Hi to all and my name is Ramu and I am from Banglore a town in Karnataka not near Coastal region. I am 31 years old. And I got married last year. I belong to a pretty good family. My father Sundar was a High School Head master, who is retired now. He is 60 years of age. My mother Jayamma is a primary school head teacher she is 50 years old and is still working. I have an elder sister Rekha, who is 35 years of age.
She is married to a software engineer in Banglore and she has a Son who is 8 years old. I am a software engineer. My wife Sneha, who is 26 years old, is also a software engineer even though I had several girlfriends in college I was virgin till my marriage. I and my wife both are very likeminded and we wanted to try new positions every day. I have been making love to my wife at least twice in a day during weekends we used to 5 times also.
I’m normal built, dark with 5 feet 10 inches. Just like any normal south Indian men. My Cock is about 6.2 inches when it is erect and I have a very thick libido. My wife is 5.4 inches with figure 36 28 38. She is very fair and soft and totally she is very cute. So coming to a story it was one Friday Morning. I was getting ready to go to office after my bath. I was just wearing towel and ironing my shirt.
My wife Sneha just had completed her 5th day of Monthly Period. From 5 days I had not fucked her. My cock was very hungry for her pussy. I just finished my ironing when Sneha came out of bathroom after her bath just wearing towel. She stood in front of dressing mirror and started to comb her hair. I was watching her ass shaking with her movements. She noticed my looking at her ass and winked at me from mirror and maybe because of 5 days of hunger my cock was already hard.
I went straight behind her and put my hands on her boobs above the towel and started squeezing it hard. I started thumping my cock on her ass. She was enjoying my act but at the same she was aware of the time. So she just pushed me back and said whatever you want to do it at night. We had breakfast and went office. I was not able to concentrate on my work whole day. Whole day I was thinking about Sneha’s Physic and how to enjoy her body whole night as Saturday was holiday.
I logged off at 5 and went to pick up Sneha from her office. I picked Sneha and took her to beach. We had some chats there and headed back to home. Upon reaching home I was surprised to see Sanmith, Rekha’s son. Rekha was inside talking to my mom. She looked very depressed. I spoke to her for some time after that went inside to get fresh and when I came out my wife came in and told me that my BIL is having an affair with his colleague in his office and he is not giving importance to my sister. 
So she was sad and depressed. She didn’t have sex from last one year. My sister is very good looking more on a darker side. She had big breast. I’m not sure what her statistics are but she really had big breasts and round ass. I felt bad for her situation. We all had dinner at 9 PM and made arrangements for sleeping. We had only 2 bedrooms one is used by my parent and one for me and my wife.
Sanmith wanted to sleep his grandparents so he slept with them and it was decided that my sister will sleep with my wife and I’ll be sleeping at hall. I was really disappointed. That night I masturbated myself thinking about my wife. I had very good wank but that did not satisfy me. Sunday I got up very late that whole day I was playing with Sanmith and whenever I got chance I squeezed my wife’s breasts and her ass and evening when my Mom and Sister went to Temple nearby
And my dad was playing with Sanmith, I went to kitchen where my wife was cooking. I hugged her from behind. My cock was hard. She felt the hardness on nighty. She turned her head and told looks like the cock is so hungry. I replied saying it’s been six days that it met the pussy. So it is very hungry my wife said it looks like Akka wil be here till her hubby comes her and takes her back. That was really a worry for me. All of a sudden a plan stuck to my mind.
My sis and wife were sleeping on the double bed in our room. It was very big bed. My plan was to make my wife sleep this side of the bed and I’ll go to their room at midnight and have a session with my wife. I knew my sis was a sound sleeper at the beginning my wife said no to the plan. She was afraid what if Akka gets up and catches us in that position but I assured her that nothing will happen like that and I know my sister well. 
So we agreed on the plan and I put my hands inside the nighty and started squeezing my wife’s boobs at the same time I heard my dad asking my wife why so late to come to home. So I came out of the kitchen and sat on sofa so that no one will notice my hard on and after that there was a match going on. I was watching that. Then we all had dinner at 9. Special chicken was prepared. My wife is a good cook. So everyone had heavy dinner everyone went to their room like yesterday.
I was just passing my time to make sure everyone will get sound sleep even I got snooze couple of time. It was exactly 1 O’clock when match was finished. So I switched off TV and went near my parent’s room. I did not hear any sound. So I confirmed that they are asleep and slowly went near our room. It was very dark inside and I couldn’t see anything. I slowly moved towards our bed and I saw Sneha sleeping on the side.
I just touched her feet and started caressing. I did not get any response from her. I thought she was scared of Akka. So I silently slid my hand in her night and caught hold the calf muscle and started squeezing it. Then slowly moved my hand back of her knee where there is a small pit. I started to rub slowly. I felt some movement from her. Somewhere I had read that, that is very sensitive part of a woman. She started to fold her legs.
I slowly started push the nighty upward. I could hear Sneha breathing heavily as I reached her Hips I slid her panty down. I inserted my hands further up to catch hold her breasts over her nighty. I stared squeezing it slowly. I put my mouth to her pussy. It was already wet and cleanly shaven. I started to lick the entire pussy. It was already wet and was dripping. I started the slit from bottom to top.
Sneha put her thighs on my head. I felt difficult to breath. So I moved my head sideways to breath. My chin was rubbing her pussy. She was clutching her thighs on my head. I got to know she is very excited. This was little unusual for me but I though may be 6 days effect. I slowly put my tongue inside her pussy and started lick the pussy walls. I was moving my tongue round. She was lifting her ass to take my tongue deeper. 
My hands were tickling her nipples over her bra by now. She was completely aroused. She was breathing very heavily. She just took off her nighty and bra and pulled my hair. I did not want to go but she just got up put her arms under my shoulders and pulled me on her. She took my lungi off. I slid my underwear down. My hard cock just sprang out and hit her pussy.
She held my cock with her soft hands and started rubbing it. She was pulling my cock’s skin down as much as possible and caressing the top of my cock with her index finger’s nail. I got so tempted that I just lowered my head and bit her nipples. I felt her nipple has grown very large. She was rubbing the head my cock to her pussy which was very wet. She kept my cock on her pussy and lifted her both the legs in air
And put them on my ass and with one thrust I was deep inside her pussy. I locked her lips with mine. She pulled my tongue inside her mouth and stared to lick. She was pushing her hips up towards me. I was aware that my Akka was on other side. So I did not want to make any noise. I slowly moved my cock in and out. I could feel her pussy clutching my cock with the each thrust her hands were on my bike.
She was scratching my back with her nails. I moved my hands down and held her buttocks buttocks were very soft. I squeezed it and put my small figure near her ass hole and started caressing it. Soon she was moving her hips very fast. She had locked her mouth with mine. So that moans will not escape her mouth within some moments she exploded.
I continued to thump. She took her legs of my ass and left me to thump her freely. Now I was moving very fast. She pushed my head down and gave one breast inside my mouth. I stared suck the nipples and continued thumping after 15 minutes we both were moving very fast. Finally I exploded in her simultaneously she also had the Orgasm. I emptied all my stuff deep inside her naval. 
I laid on top of her for some time after some time my cock slid out of her pussy. She moved her hands down held my cock and pulled in such way that she was milking a cow. I kissed between her breasts and left from there. I was so revealed now. I was feeling very light and slept on sofa. Morning when I got up it was late and I rushed to bathroom took bath and came out. Sneha was getting ready.
I saw her gave her a naughty smile. Hugging her from back was my regular routine but today as I was getting late I started getting ready. Sneha came to me. Put her Arms around me. I was about to open my mouth to say it was a fantastic yesterday night. She locked my lips and said sorry darling. Yesterday as soon as kept my head on pillow I slept and Akka slept this side. I was sleeping Window Side and I had very deep sleep. Hope you did not come.
I was shell shocked to hear this. So the last night it was Rekha who enjoyed the Fucking Session with me. I did not want Sneha to know this. I just told her that even I was in Deep Sleep when I came out Akka was preparing to serve the breakfast. I looked at her and she looked at me and Smiled and Went as if nothing had happened while she was going I saw her ass swinging that brought a hard on to me.
My Mom came and told that my BIL is on his way to our home to take Akka back. By mistake I had fucked my elder sister Rekha thinking that it was my wife who was sleeping there and but it was an awesome session. 
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