Hello all in XNXXSTORIES.BLOG and this is my first submission and a original one which happened to me some 2 years back. My name is Satya and this story dates back to 2010 when I was back to my engineering college for convocation with all my friends back I was very excited to catch up with everyone.
I reached my college one day earlier to the schedule of the convocation with very few people around I was feeling quite bored and was walking just around the campus. It was around 6 in the evening while in academic building I entered the toilet.
All of a sudden don’t know how the light went off and as it returned I found the door closed and the voluptuous and dark skinned secretary of the director, Renuka there. Let me describe her first she is around 35 years and have a curvaceous figure of 36 32 38. She is a south Indian and has maintained herself quite well.
I was surprised to see her there in the toilet she held my arm and dragged me to one of the closed shells in the washroom and locked it from inside and said I have got a offer for you before I cud say something she pulled my dick out from the dick my dick was in flaccid state. She said you got to fuck one lady tomorrow after your convocation is over you will be paid 10,000 rupees for that and I will be there to help you out .
I was frightened from inside but still I felt good about that because I always wondered how it would be like fucking a lady in front of another. Renuka was still holding my dick hearing the proposal and as she was rubbing and smashing it with her figures it got rock hard. Suddenly she took out her cell phone and clicked few photographs of my dick.
I said what this is for and she replied with a mischievous smile for my client. Ladies around should know how it looks like. My cock is not very big with a length of 5.5 inch and girth of around 1.5 inch having clicked few photographs she bend down and gave a lip kiss to my dick which was already secreting some juice which she licked using her tongue
And then while departing she said see you tomorrow at 4 while moving out of toilet I was very scared with the thought that no one should have seen her and me.  Next morning I got up a bit early as the thought of fucking some lady was still going on in my mind and Renuka had already send me a text message that night that be ready for some real fuck with a married women. 
I got up went to the toilet only to realize that my pubic hairs are too grown and covering my balls and around my dick I took my shaving kit and cleaned up the hairs neatly from the balls and surrounding areas as the day passed and I heartbeats were increasing and as I say Renuka again she smiled at me saying all set for the evening.
I was getting nervous cause this was going to be my very first experience that day Renuka was wearing a chiffon Saree which was almost transparent her boobs were only half covered by her deep neck blouse and she was looking like a real sex goddess with her hairs flattering over her bare back as the convocation ceremony got over
And lunch was also over people started moving out for the sightseeing and other get together but there I was stuck in my own thoughts. I received call from Renuka at 3:30 that see me at the college gate in 5 minutes as I reached there she was in her alto car and said sit. I made myself comfortable in the seat and she drove while seating there.
She asked are you nervous I said yes. She brought her left hand on my Jeans Zip and pinched my cock softly. I said what are you doing she said you will see what I will do in some time and after a 10 minutes drive we reached to a place where there was a lone shop near the road. I remember this place as during my engineering days I used to come here to shop small daily utility things.
I said are we stopping here she said yes we are. Now I was very sure the lady whom I am going to fuck now is the shop owner as we reached the door Renuka rang the bell. Sarita Bhabhi as we used to call her opened the door and we walked in. Babhi was today wearing just a nightie as the shop was closed. 
Let me describe bhabhi a thin lady in her early 30’s she has small boobs around 30 and thin waist and ass which was also small. Her husband used to be out on trips as he was a sales guy working for a FMCG company. She smiled at me and said baithiye as I sat on the big sofa Renuka sat next to me with her thighs rubbing mine while Bhabhi went to the kitchen to get some juice Renuka started unzipping my jeans.
I said not now. Meanwhile bhabhi entered with three glasses of orange juice and said what happened I have seen the photograph nothing hiding. Hearing this Renuka unzipped my jeans immediately and pulled my jeans down to my ankles suddenly the bell rang. I got conscious but Renuka just kept a cushion on my thighs and said don’t worry.
Bhabhi went and opened the door, and another known lady entered she was ex receptionist of our college Mukta. Mukta smiled at me and said I am also in don’t be surprised we are going to have a great time. She immediately came and sat next to me on the sofa and removed the cushion which was kept on my thighs.
Mukta was also in her 30s, married, slightly fair and with a figure of 32, 30, 34. She had a fuller body unlike bhabhi as she removed the cushion Renuka slipped her hand inside my undies. Bhabhi said this is cheating it is for all of us, u should stand now my cock was erected by now as I stood my erected cock was straightening into the male g string which.
I was wearing that day my ass was totally uncovered as a thin string was just passing between my ass crack. Three mid aged gasped at the sight and said aaj to bohot mazza aayega and I also smiled back to this remark. Slowly mukta removed that piece of cloth and I my dick was now saluting the three ladies sitting around me.
Renuka asked me to sit back and then she unbuttoned my shirt and there I was sitting without a single piece of cloth in front of three women’s. Renuka opened her bag and took out a strip of tablets and said you have to eat 4 of these; these will help you to do better. Those were man force tablets for extra power and I agreed to her. 
Now she said Sarita common you need to initiate it sit on his thighs as sarita sat on my thighs I felt her touch for the first time and also realized that she was not wearing her panties inside her nightie and her pussy was already secreting warm juice she held my cock and started rubbing it meanwhile mukta started pinching my nipples and then slowly brought her lips to lick them.
Renuka got hold of my balls and was rubbing them vigorously. I said I am about to cum and then she stopped and said not a waist I will collect this sample and took out a small bottle from her handbag and stored the entire cum in that bottle and she said now you should take these tablets and not like that.
She instructed me to lie on the sofa and as I lied there mukta took off Bhabhi’s nightie and she was not wearing any bra too. She brought her pussy right there in front of my mouth and forced one pill into my mouth. Now Renuka was pouring the juice on Bhabhi’s pussy which was coming right into my mouth and I was drinking that.
Not only this as mukta was rubbing her pussy her pussy juice was also coming with the orange juice and one after another I swallowed all four pills after this exercise bhabhi said let us move to the bed as we were moving I pulled mukta saree she was now standing only in her blouse and petticoat.
I pulled the string of her petticoat too in no time and she was now in her pink flowered panty which was big enough to cover her ass. We moved to the bedroom and it was a freshening experience with very nice smell and I asked what’s the occasion Renuka replied you have to make your bhabhi pregnant today. 
This is what she wants and that’s why we have made this arrangement. I said will it be ok and how will she face her husband she replied no point he is impotent and need one child and I readily agreed. I threw myself on the bed and Renuka mukta and bhabhi surrounded me I started mashing Renuka’s boobs over her blouse.
She said you can well undress me too meanwhile mukta has already shunned off her blouse and bra and also her panty. Renuka’s body was absolute delight, big tight boobs and even bigger ass. I was amazed to see her clean shaved dark pussy with pink lips as I was lying bhabhi took my cock into her mouth her hot saliva added to the slippery cock
And in between my spread legs was mukta licking and sucking my balls. I was on the height of enjoyment. Meanwhile Renuka sat over my face with her pussy in my lips she asked me to enter my tongue inside her pussy I obeyed her and the stream of juice flowed in no time. She squirted thrice before lifting her pussy then.
She moved her asshole to my lips and asked me to lick it first I denied but then I agreed to it and it was wonderful to lick her asshole and surrounding areas while mukta and bhabhi were giving a very good treatment to my cock. I cum once and both shared the cum and didn’t even waste one single drop of my precious cum. Now the time was for pussy fuck.
First was bhabhi she sat on me and mukta and renuka helped me to get my cock into her tight pussy as it went into her I felt very good as it was my first time. Now renuka was mashing her boobs and with one hand she was rubbing her pussy and dropping her saliva for better movement of my cock and mukta now came to my face. 
She kept her pussy in the similar fashion as Renuka and lifted my head to make sure my tongue goes deep into her pussy she squirted twice into my mouth and I took all her juice happily as I was about to come in Bhabhi’s pussy and she was also about to reach her orgasm. Renuka pulled her down and laid her on the bed and made me sit and direct my cock into her pussy.
I cum she assured that all the cum load should go into her pussy. Mukta and Renuka directed all the fluid inside and made me keep my cock inside till last drop as I pulled it out mukta got hold of it and sucked it. Now it was renuka who was ready to get fucked she sat in the similar position and my cock easily entered my wide pussy.
She was jumping her asses were clapping and making a good noise my balls were also hitting her thighs noticing this mukta moved down and put one of my balls into her mouth and started licking it this made me to reach orgasm in no time and I erupted lots of cum. Renuka immediately took my cock out of her pussy and gave it to mukta to swallow all the come.
Renuka then requested me to fuck her into her asshole. I said it will pain me she said no mukta will help in that. She was then on her two hands and legs with her ass lifted. Mukta first licked her ass and meanwhile Bhabhi placed herself under Renuka’s Boobs and started sucking her nipples. She moaned loudly now mukta lubricated Renuka’s ass through her saliva
And directed my cock into the asshole and it was very difficult to push it inside but finally I succeeded from time to time mukta was lubricating it with her saliva and I got over with it. Mukta again got hold of my cock and now she was on top of my cock and bhabhi rubbed and sucked my balls while Renuka was busy rubbing Mukta’s pussy. 
It all ended in a big orgasm and my cum was finally taken by Renuka and she exchanged it between three of them by keeping it into her mouth and finally all three got there share and swallowed it. 
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