My name is Lubna and I’m a Pakistani housewife with my sex stories here. This incidental sex changed my life entirely from a bore Pakistani housewife to a real hot Pakistani wife. I wanted to tell you about a truly memorable day that has started a new hobby for me and finding things around the house that needed fixing when I’ve been desperate I’ve even broken a few things just so they could be fixed.
Let me tell you why this is so much fun for a pure Pakistani housewife needing sex when her husband is not willing to provide. I think all sex story readers would like my in home sex fun. First I should tell you a brief introduction of our family before my sex story. I’m almost 34Y old right now with my two years elder husband. He is mostly busy in his office work and hardly manages to give me full satisfaction when the matter of sex is concerned.
I have two children of kids ages which are normally spending most of the time with their aunt’s children living a few yards away from our house and most of the time I’m alone at home watching TV shows and movies etc. It all started when my husband was off early one morning on a business trip abroad for a week. I had been really horny the night before and had tried to interest him in giving me a good fuck before he left but he had been too tired the poor baby and that really pissed me off.
I had to spend twenty minutes with my favourite XXX movie that morning just to put myself in a good mood as I was getting dressed I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I thought I looked pretty good, my 5’5 length was still lean and trim at 36 my large 42DD tits were still perky, and only need minimal support, my long naturally black hair fell in waves over my shoulders, and my shaved pussy looked awesome.
I have worked a lot on my body through and my figure just became sexy and well on with the day for sex and besides all and I have been doing most of the housework by myself. We have no servants at all the household work was managed by me. I was washing clothes in my washing machine and my children were in their aunt’s house halfway into the second load of clothes the washing machine broke down, leaking water everywhere.
Oh great the cap to a wonderful day. Little did I know what was coming and I found the contact numbers of electrical services and started calling repair places in our nearby areas fortunately and I got a repair boy who was free to provide me the home repair services quickly. He just arrived in 15 minutes at our door there was a knock on the door and I opened the door to a twenty something young stud; he had on tight jeans
And since it was a hot humid August day, my thin Lawn dress covered a very sculpted body. He gave me a smile that lit up my day. He was young healthy muscular and good looking guy. I almost came right there in my panties. Then remembered that since it was my wash day I had been in wet clothes which shown my black bra clearly. He must have seen my bra straps through my wet dress.
I had which were extremely tight and clung to every curve; they left nothing to the imagination. I asked him to come inside while I locked the door. You could not imagine how horny I was that day. My mind was just thinking about his young tool inside his pants as I have watched movies and my husband has not given me the satisfaction for sex that night then mumbling something about the washing machine I took him back to the bathroom where I have placed the machine.
He took one look at the machine and said that he had to replace the inner sheet and it would take at least oine hour. I asked him to carry on where I went to make some drink for him. He started his work while my mind has just built up to get a nice fuck from him. I really liked him and I have never thought about my prestige and dignity that day which could lead me away from that nice young guy just looking at this hunk.
I was all shivery inside and promised myself a sex session as soon as possible. I give him the cold drink and came back to my bedroom. He remained busy in his work. It was hard to start things but after a lot of thinking I tried a trick which could help me for sex. I played the XXX movie again on my DVD player and silently watched him through the door. I intentionally kept myself with no concerns about how he works.
He done his work with entire proficiency and when he was just finishing I started myself to change my dress. It was a part of my game plan soon and I removed my dress and when I was in Bra and panty I heard his voice saying: Madam it’s done please check I bravely replied him OK and asked him to come inside. He obeyed my order and came to my bedroom when he saw me in just a Bra and panty he put his head down.
I could see a shameful feeling on his face but then I tried to express as nothing has happened. I asked him to check my DVD player as well which I had stopped myself by cutting its power cord meanwhile he checked the DVD player and repaired the cable while I continued to carry on my makeup in-front of dressing table. He was just looking at me by keen eyes. I knew that a young hunk cannot resist when a women is in Bra and panty in front of him.
I have Grooming Pet with me and then he played on the DVD player suddenly when the fucking scene came in-front of his eyes he just paused it quickly. I laughed and said; what happened. He was not a child that he cannot understand what a hot Pakistani wife needs. Now he was also getting my intentions and he again played the movie. He reluctantly asked Madam why you are watching these movies. I replied smiling that just for fun.
He smiled and said it’s better to do it practically rather than watching movies. I looked into his eyes and remarked really? He said yes it was a point of start for my awesome fuck session with him then I said quickly ok let’s see what you can do. He got up and came near me and grabbed my boobs. I have already locked the door so I have no fears. My children were busy in their aunt’s house so I have enough time to get a good fuck.
He removed my bra and started sucking my nipples. It continued for 5-10 minutes. I avoided kissing as I don’t like kissing much then he removed my panties and moved down to my shaven Napa Valley Lodge. He rubbed my pussy for a few strokes and then started licking it. I have never got such a feeling as my husband has never done this licking. I felt myself in heaven as i was being licked by a young hunk of almost half age to my husband.
He licked me and then asked me to suck his tool. I was hurry enough to take out his bulge out. He was almost of the same size as my husband but a little fat in girth. I have been reached to extreme of sex now. I sucked his entire shaft for my satisfaction and then he pulled my legs up. He just guided his tummy tuck to my vagina which felt like a hot rod in water. It dripped fully into my valley and soon he started stroking nicely. He hit all my corners inside which caused an immense pleasure for a hot Pakistani wife like me. 
I was thirsty for sex and he was hard enough to satisfy me. He banged me nicely for 10-15 minutes. I had two orgasms in between but he released just after me. I was satisfied now. He thanked me and smiled after finishing the fuck session and I asked him about the money for repair work. He smiled and said for which repair work? I also smiled and thanked him. I given him 500 rupees as a tip and asked him to come again when I call. He given me his personal mobile number and went away. I enjoyed a few more sex session with him later on which I would share in my next story
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