Long Handled Compelled House Wife

Hello I am 36yrs housewife and my name is Silky and married and having good figure and my husband is very fond of my figure and whenever we are alone in the house he only allow me to move in the house in bra and panty.
We live in 2 bedrooms flat and one room is occupied by my in-laws and kids and in one room. I and my husband and we have one hall which is used as dinning and drawing room.
My in-laws live one month with us and another month with my Devar who live in the same colony in 2 bedroom flats. My husband is very sexy man and he does sex four times in a week and I am fully satisfied with him.
One incident occurred six month back which enhanced our sexual life and first time I tasted the joy of a second man in my life after my husband.
Usually we don’t have any servant and all the house work I do myself and my MIL also support me in that but six month back we kept one servant whom was from Bihar because when my FIL was servicing in a big company he was there employed 10 years back
And when my father in law retired he also went to his native place after leaving the job but last year due to severe drought in his village he came in city to work and my FIL kept him in home for the house work until he gets some service in some factory.
Outside our kitchen we have one big balcony and we have covered it so it is now a small room and we put him up in that room. He is of app age of 50 yrs but very masculine and strong.
When my in-laws gone my devar place then my kids also went along to their uncle house to enjoy holidays so me and my husband were alone in apartment and enjoying whenever my in-laws were not at home my husband quite often drinks at home and I also give him company and one night
We were drinking and playing chess and during the game water was finished so my husband asked me bring some water from the kitchen and I went in the kitchen to get water and servant was sleeping in the kitchen balcony and he was snoring very loudly I peeped inside the balcony
I saw he was in sound sleep and his penis was fully erect and was out from his dhoti and my god it was around 10 inches long and thick and I wanted to look more but then he turned his back towards me and changed position and I came in my room.
My husband asked me what is the matter and said you looked disturbed I said nothing and we kept on playing chess and after two pegs I was bit bold and told my husband what I have seen sometime before and he was excited and asked me if I want to experience that big cock and I said no.
Next day was Saturday and my husband and me gone to see a movie and had dinner and when we came home it was 11.30pm and servant was sleeping and I asked my husband to bring water
I was scared to go there in late night. He brought water and after we changed my husband asked some whisky and said he is not sleepy so wants to drink and play chess.
We start the game and drink after half an hour in game I was in winning position so I asked him if he loses the game what he will do so I said ok if you lose you will lick my pussy for 15 minutes otherwise I will suck your cock 15 minutes and he said no if he loose then he will lick my pussy
And if he wins than I will go to kitchen and will touch the penis of our servant then I said not possible but he was adamant and I accepted and game was very interesting now and I lost the game so he asked me go in the kitchen and touch his penis
I was excited and scared what to do and finally I entered the kitchen and my husband was watching from the hall and I went near the servant and very slightly touch his penis which was under his dhoti I ran back in the room and we had a very powerful sex and slept.
Next day when he returned from the office after dinner again he insisted to repeat the same thing I said it is risky and servant and father in law knows each other well it doesn’t seem good if anybody find out but he was drunk and he forcefully drunk me heavily and send me in the kitchen
And he this time locked him in the room so I was standing in the kitchen in darkness and my brain was revolving due to drink and I was unable to walk properly so I tried to see what our servant is doing and he was sleeping and his penis was out from the dhoti but was not erect
And there was very dim light due to street light was coming from the corner of the room and I went near him and when I tried to touch his penis he slightly turned his body towards me and I very softly touched his penis and I came to know that he is waking so I ran back and came in the room
And told my husband that he was about to wakeup now we should stop this thing and we had sex and slept and during that week he did not ask me to do it again and on Saturday was a holiday so we went to my devar place and we came late after dinner
And we plan to see a porn movie and we start the movie and drink and in an hour we both were drunk and horny then my husband asked me to go to kitchen and touch the penis of servant but I said no he said this is a adventure and whenever I did this we had a powerful sex so I thought ok and I came in the kitchen and waited for 2 minutes and was sure that servant is sleeping
I entered in his balcony room and this time his penis was full erected and out of dhoti and I touched his penis very softly and instantly he grabbed my arm pulled me near his body and he immediately opened my nightgown and started squeezing my breast and sucking my nipples like a hungry loin and
He was very strong and very easily he spread my legs and thrust his penis in my cunt and my body and mind and I was crying in pain and ecstasy and he made me satisfied in 5 minutes with his huge penis and I told him I came to take water so let me go
I came back in the room and my husband was lying on bed and he asked me what happened I said nothing and he said he saw everything from the hall and pulled me on the bed and I told him in the detail and we had intense sex in the morning
I asked my husband how I will manage in day while nobody will be at home and he will not leave me today then my husband said why you are worrying simply enjoy with him and around 11 am he left for the office and now me and servant were alone after half an hour my husband called me up
And asked about the situation and I said everything is normal and servant is doing housework and I am preparing lunch and he said good luck and I was busy in kitchen and after finishing the job went to take bath and when I came from the room after bath servant also took bath
And without saying anything he lifted me in his arm and I asked what he is doing and he said nothing and brought me in the room and laid me on the bed and made me nude I was lying with eyes closed in shame and in 2 minutes
I was stark naked in front of him and he start kissing and licking my body from the toe and now I started feeling pleasure and when he was licking my thigh my phone rang and I picked up it was my husband I pretended that I am talking to some friend he asked me why I am doing so I said right now
I am busy call me after 2 hours and he understood this call was during sex play so disconnected immediately and servant was waiting for this and placed the phone on side table and closed the eyes and he started licking my thighs
I was now very hot and from thighs he came on my tummy and sucking and licking and moving his tongue on my tummy and he was perfect and now he started squeezing my breast and nipples and suddenly he started the pace in his activity and now he came on the bed and started rubbing his penis on my toe and calf and thighs.
Then he was rubbing on my tummy and then in between my breast and this time I was feeling the smell of male penis and anticipating next target of his penis will be mouth and still I kept closed my eyes and after few minutes he rubbed his penis on my lips and my lips moistened due to his pre cum
And my full body was smeared with his pre cum and very slowly I opened my mouth and he very softly fucking my mouth and gradually I took his penis up to my throat and his penis was too long so half length was in my mouth.
I started sucking and enjoying his juices which was very smelly and salty but I was somehow getting more excited by this smell and then he started licking my pussy and I started moaning aahhhh good and when I couldn’t hold so released my water in his mouth
Now I was feeling more horny and needing his penis badly and I pleaded him and said suno aab ddal lo main tyaar hoon and silently made position and slides his penis inside me and start stroking slowly and by hand squeezing my breast and with his tongue he was licking my ear
And when he inserted his full length inside me I was in heaven and that time I was feeling that wall inside my vagina was burning with pain and pleasure and up to uterus I could feel his penis and every stroke make me cry in pain and Joy and during intercourse
I had two orgasm and finally he offloaded his sperm in my cunt and started dripping outside and we laid there 5 minutes and after that he left the room and I went to bathroom and when I came back again my husband called me up and wanted to hear detail
I said I will tell in the evening and after that I had my lunch and I gone to sleep and may be after ½ hour I woke up and I found again servant was stark naked and making me nude for the sex and I did not say anything and again the same thing started and this time when
We finished it was almost 6pm and he went to market and I started get ready to prepare dinner and in evening when my husband returned home and I told him the detail of the day he fucked me till 3am in morning and next again same thing repeated.
That during of time almost every day for two weeks I was fucked by both servant and husband three to four times daily and when my in-laws returned and my father in law informed that he has arranged a good job for the servant in one factory and he left for the job in nearby town and still I am waiting he should visit us once in six months but he has not come and I am waiting
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