After my B.E. i started training in various engineering colleges for campus interviews as an aptitude trainer. So in my daily routine i meet many beautiful girls everyday of 3rd and 4th year of engineering. One such girl is Hrithika.
I’m quite good as a trainer in delivering the required content for them in the class and make fun of myself to make them laugh. This helped me to create a good rapport with students. So at the ending of training week many students request me for number or mail id.
Hrithika was quite a good student in aptitude. She used to sit in 1st bench always with a keen interest to learn new tricks. Many a times i saw her cleavage while teaching. Though it was not intentional tht used to disturb me a lot. After every class she used to come up with new doubts along with her friends which i used to clear. So everything went well n on final day she along with her friends asked my number. I gave them as it was common for me n dint bother to ask her number. After around a week or so i received an msg an from unknown number stating she is Hrithika from so n so college. I dint remember her name or face. So i saved tht number n checked in watsapp. There i found her face n recognised in a sec. I texted her back in watsapp n told her tht i don’t have free msgs so had to text in watsapp n she was completely fine with that. So after exchanging courtesy greeting she said she has a problem with few topics n can i help her. But i was in some other college so told her to call me in the night. She called me around 9 in the night but i was having dinner so cudnt pick up. So called half n hour n said my situation. She said it was fine n was quite happy as i called her back.
Then she listed few topics n problems. I tried to explain her in call. In around some 40 minutes i cleared most of her doubts but cudnt explain few in call as i need pen n paper. So she asked me can i meet her any time. But i was training in Hyderabad so i told her tht i will meet her once i come back to Bangalore. She said thanks n cut the call. We even did some chat in the night about studies n future. She was taking few advices abt job n higher studies. So next two days i dint text her but she was sending casual forwards. I did text her after 2 days on Saturday that I’m in Bangalore n I’m free for this weekend. She was ready to meet on same day. I told her to come to JP Nagar central cafe coffee day; also told her come along with any of her friends. So we met at around 12 noon. She came with one of her classmate i knew that guy to he was really cool. I ordered some coffee for three of us n started clearing their doubts. After half n hour the guy had to leave with some work. But we both continued. All of a sudden two guys from some other college greeted me.
They were too happy to see me thr but i was little uncomfortable as i was with a student. We spoke for 10 min n they left. Then i told her that this is the reason y i asked u to come with friends as it won’t be good if someone see me alone with a student. Luckily they were different college students. She said sorry. I explained for some time n we both parted for the day. She was so happy n texted me in the night. We did chat for some time.
Me: u owe me now.
She: sure sir. Anything u ask.
Me.: thts fine i was just kidding.
She: no sir. I will give u treat tomorrow.
Me: no buddy i can’t meet u outside. Pls understand.
She: ok sir. No prob. At least u suggests something.
Me: movie??
She: sure. Tom mrng show?
Me: that’s grt.
So nxt day (Sunday) mrng she booked tickets in gold class in Orion and waited inside theatre as i told her to do so. After 5 min i entered n sat beside her in a sofa. Both of our bodies were touching but none of us bothered. The movie was full of kissing n i was little out of order. She was 5.2. Fair n firm boobs and ass. Her hairs were straight n silky. In one word she was a blonde. Somehow i controlled n finished movie. Then we thought of having lunch but i said no. I asked her can she come to my flat thr we can have.
She: but sir what if one someone sees.
Me. Don’t worry. U jus tie a scarf around ur face n follow me on ur bike.
I had my bike. So i took one cheese burst in Dominos with a coke. We reached my home n then she removed her scarf. We both sat on a mat n started talking all crap n cracking jokes. Finally we had pizza n rested against wall. Both of our hands were touching n we were close enough. We were talking n i held her hand normally. She was fine n we continued. While laughing for something i pull her towards me with her shoulder. N my hand remained on her shoulder as i dint remove. She too was fine with tht. Slowly i started pinching her cheeks and caressing them sometimes. She said she is sleepy and lied down.
I too slept beside n put my hand on her waist n pulled her closer to me. Her breathing was increasing n both of us were silent. I started smelling her hairs n neck n slowly kissed her on her neck. She was breathing heavy. N i got up n started kissing other side of her neck n was squeezing her waist slowly. She closed her eyes n was not uttering a word. Nether i did. She was in red kurta n white leggings which were suiting here skin tone. There was a thin gold chain around her neck. I was arousing her by playing with her chain n rubbing waist. I slid her black bra strap n kurtha a little n bite her shoulder softly. She left a sweet moan n held my hair. I was biting n licking all round her neck n was pressing her over her ass towards me. Now my hard dick was touching her crotch area. I put one leg over her. I brought my hand to her right breast n squeezed it slowly. She said in low voice “sir pls no. Don’t do this to me”. But i was deaf. I know even she want this.
I started kissing n biting her cheeks. Slowly i entered my hand into her cleavage into her bra n caught hold of her bare soft breast. It was so soft. She again started saying n tried to remove my hand. I placed my lips on her. She was not responding. I entered my tongue in her mouth n was sucking her tongue. Slowly she gave up started responding. I was kissing her slowly n squeezing her breast. Now i came completely over her n sucking her tongue. My chest was pressing her breast n it was soo smooth n good. I removed t-shirt n lifted her kurta up. I lowered her zip from back n removed her kurta completely.
Mannnn……… Her fair body in black bra… What a view it was. I came down n started kissing her cleavage badly n squeezing her bare waist. She was holding my hair n moaning loudly. I raised her hand n smelled her underarms. Smell was so erotic n arousing. I kissed n licked all over her underarms like a hungry dog. I slid her bra aside n freed her right breast. She had fucking awesome pink nipple. I took in mouth n sucked it hard. Couldn’t control n started biting n chewing hard. She was begging me to be slow n gentle as it was hurting her. But d problem was i was not in my own control. I removed her bra n made d same justice to her left breast. I went up n saw her. She dint open her eyes yet. I asked her to open. She was not talking. I asked to open pls.
She slightly opened her eyes n i slowly started kissing her lips. I was so slow n romantic. She too was responding well. I slid my hand through cleavage to her naval n started fingering it. I slowly went down n started rubbing her cunt on her leggings. She held my hand n tried to say no. But i pressed my mouth harder n was kissing her badly. She was not strong enough to remove hand. I started circling on her cunt with my middle finger. It was all wet. I entered my hand in her pants n panty n held her cunt. She was holding my hand n was trying to close her legs but my hand was already in between her thighs. I started circling on wet pussy slowly. She loved it n left me free. I went down pulled her legging n panty down, she was all nude in front of me. The sight was amazing. I went down to her cunt n smelled it. It was pungent but i liked it. Slowly i gave a peck on her soft n wet pink pussy lips. She gasped with a shock a left huge moan. I placed my lips on her pussy lips n started smooching badly. She used to jerk her body every time i bite her pussy lips. I used to pull those lips up with my teeth. I made a room for my tongue in her cunt
I slowly moved my tongue in out n she locked her thighs around my head as i was sucking her. It was difficult to breath for me. I was pinching her nipples hard meanwhile. I came out sat on my knees n entered my finger inside her cunt. It was little tight but wet. I was circling my finger in her cunt to make it loose for bigger event. I entered another finger too. I was moving my fingers up n down slowly n gave a hard push all of a sudden n she cried out a loud as i broke her hymen in fraction. To make her cool down i started kissing her. Tears were rolling out. I waited for a minute n started my motion slowly. I got up to my knees n placed one hand just above her clit n pressed hard n held that way. N i started moving fingers inside her cunt moving up n down rather than in and out. She loved it n moaning loudly…. Mmmmmmmm…… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh……. Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr…… Pllsssssssssssssssssssss… Faster sirrrrrrrrrrrrr plsssssssssss……. I beg uuuuuuuuuuuuu………
I felt d bulge in her cunt that was pushing my fingers out. I understood tht she is cumming n increased d pace. She started shivering n jerking her body removed my hand she released her venom jerking like a lawn sprinkler. Mean while i was pressing above her cunt hard so tht everything comes out. She shivered for around 3 minutes. She was sweating very badly. N that smile and satisfaction in her face at d end made me quite happy; i slowly went over n lied on her. She hugged me tightly n said thank u. I kissed on her forehead n said its ur turn now, she said i don’t know wat to do. I removed my pant n undy and placed my dick in her hand n smooched her. She was pressing my dick. Her cold hand around my hot dick was an amazing feeling. I whispered in her mouth to take my dick in mouth. She said “noo.. Pls.. Expect tht ask anything sir…. Pls”.
I dint force her i came up n sat over her n placed my dick in her cleavage. She was pressing her boobs hard around my dick. That was fucking amazing boobjob. I lied on her placed a pillow below her ass n started rubbing my cock on her cunt. She was looking into my eyes n i asked her slowly “can i”. She nodded yes with her eyes n i gave a sudden jerk into her cunt. She tightened all her body n nerves around my dick. I waited for some time n kissed her. My nipples touching hers… It was grt. Slowly i started moving in and out n was increasing the pace. I banged her for 10min n cummed in her pussy all together. I lied on her for a while n we both slept off. We got up around 6 n got freshen up. I brought her ipil n she left for home. We had two more times. N we have no strings attached kinda relationship. We just fuck each other whenever we want.
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