Anirban (32) is a well-educated middle class man, happily married to Devleena (27), a beautiful young lady, his wife of 2 years. In their family, there are Anirban’s voluptuous bhabhi Snidgha (36), her young and cute daughter Rimli (14) studying in class VIII and has a mature body for her age, and Anirban’s unmarried angelic-faced college-going sister Anuradha (20). Snigdha’s husband i.e. Anirban’s elder brother was living in Dubai for last 6 months. They all were living happily, except for Anirban’s recently grown addiction of going to the derby race course. So intense was the addiction that despite losing his money several times he still could not resist himself. Anirban even spent the entire 30,000/- money sent by his elder brother into the gamble. The more he was losing the more his stubborn desire grew. He thought, ‘I have spent my money and even my brother’s money there. I cannot inform my brother of the same. So better let me try some more times so that I can win back the money.’ Hoping so, he borrowed some hefty amount of money from Hamid and Abdul. Hamid and Abdul were previously working as domestic help in Anirban’s friend’s house but soon outgrew that servant’s role and established themselves as local goon. Anirban thought it justified to borrow money from them as he did not want his friends to know his financial condition.
The calculation proved wrong. The 50,000/- Anirban borrowed from the goons also went the same way as his earlier money did. Anirban was at a loss. He begged some time from them to repay the loan. They unhappily allowed him one more week. It proved too short a time for Anirban. He could arrange 10,000/- money but instead of returning this small amount to them, he tried his luck once again, with the same old logic that if successful he can return the whole money whereas if unsuccessful he loses only a part of the total amount. Goons were angry this time and gave him ultimatum. On the final day, he was bound to inform the situation to his family members. All the ladies were shocked. But then they decided to move away soon. During the day time it is not possible to run away due to the vigilant goons, so they decided to lock the house and go away to some relative’s place. From there they can somehow arrange money and then return. In the evening they started arranging the bags, and planned to leave by 10 PM.
But fate proved otherwise. At around 9:30 PM Hamid, Abdul, and their gang barged into the house. In the gang there were 10 people in all – Hamid 32, Abdul 35, Rahmat 40, Rashid 25, Anwar 30, Irfan 27, Jafar 24, Khalid 38, Bashir 19, and Murtaza 16. Their guess that Anirban can dupe them and flee away proved correct assumption. The goons were really enraged. Anwar and Abdul beaten Anirban and tied him to a column with a rope. Hamid said, ‘Kill this bustard’. Ladies cried. Seeing those beauties crying, Hamid suddenly felt a blast of lust within himself. He said, ‘OK. The only alternative way to partially compensate the money can be enjoying with these family members of this SOB.’ The ladies were shocked. All of a sudden they tried to escape to the other rooms but by now the idea struck all the gang members and they cheerfully caught each of the ladies. Well-cultured and soft-mannered ladies could not find an escape route to get rid of clutches of these rowdies.
Hamid ordered Anirban’s wife Devleena to strip. Devleena’s fair cheeks became red in a mixture of anger, shyness, and fear. She meekly said, ‘Never’. Anirban was proud hearing that. Hamid gave her a quick and strong slap – Devleena went into her knees at once. Abdul asked her in a rough voice, ‘Jaldi kar Saali!’ Devleena started to weep. To that, Anwar came forward, and very modestly and caringly took her into his arms. Devleena sobbed inconsolably hiding her face into Anwar’s hairy chest. Anwar said, ‘Abdul Bhai, don’t shout at her. Give her some time. By the way, before undressing her, let us first see the pole our clever friend possesses. After all, she is entitled to see a habituated cock first. We will progress gradually.’ Hearing that, Jafar went to tightly-tied Anirban and unzipped his cock out of his pant.
Anirban’s cock was 2″ in length when normal and 4.5″ when erect. But with the shame of being forced to show his private part in front of his close lady family members and in presence of all these big rowdy men, his size shrank to 1.5″. Seeing these all the goons laughed a lot. Murtaza said, ‘Kya Anirbanji, even I am bigger than that’. Anirban was more ashamed. By that time, Anwar unzipped his own cock and a 8″ black serpentile-like creature lashed out. Seeing that, Anirban was amazed within but did not express anything. With envy and anger he noticed that Devleena, Snigdha and other ladies are giving a stare to Anwar’s huge tool. Anwar used this vulnerable state of Devleena to quickly undress her out of her Saaree, Blouse, and petticoat even before she could protest. Devleena is now standing in her red colored panty and bra. All the men were stunned with her film star-like look. Her long curly hair, fair complexion, beautiful face, and snow white silky well-curved body amazed them.
Rashid and Khalid tore apart her last two pieces of clothes to make her completely naked, in front of all the people in broad light of the room. She is now wearing only her earrings, necklace, and bangles. They picked her up like a doll, and made her lie on her back on the big dining table. She was throwing her legs to resist their advances, so they held the legs forcefully and kept them apart to make the pink pussy clearly visible. By that time, Anwar undressed himself and was ready for the action. He lied on Deebleena, caught her gently by her hair, and positioned his huge purple-colored cock onto her pussy lips. Debleena begged for mercy and said ‘I am like your sister. Please don’t do this with me.’

To that, sweet-spoken Anwar told, ‘Sister, since your husband did not pay back in time, and also acted like a traitor by planning for a hide, it is my duty to take revenge on him. If you cooperate, your pain will be less. Moreover, by seeing your husband’s tool it seems to me that he cannot fuck you well enough for your satisfaction. Why not use this opportunity to taste a real fuck? You can get pleasure instead of pain!’
Hearing the devilish logic, Devleena hesitantly stopped for a moment. She could clearly understand that there is no escape. By that time, Anwar’s dick grew to be 14″ and erect as a iron rod. With slight pressure he slowly inserted the purple tip of the cock into Devleena’s cunt. The cunt was having slight vertical patches of hair above it and it seemed Devleena shaved her pussy only a few days ago. Devleena wriggled, like a snake at an eagle’s claws tries to escape in vain. With some more pressure Anwar inserted around 4″ of his huge thick black cock into her tight pink pussy. It was really tight and Devleena gulped in pain. Anwar was caressing her silky hairs and kissing her in her eyes, nose, cheek, rosy lips and chin. Puritan Devleena’s hands were spawned and resting in the level of her head, and Anwar’s big black palms clutched her soft white palms. Devleena felt the moment of losing her chastity to a big stranger servant-class man. Another hard push, and half the cock inserted deep into her pussy. Devleena shrieked in pain. Anwar said, ‘See even after so many days of marriage you are still largely un fucked and that causes your choot to pain during a real fuck.’ Anirban noticed that his wife’s pussy is already stretched by Anwar’s half-entered thick dick, to a limit he himself could never imagine. He bit his lower lip in fruitless rage, and noticed that Anwar’s third thrust pushed his hard cock almost fully into Devleena’s soft pussy! Devleena threw her head behind and chin up, moaning in pain. Anwar kissed her uplifted chin and with his two hands grabbed her softball-like milky white boobs. He started pressing her boobs mercilessly while ramming her cunt with the thick piston. With each thrust there was sound of intercourse – ‘fuch fuch’, moan of Devleena ‘aah eeh ooh umm’, and panting sound from Anwar ‘humff humff’, with the sweet mild background sound of Devleena’s ornaments bungling/tinkling. The scene and all the sounds together made everybody around very horny.
By that time Rahmat ordered the other three ladies also to strip naked. Naturally they hesitated and begged for mercy. But the goons were not in a mood to pay heed to their plea. Rahmat simply said, ‘Saali jaldi nangi ho ja nahin to…’. With that he opened his belt and gave young Rimli a hit at her buttock – ‘Slash!’. Rimli cried in pain and her mother Snigdha wailed. She said, ‘Please don’t hit my daughter, I am doing what you tell’. With that, Snigdha quickly put off her Saree, blouse, bra, petticoat and panty and became completely naked in front of everybody, wearing only her high heel footwear. She looked gracefully sexy, with her full-grown boobs, fair skin, curly hair falling by her back, silky white thighs, and bushy pink slit. All the men greedily stared onto her body. Even Anirban ogled at her bushy cunt. He could not ever dream that he will ever get a chance to look at his beautiful and sexy bhabhi’s choot so openly. She really looked like a bombshell! Now he too started to get aroused.
Rahmat came forward and grabbed Snigdha by her hair. With no time he entered his 12″ cock in Snigdha’s mouth up to her throat and started moving her head forward and backward by catching her on her hair. Snidha cooperated with a hope that if she abides by, her daughter may be spared. She seemed expert in the sucking act, and Rahmat was very pleased. Bashir came forward, spreader her fair legs apart, and said, ‘Aunty, keep it like that. I am entering you.’ Saying that Bashir placed his 10″ dick on her cunt. Snigdha was stunned as Bashir is almost half her age. On a normal day she would slap the young servant-boy for such a proposal. But now Snigdha obeyed him and did not move, with the hope that her daughter may be spared if she can provide good service. With a small push Bashir’s tool disappeared completely into Snigdha’s experienced but sexy cunt through her public hair jungle. Both Rahmat and Bashir looked at each other, smiled, and with the same rhythm started fucking Snigdha vigorously.
Now it was Anuradha’s turn. Hamid, Jafar, and Irfan are already crazy seeing this pretty virgin girl. At 20, this angelic virgin beauty is in full bloom of her youth and they could not wait any more to enjoy her virgin body. All these three guys pounced on her and within a few seconds tore apart all her dresses and made her completely naked. Within the next moment they picked her petite body up and placed her also on the big dining table side by side with the ongoing fucking session between Anwar and Devleena. All the three strong and stout men wanted to break the vaginal seal of Anuradha, so after a quick and brief conversation they decided about it. Jafar parted Anuradha’s silky white legs and placed the tip of his gigantic dick on her healthy pink cunt door. This cunt was smaller in size than the other two already fucking ladies. He pushed his tool with slight force, but Anuradha’s virgin cunt was amazingly tight. Jafar was simply shivering with lust and could not keep the patience to gradually and normally insert his thick cock into Anuradha’s tight pussy. With a big thud he forcefully entered into Anuradha – ‘fachat!’ Anuradha’s eyes seemed to pop out of sockets with pain and surprise. Jafar started to fuck her so vigorously that at the beginning of each thrust his cock was almost out of Anuradha’s cunt and after the quick thrust it was deepest into her cunt. With each bang Anuradha was crying loudly. Her hymen was already torn. Hamid and Irfan encouraged Jafar like a good sport and lustfully waited for their turn to fuck this angelic beauty.
At this time Abdul turned to Rimli, and with a devilish smile pulled out her frock. Somebody there said to spare her as she is only a ‘bachchi’, and Rimli said, ‘Uncle, please don’t do this with me’, but he did not care. All the clothes on her were quickly put off. Abdul also put off his own clothes. His 10″ erect dick came out. He sat, picked up young Rimli like a doll, and made her sit only his lap. His cock was touching her young choot. He positioned her onto his cock, and let her sit there. With sheer body weight under gravitation she came down a few inches, while Abdul’s cock entered into her tight slit by the same length. Rimli was crying in pain. Abdul was simply sitting there, while Murtaza came forward, caught her by the waist, and made her fair young body up and down, enacting a fucking session between Abdul and young Rimli.
In the mean time it was climax time for Devleena-Anwar session. To her shock, Devleena soon felt that a geyser has started within her, and she soon experienced her orgasm, somewhat shamefully, as puritan Devleena could not accept the fact that she was intrinsically satisfied through a so-called impure sex session. Soon Anwar increased his speed. Devleena clearly understood that he too is going to cum soon. With little hope still, she requested Anwar, “Please do not cum inside.” Anwar simply smiled and returned a question, “Inside of what?” Devleena blushed. The poor modest lady could not utter the cunt or pussy word. She meekly said, “Inside of that, you know.” Anwar continued his ramming and said, “Be direct. Or I may not understand.” Desperate Devleena ultimately was bound to say, “Please do not come inside my choot. I may get pregnant.” This time Anwar said, “Just shut up! You enjoyed yourself and now want me to stop! I simply want to seed your womb.” Devleena now had no other choice than receiving thrusts from Anwar’s big hard tool deep inside her cunt. Soon Anwar cupped her two softball-like breasts even more tightly, pressed on her rosy lips with his rough mouth, and unloaded the whole lot of hot cum deep inside her cunt. Devleena felt that the whole lot of cum was deposited deep into her and may seed her. Then he collapsed on her and rested on her naked body for some time. Her chastity-breakage was complete.
Anuradha’s fuckers were too excited. Jafar, Irfan, and Hamid – all three of them took turns to fuck her vigorously, and emptied their load deep into her. In the mean time the whole room was looking like a porn movie scene, with fucking sessions in all the areas. Once Rahmat and Bashir finished fucking with Snigdha, and Abdul with Rimli, even then they remained so excited, that they decided to exchange Snigdha and Rimli. This time Abdul decided to fuck Snigdha, and Young Bashir took with young Rimli. The session between Snigdha and Abdul was an interaction between two experienced persons. Abdul folded Snigdha’s fair and smooth legs, and inserted has huge black cock from beneath. And thereafter it was a smooth and violent fuck. By this time Snigdha was totally aroused like a tigress smelling blood. She cooperated with Abdul for a great fucking session. In contrast Young Rimli was shaking in fear. But Bashir’s dick was not as thick as her earlier violator Abdul. It gave her some comfort when Bashir slowly pushed his black dick into Rimli’s rosy cunt. Then Bashir too started fucking Rimli. The two couple were fucking lying side by side. Seeing all these Anirban became too excited and his already exposed tool also started to grow erect.
Khalid noticed that, and an idea popped into his mind. He pointed to Anirban and said “See this dog is also aroused. I will give it some food.” Saying that he ordered Devleena and Anuradha to keep on lying naked on the dining table. The poor ladies neither had the courage to dishonour his order nor did they have the physical energy to move after such vigorous fucking innings from capable mascular people. He untied Anirban and dragged him to the table. He said, “Look, if you try to escape we will kill you and all these bitches too. So rather obey my order.” He pointed to Anuradha and said, “You fuck this bitch and I will fuck your wife. Let us see whose performance is better.” Anirban was shocked. Anuradha is his siter! But he had no other option. Also, his swelling cock needed a pussy to satisfy itself. Any pussy will do! So aroused was he, that his rational mind got buried under his lust. He got up on the table, lied on Anuradha, placed the cap of his swelling cock on Anuradha’s heavenly cunt, and with a push – ‘Fuch!’ Anirban’s smaller dick easily got fully inserted into sister Anuradha’s cunt. Anuradha’s cunt vibrated with sensation while she looked at her fucking brother with eyes wide open. Devleena too looked at the fucking sibling duo involving her husband, with corner of her eye, but before she could react Khalid quickly mounted on her and with a big thrust inserted his huge circumcised purple dick deep into her lotus-like pussy. Both the couples started fucking. On the dining table all the four were so close that they were touching one another. Anirban felt the touch of his wife while she is being fucked by a lower-class big stranger man, Devleena felt the touch of his sister-fucker husband while being fucked by another man, Anuradha felt touch of her bhabhi being fucked by another man while she herself being fucked by her elder brother, while Khalid sometimes pressed Anuradha’s boobs while continuing to fuck Devleena. The scenario was so exciting that all the other men praised Khalid for this beautiful idea.
But it did not last long. Anirban soon ejaculated inside Anuradha and collapsed. Khalid laughed and said, “This behenchod is good for nothing. He cannot even satisfy his own sister properly.” And he continued to fuck Devleena for a long period, in the process making her to cum too. During this time young Murtaza took over Anuradha and performed far better fucking than Anirban. Anirban simply sat and watched all the four female family members being satisfactorily fucked by these servant-class rowdies.

Then Hamid and Abdul declared, “Let us all fuck these bitches – each one of us into each one of them – age no bar. There will be young versus mature, mature versus young, mature versus mature, and young versus young sessions. Fuck well and cum deep inside, none of them must be spared. All the bitched must get pregnant after today’s rounds. Let us have a competition to see who can seed whom. This is all your golden chance to reproduce within an aristocrat Hindu family of beautiful ladies.”

It followed whole night fucking session of all the ladies and girls by each one of the goons. They fucked multiple times, at will. By that time Anirban obeyed their orders of bringing foods and beverages (he did not dare to poison the food – the survivors would definitely take revenge) and occasionally cleaned the cocks and choots by licking them.
In the morning, the raiding party left, leaving behind an exhausted but appreciating bunch of naked ladies, and a frustrated man. They promised to return that night again, as they did not want this opportunity to fuck these beautiful ladies repeatedly. Furthermore, due payment of 50,000/- means 50 nights of fucking, the announced. Within due course of the next two months, all the four women became pregnant. They did not know who seeded whom. Only young Rimli had to be aborted, other three delivered healthy babies in time. The lenders were happy, and left them. Only thing they threatened is that if he borrows from them once again, the next time even Rimli must deliver, she will be more grown up by then. Anirban and the ladies kept mum – next time is next time.
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