I am Sneha from Noida. I am married with a four year old son. I am 29 years old. I stay with my husband in our flat. We have hired an auto driver to drop our son to school. I don’t leave him alone. I go with him and come back alone in the auto. The driver is very nice man. Previous auto driver was slutty and used to stare at my boobs. After he passed some dirty comments, my husband asked him to quit. My breast size has increased after pregnancy. I am very modern. I wear jeans pant and tight top when I visit shopping malls and restaurants.
One day my husband was out of town for two days. The auto-driver came to know about it when asked him to come in the evening to take me to the market. I trusted him. That evening while I was getting ready, he rang the calling-bell. I told him to wait for few minutes. But I was taking some time. He knocked the door and asked to come inside. I said wait, I will be ready just now. He was nice, but I am alone. Can’t allow an auto-driver in my house. He suddenly pushed inside forcefully and closed the door. I was surprised.
He said “Mujhe aapse kuch jarrori baat karni hai”. I replied “kya baat karni hai”. He shamelessly looked at my chest and “ main appse bahut pyar karta hoon, aapko chodn achahta hoon. Aap bahut gori aur khoobsurat hain”. Saying that he hugged me tightly. I tried to remove myself and succeeded. “Kya to pagal hai, tu itna battameez ban gaya, main kispe bharosa karon, Tu apni aukad dekh saale”. He went on “aapke choochiyan mast hain na Sneha, ek baar dikhaye na”.
Meanwhile my son came here after getting dressed up. I requested him, don’t do anything before him. I opened my Tv and made him watch a cartoon show. Then I dressed up completely. I wanted to take my son with me but this auto-driver changed everything. If he stays much longer here, neighbors living in the same flat might suspect. I locked my home and went to the market. He was talking all vulgar. I didn’t reply. I didn’t say anything to my husband. What should I do? Maybe the next driver would be worse. I am beautiful, I have faced extra attention always. For one month he didn’t repeat his lustful behavior. After that he asked me sit next to him. He touched my shoulders in public . people were busy in traffic and nobody noticed. He asked my phone number five times. I gave my number when he asked sixth time.
Then he used to call regularly. He was more lecherous on the phone.
Today after dropping my son, he asked me “Kay humlog roj roj ghar hi jayenege, kahin sunsaan jagah par chalet hain, jahan main aapko pyar kar sakoon, aapke ghar mein to nahi ho sakta”. I gave him confidence “Ghar mein ho sakta hain, jab mera pati ghar pe hi rahega aur padosiyon ko koi shak nahi hoga”. “sneha aaj main kuch karna chata hoon, bahut sabra kar liya main”and he took the auto to a lonely lane outside the city. There was no houses, only a petrol pump in a far way distance and trucks and busses on the highway. Still it was visible area. He went deeper. Now it seemed safe place. I said you have only one hour. I have to reach home.
He sat next to me. And kept one hand on my shoulder, with other hand he rubbed my tummy. He lifted my top. He tried to reach my boobs but I stopped his hands. We were looking at each others eyes smiling. He came to kiss me, I moved my face away. He held my face with two hands and smooched me for two minutes. It was so passionate and he forced his tongue in my mouth. I had to taste his saliva. He opened my pant button and inserted his hand, rubbing my cunt over the panty. He was strong.
I had enough and doing in public place was risky. I forced him to take us home. I consoled him “ Ajj sham ko main tere saath chaloongi, Kahin aur jahana itna traffic nahi hoga. “ I asked him to bring his Identity card and gave him a pair of my husband’s dress which he will return. I kept my son and husband in home and came out. I called him on his phone. I told him to keep his auto in his home and meet me outside this hotel. I reached the hotel and he came there after one hour. I was already impatient and some youths were passing comments at me. When he came, I asked him to be quiet and do as I say. I booked a single-bed room with AC. We locked the door and this was what he waiting for.
I hotel was popular among lovers and this is where I lost my virginity before marriage. He grabbed my boobs from outside and pinched my nipples. He took my sleeveless top off. I removed my bra. He was mad after looking at my fair and round breasts with light brown nipples in the middle. My breasts were round and could make any dick erect within seconds. I cupped my breasts and teased him. He just couldn’t stop himself from kissing my boobs. He kissed my left breast and kissed my right breast.
He held my breasts and brought the nipples in middle together and sucked both nipples together. “Wah sneha, kamal ke size hai tumhari, kitna sundar hai yumhara doodh”. “Haan be, mere breasts ko daba aur mere breasts pe pappi le aur mere nipple choos chooske laal karde”. I opened his pants and took his dick out which filled with pre-cum. He sat on the bed and I held my tits over his dick sideways. I moved my boobs pressing them over his dick. He knew I was titty-fucking. He pulled and pinched my nipples hard. I said “kyan be maja aa raha hai ki nahi, bol kaisi hai meri chhochiyaan”. He grabbed my tits and said “Gora hai, gol hai, mast hai, aaj main aapki choochyon se doodh nikaloonga” I breasts were not milking for one year after I stopped breast feeding my son.
“Wah kya doodh hai tumhari Sneha” . liar, there was no milk. He slapped my tits few times from blow which made me chuckle and feel shy. I teased him “Kyonbe bahut khel raha mere nangi chhochiyon se” He started to slap my boobs as if he is playing a table. Then he opened my jeans pant chain and exposed my panty. He rubbed my pussy by inserting his hands inside. He slowly fingered my pussy and I gave my pussy juice on his finger. He licked it and made me stark nude. We were looking at each other anticipating next move. He forced me on the bed and I knew what will happen next. I separated my thighs and rubbed my pussy. I held his dick when he inserted his dick and helped him to point properly. My husband called and I switched the phone off in anger. Bad time to call. His large dick was half inside. He pushed harder which made me scream but he covered my face.
He lied over me hugging me tightly. I hugged him tightly. He soft breasts were pressing on his hairy chest. He went inside and outside my pussy increasing his speed. I said “Chod mujhe, chod mujhe, apni Sneha ko chod” .The pleasure of this sexual adventure was much more than what I got from my husband and boyfriends.
After ejaculating he rested for few minutes. Then he fucked me again in different position. I was standing with my back resting on the wall. With each of his movements my boobs were moving up and down. He was fucking and looking at the motion of my breasts. This time his dick was taking long time to ejaculate. He caught my shaking boobs and increased his motion. His balls were hitting on my pussy hard. I could hear the sound of his balls hitting my private area ( hidden from public view, lol ).
I turned back facing the wall. I kept my hands on the wall and he fucked me from behind. His hands were pressing my tits and nipples. His fingers were digging on my nipples. I ordered him “Aur jorsa daba mere breasts ko, Mere breasts ko dabake doodh nikaal saale, ab take k boond bhi nahi nikaal paya saale madarchod” . He replied ”Thik hai madam aapki breasts ko mein kaske dabata hoon” . “Haan mera breasts daba aur mujhe jamke chod, behenchod”. His fingers grip on my tits were hard and he fucked me wildly, then he slowed and I could feel his warm liquid entering my pussy. His sperms trying to reach my egg.
That night, I had huge argument with my husband and I came with an excuse that there was heavy traffic jam. I had to have sex with him too inspite of being tired to please him after taking bath in warm water.
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