disgrace.
Rajat poke her breast and exclaimed -“you are so soft darling.”
Rajat pulled down her bra’s lace and started rubbing his finger over her brown peanut shaped protrusion.
Rajat-“After a year…you are going to feed my son from your nipple”-He said that while moving his finger over her peanut shaped protrusion.
I could have a full view of my mothers breast.It was full, round and firm.I had seen part of her breast while she changes her saree or busy in her daily chore.It was always remain unnoticed by me but today seeing it receiving attention in the hand of a man increases my curiousing on her.
Rajat slowly pressed his lips over her right breast. I could see his tongue running over her nipple making my mom shiver with his tongue’s touch.
After running his tongue over her nipple, Rajat opened his mouth full and gulped some part of her fleshy breast.
Mom with her tear filled eyes closed parted her lips to say two words-“Rajat Please…”
Rajat did not listen to her and make her lie down her in the bed.He started opening his kurta and throw it in the floor.I was shocked seeing his broad chest and muscular hand and grip.He had lot of hairs all over his body.After opening his kurta, he started unwrapping her saree.
My mother looked like a rag doll in his hand.
“Darling….I cannot wait to see you naked.”
Rajat seth threw away my mother saree.My mother has nothing in her body except her petticoat.With her eyes closed, she was breathing heavily.Her breast was heaving with her breath.Her breast looks bigger than before.
Rajat opened his trouser and he had nothing left except his banyan.
I could see a huge tent in his banyan but my mother did not look at it as she had her eyes closed.He opened my mother’s petticoat and pulled it down her legs.It was shock to me when i saw that my mother lower midriff portion.
Her phyical feature was totally different. Her portion between her legs was covered with hair and had a small opening with lips bulge out prominently between her thighs.
Rajat-“oh…God!!!…Darling…you are more beautiful than I had imagined….I cant wait to taste your pussy…”
He caught both of her thigh and placed his lips over her opening.He started sucking it in the way he was kissing her lips with tongue.Mom looks agitated now.
“Oh God…not there…please…”.
Her hips started shaking with his tongue work inside her.Mom tried to move his head away from her.But Rajat caught hold of her thigh firmly and kept his mouth firmly pressed between her legs.
“Please…remove your mouth from there….”.Her whole body was shaking as if she had received shocked from her lower bottom. Her body ache and she looks like she had loose control of her body.She started whining and started making strange noises from her mouth.
She moves her head on both side of the bed and unconsciously started rubbing her legs over his head.
There was a sign of shame as well as excitement in her face. Rajat now removed his mouth from her and inserted his index and middle finger inside her.He started kissing her thigh and said-“Your pussy is already wet for me…I will go inside of yours…I will explore you in the way that you have never been explored…”
But suddenly my mom cried out…”Oh…God…no…”. It seems that she has lost control of something and started moving her hips upwards trying to match his finger thrust.
“Darling..you are cumming now…I thought…I would feel your first cock with my cock.”
My mom started crying and gush of white fluid started erupting from her opening which was described by Rajat as pussy.
Rajat collected the white fluid flowing from her by his finger and licked it.
Rajat opened his banyan and pulled out his penis.
I could not believe what I am seeing. Being a nine year old , I could not stop myself with mine.
How can it be so big for him.It was erect as pole and almost the size of my grip. I could not believe what I was seeing today. I have seen my mom in a different way today and now I am seeing a man who had come to our house as a friend was naked in front of my mom and with a giant size penis.Rajat placed his cock over her and started rubbing it on her thigh.
My mom look tired and was sweating after her ejaculation which Rajat seth defined as cumming.
Her breast and tummy was glistening with her sweat. She slowly opened her eyes feeling the sensation of something getting rubbed on her thigh.
She cried out on seeing his cock-“Oh my god..”. She tried to move away from Rajat Seth but Rajat Seth caught hold of both of her legs and pulled her towards him.
Using her hands , she started hitting Rajat seth and asking him-“Rajat…no…I cant take it..it is too big…it will tear my vagina…please…leave me…”
“Darling…you can take it…dont be afraid…I will not hurt you..”-Rajat started rubbing his cock over her pussy lips.
Mom started hitting Rajat with her hand but Rajat had no effect on this but he said-“Stop moving like this…you will get hurt..”
Mom was struggling under Rajat and Rajat try to take control of her hand using his one hand and he positioned the other hand between their hips.
“No Rajat…it is too big..”-All she can say when she cried out loudly.Rajat gave a push from his abdomen and then a part of his cock head was inside hers.
Within a second Rajat gave another push and the bulb head of the penis was inside her.My mother was crying with pain.
“Oh God…Rajat …please pull it out…it is hurting me .. ahhh”.My mother was crying with tears rolling down her cheek.
“First night is a painful experience for every bride…I thought that I would not hear your scream..darling…you made me feel that I am fucking a new bride”-Rajat exclaimed.
Mom was crying-“you are inhuman…o god…it is paining a lot…”
Rajat caught hold mom by her hips and started pushing the cock inside of her femininity.
Mom was still constantly hitting Rajat on his chest.Rajat was continuously swaying his hips as his cock started moving inch by inch inside of hers.
Rajat stopped his hips movement when he entered most portion of this cock stem inside her.My mother was shivering under his arm.
Rajat brought his mouth near hers-“Do you feel me darling?…My god…you are so hot inside…”.
My mother was lying below with her body crushed under Rajat and her legs spread wide with her legs pointing in the air.Rajat hip was over her parted thigh and his penis was deeply united with her vagina.Rajat started kissing mom partly opened lips while his other hand was squeezing her boobs.
Rajat Seth started stretching her already parted legs further as he started moving his hips with his cock moving up and down over his stretched vagina.His balls were constantly hitting her ass.I could hear the strange noises of my mother and Rajat Seth. Both of them looked like as if they were in trance.
My mother seems like that she has already lost her senses. Her hand unconsciously moved to his hips when Rajat started pumping his cock.Her legs was wrapped around his moving hips.
The whole room was filled with sound of moan and cry ” AAAAA … uuuhh… aaaeeee …uiiii maaa … uhhhhh…”.
I was not sure what they were doing but I felt disgusted seeing them in such an awful pose.Rajat was kissing her lips, cheeks, neck and breast while his cock was exploring the inside of her womanhood.
After sometime , I had a feeling that my mom was not crying any more. There was amazement in the eyes of my mother . It seems to me that she has been going through something she has never experienced.Both of their bodies were wriggling like snake in the bed.
Then suddenly my mother held Rajat by her arms and moaned “O god…I am cumming…”
Rajat stopped-“oh…radha…I can feel your love juices…”. My mother was more tired after that and lay on the bed but Rajat did not stop at that.
He started ramming her again with his powerful strokes. There were slurping sound all over the room.I could not make out what is the cause of this sound.Is it the ball constantly hitting her ass or is this sound was the result of their union?
Mom-“Oh Rajat…How long are you take?…I am very tired…”.Rajat laughed-“It has only started darling…”.Rajat again again held her lips and started sucking her lower lip.His tongue was inside her mouth again and he was playing with her tongue.
My mother started raising her hips to meet his thrust.His thrust started getting violent and he was squeezing her boobs really hard.
“I am going to cum now…darling…I can feel my seed running down my shaft length…”-Rajat said.
My mother was also started shivering.Rajat-“you are going to have your orgasm again…invite my seeds with your love juice darling…”
Mom was saying in a shaky tone-“your manhood is touching my cervix…if you cum…I will get pregnant…please remove…I dont want to get pregnant…”.
Rajat-“i cant darling…I have told you…I have dreamt of my puppies drinking milk of your boobs.”
Rajat held his hips tight with my mom and started saying-“Take my seed…my bride…”. Rajat started groaning and after few moment my mother started crying along with him.
“Oh God….It was wonderful…we are almost cumming together….”.
My mother moved her face sidewish and partly closed her eyes.It seems to me she is feeling something deep inside her.I dont know what was going through mom but Rajat bite her breast in his passion of ecstasy.
Mom almost lay as if as she was dead.Rajat started sucking the portion of the breast bitten by him.Her breast turned red with mark of teeth in it.Rajat sucked her boob like a child and still stroking his half erect cock inside her.
He pulled out his cock with a plopping sound.His cock was glistening and was dripping white droplets of something. I could not make out what it was and it looks more like of curd. My mother vaginal lips still remain open, it was wet and I could see that curd like thing inside her vagina.
He looked at mom-“Radha…I want to hear from you…Do you like mating with me?…Am i better than the doctor..?”
Mom did not respond.
Rajat slapped her cheek-“respond to my word…”.
Mom-“Rajat…dont hit me…I am feeling very tired…I am feeling the pain again inside me…”
Rajat-“Is it paining a lot?”
Rajat came down from the bed and started calling Kamala.
“I dont know where that bitch is?…let me look into it.”
Rajat separated her pussy lips and inserted his finger.
Mom-“Rajat…be careful…it is paining …”
Rajat pulled out his finger. it was glistening with his thick white thing that he described as his cum.There was little blood mixed with cum.
Rajat-“It is a minor scratch …darling…kamala will take care of you…I am going downstairs to call her”.
I hid myself when Rajat left the room.
My mother was still naked in the room. As he left, she started examining her pussy with her finger.She looked at her breast. It was still red with his bite mark.
“This man is an animal…Oh God…he had totally filled me with his sperm…I hope I did not get pregnant.”
I heard voices of Rajat Seth cursing Kamla downstairs.It seems to me he is angry and he is shouting.
I thought they might find me here because they would not find me downstairs and they may come here looking for me. I dont want to get caught here and embarrassed myself before my mom seeing her in a different way today.
I have decided to go downstairs.As I went downstairs, I overhear the conversation.
” I have thought you better than them Kamla…I have never thought that you will lost the boy…now go upstairs and take care of your bhabhi…I want that bitch ready for me soon…”
Kamla laughed-“give her some rest…Rajat seth..”
Rajat-“I will not stop my fucking until she start worshiping me…she is very hard to break…”
Kamla went upstairs.I hid myself in the dark so that she did not notice me. I saw Rajat Seth scolding two of his men who was with kamla-“where is the boy?…find him..if you do not find him…I will kill both of you…”
Both of the men looks frightened.As they left, I came downstairs and sat on a place.
I could not believe what I was going through whole night. Today as per our plan, we came to Rajat Seth house. My mother has already had our things packed.Dad was going to take those package to the station and would be waiting for us. The plan was that Rajat Seth was going to take us to the station before midnight.There was a train which would come to the station in the midnight and we are going to board that train.
Now it was half past midnight.I dont know where my dad is.They have given something in my food and I was sleeping for whole day today.
Suddenly I heard one of the guard says-“There you are….we are looking for you whole place”.They took me to my room.My bed room sheet looked disheveled.I understand why it is like that. I lay on the bed and could not sleep whole night.
Next day in the morning when I opened my eyes, it was morning. The sun light was falling directly on my face. I went up and decided to go upstairs.
When I came outside, Kamla notice me and told me -“Come downstairs…the food is ready…”
I said that I wanted to see my mom.Kamala-“She is sleeping with your new dad…do not disturb him…”
I cried-“My new dad…what do you mean by that?”
Kamala laughed-“come downstair…dont argue with me”
As I came downstairs, kamla asked a boy older than me-“Raghu..take him to the dinning room..”
I went with him. Raghu asked-“You are doctor son…”, he asked.
I said -“Yes..”
He asked me-“Did you see your mother in the morning?”
I said-“No..”.
He laughed-“Is Rajat seth still fucking her?”
I understand what he mean by that.I have seen the whole thing yesterday.May be he is implicating to that.
I asked Raghu-“What happened yesterday?…why there was so much celebration?”
Raghu-“Dont know know..Rajat Seth has married your mom…The poor lady has to sign and accept her fate only to save doctor and you…”
I was not sure what I was listening.
Raghu-“Rajat Seth is your new dad after marrying your mom.”
I cried-“Where is my dad?”.
Kamla entered the room with breakfast.”I have made something that city kid like you will enjoy…”
I asked-“where is my dad?”
Kamla-“Your dad?”
I said-“yes..”
Kamla-“well then he came in the morning …begging us to open the door…”
Raghu-“Mom…did you see how he was crying?”
Kamla-“It happens darling…when some one lost something so precious..”
I dont know but it seems to me that I was going insane. I ran away from there and went upstairs.
Kamla-“Raghu..bring him back…”
Raghu-“I cant mother…I have other place to go..”
I ran straight to the roof. The roof door was opened. I went near the door and pause there. I heard mom voice-
“Rajat…please let me sleep..you kept me awake whole night.”
I peek through the window.
I saw my mom sleeping naked with her ass pointing upward and her breast crushing on the bed sheet.Rajat seth was kissing her earlobe and his hand was over her ass.
Rajat-“Darling..I need to go now..You can sleep alone whole day..When we feel well..you can come downstairs..”.
Rajat seth went up from bed.The bed sheet was totally dis oriented. He started dressing.He covered my mother ass with her wedding saree that she was wearing.
Suddenly I heard my dad voice.I came downstairs and saw my dad with the inspector.I ran towards dad and embrace him.
Inspector was calling Rajat Seth.
After few minutes, Rajat Seth come down.
“What happened inspector?”-Rajat Seth asked.
“Doctor Jaydeep is complaining that his wife is with you…”
Rajat-“His wife…I dont have time with other wife..I am too busy with my own wife..”
Dad was shocked-“But Rajat…you had promised me..my wife Radha was with you..Inspector..you are there when we had the conversation..”
Inspector-“Yes..Rajat..I was there..”
Rajat-“Inspector..you were also there…when his wife has declared in front of whole village that she will accept me as her husband..”
Inspector-“Yes..I was there..”
Rajat-“And Inspector you were also there when Doctor wife accept me as a new husband and sign the divorce paper..”
Inspector-“Yes…you know doctor a woman cannot have two husband..officially..she had to sign that before marrying Rajat Seth..”
Dad-“But it is a two way thing…I have not sign any divorce paper..”
Rajat-“Inspector has taken care of that..”
Inspector laughed-“Actually…I have used your sign that you have provided us in the police station..”
My father-“what the hell is going on here?..where is my wife? what have you done to her..”
Every body near us was laughing.
Inspector put his hand over my father shoulder-“Dr Jaydeep..try to understand…Rajat Seth is the official husband to your beloved wife..He has right to do anything with her.”
Rajat-“Doctor..your wife belong to me…now…it would be good for you if you leave this village …. your son needs to stay till she had my baby in her womb..”
Inspector-“Rajat..anyhow how was she yesterday…”
Rajat-“She was damn tight…like a virgin…She moves like a fish when I fucked her.”
My father lost his temper and hit Rajat on his face-“You bastard..”
Rajat men caught hold of him.
Rajat-“How you dare to hit me…”
Rajat seth gave a blow on his head. There was blood trickling from my father nose.
I ran toward Rajat and started hitting him.Rajat threw me away.
I heard my mother voice-“Please do not hit him…I pray you Rajat.”
Mother was standing on the stair holding the railing.She was hardly able to stand.She had her saree wrapped clumsily all over her.
“Why are you downstair?”-Rajat asked.
Rajat came near mom, took her in his shoulder and carried her on his shoulder upstairs.Mom’s pair of boobs jutted out and fall over his back when he carried her in his shoulder.
Dad has closed and started begging to everyone asking them to leave and family.
Inspector took my injured dad away with him.
I remain in the house with Kamla and his insane boy raghu.
I was crying for my dad.I was taken in room where they lock me.
I dont know how long I was there. In the evening, Kamla came to my room.”Your mom want to see you..”. She took me to upstair in a different room now.
As I entered the room, I saw Rajat sitting beside my mom.My mom almost cried seeing me.I ran towards her and embrace her.I saw the bite mark of Rajat in her breast.
My mom was looking tired and her eyes were full.It seems to me that she was crying whole day.
Rajat left the room.”You can spend the whole time with your boy”.
I have never seen my mother giving so much attention to me.She was telling me some stories that my father used to tell.But inside my head all that was running was the images of previous night.
I looked at her lips.My mother possess a well curved thin lip and it was fully pink.Yesterday the pink lips of her was sucked by Rajat as if it has a taste of honey in it.
When my mother was talking to me, i unconsciously put my hand on her breast and was mesmerized the softness of her breast.I found every word of Rajat Seth is true but i could not understand what he has actually done with her yesterday.
I did not have courage to ask my mom on that.I dont know when I fell asleep.When I opened my eyes, I saw Rajat Seth was sitting beside my mom.
Mom-“Please allow him to stay with me tonight…”.
Rajat-“Not…tonight…today is our second night..how will you allow you to sleep…you are still so naive ….I have to teach you so many thing to night…Kamla…take the boy away…”
Kamala entered the room and took me away.
I acted as if I was sleeping before kamala.
They have arranged different room for me from today.She took me to that room and closed the door.
I dont know how long I was there in the room sleeping.
After 15 minutes, I went up from my bed. I came near the door and started walking towards their new bedroom. I saw someone standing there trying to listen something by keeping his ear on the door.
On seeing me, he got tensed.
I asked-“What are you doing here?”
Raghu look tensed-“I was just passing by…you go back to sleep…It is not good for you to stay so longer.”
Then I heard my mother voice-“AAAhh….”
I went towards the door and started listening.
Rajat-“Radha..Do you feel my cock deep inside of you..”
Mom-“I can feel it..Rajat..it is really painful..please be gentle with me..”
Rajat-“I have never fucked such a beautiful cunt before…but this cunt of your is not accustomed with long and hard fuck…This is a training for you…soon you will became accustomed with my fucking and worship me…”
Mom–“Ahh .. Ah.. Ahh… Ahh .. Please Rajat…I cant take it any more.. Ahh.. Ahh.. Ahh..”
Rajat-“You have to..You are my wife now..Take it darling…Take it..my beloved Radha..”
Mom was crying with each jolt that she was receiving.
Raghu murmured-“your mother is getting nice banged inside…”
There was mixture of pain and joy in my mother voice.I went away from the room.
“Hey…where are you going?”-Raghu asked.
I replied-“I am feeling sleepy…”
I went to my room and closed the door.
I decided to stop looking at various activities happens between my mother and Rajat Seth.As the days passed by, each day was becoming a torment for me.I started to feel sick of the atmosphere around. My mother spent the whole day with me but in the night, I was taken to my room. Some time It occur to mind to check whether there is any place through which I can check what is going on inside the room. After the first night, I was not able to see anything between my mom and Rajat Seth but have heard their voices and moaning inside. But sometime I fell guilty of my thought.
Oneday when I was sleeping with my mom in the noon, Kamala entered our room.
Mom looked at her.
Kamala looked at the surrounding-“Bhabhi…I have come here for forgiveness…I know…I am responsible for what you are going through”.
Mom-“What do you actually want Kamla..”
Kamala-“I want to help you…Bhabhi…I know where Rajat Seth kept your husband”
Mom-“What do you want Kamala?…”
Kamala-“I want you to get out of this den…I can help you in doing that…”
Mom-“How can I trust you…?”
Kamala-“You have no options Radha…”.
Mom sighed-“tell me what happened actually that night?…How my husband was framed…”
Kamla-“I cant tell you here…I need you to come with me in the roof…There will be no one there…”
Mom went up from the bed-“let us go there”.As they went upstairs, I followed them and overhear their conversation.
Kamla-“It was Rajat Seth plan, he paid the nurse to accuse the doctor of rape.The nurse has consensual sex that night with one of the hospital staff.Bhabhi, Rajat Seth was mad seeing you.He needed you at any cost…”
Mom-“Why do you want to help me now..Kamla..”
Kamla-“Because I am regretting for what I have done.”
As I came down, I saw there was there another maid called suji listening to their conversation.She looked at me and tried to smile at me but I hurriedly ran away from that place.My mother came to the room and saw me there.He came to me and said-“I am going to ask you to do something and you need to be very careful.”
I asked Mom-“What I need to do?”
“Kamla is going to take you to your father..see whether she is not lyng or not and if your father is there…tell him…We have a plan to elope from here…Ask him to wait…”
I got confused of what she is actually wanting from me.
She looked at my eyes and asked-“can you do that?”
I nodded as yes.
In the evening, kamla came to my room and told me-“did your mother told you what to do?”
I said-“Yes”.
Kamla-“Come with me …everybody is busy now..I will take you to your father”.
I went with Kamla.I dont know how long we have walked with Kamla.She took me near an old temple where I saw two men standing.I recognised one of them as the village panchayat head son. I have seen him in the trial of my father.The thing that make me frightened about him is that he was carrying a dead snake in his arm.
“So..he is doctor’s son..Ravi”-Kamla exclaimed.
The man looked angry.He came near me and pulled me from the ground.
He threaten-“I am not not a good person.”
I started crying seeing the dead snake in his arm.
He put me down and said-“Do you know what it is?”
I started crying-“Please move it away…”
He started laughing. One of the other men who was standing there.
“He will not do anything…if we do what we say..”
I closed my eyes-“I will do what you say…”
“Go to your mother..tell her that you have seen your father and asked her to come with kamla”
I said-“I will do what you say..”
Kamla braught me back and reminded me that if I do not say what they have said.They will bring snake for me.
I was frightened and I ran to my mother room.
Before entering I heard the conversation of suji with mom.
Suji-“Bhabhi..do not trust Kamla..she is not a good woman..”
Mom-“Why are you saying so?”
Suji-“This kamla used bring girls for this village men….she is a pimp..she has destroyed the life of mine and you..she was the one who informed Rajat Seth about you….She used to bring news of beautiful girl and women seen near this village..”
Mom- “What?..why should she do that?”
Suji-“Do you know the story of this village?”
Mom-“what story?”
suji-“This village is called the village of the damned…When I was young…I used to heard different stories of this village..”
Mom-“Are you not from this village?”
Suji-“No…I was from a different village …little far away from this village..our family was very poor…I had one sister and one brother…I was eldest child of this family…Kamla came to my place on a marriage proposal for some one in this village…My father was against the idea of marrying me to some one in this village but I know I had no option …The family gave us a lot of money for my marriage…actually I was virtually sold to this village in the name of the marriage”
Mom-“What is the wrong with this village?”
Suji-“Some people say that it is carrying the curse of the witch who has told that no girl child will born in the village…but the truth is more daring than that..most of the girls are from differnt village especially from poor family..”
Mom sighed-“What happened with you here? who is your husband?”
Suji smiled sarcastically-“I dont know how many men had used my body…I really whom I will call husband…I was saved by Rajat Seth…”.
Mom mocked-“Rajat Seth is your God..am i right?”
Suji-“He is not God but he is the only human here…You are safe here as long as you are with him…Dont think this is a single man plot to frame your husband.”
Mom suddenly notice me standing there and looked at Suji said-“I need to talk with my son….”
Sujisaid-“yes…bhabhi…I am leaving now…”
SUJI left the room. Mom came near me and asked-“Did you see your father?”
I was not sure what to answer.
“What happened? tell me?…”
I said-“yes..”
Mom-“How is he?”
I said-“fine..”. Mom was relieved.
Mom-“you are going to sleep with me today”.
In the night when Rajat came to his room and saw me-“what happened?why is he here?”
Mom begged-“Please Rajat…allow him to sleep with me for tonight…he is frightened to sleep alone.”
Rajat-“He needs to get habituated sleeping alone…woke him up…”
Mom embraced Rajat by her arm and said-“Please Rajat..only for tonight..”
Both of them looked at each other eyes for a moment.
Rajat pulled mom and put his mouth on her.Mom’s feet was on the air when he kissed her.
For a moment, mom tried to look at me to see whether I was not seeing anything but the kiss was so passionate and forceful, mom got succumbed to that. After few minutes, she realized that I was in the same room.She pushed Rajat and said-“stop it Rajat..my son is here..”
Rajat pulled her lower lips with his teeth and released it and said-“Tomorrow..you are going to compensate for two night…I am allowing you to take rest for today..”
Rajat left the room.Mom looks thoughtful and then she responded-“It is nothing darling….We are just playing game”
She came near me and sleep over me.
Mom closed her eyes and opened again.Her eyes were filled water-“Rajat uncle is not a good person..he is doing some bad thing with your mom..do not be afraid of this..we are soon going to get free from this hell.