Hi, this is Varun,my age is 21 years and its now three years to this incident taken place. This event took place in 2014 and it completely changed my life. I am belong to a very rich family and my parents had died 2 years back, i am presently located in Bangalore for my studies and parents estate sends me a healthy money for my living. I am thin guy with quite a fair looking skin, basically we belong to Darjeeling and so my body as it has very less hairs and my friends keep teasing me that my skin is milky and soft like a girl, but i never paid any attention to that.
I have a girl friend and we both have a heath sex life, she loves to experiment with things on bed. Coming to her looks, her name is Veena, per body is as white as mine, she is 5.6 inch tall, 34-30-36, so looks very hot and any guy will go mad on her. She is a true flirt and i get very jealous due to that act of her. Her dad is owner of a disco in the centre of the state so we get lot of alcohol at free or very cheap rate. I stay in 1 bhk and she mostly stays with me apart of time when her parents visits home.
So, now to story, while on a Friday evening, we were watching a porn and having drinks, porn was basically a girl making her guy dress as a girl and this clicked Veena, she told me she wants to try this and she was excited as she use to love my hairless body. So we started, she took me to bathroom and told me to lie done in my bath tub, i was quite drunk so i just did as she told. With hot water flowing in i was feeling good, she soaked me in soap and water and after 15 mins shaved all possible hairs on my body apart from my head, sprayed her women gel on my body and we moved to dressing table, i was feeling excited and my dick was acting accordingly, so she told me to step in side her sexy pink thongs so that my erection could be controlled.
Then she got her padded pink bra and made me ware that, this now i was just feeling excited but nothing special. Post that she started to do my makeup, did my eye brows and applied lot of makeup on my face, i was not allowed to look at my self till i was completely ready, she did my nails, polished them and made me wear black stocking. Then she got a brown wig of her collection and made me ware that, it was a quite long wig and looked nice. Then got a 3 inch heal to start with, as i was thin all her stuffed fitted me well.
Then the real time came when i turned to the mirror and saw my self, it was a sexy looking fair girl, i was just not able to believe my self, any guy would go mad on her. Veena took lot of pics of mine and had made a video of my dressing up, but i was not aware of her ideas.
Now she told me to wear a skirt and a white top and get ready to go to her dad’s disc, i was horrified and shocked, she said do as i say or video goes online on facebook, i was shocked in terror and by my penis was reacting reversely and growing more large, and veena was laughing at me saying naughty girl is liking this. I did as she told and she took my car keys and we started, she first took me to a parlor and got a ear piercing done and attached long slut type of earring. They were looking really good, now it was 4 hours and i had started accepting the reality of what was going on, then we went off there and sat in car. She told from my i will be called natasha in public. I was like ok. She logged in to some sex toy sites and secretly ordered items words 10,000 inr from my credit card and told it’s a surprise.
We went in shopping and she bought some heals and sexy underwears, i did not know that those were for me (i also came to know of that later). Its 9 pm and we entered disc, it was dark and so i was not worried, entire time she was holding my hands like her baby, i was a new item on the floor so lot of eyes were on me and not veena and that was making her jealous. We stared our rounds of drink and i saw her adding some thing to mine drink but i was not suppose to ask her as she was in full control of me, i stared feeling drowsy and need of support. In some time some friends of veena came in, it was a american black guy of 5-10 inch and looking like a stud. He was her office friend (he was her call centre manager). His name is veran, veran looked at me and started flirting with me.
He asked to dance with him, and veena forced me to go with him. He started doing a close dance with me and as i was feeling drowsy i was enjoying the support of his strong body. But he took it very differently and i was could sense his cock touching my ass line. He blinked his eyes to veena and veena bliked it back, she came there and took me to a room in the disc, i was not aware of what was happening, i just felt some cold gel on my ass cheeks and then a steam of shout came out of my mouth, it was veran 8 inch long tool in my ass and in front of me was my gf making a video of that. Tears came in my eyes and i was not able to do any thing as the drinks were just not allowing my brain to work. It was 15 mins session of which first 5 mins was painful and then it was a joyful ride and don’t know i enjoyed it and cummed in my thongs. Veran took his tool out and released his come on my face and my gf forced me to have it, i almost puked and passed off.
Next morning i was in my room and it was looking all pink, my hands were tied to the bed and so were my legs, i could see i was in a black bra and a soft porn music was running in the house, after two hours my gf came and showed me her promotion document and kissed me on my lips, she told it was all possible due to me being natasha and now she has decided that i will permanently stay like this only when i have to go to college i can were normal cloths with a panty inside to make me realize who exactly i was. I was in no position to say a no as she showed me the video of my ass getting ripped apart by a man.
In some time bell rang and there was a home delivery of items she had ordered, she brought it to room and told your surprise is here.
.. days passed and I was more and more moved in the girly life style. With each night meditation sessions where I was made to listen moons of girls having sex, shown videos of sucking black cocks, girls cooking in maid outfits etc .. with days passing my craving for large black dicks increased. So, full day when I was at home I had a 8 inch dildo in my ass which was locked with a cock ring tied to my penis to control my erection and with time my wish of touching my own dick was going. What I realized was though I did not like to touch my dick but there was a sudden decrease in size of my dick which was basically due to some pills she use to give me every day.
As we were having college holidays my day use to go well at home taking care of daily home need and taking care of my girlfriend when she is back to home. It was 7 days and I was not allowed to jerk my dick nor allowed to wear any male dress.
I was to wake up at 6, cook breakfast for my gf, take a hot water bath shave all public hairs, dress like a girl, serve her food and once she use to go to office, I use to do lot of treadmill at home to reduce some extra fats. Today was Friday and my gf left very early and left a note on table. It said “u have been a good girl since a week, but you need to understand more, so please visit the parlor at sharp 11 am, there you were be thought to be more girly, please wear the wight tee & skirt with 4 inch black heals. Appointment is fixed and you will meet the stylist called as neha. I will pick you up sharp at 5 pm”
I was shocked and standing frozen, I went to washroom, took a deep bath in the tub.Dressed as I was told and booked a cab to go to the parlor, cab person saw me but did not react, that made me feel ok that I am looking decent and like a girl. We reached the parlor and I meet neha, she told she was waiting for me. She directly touched my dick and told I know your reality and you are my slave for next 6 hours. I was like always quite.
So, she took me a room which had a table, mirror and a chair. I was told to sit on chair and then she told that I am looking very beautiful. There was a shy smile on my face like a girl. She did my nails, eyebrows, pedi & manicure .. she did my hairs and make up and told me to look at mirror and I was shocked I was looking superb. She told me now I have to pay the price for the services, I told her that I don’t have any money, she did not say a word and just widen her legs and pointed towards her pussy, I bent down and started sucking here clean shaved pussy. She was smelling like strawberry. Post 15 mins of licking she released her cum and it was super tasty.
Then she told me to go in a doggy style and then she brought a strap on and inserted that in my dick, as I had 8 inch dick in my ass all 7 days so this went in very easily, She started increasing the pressure and with time I started enjoying it, post 30 mins I was exhausted and I released my cum from my dick which was huge in qty, She stopped and told me to lick it clean and I did that. Neha told me that she was very happy and gave me a box and told me to give it to my gf. Sharp at 5 my gf came, we just redid touch up of make up and went.
As we reached home, I saw her boss and one of his black friend at home waiting. They had a big tool kit with them. My gf told me serve them, and I was on my knees. They opened the box and took out the dog color and attached to my neck of which one end was with bosses friend. My gf opened the gift box that neha had given and to my surprise there was a chasty device in that, she came closer to me told that:
GF – do I love her
Me – yes
GF – will you do anything for me,
Me – do you need anything else apart of turning me in girl,
GF – yes a final test
Me – what ..
She did not say anything and just inserted the device on my dick and locked it and the click sound had decided my destiny. She took the key and gave it to her boss and told me that this is new set of medicines that I have to take from tomorrow. I said ok. In mean while her boss took me near his jeans and told me to start sucking, and with that all the wild movies that I was shown at night came in front me and I started sucking the long black dick. It was so tasty that I was not able to control at all, in meanwhile boss’s friend also lowered his pants and started touching my ass & slowly inserted his 9 inch of big load ..
To my surprise my girlfriend was shooting the video of this and I just had the dick in my mouth and ass .. both of they came on same time and discharged the cum .. like a good girl I sucked the cum and then when on my knees on the corner of the room. My girlfriend took those people to her room and I could here she moans. I was just sitting outside the room entire night and when in morning when they all came out I was told to like there pussy and dicks so that they can leave for work, I did that and they all left.
I took the pill and went to sleep, what happens next is a bigger surprise ..
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