Banged in policestation

My husband never allows me to drive his new Honda Jazz fearing that I may damage it. This May, he was out of station for a conference, and I decided to take it out for a movie with friends. Since there was no parking space inside the multiplex, I decided to park it outside, as we were getting late. After the movie was over, and my friend left for her home, I was shocked to find my car missing from the scene.

I was afraid that how my husband is going to react when he finds out. The helpful shopkeepers told me that the police has taken the car, as it was a no parking zone. It was about 9pm and noticing my helplessness one of them agreed to drop me at the station too. I got in with him, and when we arrived at the station, he wanted to stay with me till I got the car back. But, I insisted that he must go back, and thanked him for his help.

When I entered the station, I was greeted by a hawaldar, who told me that the inspector is busy with the petty criminals held in the lockup. He allowed me to go in and talk to him when I said its urgent. There was an inspector, flanked my hawaldar, and he was shouting at people locked inside, who appeared to be drunk. "Excuse me, sir! I called the cop. He turned around looking at me from top to bottom. I was wearing a yellow saree, with matching blouse and petticoat.

How may I help you, madam?" asked the cop while approaching closer. I told him about my car getting picked up from the no parking zone. "Why don't you go and wait at my desk on the other side of the wall, I will be there in a minute." He also asked the hawaldar to arrange some coke for me. In a minute, he came and sitting on his chair, he said, "Madam, we have your car, but you will have to show me all the papers, and pay the fine, before taking it back.

I didn't have a driving license, and hence, I turned pale. "Do you have the papers madam? Show me your driving license", asked with a loud voice. I took some time to go through my purse, and said, "I must have forgotten it back home." He took a deep breath, and said, "Madam, this is the second mistake you have made, at least show me the insurance and pollution certificates. I had no idea what he was talking about, and I replied, "They must be in the car

I don't know where my husband keeps them." He asked me for the keys and signaled the hawaldar to go and check it. "Madam, you are in big trouble already, if those papers are missing, the fine may go up to Rs.20000, if you want to avoid getting locked up inside." I sat their quietly, when the hawaldars came back, one of them with a bottle of coke, and the other empty handed saying there are no papers inside.

I was trembling in fear, as I didn't want my husband to find it out, and now I may end up in jail as well. The officer, tried to calm me by asking me to drink the coke. I took few sips and it tasted funny, something like alcohol, but I didn't complain. The officer asked me now, "How can you prove me that this car belongs to you?

You don't have any paper. I can claim that this is a stolen car." I didn't know much about the laws, but I told him, "You can go through the records and find out the name of the owner, he is mu husband." He said back, Can you call him for me? I told him that I can't let him know about it, and then asked if we can settle it under the table. I kept on drinking the funny coke and I started to get light headed.

He smiled, "Give me 15,000 and I will settle it. I shouted out loud, "What? I have only 1500 with me. He was laughing out loud now. He walked behind me, How do you plan to settle it, your necklace and watch maybe 10,000 yourself 3000 still short by 500 he was holding my shoulders tight. I shouted at him standing up, "You filthy bastard, you are so cheap." "Control your words madam; you can't abuse a police officer.

I replied, You don't deserve to be an officer you are worse than the criminals locked up inside. He was smiling again, Maybe I can get the remaining 500 for letting them see you get fucked. He grabbed my hand dragging me in front of the cell and now I was begging him, Please, don't do this to me. He kept on saying that he wanted the money. Now, will you strip by yourself or do you want your clothes to be shattered into pieces?

He snatched my watch and necklace. I stood their unmoved. He walked up to me, pulling my pallu, which was locked with a pin on the blouse. I got dragged to him with the force, and the pallu was torn now, I was hiding my cleavage with my hands, begging him not to do this. He called in the hawaldars, and asked them to hold me tight, and held my blouse with both his hands, tearing it apart. I was getting raped by cops in front of drunken criminals.

He pulled the elastic strap of my black bra, snapping on my shoulder, saying, Silk good choice. Next moment he was forcefully kissing me, spitting the leftovers of his paan in my mouth. As soon as he withdrew, I spat the paan on his uniform. He got really pissed, and pulling my hair with force, he said, "You are going to pay for that too now, bitch." He turned to the criminals, "Those who want to strip her and feel the naked body, give me 100.

There were 7 of them inside, and everyone wanted me. Five of them took out cash while the other 2 were giving their watches. The officer grabbing me by my waist, pushed me to the bars of the lock up, held me tight there. I felt the hands all around me, pulling my petticoat, and bra hard, and once they were torn, they followed it with my panties. I was totally naked, and getting my butts and tits squeezed, I felt fingers in my pussy and ass, as I tried to get out of his hold.

But it was made even more difficult, as I was now held my the criminals too, tight against the bars. The officer, with his paan stained mouth, sucked my tits very hard, and I was shouting for mercy. He took bites of my nipples too, taking care not to bruise them. I was beginning to get aroused. Now, I was turned, to face the criminals, so that they can also suck my tits. Another was fingering me at the same time and

I suddenly felt a hard cock making its way between my butt cheeks. I screamed, "Please don't push it dry." The cop knew that I was ready, and as he pulled me back, I went down on my knees, and was licking his cock. I sucked him for 10 minutes, making his penis drip with pre-cum, as he played with my nipples. I saw everyone around rubbing their own dicks. I now wanted all of them to cum on me. The officer now withdrew, Bend over whore, its time.

I got up on my legs, and placed my palms on the floor, as he parted my butt and penetrated my pussy. I moaned, trying to stay on my feet, as he fucked me with increasing pace and force. He was thrusting so hard that I kept moving forward, and he was literally riding me. He shot his load in my pussy, made me lie down on the floor. Putting his fingers inside, he made me lick his cum from my pussy. I continued to rub my clitoris in front of everyone, and sucked his fingers clean.

Putting his cock back inside his undies, he went to my purse, and took out the 1500 rupees I was carrying, and said, "You are a great whore, all dues are settled. You may take your car." But all my clothes were torn into pieces. I was lying naked and helpless in the police station in front of the officer, hawaldars, and the 7 criminals, when one of the criminals suggested

We can give you a piece of our clothes, but you will have to come in and take it from us.The other guys inside agreed in unison, and the officer was waiting for my response, saying, "That's not a bad idea bitch. Had you taken it on your own, you would have had your clothes intact. Now this is your only chance shall I put you in? I was unable to think of any other plan, and I nodded in agreement. The officer laughed, and ordered the hawaldars to put me in, and taking a chair, seated himself for the show.

The hawaldars grabbed me by my waist, pressing my tits hard, and threw me among the 7 monsters waiting to eat me up. I was naked on the floor, ready to do whatever they want, begging them, "Please, don't hurt me, be gentle, I can't take more fucking I will do whatever you want me to." I knew they could have instilled bruises all over my body. One of them laughed in that case, you will have to do a lot more for clothes.

Come here whore, and take my underwear. I was getting up to approach him, when another guy interrupted, "Stay on your knees." I started crawling up to the person offering his underwear when another man came, and pissed on my track and telling me, This is the cost you have to pay for keeping us gentle with you. I was being treated worse than an animal but I had to do it to go back to my home in some clothes.

I was crawling on my hands and knees, when I was pushed from behind and my entire body was wet in the piss. He forced my head on the floor, and I ended up licking it as per their demands. Another criminal came, and urinated on my back. I was totally covered in urine, and to my own surprise, I liked being drenched like that. I loved the smell around me.

Finally I reached the guy for the undies. He was masturbating inside all this while. When I pulled his pants and boxers, it was soaked in his semen, and so was his penis. He stepped out of it, handing me the boxer, and asked me to suck his cock clean. I circled his dick with my thumb and fingers, and started to lick it, then pushing in my mouth sucking it. He was holding my head tight, not letting it go, and started urinating inside my mouth, forcing me to drink it all.

I was coughing when he released his hold, and everyone was laughing out loud. He told me, "You have earned your panties, but this is just the beginning darling." I was disgusted with the treatment that was meted out to me, but at one corner I was enjoying it too, and I had to do it to get few pieces of clothes. Suddenly, the guy right at the opposite end called at me, "Hey whore, come for my vest on your knees till u reach me

He was waiting for me with his pants open, and cock pointing at me. A prisoner pounced on my back, pushing me further on the floor, and started squeezing my tits gently, massaging them, and telling me, "Keep moving whore." I felt his cock naked pressing on my back, and was finding it hard to move ahead, yet moving slowly.Others joined in on the way, exploring my pussy and ass with their fingers till I finally reached the guy offering the vest. I was released, and I climbed up on his body.

He urinated as I climbed up, wetting me all the way down to my belly, and I finally got his vest out. With his armpit still raised, he said, "Now reward me by cleaning my armpits honey." It was hairy, and filthy, but I had to lick it, suck it, eating all the dirt out of it. In the mean time, he kept on spanking and squeezing my butts. After I was done with the armpits, he pointed out to the opposite end, where a shirt was kept on the floor. I felt like a bitch fetching the ball.

I start moving towards it, when one of them blindfolded me, turned me around for sometime, and told me, "Suck everything you find, bitch." I am pushed down on my knees again, and one by one the guys bring their dicks in front of my mouth, guiding me to the next one towards the shirt. I suck all of them hard, taking the cum load on my face, in my hair and all over my body. After more than 15 blow jobs, I finally reach the shirt.

I totally smelled of cum all over, but there was another foul smell in the air, something like shit. My blindfold was taken off, when I saw that there is shit all around the floor. The prisoners were laughing out loud, and asking me to travel all through them to get the pant. They pushed me down on the floor, and ordered me to crawl through the shit. "I am not doing this, c'mon, I don't need the pants. I said.

A prisoner got angry, walked up to me, and slapped me hard, pinched my butt tight enough to give me a bruise. I was screaming in pain, and he asks me, "Do you want us to hurt you?" I started crawling forward, getting my body soiled in shit. The criminals turned me around on my way, leaving no part of my body unsoiled. As I reached the pants, I felt like a horny pig. The police officer, now intervened, opening the door,

Come out you bitch, you are a fucking great whore." He made me sit on the floor, calling the hawaldars, he said, "Lets clean the shit off her body." And in a moment, golden shower started pouring all around me, drenching me in the urine again. I mopped myself with the vest and the pants, wore the shirt and cum soaked boxer, quietly picking up the keys and drove home. What a night that was, when I got fucked by a cop, ended up paying him for it, and then the dirty treatment inside the lock up. I will never forget the night.
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