Village president wants mom daily.
So he ask dad about sending mom to his house to take household activities like cooking washing clothes
Dad: iam not interested to send my wife because she was well educated how she can work as housemaid
Vp: ask her she will accept the dealdad: what deal?
Vp: to work as housemaid
He smiled at me and mom cunningly
Dad: no
Vp: next week minister planned to come here for election work
Dad: so what?
Vp: he already sees your wife fucking session videos
Dad:what dad got puzzled
Vp: minister wants to enjoy amutha for two night. If you not allowed her. We will come to your home to take the bitch and fucking in the street.
Dad: ok.
She was already pregnanted by you now she is carrying your child in her womb. If minister fucks it will affect her womb.
Vp: doctor vijay already told it is safe to fuck her up to next three months.
Dad: ok tommorrow iam leaving to town therafter you take the bitch
Then dad came inside our home and sees her wife in happy mood.
Mom: how you accept the deal and sends me to the bastard house he was already making me pregnant
Dad: dont act smart bitch
Mom: bitch??
Dad: yes bitch.
You fucking many dicks in the last one month
Mom: no iam not fucking
They only fucking me
Dad: if you behave like this you become slut of this village
Mom become speechless.
Next day dad gone to town
Village president came with car to our house and taking mom to his house
Iam also stayed that night.
Village president gave her new inner wears to her and saree
That day all servants in the house taking leave.
In the night village president put mangalasutra in her neck and speaking hereafter she is my 2nd wife.
That night mom wears saree and blouse.
Uncle tears her saree and blouse.
Vp sucks mom nipple for 20 minutes.
Straightaway going to fuck her big cunt.
He puts her finger inside her cunt and finger fucking her.
Mom starts moaning loud ahhh hmmm mmm oh yeah ……
Vp increase his speed she orgasmed in his hand and next thing he takes four rings from the almirah and put in the four holes of her pussy lips and put a thread to the four rings and tied in the bed and now her pussy was spreaden wide and it also give pain to her pussy.
Vp takes her dick outside and rubs on her pussy lips
Mom closed her eyes and enjoying the fuck.
Suddrnly he inserts his dick and fuck her hard for 30 minutes.
Mom screaming in pain and moaned please be gentle it will hurt our child.
Vp: is this our child bitch?
Mom: yes you only fucks me without condom.
Vp:bitch now your is somewhat loose
Mom: you only teared that
Vp: really
Then who is best in fucking you
Mom: you only
Vp: tell louder till it reaches your son ear.
Mom: yes you only I want give more babies to your dick
I got anger on hearing this from outside.
That time mom reaches her climax and fucking her with full speed.
This time her orgasm was more strong and his dick came outside.
Again he fucking mom with her dick and ejaculates deep inside her.
Now they shares passionate lip kisses to each other.
I think the fucking session was over.
But village president have different ideas he takes mom outside of his house and I am also came outside
Me: sir what you are going to do?
Vp: to fuck my lovable amutha in street.
Me: sir itit is not safe to fuck her in public. If anyone see her means problem
Mom: yes sir
Vp: are you happy to have my dick inside your cunt
Mom: yes
Vp: then keep quiet. Now the time 12.30 a.m no one saw us.
Village ptesident takes mom one leg and fuck her pussy.
Intially mom shyed but later she also enjoys the fuck in public like street dogs. Vp president fucks her all holes in street up to 2.00 a.m.
Vp now feels exhausted and mom feels tired.
So they want to return back to home.
When they turned seeing my dick in ninty degree
Vp:you also want to fuck her in street
Mom: no I dont want
Vp:that my girl
I got very angry and started to stroking my dick.
Vp: are you angry
Me: yes
Mom: beta dont take risk if any one see us then it will become big problem
Me: sir one time only
Vp: ok amutha he begged for you.
Please give her pleasure
Mom: sirr…..
Iam directly goes to her cum dripped pussy and insert my big dick directly and give hard strokes to prove who is fucking good.
Mom started moaning loudly
She forgotten she was fucked in public.
I am pinching her nipples and said in her ears the child you was carrying not belongs village president.
She stopped her moaning and saw me
Yes it is mine
Mom: become speechless
Me: go and ask doctor vijay
And I give her hard strokes and shows the heaven.
Now tell me who is best.
Your are going to be the grandmother and mother at the same time.
It humilates her more she orgasmed over orgasmed..
Still now my dick not ejaculating sperms.
Mom: beta give hard strokes.
I increased my speed and ejaculates inside her cunt.
Next day she acts like paining in her pussy.
Mom: sir I have pain in my pussy so I want to check up
Vp: ok amutha.
Before going to bastard doctor vijay come here and wears the lock in your pussy.
Vp locks mom pussy and takes key .
Now you can go visit hospital.
I takes mom to the hospital by bus.
In the bus the conductor saws her belly grown.
Lady go sit in the seat and take rest.
I called kumaran to come to bus for help.
Kumaran also came.
Kumaran: you mom become finally slut to the vp
Me: yes.
Yesterday vp fucking amutua in street
Kumaran: how she allows?
Me: iam aso fucked her in the street.
Kumaran: what
Me:she obeyed for vp orders.
Kumaran: I am also want to fuck your bitchy mom
Conductor hears our comments and came to us iam also want to fuck the bitch.
Kumaran: if possible tried her in bus
Conductor: she allows me
Me: she is ver horny
When the bus started conductor gives wicked smile at her.
And touches her body when moving here and there.
Now the bus was fully crowded.
Conductor signalled us to come .
We moved there and really shocked because her dark brown nipple was visible through her blouse.
Kumaran immediately put one rupee coin in her coin box clevage.
Mom stands from the seat to hide her nipple.
Kumaran: she was not wearing any innerwear I think
Kumaran sits down to search coin.
And suddenly he get up to move the petticoat of mom
This time conductor clearly sees her locked pussy

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