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The bus moved slowly along the hair pin bends to reach the top of the hill station which was supposed to be the destination for our college trip. I was busy talking to my close friend Priya who occupied the seat beside me.”Hey Priya, why are you so silent,” I asked to which she gave a bored look.”I am so bored and my boyfriend is coming in the next bus. Who made this stupid rule to separate us boys and girls, Rani?” she blurted out angrily.

I giggled and said, “You sure seem to have planned things with him.”She blushed and drifted her eyes sideways to see the view through the open window. I relaxed back resting my head onto the seat. I am Rani, a 19 year old girl doing my second year in college. I look quite short compared to my other girl friends with a height of 4’9″ and an average weight. My sizes were a 32-28-36 with firm medium breasts topped by thick brown nipples and a perfectly rounded ass. Priya on the other hand was bit heavy with the sizes of 34-28-34 with soft firm breasts which runs down to her smooth hips and creamy white thighs. Her boyfriend loved to spend hours together on nibbling, sucking, biting and playing with her thick sensitive nipples which I came to know from her.

I never took an effort to seek a boyfriend for myself while all my other friends seemed to have more than one. I was not fascinated entirely by this culture of dating in the morning and mating in the night yet I loved sex as much as any girl would do. I knew she slept with her boyfriend from more than one occasion. I stayed in the college hostel while she came from her home to college. I guessed she is having sex with her boyfriend Gautam but an incident confirmed it. Once I went to meet her at her home and it was locked from inside. I decided to go by the back door when I was stopped by the noises from her bedroom. I moved near and the scene I saw through the partly open window startled me a bit.

There she was lying stark naked on the bed without a piece of cloth to cover her nudity, exposing all her beauty to the man humping her. The man who was supposed to be her boyfriend was humping her with deep thrusts as if there’s no tomorrow. She had her legs spread wide resting it on his shoulders. Her hands were kneading her erect nipples and his was holding her hips tight kissing her over and over again. The entire scene made me moist between my legs and I left the place soon.

I did ask her about it to which she said she trusts him and she would be marrying him once their education is over. I didn’t press on further into the topic but knew they would make love as soon as they reach our destination point. I came to know from Priya that he had a forest bungalow in which they would be spending the night together. I really didn’t like the idea but left it for her to decide.
The day passed with all the sightseeing which made me quite exhausted. After dinner, we all retired back to our allotted cottages to get some sleep. I was almost asleep when I felt a hand waking me up. It was my friend standing like a shadow in the dim moonlight.
“Rani, I am really scared to go out at this time to his bungalow. He insists I should be coming to spend the night with me. Can you please come?” She was almost pleading and I proceeded to protest.”You won’t have any problem, Rani. You can sleep on the bedroom on the ground floor. We will sleep on the first floor.”

I was kind of convinced with the explanation she gave and changed into my salwar kameez. We sneaked out of the cottage and started walking along the forest pathway. The wind was so sending shivers through our bones and I wrapped my dupatta around my shoulders.It was a full moon day and it eradicated the darkness as we walked steadily.

Priya seemed to be all excited glowing with happiness. I thought of the things that is going to happen to her this night. As soon as we reach the place, Gautam would surely try to take her to his bedroom as soon as possible. Once she agrees to go inside, she would not be able to come out until the lion had his hunger satisfied by devouring the flesh of the timid deer. The only difference is here the deer is being eaten alive for the sexual hunger of the lion.

She was almost jogging towards the bungalow and her 34B breasts moved in unison with her motion. I knew the helper which keeps us women safe from the lusty looks of men which is our dupatta will be removed off and thrown to the floor. She would be soon be undressed by him and her salwar kameez will meet the same fate followed by her bra and panty. Moments later, the inhabitants of the forest will be hearing the noises made by the wild couple during copulation. The occasional grunts of the man and the shrill screams of the woman would be tearing into the silence of the forest. “Why are you blushing, Rani?”

I was pulled back to reality by her question and I stammered to answer for a split second then gave a reply.”I was just imagining the things going to happen to you once we reach his place.”Now it was her turn to blush and I realized my imagination had gone far beyond my control. The cold climate along with my wet dreams made me aroused.

“I shouldn’t get wet. It was Priya who is supposed to be wet because she got a man to please her. I should try to cover up my thoughts and sleep as soon as possible.” I thought to myself in my mind. We reached the bungalow and walked inside with slow steps. I was totally taken aback when I found out there were more than one man in there. They were boozing and it was a total of 4 men inside including her boyfriend. But she seemed to be calm about the situation as if she was aware of this situation.

“What is this, Priya?” I questioned her in an angry tone.Gautam came to her rescue and replied me, “Nothing to worry, Rani. They are my friends from my native. They would be sleeping in the room adjacent to you on the first floor.”I stood there speechless unable to digest the situation I got myself in.

“You can go to sleep, Rani” It was the last words she spoke before Gautam almost dragged her holding her hips into his bedroom. Everything happened as I had expected except the fact that I was left alone in a lonely forest cottage with 3 drunken guys eyeing me like hyenas. One of the guys came forward and smiled at me. I smiled back for the sake of courtesy even though I didn’t like them.

“I am Varun and these are my friends Rajiv & Rohan. We were almost finished when you girls came. Shall we go to sleep?” he enquired me.I was sweating profusely scared of being alone with these hunks who seemed to act decent. While Varun talked the eyes of the other guys were all over me scanning me. They look made me feel as if I am nude before them all. Rajiv’s eyes were all over my breasts trying to find out its texture and shape which was safely covered up inside my faithful bra and salwar.

The clock didn’t pass even few consecutive minutes when I heard Priya’s low moan from the closed doors of their bedroom. Then a gasp followed by a bang on the door. By instinct I proceeded to step forward and help her. The next moment my mind realized my foolish act knowing it is not she who needs help but me. She was a willing partner in being assaulted sexually but here I stood helpless with these guys around eyeing me without breaking contact.

“Gautam….Gautam….ahhhh….yess….” Her screams echoed inside the building and her voice clearly suggested her approaching orgasm. The guys looked back at me with a wicked grin.”I am going to sleep,” I blurted out unable to handle their piercing looks as I walked up the stairs.

“We are going to sleep too,” they replied in unison and started walking behind me. I felt their eyes on my back as I hurried myself inside my bedroom and locked it from the inside. I was panting heavily as if I had finished a marathon. My body was drenched in sweat my breasts heaving up and down heavily. I laid myself on to the soft bed resting my head on the pillow and grabbed another one to hold in my hands.

It seemed I had slept for hours but in reality I had slept for only an hour. When I woke up the clock pointed twelve in a gesture to let me know it was almost midnight. I looked out of the window into the dark beyond the trees. The silence was broken again by a shrill scream from Priya which startled me. “Why is she such a loud girl?” I thought to myself moving out of the bed.

Another high pitched scream from her made me frightened to the core. I unlocked my bedroom door and went downstairs. The door to the bedroom was partially open through which I peeked in. I was shocked by the scene that met my eyes. Inside was my friend being gang banged by the four guys. She was trying to protest with the last of her strength but failed in her attempt. She had been stripped down to the last piece of her clothing and was lying over Varun’s hairy chest with his hard cock buried into the depths of her wet pussy. Rajiv mounted her from behind with his cock lodged deep inside her ass leaving Rohan no other choice but to take the only hole left in her body her mouth.

They were pounding her mercilessly without paying the slightest attention to her cries of despair. Her voluptuous body was being treated as a piece flesh to satisfy their animalistic lusts. I stood there still shocked seeing the scene taking place right before my eyes. I stormed inside the room in a rage to help my friend but it was too late when I realized I am a sexy piece of flesh myself and it was a wrong decision to come inside. In a flash I was in the grip of Gautam’s strong hands while his friends was busy literally struck up with his girlfriend.
“Let me go,” I tried to free myself but failed forced to watch her being molested. Soon her pleas turned into cries of pleasure. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Priya orgasm from the heavy fucking she got from these guys. Her body betrayed her mind and she was a victim of lust. Her moans of pleasure were suppressed due to Rohan’s stiff cock covering up her mouth almost fully.

“Do you like what you see, Rani?” Gautam asked me planting a soft kiss on my ear lobe which sent shivers through me arousing me at the wrong moment at the wrong place.“No, please leave her and let us go.”“I planned to share only my girlfriend dear but these guys told me you are a better lay than you friend. That’s what made us to make you come here.”

He informed me letting me know I would be taking up her place in the same bed once they are done with my friend. My weak female body couldn’t put up a fight against his strength when he tied me up with a rope and took me out of the room closing the door behind us.

He made me to sit on the couch and then sat near me. Soon his hands were all over my breasts feeling their smoothness over my clothes. I protested but still I know clearly I was left helpless. He touched my virgin body all over and finally gave a tight kiss on my lips. My mind screamed asking him to stop this nonsense but my body responded immediately.

Even though I know what sex is all about, I have never had a real man touch me the way he is touching me now. It kindled all my hidden desires of womanly passion which made me wet between my thighs in my most private part. His kiss got deeper and I parted my lips open. He slid his tongue inside me as if waiting for this opportunity. I felt his hand moving lower in between my thighs. I clutched his hand tight in a final attempt to protect my virginity. He freed my bondage and moved his hands inside my salwar slipping it past my wet panties. Before I knew it, his fingers were buried inside my virgin wet pussy which may no longer be a virgin. I was sure I would be getting fucked tonight but just was scared imagining four guys taking me in bed same time in all my holes.

The cries of my friend were still heard outside the door which was soon joined by my own moans and gasps. He expertly sucked my nipples as I lay nude in his arms under his control. Gautam’s teeth nibbled my erect nipples and his fingers had a rhythm of going in and out of my dripping pussy. He laid me on my back and mounted my legs over his shoulders. His hands parted my thighs spreading them wider to get access to my untouched private part of my body.

“Gautam, Please don’t do this. I am a virgin,” I pleaded him with the last of my strength to save my virginity which was supposed to be depraved by my husband on our first night after my marriage.

He gave a devilish grin unzipping his pants to let his hard cock out. It hung a solid 8” inches which made me gasp with astonishment. He kept his hand on my brownish thighs moving in between my legs. I could feel his cock at the entrance of my pussy which he pushed in the next moment with all his might. I made a loud scream digging my nails onto his back unable to bear the gripping pain. He paused for a brief moment before resuming his fucking motion. My eyes were filled up with my tears my legs trembled due to the pain. I wept feeling humiliated yet aroused the same time. He cupped my ankles tightly pounding me deep and steady.

The old couch creaked each time he made constant thrusts into my deflowered pussy. Slowly as each minute passed I started enjoying the fucking I was receiving from my friend’s boyfriend. I started co-operating by thrusting my hips back giving him complete access to every inch of my fresh untouched body. He had his palm firmly clutching my tits kneading the erect nipple causing me to whimper often.“Mmmm….ahhh…ouch,” I blurted out when he arched his back down onto me taking my nipples in his teeth giving a rough bite and slurping them like a child feeding on its mother.

I was lost in my own world of pleasure when I heard Priya pleading the guys to stop fucking her as she was sore and exhausted. He chuckled but never stopped his motion of ramming me. I soon realized the reason behind his mock when I heard the door opening to let the guys out. She was left lying nude on the bed with her fair skin covered all over by their cum. It seemed these guys had splashed their cum all over her body and forced her to suck their softening cocks one more time before they left her. They were commenting on what a dirty slut their friend’s girlfriend was when it comes to getting humped.

Gautam grunted pumping me faster reaching his orgasm soon. I didn’t last long either and my orgasm flooded through me right in front of four horny guys watching me keenly. I screamed his name twice before my orgasm and came with a feminine grunt. As soon as he got his share of pleasure from me he got off the bed leaving me abandoned with his buddies who seemed to be hard as rock and waiting to take their turns with me. I gasped trying to catch my breath after the hard pounding I received when Rajiv came near me scooping me up in his arms. I clung to his neck tightly out of fear and excitement. My soft nude breasts touched his hairy chest arousing my nipples which he sensed instantly and smiled looking into my eyes knowingly.

I blushed. My body clearly stated the guys that I would surely let them satisfy their long time dream of feasting themselves on my feminine assets. I knew I lost this battle of protecting my virginity and decided to oblige to their desires for the rest of the night. Rajiv carried me in his strong arms walking up the stairs to my room followed by Varun and Rohan closely behind. I closed my eyes preparing myself mentally to be sexually assaulted by three men same time in the same bed.

I felt the cold air rush through the open window when Rajiv entered my room carrying me in his arms. I sensed myself being placed down on the soft bed and heard the door being locked. I opened my eyes slowly to see them all three standing around the bed smiling naughtily at me. They were feasting on my nude form from head to toe when Rajiv finally spoke out.“Please co-operate, Rani. We won’t hurt you.”

I nodded my head slightly closing my eyes again and braced myself for the inevitable. I felt a hand on my soft brown thighs, another on my naked tits and the other on my lips. I couldn’t guess which hand belonged to whom but all I knew is every hand is after one thing. That’s me..


For all of those who had not read my first story I am telling about me again. I am the only son of my parents and have three sisters all elder than me. Now two of them are married and one is unmarried. I am a student of M-Com and good in study and also a fine professional dancer too. I have some extra meat on my ass which are of good heart shape, I have long hairs and my chest is more breast than chest of a boy. I have no hair on my body and always keep myself clean and soft.
Now I come to story. As you know my dearest mama Ashok made me a gay. He regularly fucked me a lot at daily bases and made me habitant of fucking. I was completely satisfied from my mama and he also loved me and cared me a lot. We both were sharing one room in the night and so no any one suspected us and mama fucked me all the nights in all those days. But time always changes and one day my mama fought with my mother and went away to there native place for always. I felt very bad. Up to this time I had got a lot of interest in getting fucked. Of course I started my sexual life with a thought of that one day I will also have a big cock like my mama but now I had not any intention like that. And I was happy being a gay and did not bother of being a normal boy of my age. Till now I had become to know everything about sex which were taught to me by my mama. Now I knew that every man need only to put and ram his shaft in a love hole it may be of a girl or a boy like me.
From child hood I was quiet and sweet and fare in colour and as mama fucked me in every possible angel I had not any kind of fear in my heart of getting fucked. Of course some positions made me feel pain in starting but as well as I got habitant of these poses I started enjoying these poses. However still my favorite poses are doggy, missionary (where my fucker fucks on top of me and I lay with wide legs on my back.), and riding where I fuck my buddy on top and he on his back. I had learnt cock sucking and love to suck the cock and make it hard in my mouth. I enjoy sucking feeling the every vain of hard cock in my mouth. Sucking cock is also a very exotic thing and men like it a lot if someone suck there cock.
After mama had gone I was very depressed and wanted him back, because till now I had not got fucked and used by anyone else my Mama. I was very sad at that time.
After few weeks I was eager to get fucked and was wanted to get fucked by every men I see and also my some classmates. But this was very risky so I controlled a lot. But for how many time I could control or any one else may control without sex. I was only of 16 years but I was keen to get fucked all the time. So I began to think of my every possibility.
Then an idea came to my mind. Those days I was taking tuitions of English from our class teacher in evening as extra time. We were two students who were taking tuition from our teacher from 5 to 7 PM.
My teacher’s name was Rames. He was basically from Bihar and lived alone in our town. His house was a single room having attached washroom and kitchen. He could not bear more than this as his pay was not enough hence he had to teach in some extra too for extra income. Ramesh was an Intelligent teacher. He was very honored in school by all the students. He was always very serious for our studies and marks. As I was taking tuition from him I had some extra attraction to him and the same from his side also. My second tuition mate was not a regular and often he was absent on tuition so mostly I had a good two hours with Ramesh Ji. Ramesh was unmarried of about 35 years and a good looking guy. His height was only about 5.6″. He was slim and quit fit.
But now the biggest trouble was how to seduce him. I thought a lot and got an idea. There was a shop near our school where video games we played on rent basis. That shopkeeper also had some adult magazines. In those magazines there were some nude photos of stunning female models. I thought this may work as a good material of seducing my Ramesh teacher. I got one nude photo of a model and put it in that page of our lesson which he was about to teach me in evening. But still the other danger was my tuition mate if he would come to tuition then my plan may not work.
So I thought another Idea of going late to tuition class. I was waiting for evening and my heart was pumping hard of thinking both things positive and negative responses. What if he say yes then I will be very happy and will get my fuck buddy and also he will help me in my study and I will have a very special treatment from my teacher. And if his response is negative then what may happen. All these thoughts made me crazy. However I was thinking of only positive.
Finally evening came and I went to tuition from my house at my regular time, but waited for second student out side the teachers room weather he is coming or not. Because if he is coming then I will postpone my idea and if he is not coming then I will take the chance. I was praying to god not to come him.
After about half hour late of timing I went to tuition room when I was confirm that he is not coming today.
I was very tense, on which my teacher said what is the matter. I said Noting. Then he asked me for my book and my tension was on its height. I gave him the book and he opened that lesson and saw that picture and remained silent for a movement and looked at me I was not able to see in his eyes. Then he said”what is this”.
I did not responded. On this he became little angry and asked again “I am asking something to you, what is this”.
Again I had no any answer.
Now he looked at me for a long pose and said”What do you know about sex”. This was a positive sign for me and I said nothing again because still I was afraid. Then he came near to me and said again “tell me Sonu, don’t be ashamed I will not say anything to anyone and will not be angry on you”. This time his voice had some softness and I took it as a good opportunity and said in slow voice”How long is your cock”.
Ramesh did not believed on his ears and remained silent for a movement and said”Do you wanna see it”.
I nodded. He stood up and started removing his cloths after shutting the door and my heart was pumping faster then ever before. My breath was heavy as if I have run for a long. He removed his all the cloths accept his underwear. He had a good athletic body. His chest was hairy. And he was smiling and came near to me and said”If you really want to see my cock then you will have to remove my undy.”
I bent on my knees and looked once in his eyes and the on his undy. There was a big bulge in that and it was making a tent in underwear. As I looked on that thing I Became sure that this is even bigger then mama’s penis. I removed his underwear and his rock hard cock hit on my chin as it was also eager to come out of his permanent house to move in something new. Hit of cock on my face made me crazy and I looked for a movement on this. It was much bigger than mama’s cock and I was amazed how may this enter in me. And I felt fear first time in my life of that cock. Because I was Habitent of Ashok mama’s cock and always thought his cock is biggest in the world and no anyone may have bigger than his.
I never feared of mama’s cock. But this was a bigger and fatter cock. It was about 6.5″ long and thicker than mama’s cock. My feelings were, mixed happy to get a new cock for fucking me and also feared of what will happen if this one is going in me.
Rames broke the silence and said”What happened, now you show me yours”.
I had nothing to show him else my ass. And I did not responded. On this he again and again forced me to remove my cloths and finally I accepted his request or order whatever it was and started removing my cloths. I was wearing T-Shirt and pent only nothing underneath. As I removed my T-Shirt his eyes were blooming and charming as if he has got a hidden treasure. He came near to me and touched My soft soft chest and started squeezing my nipples I felt his hands were not soft like mama and they were a little bit rough. But the way he was doing was very gentle. Then he caught my boobs and started squeezing them and I was feeling very nice and became hot and eager to get fucked and shuck that massive cock.
Ramesh removed my pants and looked at my tinny but hard cock. He was puzzled to see my lully and said what is this Sonu why is it so small. I was a little humiliated but answered him in a strong way “Sir, this may be a bully but I have a great peace of ass and even you may not live without fucking these.”
Ramesh was again surprised and smiled and said”Then show me that thing which you have super”. And i turned my back to him and he touched my very very soft and big ass and said”Yes really you have a superb gaand and also I may not live without fucking this after seeing this treasure I may not leave it”
Then he asked me to suck his shaft for which I was eager and started sucking his cock and he moaned a loud and said”Wow you are a great sucker you suck so nicely, Who taught you”.
After some 5 minutes of sucking he removed his shaft from my mouth and said to me get up and lets go on the bed. I went to bed and he went to his fridge and took a beer from that and brought two glasses and poured beer in those and offered one glass to me. I had never drank before. So I denied and said”Thanks sir I do not drink”.
He said ” dont worry it wont harm you and you will enjoy it”. I took the glass and started drinking and then he too. He finished his glass and poured again in it while I was taking my first one. Both of us were quite nude and I was able to see his cock and my eyes were not removing from it. It was still rock hard while Ashok mama’s cock became limp if we were not love making or took any short break too. This thing made me more crazzy and thought mama was also not so real man like my Ramesh Sir is.
Then Ramesh looked at me and started chatting with me. He said”I know you have been fucked before too but how many times”. I did not say any thing. He spoke again “How many cock have fucked you”.
I said only one till now and this is second only which I am ready to take in me. He asked who was that lucky guy who took your cherry ? And I told him my whole story how mama fucked me. He was surprised because he was thinking I got fucked by any student or my age group friend, but I had another story and I also told him how mama was regular to fuck me without any kind of risk and suspense.
Then Ramesh said”Dont worry this is not quit abnormal for the boys like you which have girlish look and your mama was true on one thing that you are a natural gandua, only he misguided you that this all the fucking will make your cock big”.
He then paused for a movement and said “Your mama was also not a bad man any one would like to fuck you any how and for this if he had spoke some lies then also not a very bad thing and another thing is that if he had not made you habitent of getting fucked then how could I get this opportunity to fuck. So never blame your mama for fucking you. If he would not fuck you then any one else would have fucked you. And now you may be blessing for many people”.
Meanwhile he finished his peg and started playing with my body and after some 5 minutes I was again eager to get fucked and wanted him badly. But still I was afraid of the size of his cock. He then made me in doggy stile and poured some oil in my asshole and started finger fucking me. Which I enjoyed a lot and now I was moaning a loud. He then put some oil on his shaft and put it on my asshole. He slided it in me slowly and I was feeling pain and asked him to remove once. He obeyed me and again after 1 or 2 minutes he again tried and this time his top went in and it was much less pain. Then asked me again is it paining still on which I responded negative. Then he started thursting slowly in me and with every thurst his cock was disappearing in my sweet love hole. After about 2 or 3 minutes of his thurstings his entire cock was in me now and he again paused for a movement and asked dear Sonu are you all right and enjoying the show.I said “Yes Sir”.
Ashok mama was never so care taking for me he always preffered his enjoyment and never bothered for me. This thing made me more loving to my new fuck buddy and his respect encreased in my heart.
Then he started pumping me first slowly and then encreased his speed. He fucked me for about 10 Minutes in that way and then he started a new thing. He stopped for a minute Put some extra oil on his shaft which made it more lubricated and thurst his entire cock in me at once only in one go. And it went all the way in me. Then he removed his cock again and did the same and continued for it. His every thrust made me feel like I am cumming. And I had never before enjoyed fucking like this and soon I cummed and I was feeling very tired and Ramesh was still fucking me with all his energy. Ashok mama had never fucked me for so long and I was tired now like hell.
He then came near my ear and asked again are you enjoying the fuck. I said yes sir a lot but I think this is enough for today and I am also getting late so sir please finish quickly. He said enough for you who had been fucked for so many times before. I said no sir I got fucked today the first time in real sence and my old fucking were only trials. This is the full movie of an hour.
He then increased his speed and fucked me harder than before. And after a big fucking of about one hour I came again and he also cummed first time in the evening. He made full my asshole of his cum and felt on me for about five minutes. Then he stood up and released me and when he stood straight his cock was still rock hard and I was amazed on seeing on this.
Ramesh smiled and said what are you looking and I said no sir nothing. He laughed and came near to me and gave me a tight hug and his cock was about to make an hole in my front belly too. He kissed me and then said to me” you are really a great and natural fuckable and I had never enjoyed the sex like this before in my whole life. Thanks always to your mama so he taught you ABCD of sex ”
I thanked him and said “Sir, please do not tell to any one about all this otherwise I will be humiliated in the society”.
He ensured me that he will not tell to anyone of the people you may know or who may make sad you in the society.
He was wanted to fuck me again right now but it was dark out side and I was already an hour late and also my ass chicks were paining when I got stood up and my stomach was also telling me this is enough and was also paining. So I denied his offer and said him I will be all yours tomorrows too.
I came back did my daily routine works and went to sleep. On the bed too I was thinking only what had happened few hours back and I was enjoying the pain and a smooth feeling of Ramesh Sir’s fuck in my ass. I was feeling like my asshole is some loose now which I had never felt before even hundreds times getting fucked by my mama. I was feeling like Ramesh’s cum will flow from my asshole and will make my bed sheet stained and I was looking my bed sheet again and again, but nothing like this happened. In the morning I got up late and did not went to school. All day I was only on my bed and thinking only about my dearest Sir.
In the evening I got up, took a bath again and went to Ramesh Sir saying my parents I am going for tuitions. Ramesh Sir was waiting for me and as well as I entered in his room he asked me a lot of questions. Like why did you not come to school today ? are you all right? etc. I made him calm and said “its all right sir, i was feeling only tired so i took a break and nothing serious”.
Then he hugged me tightly and started kising like mad and I also become eager again for the show. Today also we were alone for the next two hours and he fucked me harder than the day before for all the two hours and today we both were 100% satisfied.
From that day this was our daily routine and Ramesh sir rejected the other student to teach tution and now we two had not any kind of risk. In the school too Ramesh sir’s behaviour towards me changed a lot and he was as soft on me as he was on the girls and always cared me the most. No any one knew about our relationship and all my classmates admired me for Ramesh Sir’s behaviour towards me.
Now Ramesh Sir was one of the happiest person as he was getting money to fuck me, because he fucked me during all the time of tuition and was getting the fee of tuition. Then one day Ramesh Sir came to our house and asked my parents for a room in the house for rent. As I told you before our family is rich enough and owned a big house and there were two separate rooms they offered him one room so that he may teach me for enough time. Now I started sleeping in Ramesh Sir’s room and enjoined the fucking all the nights.
After about six months my uncle’s family came to live in our house for some days as there house was under construction and Ramesh Sir had to go some where else and I was sad again. But I continued my tuitions to him and enjoyed all the stuff regularly


Before I start narrating my true life experience I would like to introduce myself as Mr. Raja. I am 28 and running a company of 1200 employees. A very well known and established businessman, also popularly known for my evil traits on young girls and ladies. I have deflowered many young virgin females from my office or their relatives, many of whom are thankful to me for initiating them into an exciting side to the otherwise monotonous work routine. And there were some who regretted it.
But neither has any of those who regretted raised their voice against me or accused me, nor have I given it any consideration. Here I am going to share my sublime experience with Revathi, Mr. Rao’s daughter.
Rao has worked for my company for the last 6 years. I remember just a few months after he joined my company; Revathi was born to his wife and him. He and his wife were also well aware of my evil side. The moment I heard that his wife had given birth to a baby girl and the moment I received their naming ceremony invitation, I immediately wanted to go and see the new baby. This was obviously a preparation for my evil intentions.
His wife Sheila, at the very sight of me, she gave me bitter looks of sheer hatred. I wanted to see how long his wife could be rude to me since Rao was a simpleton who always only feared losing his job since he had to now support one more new member in family. Surely enough, Sheila couldn’t stop me from visiting their home which I did once every 2-3 days to see Revathi. I had nicknamed her Reva for short. I was able to visit that often only till she was 5yrs old. After that I got terribly busy managing some heavy dues and other problems at work. But I made it a habit for Rao to bring her up to my cabin. I had told Rao that I wanted to keep a watch on her progress and development in life. That excuse was only for Rao.
But I actually wanted to keep a check on her physical developments and to make sure that she is growing according to my taste. And quite surely everyone in the office knew that. However she was too young then. But the other reason I really wanted to see her often was to make sure she developed great trust in me as a caring and nice uncle. I wanted her to trust me for whatever ever I did, even to the extent of fondling her body parts. I had got her habituated to being touched in all the most sensitive private parts. My doing so with her had helped her overcome this withdrawal symptom which absolutely all females have when a guy wants to touch her.
I was pretty sure Rao also knew my behavior with Reva. But as I had predicted, he always tolerated it silently simply to save his job. On the other hand, I also started considering playing some games with Rao’s wife Sheila at least until my darling Reva develops into a worthwhile and desirable young lady. In fact I was only tempted to play games with Sheila because of her hatred towards me. And oh yes! She was no less a bomb.
She was just as hot as any of those slutiest horny full-bodied voluptuous yet graceful looking South Indian heroine or bitches. She had a very beautiful face with fat juicy lips and large glowing pretty eyes. Besides all that she had a fantastic sized pair of melons on top, a bottleneck type of sleek waist, and an ass twice the size of her massive boobs. She was dark in complexion but had a sensationally smooth skin texture that could make any great saint lose his lifetime virtues. I am a mere human with basic instincts thoroughly active in me. There was one thing I noticed very clearly seductive in Sheila was that almost all her blouses were nearly transparent.
I don’t remember seeing her even once wearing a blouse that did not expose all her interiors in explicit detail. I understood that she didn’t mean to provoke other men but it was a natural habit for South Indian women to wear those kinds of transparent blouses. I understood this because I had the privilege of viewing her in those blouses for some months until the day she noticed my eyes were constantly glued to her blouse from any and all angles. From that day onwards whenever I visited their place, she would appear only with the saree pallu well over her head and shoulders to serve tea and then would rush back to kitchen.
I was quite certain that with such a traditionally complexed woman it would be virtually impossible. And forcing her into sex would mean losing even my chances with Reva who was still a budding rose. So until Reva really grew up to be my dream girl of my fantasies I just had to fantasize over watching Sheila’s erotic figure even if she kept it covered all over in saree. Trust me; she was terribly provocative even that way. So I could imagine how hot it must be for that lucky idiot Rao to sleep with her naked in bed in the darkness of night.
By the way, even her clothes’ color combos were so sexy and hot like most often she wore bright reds, blacks, purples, and orange. Her most common favorite combo seemed to be a set of yellow saree-blouse with the clearly exposed black bra beneath. If I’m not wrong most of her petticoats were either black or red. Now the only thing I wasn’t familiar with was her taste for panties and what colors/material she liked them to be. That could’ve helped me gift her with her most favorite combos but in a much better class of quality.
I was still finding it a bit too long to wait for Reva to grow into the sexy babe I dreamt of. Can you imagine waiting for a young for nearly 12 years till she grew from minor to a major and be legal to have sex with? Before whenever that day would occur, I was getting desperate to spend at least one night sleeping with Sheila fully nude. I wondered if that chance would ever occur.
Yet I attempted to give it a try. In the beginning I planned to build a decent friendly relation with her and to establish an obligatory trust in her towards me so that she will have no choices to refuse me later. First I approached her one day at their residence while Rao was also home. I asked Rao for a long forgotten document of our client which was certain to take quite some time to find as it was a backlog. This was to give Sheila and me enough time to start afresh again. Rao went in to look for the file, while Sheila was as usual hiding in kitchen. To play it safe and fair so that she also feels comfortable, I went to kitchen and asked her to come to their small hall where I was sitting.
She asked why. I told her I needed to speak to her about something important. I saw the relief and satisfaction in her eyes that I had decently come when Rao was at home and that too called her to hall to talk. With a sweet smile she said she’ll join me in a minute. I went back to the hall waiting for her. From where I was sitting there was a wide view of the kitchen door. She was not visible directly. But there was a stainless-steel utensil rack on a wall which seemed newly bought. The reflection of her upper figure in the rack was very vivid. I observed as she was re-adjusting her blouse and bra parts and the beautiful long wavy hair to look decent enough.
After some time she appeared before me, patiently waiting to know what I wanted to speak with her so urgently. She softly asked “Is Rao work discipline up to your satisfaction? Has he troubled you in some way?” I knew she was worried about his job security. I was going to say something else to her. But seeing the situation I got a better plan. With a long pensive-looking pause, I said to her that I had some outstation projects for which only Rao is best suited. And that I seek the agreement of both, him and her, to send him on tours some of which could be as long as one to two months away from home.
She did look a little sad at first. But she knew that would disappoint me and that would eventually affect his job. So immediately she gave a broad smile and said that this was the best news that her husband will get to travel and see so many new places also. She was somewhat smart enough to ask if that would enhance his salary or promotion. I said yes, if both of them agreed to the new proposal he can simply demand whatever salary he wished. Sheila was suddenly so thrilled to hear that.
She gave this blissful smile and thankfully stepped backwards toward the room Rao was in, without turning her back on me which was a sign of showing respect like they did in the royal palaces for the emperor. I smelt success in the air. She rushed in to give Rao the good news. Immediately Rao also came out with tears of joy in his eyes, prostrating at my feet saying he will never be able to repay my kindness. In my mind I laughed at what his state will be the day he realizes he had to pay as large a price as to sacrifice his wife and daughter’s social morale. Instantly I raised him up from the floor and told him to hurry up finding the documents. And he rushed back into his mess of papers, leaving behind his sensational wife alone with me. She immediately went to the kitchen and brought me special delicacies.
I wanted to tell her that no delicacy in the world could match her raw juicy meat. Surprisingly I noticed that now she had taken the pallu off her head and shoulder (only one shoulder of course, lol). The pallu still remained on the other shoulder but had been shifted slightly away from one breast. She bowed down to serve me the delicacies in such a manner (which I believe was intentional) that her posture made the pallu to slide slightly off the shoulder. She didn’t seem to be in any hurry to reset it. Instead she allowed me to savour on that mind blowing deep cleavage that could accommodate a whole kettle of tea into it.
She stayed in that position pretending to be busy arranging the delicacies in plate and adding sugar to the tea. Her seduction was very obvious. Just as she attempted to add milk in the tea, I told I don’t want it. She apologized for not knowing that I preferred dark tea. I insisted I wanted milk but not the one she was adding. She asked if she should bring some other milk from outside. I winked at her and said why go out for something that exists within yourself. She blushed instantly. Although at first she felt I was rude, she knew she had to compromise for her husband’s promotion. She simply smiled and winked back at me. Her eyes somewhat gestured to wait till the time her husband was not at home.
I was pleased with such a fast progress in his wife and my achievement. She stood up turned around as if looking into the bedroom for Rao. But I knew she wanted to actually allow another feast for my eyes. This time it was a feast on her entire curvaceous rear view. Since she was giving me such green signals, I was tempted to not just feast my eyes on her. Softly I pressed my hand into her piping hot ass.
She jerked in shock with a brief but loud squeal. Innocent old Rao came running to see what happened to, what he believed to be, his delicate wife. She was confused what to say when he asked. I told him she had accidentally touched the hot tea kettle. He checked to see if her hands were alright. Then right in front of me she kissed him so passionately. I felt like she was showing me a sample of what I was going to get. That incident ended there.
The very next day I dispatched Rao to a remote village where he had to supervise the setting up of our new branch office there. This work could keep him tied up there for at least two to three months. I had also secured myself by making him sign a contract that he will not leave the task incomplete even to visit his family. He must have guessed my intentions and plans for all this arrangement, but being a weak man, he was most helpless. He even showed signs of neglecting my evil traits as long as I didn’t fire him.
He was to leave the same evening. As soon as he departed in train, I paid a courtesy visit to his wife and daughter. For a change, I was warmly welcomed by my hot Sheila and Reva was as usual excited to see me. In front of Sheila I didn’t show any intimacy with Reva. I wanted Sheila to believe that I was only passionate for her and that I had no malice towards Reva. After a long pretence of decent talk in the company of Reva, it was 11pm. Sheila knew what I was waiting for so she put Reva to bed which is a different room from the one that parents slept in. I found that an advantage for future to take Reva in her individual private bedroom once she is developed. Meanwhile my lollipop baby Reva was in a sweet innocent dream world sleeping peacefully. While the air was heating up between Sheila and me.
I was a bit surprised why she let us be still sitting in the hall. I thought she might lead me to her bedroom, unless she liked all the action in the couch itself. On this special occasion of the ultimate union between Sheila and me, she was dressed in her sexiest bright red saree and same color blouse. She told me that it was the set she wore on her wedding night. Wow! I was sure to make her repeat her suhaag raat. I was eager to know what else she was wearing. Since there was long silent gap of confusion between both of us not knowing how to start, I placed my one arm on top of the couch. Lowering it slowly, I touched the bare part of her shoulder.
Suddenly she got up and stepped away from me. I found her behavior very peculiar. I stayed calm without saying a word but just watching her moves. She was blushing in embarrassment. Finally after a long gap of silence she said, “I’ll be right back, please wait. I wondered if she was going to refuse me from doing anything vulgar. I waited as patiently as possible although the fire was already ignited inside me. I was getting frustrated with the time she took to come back. I was ready to rape if required. While I was planning various ways to seduce her, I heard her voice from bedroom asking me to come there. The door was half closed. I opened it fully to see the most astonishing surprise.
Sheila was had taken off the saree remaining in just the red blouse and the petticoat was black. I still had no idea what color bra or panty she was wearing. I was hoping to see her later in only a bra and panty since a woman looks hottest in just that. However, she invited me to sit in her bed. Out of curiosity I asked if she usually stayed like this in only blouse and petticoat at home. She said yes. According to her it was the traditional home apparel all South Indian women wore while at home. I asked is it that out of home also.
She giggled and said no. again I tried to determine that if this is how she dressed at home then why didn’t I ever get to see her like that ever since I knew her. She said obviously a woman is shy when there is a stranger at home. Again I asked how come she considered me a stranger for so long. She had no answer to that. But she came and sat next to me in the bed. A silent gesture to tell me to stop asking question and perhaps she wanted me to start some exciting action.
She pulled her legs up in bed with chin resting on the raised knees. There was a slight gap in the lower open circumference of the petticoat, as if inviting me to take a peek inside. Or maybe she was not aware of it and was just my own fantastic imagination. Her eyes were staring at me with awe, wondering what I expected to dominate her with, being her helpless weak husband’s boss.
First I tested by touching her bare toes. She pulled them back shamefully. Then I moved very close to her body with our hips almost pressed into each other’s, putting my hand across her waist from behind. My hand was placed on the upper edge of the petticoat where the string is generally tied. As most women do, her knot of the string was also tied along the side of her waist and my fingers were right over it. As soon as I had touched her there, her body began trembling severely. I asked if she was ok. She stammered and said yes, although her nervousness was too obvious.
Gently I moved my hand to her centre, feeling her deep navel. Then slowly put my other hand also there and moved them both upwards, scraping over her soft and warm skin up to the lower hem of that sexy red blouse. The part of blouse that covers the shoulder had parted slightly away from her skin. That gave me a glimpse of the black bra strap. So now I knew what color bra she was wearing.
I still wondered what panty might be under the black petticoat. However, my guess was that if she could wear a black bra under a red blouse, most probably it would have to be a red panty under the black petticoat. I was eager to see how correct my prediction was. But it was too early to just lift up the petticoat to check her panty color and also very immature. Affectionately I caressed and cajoled her whole body part by part in a very seductive manner.
It was very clear that she was getting aroused. As she grew more and more desperate to be touched by my masculine hands (unlike Rao’s feeble ones), I inserted my one hand through bottom of the blouse on her back and the other through the blouse from front side. She was quite confused with what was happening. I’m her husband must have never done anything so adventurous and exciting to her. But she was sweating like a bitch and getting desperate to get fucked as well.
She was already a mother, so was experienced enough I assumed. Next thing I kept stretching both my hands away from her body with both the hands still inside the blouse from either sides. I constantly kept pulling them outwards till the whole blouse got brutally ripped off. She looked terrified with the way I stripped her wedding blouse so savagely. I told her that blouse is still a small thing to be lost. And pieces like petticoats, bras, and panties can be replaced all the time. The only thing that was important was the saree which is intact.
She smiled half heartedly. Yet in a way that adventurous spark in me seemed to excite every nerve in her. She really loved my sexy treatment which perhaps she always fantasized of but could never get it because of such a stupid husband. She was impatient to see how I stripped off her remaining garments. I thought of getting her seriously excited. I made her stand up on floor. As she stood in front of me, so far with only the black bra on her upper portion and the black petticoat, I was still curious to know what kind of panty she might’ve worn specially for me. She was definitely all dressed up so gorgeously only for me and to have a more exciting suhaag raat than what might’ve happened with her stupid hubby boy.
She was still eager to find out how I was going to strip the rest of her clothes. The only big piece on her now was that damn petticoat. I winked at her, lit a cigarette, and kept the lighter burning. She looked puzzled. I lowered the lighter down to her feet and let the petticoat catch some fire. She was shocked and speechless for a few seconds. Then screamed at the top of her voice, untied the petticoat string herself, and let it drop down and finally extinguished the fire. The she screamed at me “ARE YOU MAD?” I said yes, that’s why I played such a trick to make her take it off herself. Just then Reva came running to the room, asking what happened to her mom. She was first shocked to see her mother standing in front of me in only her undergarments.
She innocently asked “Mummy, what happened to your clothes. Sheila was speechless again, not knowing hot to justify her shameful state to her own daughter. I decided to make things a little easier between mom and daughter. I sweetly told Reva that your mom was trying some new clothes, that’s all. Reva simply stared at me for a few minutes then flashed a convinced smiled and ran back to her room. After that utterly embarrassing accident Sheila was too hesitant to do anything further with me. I tried to console her.
But again she screamed saying “Not tonight at least. Just leave me alone and go”. I knew that my chance with her will never ever happen again if I left her that time. While she was trying to calm herself down from the appalling embarrassment, I enjoyed the sight of her sexy voluptuous figure in the black bra and yes just as I had guessed it was a red panty she wore under the black petticoat. That has been and will remain the sexiest and most seductive color combo for a woman to wear. I made her sit in bed, kissing just her lips first, then continued kissing every inch of her exotic and erotic flesh.
Purposely I turned the fan off to let the temperature of the room and our bodies get hotter and hotter. I also took off all my clothes with absolutely nothing on me. Then gracefully laid her body flat in bed. Spreading her arms and legs wide apart like wings, I lightly sat on her soft belly, and started fondling her hot boobs. Gently first, then as she began her passionate moans urging me for more and more, I increased the pressure and mashed those mighty melons like a beast. At a point I was almost pulling her nipples along with boobs inches away from their normal boundaries.
She didn’t want to scream but had to with the way I was mashing, squeezing crushing her meaty boobs. Then I paused for a minute, to create an urge in her for more. She was staring at me in horror of what I was going to do with her next. Then slowly I squeezed my wrists under her bra straps and again started pulling them outwards till they eventually snapped off. She looked so cute with the bra still on but of no use anymore with the straps broken. I attempted to do the same with the main bra (along with bra and the hooks on her back). This time it took a little more effort to break off the well secured hooks and cups.
But with my kind of strength it was child’s play. Her eyes were split wide open in astonishment with the amount of strength I could rip off her clothes with. She got a bit scared since she never knew me personally. Scared that I might rape her or physically abuse her if she annoyed me.
She just kept saying “Don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me. I won’t stop you from anything. For Reva’s sake, don’t do be violent with me”. Since she was finally going to be left with not a single shred of cloth on her body she requested me to close the bedroom door so that Reva doesn’t have to see her mother doing such dirty activities with someone other than her husband. I refused to close the door. Because more than just having sex with Sheila I wanted Reva to learn her sex lessons that too directly from her own mother fucking another man.
I wanted Reva to believe that sex was a common thing and anyone can do it anywhere anyhow. Sheila went on begging me to not let her daughter get exposed to all this. Since she had no idea that Reva was my first preference, I simply ignored all of Sheila’s lamentations. Finally I just had to threaten her that if she cries anymore or screams one bit. I will really have to rape her although I had no such intention. She became absolutely quiet after that. I was sure it wasn’t going to be a pleasure trip throughout the night, but I was determined to take her beyond the kind of orgasm limits she may would have never experienced or even fantasized of in her whole life.
First I discarded the useless bra off her body revealing her explosive bombshells. As I was sitting on her belly, I moved my groin slightly lower down over the panty-covered cunt. Gradually rubbing my hard on dick, I kneaded intensely on her totally bare luscious boobs. Little by little with the help of my dick itself I started pushing the panty downwards until the dick and cunt were in direct naked contact. She was turning wild with sensation of a real macho male body stark naked pressed against her fully nude feminine figure.
With no fan or any other cooling system turned on the room was steaming hot and additionally our body heat made our sensation hotter than hell. Our bodies were swimming in a pool of sweat and other sexual fluids oozing from either of our bodies. Her eyes were shut tightly, teeth were biting on lips, and hands clasped intensely against the bed. After some time she left her mouth wide open gasping for breath. At same time I was cumming.
Immediately I thrust half the dick down her throat (her mouth was too small to take in my entire shaft at once) and gushed all the cum into it, threatening her to swallow it completely without allowing even one drop of it to escape onto bed. She was so scared that unbelievably she did swallow up almost more than half of it. But later her throat was getting choked so she begged me to spare and allow her to spill the rest. I just closed my eyes in disgust but pardoned her. That was another time
Sheila and I noticed Reva standing at the door and wondering what was going on. Out of her sweet childish innocence she again asked “Uncle & Mummy what are you both doing? And Mummy what is that white in your mouth which you are eating? Ice cream?” I giggled at her ignorance. But this was a little too much of embarrassment for Sheila to handle any further. She started yelling at the kid and then got out of bed and spanked her very badly. I also got up from bed and stopped Sheila from hurting Reva.
Both the females started crying badly. I was in a terrible soup not knowing whom to handle first. Finally I picked up Reva and put her in the parents’ bed. Reva being a middle class family girl, used to wear only a chemise and of course a cute tiny panty while at home. Sheila was very against Reva being around while she and I were having the wildest sex that Sheila had ever experienced. I warned Sheila with big eyes not to stop me from what I was doing.
I ordered Sheila to obediently come and join Reva and me in the bed. Weeping with tears rolling rapidly down her sore eyes, she came and sat behind Reva hoping that would prevent me from misbehaving in front of the child. I didn’t give a damn to her drama and I was least bothered about Reva being with us then or rather I was more pleased she came in so I can train her from an early age with parental non-guidance, lol.
Reva again asked “Uncle tell me really, why are you and mummy not wearing any clothes? Shall I also take mine off?” Sheila felt very offended by this but now she knew that it was of no use shouting or creating any scenes since she was spotted red-handed with another man, both fully naked. So if she didn’t obey me, her secrets will all reach her husband from their own daughter’s mouth personally. And that would be such a grand occasion to watch Sheila’s facial expression.
Anyway, I moved Reva to a corner of the bed as she was obstructing the space between Sheila and me. I kept Reva there, telling her not to move or speak or ask anything from now on, but just observe everything very carefully. She sweetly nodded with big eager eyes to see what I was going to show her, with the prettiest smile on her face. Since the clothes that Sheila was wearing were virtually torn, I told Sheila to wear some other saree.
Suddenly Sheila’s face gleamed with joy. She was so overjoyed to know I was being kind to her again that unaware that her daughter was sitting beside she leaped and kissed me on cheek and ran to pull out a new set of saree from the cupboard. She pulled out her regular yellow saree-blouse set along with another black bra, a purple panty and a green petticoat. She was about to go to another room to wear it all. But I quickly caught hold of her arm demanding that she must wear it all right here since there was anyway nothing to hide in her. In great embarrassment she turned her back to me and very slowly started wearing each piece.
As soon as she had turned her back to me, I instantly pulled out my mobile with camera and hi-res video features. My back was towards Reva so she couldn’t see what I was doing. I had also placed the mobile hidden beside my thigh. Luckily she was standing in a place opposite to a large full length mirror in their room. That let me capture her from nude-to-dressed state from front and backside. It was bloody sexy watching her pull up the purple panty first, then slipping on the black bra and eventually dragging up the green petticoat. She was fixing the hooks of the blouse in the most passionate manner with her eyes tightly closed. Last but not the least, the winding up of saree around waist and pulling pallu to secure her breast.
After the whole dressing scene as she turned facing me, I told her to now undress all over again. She looked too startled to hear me ask her strip nude after the tedious effort of wearing the long list of pieces a woman has to wear. She waited for some time with a sad face hoping that I will change my mind. I reminded her again to do what I told her to. Making a long face, she very slowly pulled the pallu down the shoulder, gradually unwinding off the waist.
I told her to do it slowly and passionately but not taking unnecessary time. This was because my video would otherwise take too long and become boring. She saw me recording her stripping scene so she knew what I was expecting. I guess she thought that if she pleases me fully, exactly the way I wanted, I might also act somewhat according to her safety requirement i.e. to keep secrets from her husband. Hence, from that moment she undressed herself in the most slow, passionate and erotic style just like they show in blue movies. Her sensational moves could actually melt everything in the room.
On completion of Sheila’s strip shot I still continued recording her while asking her to walk nude all around the room and finally enter bathroom and give another sexy bath shot. She was about to let tears roll down again but I repeated my large eyed warning that she was being recorded on cam. Silently I instructed her to wrap herself up in a towel and walk into bathroom leaving the door wide open and to maintain a happy and naughty mood appearance on face.
She was seriously trembling with fear that things were going too far and she was already trapped with my previous recordings. With no choices left she moved towards the cupboard, wrapped herself in towel, and walked into bathroom. I was so excited to have her so much under my control. I was desperate to see her drop the towel and give the hot wet bathing shots. Wow! I couldn’t believe that erotic scene of Sheila who already was a hot voluptuous dark tanned South Indian mother now getting drenched under the steaming shower. I loved it when the first drops trickled down her sensational body.
After giving me a good 10 minute long bathing shot, she looked at me asking if she could come out now. I agreed and stopped the recording for some time. Next I instructed her to wipe herself up and walk to the bed in towel. But I wanted to do more recordings later next day or night with much better equipment and props. In future I planned to bring some professional extremely hi-res video cams with great memory so that I can even capture every move of hers all through the day/night non-stop from the time I entered her flat till (if at all) I left.
I spared her for that first night to rest before she had to give loads of erotic scenes next onwards which I kept as secret from her. I was waiting to enjoy her reaction when I told her my exhaustive plan of her next day. I left at 3.30am that night


I was then about 18 and moving from school to college in Delhi. Had a long summer break and went down to my grandparents in rural Tamil Nadu. I was a star attraction and curiosity as most of the people had not seen anyone walking around in skirts and short tops. I was by 18 quite busty and most men stared at my tits which were 34d size before they even looked at my face. I was getting bored after a week. There was a boy of my age next door who offered to take me around to nearby places of interest. We used to take the local buses and traveled a couple of hours to nearby temples, rivers etc. I found this boy Ashok a couple of years younger and very much a kid in many ways.
Initially when he used to see me braless with tits bouncing inside a loose short top and a short mini at home, he seemed a bit shy. He himself was mostly in short or dhoti with nothing on top or underneath, but that seemed ok with all guys there. Many walked around in loincloths like thongs. Many women too went topless but mostly of the working class. But soon Ashok got used to me and my clothes and was quite free physically with me without being objectionable. Once or twice when we fought with each other trying to grab something or other he caught me by my breasts which were the most accessible. I found that very exciting and wanting to stay in that grasp would grab him harder. Once I grabbed his dick as he was wearing only a dhoti and nothing else inside.
It was the first time I had held a dick and it was fascinating as it grew in my hands. He retaliated by lifting my skirt and grabbing my pussy and grabbing my nipple from under my top. It was funny. I had both my hands wrapped around his dick pulling for all I was worth while he was squeezing my nipple and fingering my pussy. I felt myself getting wet. Before anything much happened Ashok squirted in my hands. I felt his whole body shaking and the next moment I had wet stuff on my hands. As I pulled out my hands I found stuff like egg white on my palms. Ashok looked very embarrassed. It seemed like the first time it happened to him. I did not see him for 2 days and I really missed him. A few days later Ashok came in and suggested we go to a waterfall some 3 hours by bus which we could do in a day trip. My grandparents agreed and we two left.
Neither of us planned very well and did not carry even a change of clothes or towels. I had carried as usual a cloth shoulder bag but had my sunglasses and some cosmetics. I was as usual wearing a sleeveless short top and a short skirt. Ashok was in his dhoti and a shirt. When we reached the waterfalls we found a few people bathing. On an impulse I stepped into the waterfall in my clothes and found it wonderfully invigorating. Ashok took of his shirt and dhoti and came in with a short loin cloth that was tied on a string that he wore around his waist. The bra I had worn was very thin and soon my nipples were showing under my top as if I was wearing nothing. The skirt too was sticking to thin panties and for a few men who were there and Ashok it must have been a great sight watching me. We stayed under the water for a couple of hours and out and finally came out. I took off my clothes to dry and wrapped Ashok’s dhoti around me. We lay down in a grassy spot some distance away with no one around. Ashok was still in his wet loin cloth which was quite transparent and his dick had grown big. I reached out and grabbed his dick and pulled it out of his loincloth.
He in turn opened my dhoti and started sucking my breasts. I took his hand and placed it on my crotch. Tentatively he explored my pussy with his fingers. I had watched porn movies though I had not had any sexual experience with men. Ashok’s was the first cock I was seeing up close. I had seen women sucking cocks in movies. As Ashok sucked my breasts I turned around and took his cock in my mouth. It grew larger and before I knew what was happening he came into my mouth in gushes. I swallowed what I could and still had stuff dribbling from my lips. Neither of us had any experience before and assumed this was normal. It felt good Ashok sucking my tits and fingering my cunt so I let it be and we lay together holding each other naked for quite a while.
When both of us felt hungry we put on our clothes. I put my bra and panties which were still quite wet in my bag and wore my half dried top and skirt with nothing underneath. We went down to the village where we had lunch of sorts and generally wandered around the place. There was a weekly village market going on and it was strange to see that there were no women around. We were told that there was a local festival and till sunset no women came out. I was the odd one out on that day. By about 5 we decided to get back.
All the buses were crowded because of the festival and finally I managed to squeeze into one just as it left. By the time I turned to look for Ashok the bus started moving at good speed. I was about to call for the conductor and found that I was encircled by men all around far bigger than me. I could not even see past them let alone look for Ashok or call the conductor. I told myself to relax as I had traveled on this route and knew where I needed to get down. As far as I could see all the men around me just wore short dhotis or loincloths. The guys who were around me were well muscled, quite dark and actually good looking. As the bus picked up speed I was jostled around. I was too short to reach the handle above so I held the waist of the guy in front.
He smiled and asked me where I was going and when I told him he said that this bus was an express bus with fewer stops but fortunately would stop at my village in about 2 hours. The guy smelt good and I probably dozed off standing. When I opened my eyes my face was on his chest and my arms on his buttocks. I found I was hugging him hard and someone pressing me hard from behind. There were hands that were caressing me on my breasts, waist and thighs. Strangely I was not afraid or angry, probably that wouldn’t have done me good anyway. I was excited physically. I started caressing the guy’s bum and slowly moved my hands inside his loincloth. As if on cue two hands reached under my top to grab and squeeze my breasts. Another set of hands reached under my skirt and squeezed my ass. Some more caressed my waist and navel, and some my thighs.
I was being massaged expertly by many hands. As one hand squeezed one breast the other opened. Then the other breast was squeezed alternatively. In between thumb and forefinger pulled my nipples taut. The hands on my bum were even more expert. They moved synchronously up down and sideways squeezing and parting my ass cheeks expertly. I was getting highly excited sexually. My pussy was wet. Then one more hand crept under my skirt and massaged my crotch. The fingers were on my clit and pussy with the back of the palm on my ass and the hand squeezed and let go while rubbing my clit.
Slowly one finger crept into my pussy and another into my asshole very gently exploring both. The guy in front shifted his loincloth to let me have full access. His cock sprang out. My god, this was huge, bigger than a large banana, thick and long. The tip of his massive cock was bright red against the black of the rest of the cock. I could see veins sticking out of the flesh that covered this pulsing monster. As I kept staring at this giant organ, he lifted my hands and expertly slipped my top over my head and then brought my hands around his dick. Hands were still grabbing and squeezing my tits and nipple and now I could see how many. There were two guys on either side with both their hands on one of my breasts. Two other guys slightly behind had their hands caressing my waist and my skirt band. Almost on cue someone pulled my skirt down.
As I instinctively raised my legs, he pulled the skirt from under my feet. Both my skirt and top were crumpled and pushed into the bag which was still hanging across my neck. I was now buck naked without a stitch. My hands were around a huge dick. My face was partly buried in this guy’s chest. There were multiple hands around my tits and nipples, around my waist, grabbing my bum and across my crotch. All were intently massaging various parts of my body across the torso till my upper thighs. I was on fire. The guy in front slowly and gently lowered my face till his massive cock entered my mouth. My hands were now firmly around his bum and mouth solidly on his dick. The tip touched the back of my throat and still he was only half in. He kept pulling my head by my hair to slither in and out on his cock as it seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. Compared to what this guy had, what I saw on Ashok was a toy. The hands on my breast were replaced by mouths who were sucking greedily and loudly. I could see a head below me as one guy knelt down and sucked at my pussy. I suddenly realized that my pussy was clean shaven which explained the beatific look on their faces as my skirt came off. They had probably never seen a bald pussy before.
The squeezing of my bum continued. The hand that was caressing my crack now had two fingers inserted into my pussy and one in my ass hole. When the fingers in my pussy pushed I realized that my hymen was still intact. The guy felt it too as he was very gentle in his probing and was massaging my g spot instead of pushing in. With mouths sucking my clit and fingers in my pussy and ass hole, I was streaming from my cunt. As the fingers pressed on my g spot I couldn’t bear it anymore. I relaxed and felt liquid squirting out of my pussy. If the guy sucking me was surprised he didn’t show it. I could see his mouth open as he drank the juice. The fingers pressed me more and I squirted more. Suddenly without warning the guy in front whose dick was shoved deep into my throat placed his hands under my armpit and lifted me. Other hands supported my bum and waist, and spread my thighs as far as they would. In a few seconds I was sitting with my legs wrapped around this guy, with my hands around his neck and with my pussy positioned on top of his cock.
With a fluid push he pushed me down and as his cock rose to meet its mate, he clamped his mouth on mine tongue pushing deep into my mouth. I felt searing pain, as if a knife was being shoved into my cunt and tearing it apart. I couldn’t scream because my mouth was shut tight with this guy’s mouth. I felt him moving my waist up and down as his cock demolished my pussy. Before I had recovered from this frontal onslaught, I felt some oil being applied on my spread out ass cheeks and within seconds a huge shaft penetrated my asshole. Again, the pain was intense but I couldn’t move or scream. Simultaneously, the mouths on my tits squeezed and bit into my breasts and nipples. I had never experienced such pain before. There were two pistons that were pulverizing my holes back and front. They were pushing in and out in tandem. I had no control. My hands were off the guy’s neck.
My body was supported just by these two giant cocks that were pushing in and out. I could see around me. There were a few people I could see sitting looking at me curiously as my body jerked back and forth like a stuffed toy. I may have passed out with the pain. When I opened my eyes again the pain had subsided. Instead my pussy was screaming faster harder. I couldn’t believe it. It was as if my pussy was desperately hungry for more bashing. Each time one cock went back and another pushed in I came in a violent orgasm. There were waves after waves of orgasm that racked my body, out of sheer joy this time not out of pain. I am not sure how long this went on. I was suspended with no support with these two cocks pumping in and out and it was a crazy sensation. My entire attention was focused on only my two holes and the two pistons inside.
A while later I could sense an urgency in the movements of these two cocks inside me. I felt actually proud as if I now owned these two cocks. I could feel their own sensation as I came in waves. In addition to pushing in and out mechanically, they were now expanding and contracting in size. They were twitching and they were growing alive inside me. I instinctively tightened both my pussy and arse hole and squeezed their cocks. Suddenly they both burst showering hot liquid inside me. I tightened more tying to contain their semen and the cocks inside me. As they came inside me, I came in violent orgasms. The guys on my breasts were having a gala time. They were sucking, squeezing, biting, whatever they could as if in celebration.
These two guys pulled out in a few minutes. As if like a toy I was shifted from these two cocks to two others who were all ready. One cock penetrated my pussy and another my arse hole. Other mouths came on to my breast, and other hands to my waist. The pistons started pumping. These pistons were new and had energy. I was thoroughly enjoying this gangbang. After a while I lost count of how many had fucked me. They just rotated, may be some came back. After sometime, they made fuller use of me. One of them sat on a seat with his cock in my arse hole, another entered me from in front in my pussy and a third shoved his cock in my mouth. I was servicing three cocks at a time now instead of only two before. Someone had very considerately taken my bag off me. I was swimming in semen from mouth to cunt. Whether the bus stopped in between or not I had no idea. I heard one of the guys say that my village was the next stop in 30 minutes.
There were urgent penetrations, but they were still gentle and made sure I was not in pain. I had some who stood around and masturbated and let the semen flow into mouth. I had a massage and a cream bath, all for free, probably from 30 over men. Then I was gently raised and was cleaned off the semen with a cloth. One guy produced my bag for me to put on my skirt and top. I had a mirror and brush there to pretty myself up too. I sat on the lap of one guy and many others came up and kissed my head very fondly. As the bus stopped I stood up and the guy I was sitting on bent down and kissed me deep in my mouth. He was the same guy who demolished my hymen. He smiled at me and said, hope we can meet again. I smiled back at him, sure. I reached home before Ashok.
I quickly went in to the shower before my grandparents started questioning me. Despite all the banging and penetration I seemed none the worse for wear. Actually I was full of beans. Technically I had been gang raped but my body was tingling in every pore. I had some worries about whether I would get pregnant as a result. Otherwise I was in cloud nine. Ashok came in a few hours later by which time grandparents had gone to bed. I had worn a very short thin slip. As soon as Ashok came into the house I dragged him to my room, tore off his clothes and fucked him for all I was worth. Surprisingly he didn’t ejaculate prematurely as he did the earlier times. We fucked through the night almost and I got him to enter all my holes. Early in the morning I shooed him out to go back to his house.


Hi, it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. Your overwhelming response to my experiences and comments have made me bare all my secrets, one after the other. Thank you all for the good ratings and mails that you people gave me for my earlier postings. Especially my experience “shanti miss makes me a man”. Your postings are really an inspiration for me to continue from where i left last time. It was a year now that I was unofficially “DATING” Shanti ma’am and I now wanted to explore new grounds. The other teachers’ namely; Prema, Valsa kurian, Flora, Celestine and pushpa.
All of them hot women, while Celestine and pushpa were in the early twenties. Prema, Valsa and Flora were in their mid 30’s. Amongst them right now Prema was on maternity leave and celastine and pushpa were teaching primary school, so I had to now do with just Valsa and flora. Valsa was a plump malayali aunty about 35 I guess and Flora a mangalorean around the same age. But who I missed greatly was my Andhra Masala PREMA I guess she was below 35 and delivering her second child.
With my priorities listed out I started to plan for Valsa to begin with. It was during this time the school management announced a south India tour spanning 12 days. coordinating the tour would be the senior teacher Valsa Kurien and she included a whole set of teachers. I read the list of teachers Valsa on top, followed by Shanti ma’am, flora, and few male teachers and last to my surprise PREMA ma’am. I was really excited to see her name after a long time. I was indeed expecting to see her full blown, milk filled boobs and of course, realized that my dream was coming true.
All the money I saved so far was going to be used. Not for the tour, but for those lovely tablets which open my gates to enormous love. I immediately rushed into the nearest internet parlor and ordered a big bottle of MEMPHISTO and then it struck to me that PREMA was gonna join in and immediately ordered another bottle MOTILIUM. Motilium increased lactation, and I knew as a new mother if she is not going to feed her child then someone needs to drink it. So why should it not be me and moreover I will ensure that she will have loads to unload.
On the day of the tour, we all gathered at the school grounds, 600 of us, in 10 deluxe buses. And volunteers were being selected, I was one of them, I was praying I be put into the bus where prema would be. I knew shanti ma’am was trying to have me in her bus. But I made an effort to get in with prema and there I was ordered by Valsa ma’am to get into the bus and help prema ma’am. I knew that it was destiny that was putting us together. I got in very happily and made a nice seat for myself next to prema ma’am. Kept the two bottles of water I carried. One for me and the other laced with Motilium for Prema Ma’am.
My excitement knew no bounds as she came near me and sat. I would see her 36 C boobs fully blown out, her armpits were wet, I would not really get to see her tits were wet too. But I knew if there were not then I would get them to be wet. To my luck, prema ma’am asked “arun, do you have some water” I immediately handed her the bottle of laced water. She drank half of the bottle; I knew that was about 3 tabs and in one hour it will show the results. As one hour passed by, we stopped at a place for lunch, I could see her boobs and anxiously waiting to see them tear the seams for her blouse, but nothing of that sort was happening. But indeed the wrinkles were straightening.
We sat down for lunch at the hotel. I handed over the refilled water bottle, now a dose stronger to Prema ma’am while she sat with the teachers for lunch. She said “thanks arun’ I smiled and went away and in the corner of my eye I could see shanti ma’am reaction to prema’s statement.
After the lunch, shanti ma’am called me and asked me secretly “arun, do you have enough condoms or do you want me to pick some up?’ I acted as if I did not buy and told her “no ma’am, I want to do it without the condoms. Please. You give me immense pleasure without the condom?’ she said “I might get pregnant arun. That’s dangerous lets not take such risks.” I said “no ma’am, you won’t. I have i-pill instead of condoms. Which will take care” she was shocked and said “arun you are really growing up fast wish you were in my bus, we could have had lots of fun” I said “definitely ma’am, where we stop tonight just keep the room empty and stay away from your friends, ok. Please”. She said “sure arun, don’t worry about them, they have booked us all separate rooms while you will be in dormitories”. Saying so I got into the bus with prema ma’am and while I was getting seated next to her she handed over my water bottle. Fully empty and asked me in a hurry “arun can you get some water” I was very happy “sure ma’am” I said and ran out for water, I was double happy since she had drunk all the water. Now that made in 9 tabs so far and this dosage should tear her blouse seams. After an hour of journey, prema ma’am started getting restless and was breathing heavy she picked up her cell phone and called Valsa ma’am & got the caravan of buses stopped and ran to her all the teacher emptied a bus and got in with her and I guess squeezed milk out of her breasts. She came out embarrassed as all the students and male teachers were looking at her with astonishment as to what happened inside. She came back to her seat and sat and as the bus moved she asked “arun, can I have some water please” who could save her destiny, as the existing dosage would lactate her for 24 hours and here she is taking additional dosage. I gave it and she drank half of the bottle again. I could now see her boobs expanding and her blouse seams bulging. Her tits were making a wet blot on her blouse and it was 7 in the evening, we stopped for dinner. She was so embarrassed that she did not want to show her restlessness to the teachers and went in for the dinner.
At the dinner table I could see prema in a lot of discomfort. Trying all the time to place her fully laden boobs on the table for some relief. It was getting more darker and she was getting more restless. She had a quiet discussion with a few teachers. And then she looked around for medical shop, but could not find any for the next half hour. Resigned to fate she lied on the seat and I could see tears of pain rolling from her eyes. I turned to look at all the students and they were all fast asleep. I double checked the immediate rows behind us. They were all sleeping. I got up and went unto the driver and asked him to shut the lights off. He turned them out and the bus was in utter darkness from inside as well as outside. I went and sat next to prema ma’am.
I turned to prema ma’am. And asked her “is it paining too much ma’am?” her eyes grew big in astonishment she said “what!!” I replied in a very low tone “I mean your……..is it still paining” she did not know how to handle the situation and said “what do you mean” I gathered courage now and responded “ma’am, your blouse if fully wet, that’s why I asked the light to be shut off. I guess you are lactating too much. It’s a dangerous situation if the milk is not ejected out than the storage of milk will break inside which will lead you into myoepithelium, which will lead to milk ejection failure and subsequently cause a septic, which will need a mammaric surgery to set it right. And all this can happen if the stored milk is not ejected within 12 hours.” And “I see that you have been struggling for the last 10 hours or so since we set out of Bangalore. Which is nearing the danger mark for you ma’am” she was startled at what I said “where did you learn all this” i said “books, internet!!” she instantly asked “whats the remedy?” i said “simple’ ma’am. Just get the milk out!!” She angrily spurted “we tried that in the afternoon, it was so painful but it was too painful and very little milk came out” I said “I know ma’am” she asked “how do you know that?’ I told her “ma’am, I come from a family of doctors and I have seen my parents treating some of their patients, they say it needs to be sucked out naturally” “what!” she exclaimed, I calmly said “yes ma’am it needs to be sucked and I can help you get relieved” she was out of her wits and guess did not believe what she heard and said “what….what did you say?” I gathered all my courage and said again “it needs to be sucked out in a natural way and I CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT” she did not say a word turned to the window and I just kept quiet.
As the dosage was high and she was continuously lactating, she turned towards me after almost half an hour and said “are you serious, can you relieve me” I said “YES MA”AM I CAN, and trust me no one would ever know. And you are already on the risky side” she thought for sometime and asked me to go and check if everyone was asleep. I went and patrolled every row and seat and they were all asleep. I came back and gave her the report. She got and walked the entire aisle of the bus to check for herself. Satisfied, she came to her seat, sat down and asked me “How do you want them?” I said “let’s change our seats and u just turn half as if you are sleeping facing the window, while I will pretend I am sleeping facing you. And please remove you blouse hooks and also release them from your brassiere”. She sat as advised and positioned herself to my comfort. And she very hesitantly pushed her palloo to the side and started to unhook her blouse, I could not wait to see her 36D boobs, my eyes widened and my mouth gawked as each hook came off. It was such proximity to see you neatly painted finger nails and pedicured fingers and hands undo her hooks, they were indeed giving me a hard-on. Her pain was driving her act and did off with the hooks and reached behind to undo her bra. It was a normal bra. So I asked her “don’t you wear the feeding bra ma’am” she looked at me and ordered “don’t waste time just get on with it” saying so she lifted her bra from the bottom and brought the beautiful globe in front of my eyes. Oh they were gorgeous. I did not know what to do… on seeing those lovely boobs. i wanted to crush them with my hands, but now she would die of pain if I do so, think… I opened my mouth and prema immediately put the nipple in my mouth. And she did. I did not start sucking immediately, I was licking them as my cock wanted to fuck her now. Prema madam asked “Please start sucking soon, I cant bear the pain arun” I said “For that you need to put some milk into my mouth now” immediately prema pressed her tits and let some milk flow into my mouth, she immediately did and a stream of milk flowed into my mouth as if to choke me.
I immediately started softly gulping the milk and when it was dry I started slowing sucking her nubile tits for more milk. And her milk was just gushing in gallons, the bus was dark and I slowly opened my eyes to see those lovely boobs I am sucking. In the crack of the eye I noticed I could see nothing. It was pitch dark and I could only feel her boobs in my mouth and her sexy body close to me, I could hear the soft moans of prema madam, getting relieved or her horniness. But the sound was indeed arousing me. She slowly started directing me, now it was cool talk as I was in full flow of sucking. I slowly brought my hands forward and held her boob and Prema ma’am got a little tense and told her that its it was normal and not to worry, don’t you see babies holding and kneading the boobs while they drink the milk, it’s the same way, and that was my next step I started kneading her breasts. My sucking made her tits sore. Half hour past and her right breast were kind of relieved. She immediately changed position, and gave me her left boob. Now I had a new stock of fresh milk. The night was intense and I wanted to trace and lick every part of Prema ma’am’s body. I wanted her to suck my cock too and drink its juices. But I did not have the option to move. So I remained quiet and kept sucking slowly and softly, and during this time Prema ma’am fell asleep. I slowly started to graze my hands all over Prema Ma’am’s body and massage her tits, knead her boobs and scratch her body and it seemed as though Prema Ma’am was also enjoying all this, then I decided to put my hand in her chut, I ran my hands over her chest and down to her chut through her petticoat, I slowly removed her nara and it came off.
I then immediately ran my hands into the bush for the first time in my life and it was wet. But I was still massaging it and sucking her boobs. The wetness became used and I started pushing a finger into a hole I found in the wetness, the moment I touched it, Prema Ma’am showed signs of weakness and submission. I immediately took advantage and massaged and dug into the hole more and realized she liked it. I kept doing the same and she abruptly pushed me aside and tried to close her Nara, in the process her boobs went out of my mouth and the milk due to my sucking was dripping on her dress, she instantly brought it to my mouth and said “suck them soon and keep your hands to yourself”. I diligently started to suck on them.
In my heart I know another hour and she will come to me to empty them, as she has learned the easy way to relieve her pains. So I just sat back and was thinking of my wonderful stay in school. After she was completely relieved, she withdrew her boobs and asked me to sleep. I picked up my water bottle , she said “after so much of milk you still want to drink water” I said “that’s different but your boobs are indeed big” she said “shut up and sleep and give me some water too” I very distinctly pointed her to her bottle of water. She bent down to pick them up and her unhooked boobs dangled towards the floor, her eyes immediately looked towards me and found them gazing. I just uttered in exasperation “those are just too good ma’am” she picked up the water and closed her breasts with her palloo and drank the water. Another half bottle was emptied and I knew she is gonna wake me up soon. Thinking so I turned and slept.
It was about 12.30 when we stopped at our hotel. All the 600 of us got into our dormitories and the teachers went into their rooms. Shanti ma’am looked in the corner of her eye and mutely ordered me to come to her room. Understandably after the place went quiet. While turning towards the dorms I handed out the water bottle to prema ma’am. She thanked me with a naughty smile and wished me good night. I also went near her and wished her “good night ma’am and take good care of your boobs, I am just a stone throw away” she looked at me staringly and said “will remember that”.
So saying we walked into our dorms, all the students hit on to their beds like logs and within 30 minutes the whole place went quiet. Just then my mobile phone received a message which read “I am waiting-shanti”. Oops I slowly got up from my bed and checked if anyone was awake. There was only snoring sounds and now body seemed to be awake. I tip-toed across the huge room towards the door and opened it. The night seemed too dark and there was an eerie silence and croaking noise of the cricket, which was making the night even scarier. But it was that beautiful luscious body of Shanti ma’am that was driving me past all this scary night. I reach the room numbered 1302. I did not want to knock at the door, I sent an SMS saying “I am standing at the door of 1302, can you please open” it was a moment of restlessness to see my angel. And there the door opened and my angel “shanty ma’am” in all her glory and free from all her social tie-ups seemed like a bird fluttering in all her beauty and lust to take me into her arms and make love. To flow the river of her love and I was ready to be in it.
She was wearing a pink nighty under that was a black brazier & black panty. I entered the room, shut the door behind immediately. She stood there so sexy, shy and inviting, unable to bear the pressure of my cock seeing this lusty beauty I just sprang upon her, hugged her tight and started kissing on her lips, her neck, face, like mad man, moving my hands on her boobs. Ummmmm, it was great feeling for me. I Open her nighty & I removed her ….. to be continued
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