He asked me tunhe kitna khand kiya and I didn’t understand what khand was. Then he told about my affair to which I told what I did with Zahra and Babu and he was excited and he told me how he fucked his step mother Ashwini like a whore almost daily.
He also told me how he took her to one of his friend’s house and how they fucked Ashwini mom for the whole day. I loved to be DIL of such a whore but I missed her as she is no more.
April 24th 1998 was Saturday we had a long fucking night on Friday and we were sleeping. It was around 10 in the morning we were still sleeping nude in BIL or FIL should I say I heard our television noise coming from our drawing room.
I was shocked first thought it might be some thief’s. I woke up my BIL slowly and hushed him. There was nothing to worry as he was like a huge Greek good and he will be tough for 3-4 men easily. He picked an iron rod from his bathroom and instead opening our bedroom door he opened the door which was opening towards the open gallery.
Our open gallery had an opening from the main hall as from his bedroom. 60% was covered so he just wrapped a towel and I was in my flimsy gown we came out and stood near the window where the UPS and batteries were kept.
What we saw just made us excited and it was our maid Yogita fully nude on the carpet floor and the guy who was banging was our 30 years old driver Kamal banging her like an animal. She had the keys to our house as her use to come and go if anyone was there or not.
She was sleeping on her back and her legs high on the air and Kamal was sleeping on top of her and fucking her and from where we were standing we could see his cock going in and out of her cunt like a drilling machine.
I purposely entered my hand inside BIL towel and his cock was rock hard. I mocked at him telling him in dono ki chudai dekha toh apka chota bhai tadap rahi hai.
To which he told me, he had being eyeing Yogita for a long time but didn’t thought of breaking the ice, but after what happened with me he told its better to be the beast what he was 20 years and enjoy then be a saint.
We both had a wonderful time watching their wonderful sex for the next 5 min and I went mad when Kamal pulled his cock and in came both their mixed juice was a thrill to watch with my cunt oozing for a fuck and seeing Kamal black cock made me more wet.
They had some discussion and Kamal left latching the door. We came back to BIL’s bedroom and slowly BIL opened the door and we came out. Out there Yogita was lying down on the carpet with her legs spread almost sleeping.
We were hushing without tactics and he had produced a massive hard one seeing the black beauty with her cunt wet with Kamal’s juices. I told him with my hand signal just to ram that massive fucking rod in her cunt and he was pretty much excited.
BIL opened his lungi and gave it to me and he went on his knees and placed the cock on her cunt and she was still sleeping might have got tired and dozed off.
I was thrilled to see that my BIL was going to fuck her! Ohhhhhhh god! That too in front of me! OK I too wanted to do things with her as I was lonely at home at time and remembered Zahra a lot while taking a bath or giving me a nice massage and then making love to each other.
I had never thought it could happen with Yogita but I knew now I would! Yogita was about 24 years old, medium dark skinned, a bit plump body with smart features. Her eyes were big and sexy. I saw that her breasts were smaller and her ass was a bit wider might be 34-31-37
BIL was between her legs he had parted her legs and she was still in her sleep. BIL held his dick and started to rub his cock tip on her cunt lips and slowly he was tempting her.
He had shoved in 1/4th of his cock in her dripping cock and she just said, Saheb kuch mat bhol sab dekh liya and he started fucking her like the animal he was.
Come on Bahuji fuck your dream cunt Yogita. She is all yours. Push that big cock in her cunt and fuck her. Yogita was in for another surprise seeing me kneeling with just a towel that too on my thighs.
I said to her kay dekh rahi ho BIL made Yogita spread her legs and I saw her hairy cunt glistening with her cunt juice and might be of Kamal as BIL’c cock started going on more of her cunt juices started to come out.
I pushed my hand on BIL’c cock and started to rub her cunt juices on BIL’s cock as he was slowly sliding in and out of her cunt.
BIL came over Yogita and moved his ass down, slamming his cock in Yogita's cunt. I saw his cock go deep in her cunt till both their pubic hair crushed on each other.
Ohhh god it was great watching a man and woman fuck. I loved this sight. Yogita moved her ass to adjust BIL's cock in her cunt and then lay back to enjoy.
I went to her face and then caught her breasts in my hands. I kneaded them, rubbed them and then I took her nipples in my mouth and chewed on them while BIL fucked her.
Ohh I never thought that threesome would be so exciting. I just loved it!
Here BIL was fucking Yogita slowly and steadily and looking at her moaning as I was playing with her body BIL got heated up with excitement and those words started coming from his mouth Ghe zaavadyaa!
Ghe maaza bulla tuzya puccheet! Ahhhhh Sali mast zavun ghete! Kai maza ghari tujha pucheela dusra lavada kashala, me hotna, tujhe nawra la mahit ahe ka
Take that bitch my fucking cock in your cunt. Bitch fucking great. What bitch you are fucking that too in my house with another cock, your hubby knows about it
Chukla woh sahib atha kadi nahi honar sorry sahib it won’t happen again. At tar roj honar tuja pucheet maza lavada, kai natak kheli tar ai ghalun takele randichya.
What won’t happen now it will happen daily my cock in your fucking cunt, your fucking bitch
I went mad as this was much more nastier then what I had for the last couple of days. I loved the grumble the slam bang of their body right next to me.
They both were locked in tight embrace and I was left out! But it didn’t bother me as I was enjoying the scene very much. This was much better as if having sex just watching it so closely.
The watching by BIL made me hotter. Their movement of their hips fast and reciprocate and! Fuck! Fucking sounds echoed in the room as BIL was going to cum he removed his cock from her cunt and grabbed me near her mouth and started to jerk his cock with his hand.
He had vibrating powerful orgasm on our faces making us lick his cock and he was playing with his cum on our faces.
He was sitting almost on her chest telling her Kai ga awadla ka and did you like it. She just nodded her head BIL told her, if she tells anything then he will be really bad to her.
She promised she won’t tell anyone regarding the same. It was one horrible fuck for the girl who became our sex partner. We had our lunch and again we had 3-way love she literally shrieked when BIL fucked her ass.
For the next 10 days till Pramod and Kavya returned back we had sex festival at home. My BIL Chanderkantji asked me about me other the stuff to which I told him about babu and he told me if I was excited of taking his dick in my cunt.
He had some work outside and he wasn’t going to be there at home for few day and told me don’t mind with his permission he can take his dick in my cunt.
So immediately the next day he sent me to Satara for a week telling me that he wants each and every details word by word and also gave me an expensive camera and another old one which was already there and told me to shoot as much.
I can with him and also told him to test him and not to give myself so easily let him work out to have me.
I reached Satara and babu was aroused by the fact I was going to be there as he was always looking me with a tent on his pants which my eyes were always set seeing him.
The first night he tried to make attempt as I was dressed in silky purple night gown and called him with a coffee around 7 to my room and without looking at him was turning pages of the book.
When he entered I did my nakras of showing my cleavage and even bent to show my butts. I climbed a small ladder to get some books from the shelf to tempt him and told him to catch the ladder and I knew he was glimpsing from beneath my thighs.
I did it on purpose keeping one leg on step up so that he can have clearer image to my thighs while climbing down babu kept his head and my gown stuck in his head and as I was getting down it was coming up. We had yes and no kind of stuff telling.
I am married but he gripped me tightly from behind and his hard dick was pretty hard pressing on my ass. He pressed my breast and turned me towards him kissing my neck cleavage and pressing my breast.
I held him tightly towards me and was telling him to leave by this time his hands were already in my panties and started finger fucking me.
He pushed me on the bed and finger fucked me giving me orgasms and he removed his pant to which I told it’s not proper and all that stuff and pleaded him to leave.
By the time one of my uncles called me and babu rushed out from the door and I too corrected my mauled up image and went down changing my dress.
That same late evening he made his small moves at me in the kitchen 2-3 times and around 11 I came to bed but frankly speaking I thought I should give up, spoke to in details with BIL.
I slept with wet itching pussy as he teased me more and I also could hear grunting noise of Kamla our maid getting fucked that made me more mad and I tapped the phone.
I slept but got up in the middle of night around 2:30 or so and when I felt a body close to me and I was about to shriek and it was babu and I started hitting him on his arms and before I could say anything I didn’t realized he was fully nude
Even before I could regain myself, I felt his hands all over me cupping, fondling and caressing me intimately. I was surprise and shocked it was my servant lying beside me on my bed “Babu kay kar rahe ho pleaseeee”. I hissed, fighting to free myself from his embrace but he was too strong for me and somehow my inner strength was not there.
He kissed me hard on my lips and was on top of me talking erotically telling me, he is going to fuck my cunt my fuck brains our, randi chinal and all that words came in his mouth. (He was speaking in Marathi and that too dirty marathi)
The sudden impact of my craving lust was just too much for me handle at that instant. But somehow I managed to bring my hands to his chest and pushed with all my strength, but again of no avail.
I didn’t want him to go but at the middle of night in my bedroom and if someone comes to know I am dead and that was the only reason I was shit scared. I knew in the very next room my dad’s brother that’s my uncle and aunty slept.
If something could happen I didn’t knew how to face the situation and what they could do with him was only concern. At the same time I was very much excited about his daring to come to my bedroom.
I tried to pull away from him, he reached up and gripped my hair and pulled my head back and kissed my lips as I struggled against him. He slid his tongue into my mouth as I tried to turn my head away but he held my head in place as chewed me on my lower lip.
As he broke off the kiss to look into my eyes, I was filled with lust but controlled the same and said to him, "Babu Pls kya kar rahe ho?" "Bhagwan ke liye aisa mat karo!!!!!" "Please stop." "Uncle aunty baju ke kamre mein hai"
But he was like an animal at that time. He pulled my head back and gripped one of my arms and held it behind my back and said to me. "Kay karu tumh aga lagate hoon aur bujane bhi nahi deti hoon, waise bhi tunhe mera lund choosa teri choot mein chata abh bacha kay hai”
Saying the same he leaned over and kissed me hard and slid his tongue into my mouth. He then broke off the kiss and turned me on my back and got over me with out warning and while I was facing him, kissed me hard on the lips for the next 10 minutes.
As I was gasping for breath, I tried to take away my face from his hold, he quickly put all his weight on me pinned my arms over my head and continued the kiss. I was drowned into the world of desires, forgetting everything that I was in my bedroom with a servant and in just 2 ft wall my aunty uncle were sleeping, and the other relatives in other rooms too.
Suddenly he stopped kissing me but kissed down my body, my nipples and to my navel lifting my gown. This was breaking my entire limit and I again pleaded him " Babu......please marwa do ge tumh".
His hands were on my buttocks, feeling them, squeezing them - he was actually caressing me back there! Till now I had though that I was in control. Should I order him to stop, or should I just ignore it? If I would have got angry and shouted the whole house will come down here.
I could feel his erect cock touching my stomach. I again felt his wandering hand press against the softness of my belly and move downwards toward my sari folds. His hand was actually inside my gown now and was edging upwards towards my now trembling wet cunt.
I was taken aback by this and I said to him mumbling weekly, "Babu, please yeh sabh mat karo Babu, koi a jayega,"
He ignored my pleas, "itne rat mein kaun ayega, aur darwaza andhar se mein teekh tarah se band kiya hai, tu us bat ka chinta mat kar".
My startling thoughts had thrown me off balance, putting me off guard, and now, this revolting man was trying to fondle me down. "Chinta mat kar, tunhe to mera lund dekh hi liye, is andhere mein main dekh to nahi sakhta magar sung to sakhta huw ".
I felt powerless to move. His fingers probed and searched in my cunt folds, exploring the smooth, slightly pulsating lips, teasing them.
I was beginning to ENJOY his fingers in my pussy, and in spite of my mind's horror, my traitorous body was beginning to undulate gently in time to his insistent fingers between my thighs.
Then, with a sudden upward movement between my legs, he ground his fingers hard into the wetly throbbing opening of my cuntal passage and wormed their stubby tips far up inside me. "Ooohhhhhhhhhh ..." I moaned, jolted by the searing entry of his hard fingers.
His fingers continued their wild rotator plundering inside me, and I felt weird new sensations flow through my body. Oh God ... This is better than when I did it myself... I thought helplessly in the daze of my passion, as I pressed my now hungrily pulsating clitoral bud down on the relieving hardness of his hand.
And suddenly, I was there, in that unreachable nest, gliding down into a feather soft resting place. "Oooohhhhhhhhh ..." I chanted by pressing my mouth on his hairy sweaty chest, "I'm cumming ... Babu ohhhhh..." my hips were jerking in a heated rhythm, and I was smashing my vagina down onto his tiring hand in ceaseless motion, and my hotly seeping pussy juices simmered down onto his fingers and lubricated them completely as they continued to instigate new and exciting pleasure inside me. Then, finally, when the heated sensations of passion had subsided and my body was reduced to convulsive twitching, a blanketing peace came over me.
"Ab meri bari yeh, meri jaaan...," Babu, watching my face telling me. "Abh mein tujhe chodunga mera lund puri tarah teri choot ki andhar jayega tujhe satva asman ke kushi meh sus hogi”
His obscene words excited me. I was thrilled when he took my both hands and placed it on his cock. He parted my legs further and told me, "Chal ise apni chut ki darshan karwa de"
I held it and said "Oh, Babu dal de jaldi "
"Ah tai" he said, softly but firmly.
"Ohhhhh Gawdddd,"
I moaned, as my fingers tightened around the thick fleshy hardness.
"Dal de na tai" he whispered, lowering his hips between my widespread thighs.
"Jis tar se dalna chati yeh us tarah se dal de teri choot mein."
The thick, bulbous head surged between my cunt lips, then pressed slightly inward, causing shivers of new unwanted pleasure to surge through my abdomen. I didn't move as I felt the pressure increase and my wet cunt opening starting to stretch.
Perhaps the sensation I felt could be called pain, but it was pain with an indescribably sweetness, so gooooood, not really pain, but killing pain with pleasure.
"Ooooooooohhhh, Tai mast garam choot hai apka," Babu breathed. "Kabh se chodne ka soch raha tha"
He pushed again, and the ponderous head slowly pressed into my wet, hot opening. I was so well lubricated from his finger fucking and on my own that he knew it would be good for me too. It was wonderful as I felt the full length of his hardness scraping at every hidden spot of delight within my pussy, and felt his cock head hammering at the portals of my untouched little womb.
Slowly he thrust into me, inch by inch, until he just jerked his hips forward in one final thrust and his hard hot cock roared "Aaaaaahhhhhh." I moaned loudly, as the lust-hardened pole of Babu surged deeper into me than I could have imagined.
Babu led me almost to the bursting point and I could actually feel every muscular edges of his cock through the hot moistened walls of my vagina.
Babu started rotating his hips, grinding his cock against my vagina until the mushroomed head was beating relentlessly against my hot pulsing cervix. He rocked above me, thrusting with long, smooth motions, rising and falling, rising and falling.
I had begun moving my hips in unison with his simultaneous harmony. Already I felt tremendous jolts of pleasure arcing throughout my abdomen. Already my body was feeling more than I had ever dreamt possible. As Babu fucked me I thanked my BIL it was because of him this was happening.
I was moaning, "Yes... Ohhhh Goddddd... Yesssss. "
Babu was caught unaware of my sudden climax, and he thrust deeper into my cunt. He fucked into me wildly now, as if ready to explode at any second. Then, blessed relief. He gasped as I felt the sudden surging waves of his boiling sperm shoot like a hot lave bursting from his penis, and he was instantly lost as powerful surges of his semen spewed deep into the hot dark heart of my womb, contracting my little belly to the bursting point.
The walls of my vagina continued to suck his penis milking, squeezing, massaging, clasping and unclasping to drain out every drop of his hotly cascading semen.
My wildly fucked young body suddenly fell back on to the bed, my belly still rippling from the aftermath of upheaval. Never thought could have such a blissful experienced that too in my own house in my own with my parents relatives around. We lay there in quiet contentment in each other's arms for along, long time.
I got up around 4 in the morning and knew dad goes in for a walk around 5:30 looking at Babu Nude in my bed really aroused me. Though he was slim black nothing great deal this really put me on.
I immediately took both my camera and switched the same into Night mode placed it in such a way the whole room could be visible a gift for my BIL.
I tried to wake him and told him to go to his room. He got up and told time yeh sone de todha. But when his eyes popped on me as I was wearing another sexy lingering which was given to me by BIL it was pink with back lining Rave V Neck Cami.
BIL use to tell me dress is another thing that makes a dick erect and we purchased a lot of stuff.
Babu looking at me I could easily sense in the dim lights his cock getting erect. He came near me I said no to which said, “are jaunga tai, ek kat marne do phir chale jaunga”
I didn’t understand to which he said, let him fuck me once again.
I said you had enough what happened last night now just get out or I will be angry on you.
Babu was coming near and I was pushing myself back, “Tai rat ko mera lund se chudwa chuki ho, ab natak kuy karti ho. Dekh tai, mujhe teri yeh chut chodna hai, Chal ab bina koi jyada natak karte mera lund chus phir se teri chut chodune de tai nahi to mein yeh se nahi jaunga”
I still backed out and was nearing to the wall exactly opp to the camera Babu held my hand firmly pulling me towards him. “Chal na Tai time waste mat karo ”
Babu caught hold of my butt and started kissing my face "Hmm subhe subhe apko chuna aur abhi acha lagata hai " Babu said.
I acted and told "Dekho Babu daddy utgayi to tu mar gaya". Babu was not in a position to hear as he wanted to fuck me at any cost and I too wanted the same.
He just pushed me to the wall held my hands on mid air with his and started kissing my face and neck. Babu pulled me towards him and lifting my Cami and slipping it sideways started sucking and biting my breast and tits.
I was fully aroused I was also a bit afraid of my family. Babu turned me towards the wall and cupped my breasts from behind and kissed my neck and ears.
He pulled my hands on his cock and I tightened my grip on his cock, he was busy kissing my neck and squeezing my tits, that was enough to arouse me and she started tightening my grip more on his prick and started stroking it slowly.
He started cupping my tits tighter, I just turned my face he immediately stick his lips on mine and inserted his tongue deep in my mouth. I could smell the cigarette in his mouth. His tongue started exploring my mouth. "Hmmmmmmmmm…subhe subhe mu mita huwa tai" Babu complimented me.
My hand was getting slippery, as his prick started oozing out pre-cum. Babu removed my Cami and threw it and I was in my black panties. He stripped that too leaving me nude before him. I now turned and looked into his prick, which was fully erect.
He made me kneel on as if he was fucking me porn styles making me bend on my resting chair. My one leg was on the chair holding its arms backrest and the other one was on the floor.
Babu held his prick in his hand and placed it near the entrance of my cunt and slightly pushed it in, it stretched my cunt wall like anything  "Yeahhhhhhhhh….babuuuuu".
Babu pushing his cock slowly into my cunt and it seared in my cunt like a knife. "Oooooooooouchhhhhhhhhh……..Ahhhhh Babu "
I moaned as Babu pushed some more of his cock into my hot cunt…Now his top had entered in my cunt and I was waiting for the whole length of his cock to tear my cunt, he just waited for a moment.
He held my hips and started moving it to and fro…I could make out he wasn’t fully in me. I was slightly relaxed…but the next moment with one thrust he pushed his entire dick in my cunt splitting me completely "aaaaaaaaaaaah…nooooooooo Babuuuuu…"
Babu withdrew his cock completely, and with one thrust pushed the entire thing in me again "Oooooooooh noooooooo. Gooooddddddddd  pppppleasssssse…" I was now crying with pleasure, Babu started repeating the act again withdrawing and inserting.
Babu buried his entire hardness into my cunt, he just stood there with his cock completely buried in my cunt and now I was moving my hips in rhythmic motion milking his cock.
Babu movements too were fast. He held my dangling breasts from behind with one hand and my hair with his other and like a riding a horse, he was fucking me. I was in the verge of a tremendous orgasm as was Babu, “Ahhhhh Taaiiii, leeeeeeee meeeeeerrraaaa paaaaannnniiiiiii.Uuuffffffffff saali kya accha lag raha hai teri chut mai zadnnnnneeeeeeeee ttttaaaaaaaiiii”
“Ooooooh yes” I just moaned.
As I finished my word he exploded in me like a gush of water from a pipe left in full speed. I could feel the excess semen started dripping from my thighs as he fell on me.
We both rolled on to the ground completely exhausted Babu started kissing my forehead and caressing my buttocks. Babu kissed my lips.
He left at 5 in the morning and I was surprised when I came to know where he came up from the terrace through the drainage pipe into my study as I had two rooms for myself one where my books and clothes were kept and attached to that was my big bed.
But he told me to go out and see if anyone is wake and slipped out. I went back to sleep after a tiring fuck only to woken up by Zahra our maid around 9 am, with whom I had lesbian relationship and babu was fucking her too.
We had our girlish talk and she gave me a nice massage and the later bathed me.
Five days babu fucked me someway or the other Zahra also came to know and helped us like a watch dog. Once he even fucked me as I was speaking to my BIL that was really pretty randy.
While coming from Satara I thought of gifting BIL with Zahra and told mom that I am taking Zahra for few days as I was alone telling that our maid will be going for 15 days on leave.
Mom told her to pack her bag, Babu was fuming like mad and that day two hours before leaving he literally raped me and also tore my blouse and petticoat as he fucked me like a mad man. I had to change my sari to a salwar only to tell mom when she asked I won’t be comfortable traveling in a sari.
BIL was excited to see me and more excited when I told Zahra is her gift. A new cunt every man loves and that night we 3 slept together banging each other. Next day BIL had 3 cunts together Kamla our maid, Zahra and me.
After 15 days Zahra left we had our fuck game going on regularly.
Kavya came into the picture in a different way. It was almost 7-8 months of my affair with my BIL one day she came early from her work and that’s when she found me fucking me with BIL one afternoon.
She too goes to work in a software firm. But we didn’t have to tempt her because the same evening she came to me and told me what she saw in the afternoon.
Actually Pramod my younger BIL was weak lover as per her and Ravinder wanted me to take to USA as he was given work permit for 5 years but I told I could be happy here he was bit disappointed but didn’t say anything when BIL too told you will be working there and she will be at home and as it is our construction work was going on Ravinder was of no help and Pramod too has started his own automobile factory in Chakan. So in that way I stayed back.
That evening I wondered why Kavya wanted to talk to me in person. I was with her in my bedroom. She was taking about Pramod her husband and then suddenly she told me, “didi you are lucky”. I said for what I have to be lucky for. She told me Didi I came in the afternoon and without knocking I did see what was going on.
I was shocked hearing the same. But was excited like anything when Kavyatold she was mad and fully aroused seeing Chanderkant’s bahuji’s cock going in and out. She told me in fact she begged me to make him fuck him.
I told BIL the same and he was more delighted and excited knowing Kavya wants him. He too wanted to fuck her and we were lucky Pramod my younger BIL was going to go to Hyderabad two days later and he told I can have her day and night when he is not here.
Kavya was mad seeing Chanderkant’s bahuji’s cock and she told in fact she begged me to make him fuck him. He was more delighted and luckily Pramod my younger BIL had gone to Hyderabad and Kavya had a wonderful night with me and Chanderkant bahuji.
It all started in a orgy way. After dropping Pramod at the airport we came back home. But I had already told BIL what happened in the afternoon and what Kavya’s intention was. He was fully aroused at the airport itself.
We had a family function and both were dressed in a sari we attended that too and we came back home. BIL had gone to the bathroom we were roaming around the house.
We were standing in the kitchen when BIL came back. He opened the fridge door and removed Beer. He offered us, there were small bottles of Foster. He gave us one each, and he had one.
Kavya wanted BIL in her bedroom in her bed. I asked why that is so. To which she told to come up and bring BIL so we will come to know.
We took the stairs as she opened the bedroom door she said to me in my ears, ‘you will love to see the same’.
I said what so special about the same. Kavya said ‘just have a look and then tell’. When she opened the bedroom door, I and BIL were surprised.
Her bedroom was huge now doubt and after their marriage there was work going on too as Kavya wanted few changes. But I never went to see what it was. She never called and neither did BIL go to see what all changes were done.
The room was lit with dim colorful lights. The bed was one of the biggest I have ever seen and that too a big round bed, with a low height. The best part which shocked and excited was on the ceiling there was huge mirror, and on the front too there was huge mirror.
Seeing the same I and BIL saw eye to eye and came to know they were into different kind of sex. We were just discussing with respect to the change in décor of the room and I was resting in of the dressing table and Kavya came to me and said to me in my ears ‘so didi , what do you think’.
I said ‘its going to be something different’. I just was resting on one of the dressing table sipping my beer; Kavya next to me and BIL came and stood in front of us.
He was near to me, I said ‘so BIL now what’. He said ‘does room is going to satisfy a person or a man or a women’ saying he pressed my breast in front of her for the first time.
I pulled Kavya very close to me and put my hands behind her hips. I said to him, “Bahuji aj to iska din hai aur apko isko kush karna hai takh yeh yad rakhe apko”
I held her Kavya’s hand and made her press BIL’s cock. I said to her ‘well you wanted this isn’t it’.
I unzipped his pants, removed his cock. It was not fully hard; still his semi erect cock was almost big. I again took her and placed it on his cock, and said to her do you like it. Kavya said ‘What else didi’.
I said ‘show him how you suck a cock’. She was immediately on her knees, and took his cock and held in her hand and the remaining part, which was left, was in her mouth. BIL’s hands moved up to my sides and started to cup my breasts.
I whimpered when he took my erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I just held his hand he squeezed gently. "Yesssss. Please! Yesss. Oh god yes" I bit my lip as he clamped down and twisted as he pulled.
He pinched harder at the same time holding Kavya’s head in his other hand. Kavya got up sucking his cock, and when I saw the same, it was rock hard. His hands were still on my breast, then he gave the same treatment to Kavya and with excitement she was pressing his cock very hard.
Kavya said to him with a moan "Thank you bhaiya” (She used to call him Bhaiya and I being Marathi use to call him Bahuji)
BIL swiftly removed his hands from our breast and removed his shirt and tossed it aside. His body was gleaming with sweat. BIL then said "Now show me yours”
She dropped her phallu and lifted her sari a bit till her thighs. I caught him by his hairs and made him kneel in front of Kavya and told him, “Changla bagah tumla hila pan trupt karyachi ahe”. Kavya didn’t understand Marathi. (Look nicely you only have to satisfy her)
Kavya told didi no Marathi only Hindi English let me too understand and before I could say to her anything, BIL had inserted his hand inside her sari and yanked off her panties and his eyes were stuck over her again, lingering on her cunt.
Her cunt had been shaved clean and was visibly wet. His hands were rubbing her wet cunt lipss, and he said to me, “tu kahi tambli kai gamat chali ahe kaand telling yeh kay tamsha dekhne ayi hai” (what are you standing and looking at. Telling Kavya has she come to see a play)
Kavya hands were on my sari and she started lifting the same. BIL removed my panties and his other hand started rubbing my cunt lips. As he was rubbing my cunt lips he licked her cunt, on the top, and after few licks he did the same, to me.
Then he got up and said to us to be in our birthday suit. BIL pulled Kavya close to him, and his cock touched her her bare legs. She just held the dressing table and bit her teeth, and said ‘oh god’.
I came to know the touch of his cock, might sent a current in he body. BIL removed her knot of her petticoat and just let go off her sari with the petticoat. She was totally nude with just the blouse on her top, he started to unbutton the same and he made her nude completely.
They both were standing clanged to each other. I could clearly see his rock hard cock was between her legs. With his other hand he pulled me towards him, and he started to remove my blouse first.
Kavya was helping him in removing my petticoat. Within min we both were nude, and she unzipped BIL and pulled his short along with his undies down.
He started to suck off our breast first her then mine, again mine, then her and so on. He held us and started to take us near the round bed. He made us sit on the bed and at that time I could see her eyes glued where mine was the first time I saw BIL nude.
Kavya slid her hands up his strong, muscular thighs, as she sat on the edge of the bed. Her fingers encircled the thickness of his penis. She groaned and pushed her face into his crotch, nuzzling the springy darkness of his pubic hair.
With a deft flick, she pulled back his foreskin. His cock-head was bulbous and thick, bright and moist. She whimpered and, her eyes half-closed, her lips apart, caressed her face wantonly with his beautiful penis, jerking it deftly in her fingers.
His penis quivered and I could see pre cum oozing out slowly. "C’mon! Suck it!" he moaned. "Suck my cock!" Her lips parted further and held his cock, and were waiting for my tongue to go near his cock, to share his pre cum.
We both licked the same and then I kissed her lips and said ‘Kavya this is all yours baby’. Her tongue slipped out and swirled over his cock-head. She swept her tongue over his cock-head again and yet again and then, opening her mouth wide took his penis deep in her mouth and began to suck it, jerking it constantly in her fist.
I started to rub her back with one hand, and with the other started to move my hand up and down on BIL’s chest. BIL grunted loudly, his head arching back. His hand fell to her head and he began moving it to and fro to suit his pleasure as he pumped his hips back and forth, fucking her face.
His cock grew and grew, distending her face. Her cheeks billowed with its size. BIL came to his originality when he is fucking someone and his mouth started gutter slamming Kavya “Ah aise hi chusti raho, aur muh khol, mera lund aur andar lake usse chatke chus aur meri gotiya bhi sehla jaan, tujhe Mithu ki tarah apno chinal banane mai maza aayega. Meri dono bahu aaj se meri randi hogi. Aaj tujhe khub chodunga. Acha hai na mera lauda Kavya" (He was grunting in Hindi Smita)
He muttered, fucking her mouth unhurriedly. Kavya’s eyes did pop when BIL said the same, but she went with the flow as her head rocked back and forth before his cock. The musky taste and odor of his cock made her head swing, and I too was getting wetter and wetter in my cunt.
Her hunger mounted and she sucked harder and faster, moaning and whimpering deep in her cock-filled throat. BIL kept up his obscene muttering, arousing both of us further, the words even more erotic in Hindi. "Chus zor se..mera lund kha jaa pura. Aur isko chaat apni cheeb se. Mera lund itna accha chusa hai tune to ab utni hi teri chudai mast karunga Kavya rand. Aaj teri chut ko chodke usko apni Ghulam bana dunga”
I entered my fingers in Kavya’s cunt and it was dripping wet hot as a furnace too, my fingers were soaked with her cum. I took her dripping cum, in my fingers and put the same in BIL’s mouth.
He sucked the same and said “Ahh Mitu bahut garam meri Kavya jab mera yeh lund iski chut mein ghuske iski chudai hogi tabhi iski choot shant hoga. Pehle iski chut chodunga aur phir iski yeh mast gaand marke ihe bhi terhi tarah meri rakhail banake rakhunga behanchod.”
Kavya stopped sucking his cock and looked at him, “Tu chalu rakh Abhi jo tune mera lund chusa woh to sirf khel ki shuruwaat thi, raand ab tujhe chodunga to dekh itna maaza aayega,bol chudegi na apne bhiya se?"
She too gurgled nodding her head telling she wanted it. She moaned, lasciviously dragging her tongue over his cock-shaft and balls, lapping and sucking the heavy orbs by turn. BIL was now moving his cock on her hard nipples
He pushed her head down again, made her sleep and he was sitting on her breast and Kavya took his cock again in her mouth again. He pulled me and his hand swooped between my legs inside my wet dripping cunt, and his other hand was on my breast.
He took two pills and tossed under her ass. Kavya parted her legs wide, lifting and bending her knees, offering herself to our BIL.
I said to him "Fuck her" I said, as I too was getting more and more desperate seeing the same, "Fuck her cunt hard Bahujii".
He grinned, flashing his strong teeth. He moved over her and, bending his head kissed her lips very hard. He pulled me too by my hairs and brought my lips close to her, and he kissed me too.
We kissed for a few min, and I withdrew. He was still kissing her and Kavya responding at passionately, caressing his dark hair, sucking on his tongue as it invaded her mouth, and at the same time she was jerking his cock with her hand.
He broke the kiss and moved his lips to her breasts. She moaned shuddering in pleasure as his thick, rough tongue swirled over her quivering breast-tip, whipping it rapidly.
BIL knelt between her thighs, bent over her on his outstretched arms and said “Chudegi Kavya” BIL was on top of her, she reached down and guided his cock to her cunt.
He paused with his cock-head at her cunt-lips and then, flexing his buttocks, thrust down into her in one smooth, piercing stroke. His cock burst into her tight, wet cunt and surged inexorably deeper and deeper, plowing into her flesh.
Kavya gasped her back bowing steeply under his. He was only half way she pressed his chest hard to stop. I asked Kavya “what happened baby”.
“Fuck Didi I will go mad today Uuuuuuheeeeeee maaaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhh hhaaaaaaaaiiiii”. I was wondering why she was seeing up and talking to me.
When I saw up seeing we three of us in such an exciting position in the mirror which was there in the ceiling I went mad. BIL removed his cock sand looked at me. I went near his cock and sucked it and made it wet.
BIL again entered his cock in her and I just could hear "OHHHHHHH!" from her mouth. She gasped in delirious joy, her fingers tightening on his bulging biceps. "OHHHH uhhh haan, haan aur zor se..yes yes!" I could see his cock entering her cunt smoothly.
BIL grunted as his cock was fully in her, “Aahhhhh teriii maaaa kiiii chhhuuuutttt kyaa tiiiiggghhtttt chuuttttt haiiiiii teeeerrrrrii raaaaanddddd. Teri maa ki chut aaj sahi mai mast choot hai le chinal ab tujhe dekh kaise meri raand banata hoon”
I was getting out of control and parted my legs and placed my cunt, near Kavya’s mouth. I didn’t had to tell anything in spite she was with a women for the first time is what she told me, Kavya held my ass tightly and entered her tongue deep in my cunt. She was sucking in fact I was moving my crotch all over her face and as BIL was fucking her the way he was good at I was having double pleasure.
BIL kissed me and I was sucked in my cunt by a first time by Kavya and within 2-3 min I had a powerful orgasm. BIL was groaning softly, his eyes hooding, his head arching back as the heat of her tight, wet cunt enveloped his throbbing penis.
His buttocks flexed taut, and, burying his cock deep in her cunt, he paused, his chest heaving. I got up, and kissed her and told baby if you can look, look at the same, your bhaiya and my bahuji’s cock is in you completely filling your cunt.
Again I kissed her hard. BIL was getting excited see our self indulged in passion. Kavya drew her feet up the backs of his legs, heaving her cunt to his cock. "Oh god yes!" she gasped. "Yes, BIL fuck me! God that’s good! Fuck me hard! C’mon, ... fuck me! Take me! Do whatever you like to me..tear my fucking cunt just keep fucking. Fuck me like a bitch. Ohhh..ohhh"
BIL grunted as Kavya too was pretty tight and began fucking her with deep, skewering thrusts, plunging steeply in and out of her cunt, his hips snapping smartly with each thrust, his buttocks flexing and unflexing in a powerful rhythm. His buttocks rose and fell, bobbing up and down over her heaving thighs as she moved in unison with him ,”Ahh randi, Yeh le aur le aur le maderchod chut, I am going to tear your fucking cunt Kavya”
Kavya was in her own world “Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uheeeeeee maaaaaaaaa Bhaiyyyaa  ummmmmm ummmmm chodho”
His cock glistened with their combined juices as it went in and out of her cunt. Kavya was yelling "hanh uh hanh uhhh ohhhh uhhh ohma uhhh OHHHH uhh ohma uhhh OHHHHH uhhhh OHHHHHH!" she called. "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"
Faster and faster BIL was fucking her. I could see her body jerked and lurched on the huge bed under his thrusts, her large breasts wobbling and jiggling furiously, her nipples rigid and quivering, her on her creamy skin.
Goaded by her rising cries of joy, BIL moved faster still, with crushing, ramming thrusts now, reaming deep into her, each thudding thrust drawing and I could see pure joy from her throat. His cock went up and down and in and out like a mechanized drilling machine at full blast.
Kavya began to orgasm, she was gripping me tightly on my back. And the only enjoyment I was getting, was my pussy was getting rubbed by her movement on her thighs. Her hips were moving up to match his speed heaving and writhing frantically under his, her body arching and bowing in a frenzy of joy.
Her cunt spasms on his cock and the man flung his head back and groaned, "fuck mam, this is great". He was struggling for control as the heat of her orgasm swamped his cock. BIL kept fucking her hard, ramming deep into her, prolonging the orgasm, making her cry out ecstatically. She came 3-timeswithin duration of 2-min.
She told to pause and was grasping for air. BIL slowed his motions and, bending, kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She moaned and whimpered, writhing eagerly under him delighted that he had not lost control.
“Kya chuddakadi hai tu(what fucker you are)” he growled. "Aur lund chahiye?”(Do you want more cock)" The glitter in her eyes was all the answer he needed, she looked at me. He grinned and slid slowly out of her cunt, making her gasp at the release in pressure.
He lay on top of her kissing her deeply, thrusting his tongue between her lips. Her legs were parted wider. Slowly, he broke the kiss and straightened his back, his hands now gripping her shoulders. With a quick jerk, he ran his hips back, then drove them brutally forward again, yanking her body back down against his with his hands on her shoulders.
His whole cock was in her, and I could see her cum, spread on her cunt lips. Kavya cried out thinly, her face twisting in a renewed paroxysm of lust. "OHHHHHH uhh ah uhh ah uh OHHHHH." BIL groaned and did it again and again for 5-6 time.
He removed his cock, and god I could see her cunt oozing with cum like hell, it was all over knees and on the bed sheet. Kavya told him, ‘you didn’t cum in me yet’.
He said “abh meri pyari randi ki bari uske bad wapis terko chodunga”
Looking at me, “aj meri choot teri choot ki kujli bhi mita na de”
He made turn and my knees on top of Kavya. He started kissing my ass cheeks, and then he started to kiss my ass hole, and moving his tongue from my ass hole towards my cunt. Then he stopped he told “Mithu chal iske uphar sojha” I asked him why
“Abhe so na” I slept with my back on Kavya’s stomach and my eyes were on top as was Kavya’s on the mirror, which was on the ceiling. My back was on Kavya, and we could see through the mirror that he was adjusting our cunt’s together.
BIL parted my legs and entered his tongue in my cunt letting his tongue curl deep into my moist cunt. Kavya grabbed my breast and held tightly. She said ‘this is fuck, look at him, he is in you cunt’. He worked it around then out, seeking the tip of my clit and teasing it, then nipping lightly, with his teeth. He tongue fucked me hard and deep.
Then he went down, and started sucking Kavya’s cunt at the same time finger fucking me.

(Smita the best part out here was we could see what he is doing, and that was blowing us both like anything).
He continued to lick and suck both our cunt’s. My juices flowed freely from my pulsing cunt into his mouth. BIL’s two fingers were in my cunt, and two in her and he just picked his face which was drenched with our cum. Then after his sucking he got up and made me turn around on and now I was sleeping on top of Kavya.
BIL was on his knees behind me, taking his cock in his hand, slowly squeezed it into my cunt from behind. I was on my forearms and knees on the top of Kavya and my breasts was like a pendulous dangling.
Kavya held my both breast pressing the same. BIL entered his cock in my cunt and it was too paining that I bit my lower lip and moaned as the huge cock-head burst into my cunt. BIL gripped my fleshy hips and drove his cock deeper into my body.
It was half way though, he removed it and entered it, he did the same for almost many times, loosening my cunt lips, and then he surged inward, crushing his cock as deep as he could.. "Oh! Ahhhhhhhhh fuck you OHHHHH!"
I cried with pain and my head snapped up, and I saw Kavya who was seeing me with sweet innocent look. Her face was twisting in of lust, her eyes screwed shut, her lips jerked back over her white teeth, her mouth wide open. I stared at the spasms of lust on her face. At that time I came to know BIL has entered 3-4 fingers in her cunt too.

His cock buried deep in my cunt he paused, swung one leg off the bed, straightened it and put his foot on the floor, drawing it further up the line of out body. He raised his other knee and pushed his foot on the bed on the other side of my body.
Now he was standing astride my flared hips, his hands were on my waist, his cock embedded in my cunt. He ran his hands up under my body and squeezed my breasts, leaning over me, and he did the same to Kavya.
I looked into her face and she caught my face in her and jammed her mouth to mine, kissing me deeply, thrusting her tongue between my lips. My buttocks squirmed in his crotch. Slowly, we broke the kiss and straightened BIL’s hands were now gripping her shoulders.
With a quick jerk, he ran his hips back, then drove them brutally forward again, yanking my body back down against his with his hands on my shoulders. His whole cock was in me. "OHHHHHH uhh ah uhh ah uh OHHHHH." BIL groaned and he chuckled, did it again and yet again.
My body jerked under his, my breasts jiggling and wobbling with his savage pillaging of my cunt. Kavya held my breast softly as it was moving with the onslaught of BIL. He grunted and began to fuck me with steep, skewering, jabbing, ramming thrusts, jerking my body back and forth, yanking my cunt up and down the length of his massive penis.
My sobs of pleasure were sharp in Kavya’s eyes and ear. She couldn’t take her eyes off me. "Ohhhh uhhhh ohma uhhh ohhh uhhh yes! Aahhhhhhhhhhh uheee maaaa ahhhhhhhh aur chodo Bahujiiii maaza aa raha hai. Poora lund dalo meri chut mai aur jaisa chahe waisa chodo mujhe Ohhhh uhhhh yes uhh oh god oh god ohma uhh ohma uhh hanh uh hanh uhhh hanh uhh fuck me! Fuck me hard! hanh uhh hanh uh hanh uhhhh OHHHHH!"
I was moaning continuously as I was getting fucked mercilessly. BIL kept on fucking me and grunting his mouth as he was best at which gave a shock to Kavya.
“Haan meri jaan, mare laude ki rani, tumh dono ko bhi khub masti se chodunga. Tumhare jaise kamsin bahu ke hote mujhe shadhi karne ki kay jarurat hai mujhe apni bahuon ko masti dena mujhe acchi tarah aata hai. Teri ma ki choot le rundi sali” spanking my butts in pleasure.
“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmm ohhhhhhh bahujiiiii Uffff chodte raho mujhe, bahut maaza aa raha hai”
For 4-5 min he was fucking me in the same position, and I could feel the jealous kind of look in Kavya’s eyes. I knew she wanted the same.
BIL came to know that I was going to cum as my body was now quivering close to orgasm. He stopped suddenly, giving me small jabs of his push fucking my cunt with his cock and I started to cum like hell and as my hot cum started to flush on his cock he too felt he was about to explode.
BIL removed his cock pulled Kavya’s leg down and rammed his cock in her, she gave a shriek of life. I just turned and lay down next to her as I was dead tired kneeling for almost 10-15 min.
As I knelt by her side he picked my leg and placed it on top of Kavya’s stomach and he lay flat on her grabbing us both together. He kept on moving his hips and now Kavya too was moving her hips upward.
I could see his ass move up and down, through the mirror. Kavya’s fingers were clawed on his back, and suddenly he started to move faster grunting “Tum dono ko chodke mera lauda bhi zadne wala hai. Tujhe teri choot mein meri pani lene ke bahut shauk hai na randi maderchod sali, teri chut ko barnewal hoon aaaaahhhhhhh yehhhhhhhh leeeeeeeeeeeeeee chhhhhhhhiiiiinnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllll mmmmmmmmmaadeeeerrrrcchhhhhodddddddd leeeee purrriiii nichoddd leeee meeerrrraaaa lundddddd kooooo” and suddenly his fucking stopped with just small jerk.
Kavya yelled "AANNH AAAANNNH AAAAANNNNNHH AAAAAANNNNH’ she too came and I knew BIL too was exploding in her cunt as he does at his best.
He was in for almost 15 seconds, and then dragged and he came near our face, and started jerking his cock harder. As he was still jerking his cock harder Kavya grabbed his balls and was licking his gleaming cock, which was, filled with her mine and his cum.
Suddenly BIL’s whole body jerked again as his cock was getting sucked by and he again exploded, spurting his cum all over her face, and it started dripping down to her neck to her tits, running to her nipples and wetting.
He rubbed both our breasts with his cum, and lowered his head to kiss Kavya. He kissed her lips and said ‘trupt hogayi randi’.
BIL was on top of us both for the next 3-4 min.
That was one hell of a fuck we had in her bedroom with all the gizmos and that was out of the world.
After that session there was no looking back with our sex life. Kavya went crazy when one day when she came from work Yogita too was sleeping in our room and getting butt fucked as I wasn’t involved due to my menstruation.
I started knowing Kavya well when she told me she was a virgin but she had some discreet sex in her office too. Slowly she opened up and Kavya was a step ahead then me as she had her set of lover who were temporary workers who worked under in her office.
She even took me once when 3 of her guys fucked both of us. Sex was ok but they weren’t those rugged guys who could really make a women feel that yes this man is fucking me, They were shit scared of Kavya and it was like a slave master relationship. They could obey all her commands and I loved her domination.
BIL didn’t knew about the same told Bahuji only after 2-3 years because till that time the picture was very different.
I couldn’t believe when BIL went to Bangalore and stayed with Kavya for 3 weeks and later on I came to know BIL has seduced Kavya’s elder sister who was a divorcee from Australia. Kavya was not involved but she saw what happened with her elder sister who was moaning in delight while BIL fucked her elder sister.
Ok Smita this is a very previous episode just few months after Kavya got involved with me and BIL. I am not story teller telling you what is coming in to my mind and what happened in my life.
Kavya had gone to her mother’s place I was alone with BIL and at that time this wanted stuff happened or un wanted stuff don’t know whatever.
I also had sex with Kamal the one who fucked our maid Yogita the first time when BIL and I caught her. It was strange incident as BIL told me to seduce him and also told Yogita to tell Kamal that I was having lesbian sex with her.
To tell you Smita Yogita is all yes for BIL its not only sex he provides her but good life and in fact her son’s all education was looked after by BIL even before she was involved with sex. BIL is like a GOD to her.
So we started this stuff with respect to Kamal our driver. I started arousing him calling him to my room and giving him odd work. I s provoked him as I started to wear short skirts show him my butts and all that stuff.
As per BIL’s plan Kamal started getting aroused seeing me as I came to know from Yogita as he was telling memsahib ek dum rapchik mal hai wagere wagere. She too started working as per our plan telling him as her husband is way she too needs the male attraction.
Kamal didn’t understood to which Yogita told that I was having sex with her and she told what all we did in the bathroom in the name of massage and what memsahib did to her and so on.
I noticed after that Kamals dick use to be erect whenever he use to see me.
One day I came from party and BIL stayed back as he was going to bang a cute assistant who was a working for him from his office in the hotel and he told me to go with Kamal and winked at me.
When we reached our apartment I tried to show him as if I was heavily drunk and he helped me and his help was indeed wonderful at 2 in the morning we were trying to climb up the steps with his hands all over my body.
I was already aroused wet knowing if the plan works he will fuck me and when we came inside the house he dropped me on the bed.
I made sure that I acted as if I was dead asleep moving my legs here and there giving him a full view of naked thighs.
I sensed his hands were all over my thighs and to see if I was wake he even called me. “Memsaheb ap theek tho ho and so on”. I didn’t reply but was changing my position from this side to that side. I felt him making me sleep on my back and skirt coming up. I could also make out his hands were on my panties rubbing the same.
I was wet and I felt his nose out there. I didn’t dare to open my eyes though the room was not lit but the light from the other room was coming to my bedroom.
He was inhaling and licking my panties I just opened my eyes lightly to see the same and found his head between my legs. I didn’t made a move and Kamal hands came on the elastic of my panties and my panties started coming down and also felt his mouth licking me, he parted my legs and slowly inserted his finger which was wet like anything.
Kamal lifted my skirt and was rubbing my cunt slowly and I could also sense his hand was on his dick. I wanted to open my eyes by thought let it flow and he get relaxed with the same.
I started moaning but telling Ravinder my husband’s name yes Ravi baby choos mujhe me and all that stuff. Kamal kissed me and shoved in his cock in my cunt, which was already eagerly waiting for the same.
The moment he parted my legs and inserted his cock in my cunt I felt good. He was fucking me good and I was really enjoying a new dick in my cunt. I opened my eyes and just acted and shrieked telling what he is doing and all that stuff.
Kamal told that he is fucking me telling me that I told him to fuck and he knows that I was having lesbian sex with Yogita and telling me its no use what I need is good solid dick and all that stuff.
I tried to resist and pushed him he again pulled me down by my hairs and turning me on my stomach and ripping of my skirt and bra making me full nude and adjusted in such a way that he started fucking me from behind.
He kept on fucking for few min and I started moaning like hell as he was really good. He turned me telling me he knew I could love getting fucked by him and sucking my breast in a beastly manner, which tempted me more.
He then brought me up and told me to suck his cock I turned into 69 and told if he wants me to suck his cock he has to suck my cunt and that was good he wasn’t that tired still gave his best.
He fucked me pretty long and then he was about to cum he again sat on my chest and shoved in his cock and started to fuck my mouth. The way he shoot his cum in me was too good and he kept on cuming like hell.
The best thing was that he was ready within the next 10 min and again he fucked me like hell.
(I don’t know why Smita one thing my bahuji always tells me secret fuck is the best exciting thing you always have. Bahuji knew Kamal fucks me but Kamal didn’t know that BABA knows or anyone else knows I am having sex with baba. This hidden fast sex is more excited then anything. I use to make Kamal fuck me while BIL is in the living room or in his bedroom making sure BIL is able to see us nicely. In fact Kamal is not daring guy many a times he never use to get a hard on knowing BIL is around. I use to scold him if he doesn’t fuck me then he will never touch me and so on)
(Well friends and readers what I loved about this mail and her story was this incident which really was exciting and thrilling. I never heard read such daring incident before.
I have edited few lines and sentences of the said part so our readers can enjoy the same without hampering the main sequence at all
One day BIL told me that he wants to see me getting fucked by another stranger a total new one not related or who is not even known to him also. I was excited hearing the same.
The same week on Saturday evening BIL took me to his new flat which he had purchased for investment near Spicer College. He also had to give Society dues and collect Electric bill which was told to one of his friend who stayed in that apartment.
Pramod my younger BIL called up BIL and told him that he and Kavya are going to Mumbai as her parents are going to go to Australia at her elder sister place for few months whom BIL had already fucked her when he was in Bangalore. They wanted to take Kamal our driver along with them.
So BIL told to Kamal to take his car and take Pramod and Kavya to Mumbai. I asked what about us how we will go home. BIL told we will take a rickshaw and go home.
His friend told to take his car to which BIL told that he has not intention in driving in that evening traffic. We came out and told how about going out for a drink as it is Kavya and Pramod not there so we can have dinner outside and tell Yogita not to cook anything for the evening.
He told lets go by rickshaw and see if he could find a good rickshaw driver who can fuck me. Hearing the same I went mad a rickshaw driver above all. I didn’t mind what he told and thought that could be more exciting.
We walked down till Spicer college near the rickshaw stand and suddenly Bahuji told he will just come as he has too get some cigarette from the corner. I was searching amongst the rickshaw who can fuck me nicely.
I found a rugged looking man his hands were on his crotch rubbing it and I too had few direct eye contacts with him. On top of that I was dressed in a pink sleeves top with a skirt knee height. He came to me and told where I want to go if I want a rickshaw.
At the same moment BIL came in a Rickshaw which was driven by a nice healthy guy and told me to climb. I asked him I was just speaking to the right person, he told me don’t worry he is a better person.

I asked why to which he told while he was taking his cigarette this guy was peeing and he saw his cock and that will really tear of my cunt. I thought what a family and a sex partner god has given me who is thinking about me so much but at the same time I was really going mad to know how it will be done. BIL has hired the rickshaw for the whole evening for a certain amount.
We were going to go to Chandini Chowk in fact further on the road to Mulshi there are lot of hut restaurants and it was the month of August and it was raining heavily as we reached Pune University signal the driver stopped and covered the rickshaw with the cover on either side.
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