Hi everybody and this is ANU again to meet you after the incident of allowing Crucifix to deflower me on my bed, I was not able to come out of the sex feelings. Since the very first time itself my virginity was taken by a black cock, I was longing for that. So somehow I located a farm house in the city outskirts and we started going for fun regularly. We normally go there in the morning and come back in the late evening.
It was really thrilling experience as usual we went out for day outing, Crucifix said Aradhana, I have a friend named Bentick, doing the research in the same institute want to join with us. Is it ok for you? On hearing this I was little bit shocked. The desire for the black cock is burning like anything inside me so I said ok to him. He hugged me and kissed me passionately. I too hugged him tightly and said darling, bring your friend next time when we will have the session together in this place.
Ok he was happy to hear this and we planned for a combined session after fifteen days. This time we planned for a two day session. I told my parents that I am going to Bangalore for my colleague’s engagement along with friends. My mother asked me how I am going to Bangalore. I said we have organized mini bus for the travel. I already blocked a villa for us in the farm house. On the Saturday morning I was getting ready for the session.
I selected a violet cotton silk sari with matching blouse as my costume with enough jasmine flowers on my hair and applied my regular perfume. I looked myself on the mirror and felt very charming and perfect around 7’O clock I left my house with my baggage. I took a call taxi and moved towards the farm house while travelling I spoke to Crucifix and came to know that they will reach the place in another few minutes.
Before I reach the farm house they have reached the farm house and waiting for me in the villa. I reached the farm house. I had some sort of hesitation and my adrenaline was secreting more and creating a nervous sense and little bit tensed because I have to face a new guy. I reached the farm house. On seeing me the receptionist smiled at me. I too smiled at her. Before I ask her she said Madam your guests are waiting in the Villa No.6 and also she guided me towards the room and said have a great day Madam” with a meaningful smile.
I laughed myself that all the day with Crucifix is great days but today with extra black man. I walked on the pathway and reached our room and pressed the buzzer. Crucifix opened the door and welcomed me. I stepped inside the room and saw Ben sitting on the sofa. Crucifix introduced me to Ben. Ben was slightly shorter than Crucifix with broad chest and good physique and looks handsome.
I said Hi Ben, nice to meet you and extended my hand. He smiled at me and said “Hi Baby, glad to meet you” and shook my hand. I sat on the sofa. Ben came and sat along with me on the three seat sofa by my left side and Crucifix sat on the single sofa.
Ben broke the ice by saying Babe, Crucifix had told about you but you are very charming than what he said Ben kept my left hand on his left hand and kissed my hand. He said Baby, you look so beautiful in this costume” and smelled the jasmine flower fragrance and said nice fragrance”
I asked really he said yes and looked at Crucifix and said you are lucky Crucifix looked at me and smiled. Crucifix asked hot or cold I said cold. Ben said cold Crucifix ordered for three sweet lime juices. We had a formal conversation as the ice breaker and waited for the juice after 10 minutes the Room service staff knocked the door. I went and opened the door he came inside the room and kept the juice on the table.
I took two glasses of juice and gave one to Ben and other to Crucifix, then took one for me. We finished the juice. Crucifix also said Dear, you are very beautiful and gorgeous dear and I sat along with Ben on the sofa by his right. Crucifix came and sat on my right. I am between these two guys. Ben put his right hand on my right shoulder and moved me towards him. He smelled the fragrance of jasmine and inhaled the fragrance deeply.
He kissed my cheek, placed my left hand on his left hand and kissed my hand inch by inch. I shivered mildly. He kissed my neck and his right hand came to my right armpit, then slowly moved to my waist and started crushing my waist. I moaned feebly. He placed his left hand on my tummy inside my sari. Moved his hand on my belly and slowly moved his hand towards my boobs and cupped my boobs over the blouse aahhhh.
I moaned feebly on the other side Crucifix was caressing my thighs over the sari. He was kissing my cheek, neck, earlobes and rubbing his face on my face and making me crazy. Pleasure sounds like ssshhhhh, spontaneously came from my mouth. Due to pleasure I widened my legs and Crucifix caressed my pussy over the sari. Ben said Babe go and stand in front of me dear I want to undress you one by one.
I got up and stood in front of him. He also got up and hugged me tightly. Removed the pin of my sari pallu and dropped the pallu. He went and sat on the sofa and said wow what a beauty! He took the one end of the sari and started pulling it. I rotated myself according his pull and within few seconds he completely pulled the sari. He came and crushed my waist with his both hands and cupped my boobs over the blouse.
He started unhooking the blouse hook one by one. I raised my hands making convenient for him to remove the blouse completely. He kissed my armpits and navel. Crushed my boobs over my white bra for few seconds and unhooked the bra hook. Removed the bra and cupped my boobs. He was whistling and said Babe, marvellous boobs with black sexy nipple
He kissed my boobs like a mad and started sucking. He sucked my left boob and pulled the nipple with his teeth. I felt the pain and screamed. He crushed my right boobs with his right hand hardly. He was not gentle as Crucifix. I can easily make it out. He tried to swallow my left boob completely. Then he started sucking my right boob and crushed the left boob with his left hand. He cupped my boobs with his hands and crushed the nipple with his thumb and index finger. 
He was kissing me madly and licking my face. He crushed my nipples so hard suddenly and due to the pain I screamed loudly. Even though his press is hard but I liked it. He untied the knot of the in skirt and it fell down on my feet. Only panty was left. He also rolled down my black panty and made me nude. He kneeled and kissed my thighs inch by inch and rubbed his face on my pussy. He kissed my pubic hair zone and inserted his index finger inside my pussy.
He said you are absolutely wet and ready for usage. He laughed loudly. He moved me to the bed. I widened my legs slightly. Ben inserted his middle finger also. I jerked. He inserted his tongue inside my pussy and started licking wildly. I was getting immense pleasure and pushed his head close to my pussy. His left hand was playing on my ass and right hand crushed my left boob. He pinched my nipples hard and I moaned loudly.
He crushed my ass and moved his tongue towards my anal hole and started licking. I reached the maximum pleasure and moaned heavily. He moved his tongue to my pussy and made me to cum. I released my pussy juice reaching orgasm. He licked my juice completely and got up. Now he started undressing himself. He was standing nude in front of me. I was surprised to see his dick. It was much bigger than Crucifix.
Crucifix’s dick is like a uniform rod but Ben’s dick is broad at base and slight tapering on the tip and rough. I widened my eyes on seeing his huge dick. I was little bit scared on seeing the size of his dick. I looked at Crucifix and said “Crucifix, his dick is much bigger than yours, I cannot accommodate inside my pussy please Ben said Babe you don’t worry, I will make you feel pleasure and will not hurt you. Be cool
He spread me on the bed and sat on the bed. Came between my legs and spread my legs wide open. I was on the bed like a centre piece. He rubbed his huge dick on my pubic hair and slowly moved to pussy and went up to anal hole. I moaned due to pleasure. He patted his dick on my pussy lips and inserted his tip of the cock, which went inside slowly. He inserted his dick little more inside me.
I felt the pain and screamed little louder aaahhhhhhh. He took his dick out and rubbed on my pussy. He spit his saliva on my pussy lips and rubbed gently. Then he slowly inserted his dick inside me gently with little more thrust and half of his dick gone inside my pussy. I felt the burning sense. Without taking his dick out again gave one strong thrust. I felt like a wooden pole stuffed my pussy. I was gasping for air and eyes wide opened.
He again gave one strong thrust and his dick went inside me completely. I was shocked and felt that my breath was stopped. I felt the severe burning sense and screamed loudly ahhh Amma Please leave me”. My pussy muscles stretched maximum to accommodate his huge dick. He took his dick out spit his saliva on it and rubbed. He placed is dick on my pussy and gave one more strong thrust and entered inside me completely.
He smiled at me and started moving inside me gently. My both hands pulled the bed spread voluntarily and I was rolling my head on both sides due to pain. I was gasping for air and moaned loudly. He kept moving inside me. His dick buried inside my pussy completely and his pubic hair was rubbing mine and giving me a great pleasure. I also started enjoying the game.
Ben said “Your pussy is absolutely tight dear. Really nice Crucifix came and sat beside me on the bed and caressed my head. He cupped my boobs and pressed gently. Played with my nipple and kissed my nipple. He started sucking my boobs and nipples. Ben was constantly moving inside me. He lifted my legs little up and moved deep inside me. His every punch is making me to gasp for breathing. 
I also counter attack him by raising my hip towards him. Crucifix brought his dick towards my face and rubbed on my face. The tip of his cock shinned due to his pre cum. He rubbed his dick on my lips and his pre cum spread on my lips. He patted my cheek, I opened my mouth to allow his dick inside and started licking. I hold his balls and caressed his balls. I took his cock from my mouth and gave a hand job first for a minute and then started sucking.
His hands were playing on my boobs. Ben was drilling my pussy as hard as possible. Crucifix was fucking my mouth; he was holding my head and moved inside my mouth gently without making me choking. I was caressing Crucifix’s thigh by my left hand and he was crushing my boobs. Suddenly Ben started increasing his tempo and I started screaming loudly. Crucifix took out his dick from my mouth and kissed my mouth. He explored my mouth with his tongue.
Ben said hey, I am going to cum and I signalled him not to cum inside but Crucifix signaled him to cum inside my pussy. Ben ejected his full load of sperm inside my pussy. I felt the thick film of cum getting poured inside my pussy. His flow of sperm lasted for a longer time. But he was still moving inside my pussy. Due to his movement the spunk started leaking from my pussy. Crucifix moved from my mouth and licked my boobs.
After few minutes Ben took his dick out and rubbed his spunk coated dick on my face and said clean up my dick with your tongue. He inserted his dick inside my mouth by holding my head. I licked his dick and wiped the spunk with my tongue and swallowed the spunk. He removed his dick from my mouth and sat on the sofa.
Now Crucifix was standing and pulled me towards to the edge of the cot by dragging my legs. He widened my legs and came closer to me. His thigh was rubbing my ass butt. He cupped my boobs and pressed gently. He played with my nipples and pulled them gently.
He was holding his dick with his right hand and opened my pussy lips with his left hand and slowly slides his dick inside my pussy. His long dick went deep inside my pussy. He was moving inside me. I was moaning due to pleasure. Ben came near me, bent and started sucking my boobs. He sucked my left boob and crushed the right one and pinched my nipple. He kissed my mouth. His left hand was playing with my boobs and his right hand was shaking his dick. He asked me “How was the fuck”
I said very nice but initially it was very painful and very difficult to withstand your brutal attack dear. He laughed loudly and said initially everything is painful but later you will feel the pleasure. He rubbed his dick on my boobs. Pre cum oozed on his dick. He rubbed his pre cum on my nipple. I said you dirty, doing all filthy things. I signalled not to cum inside me. Why you poured inside me? Hell.
Ben said “Dear, your lovable husband only told me to cum inside you” and saw Crucifix. Crucifix was laughing. Ben asked me “How you felt when my seeds filled your pussy? I said I felt like a sperm river flowing inside my pussy” and laughed. All of us laughed. Ben slowly placed his dick between my boobs and pressed my boobs. He started moving his dick between my boobs. His dick rubbed my mouth. 
I opened my mouth and make a passage for his dick. I licked his tip of the dick. Now his dick was moving between my boobs and inside my mouth. Then he released my boobs and started moving inside my mouth. His dick was big in size and I felt the difficult in sucking it at the bottom Crucifix was pounding my pussy in his own gentle way and making me to get orgasm one after another. Here at the top Ben was fucking my mouth in a zig zag manner.
He inserted deep inside my mouth. He hit my throat and I choked. I said please Ben, Be gentle tears came from eyes he said sorry Babe. He did not do anything for few minutes. He simply sat on the bed and caressed my head. He kissed my cheek and again said sorry. I turned my face towards his dick and opened my mouth. He inserted his dick partially. I started giving him a blow job. Both of them were moaning heavily.
Crucifix said something in their language and Ben nodded his head and replied him. I took Ben’s dick out of my mouth and asked them “Idiots what are you talking in your language which I cannot understand they laughed and said you will know it now Ben was stoking his dick faster. Crucifix took out his dick from my pussy and now both of them stoking their dick standing on my sides. Crucifix released his sperm on my face.
Simultaneously Ben also released his sperm on my face. I felt the warmth of their sperm. I shouted and got up from the bed. Their sperm was flowing from my face. Both of them caught hold me and rubbed their sperm on my face and all over the body. Ben said “You will become fair when you continuously apply our cream on your body” and laughed. I said “You donkeys, I will kill you Ben said “Wait and see Babe, who is going to kill who?
I went to bathroom and came after having a nice shower when I came out wrapping the towel on my body saw these two guys having chilled beer. They offered me and I took a sip from Ben’s Glass. I relaxed on the bed for some time and started dressing my favorite white color long skirt and brown tops. We all went to the restaurant for lunch and came back to the room. I slept for about an hour. Suddenly I felt someone caressing my thighs. I slightly opened my eyes and saw what was happening.
Crucifix was caressing my toe and Ben taking care of my thighs over the dress. I pretended as if I am sleeping sound. Ben rolled my skirt up to my thigh. He started kissing my legs and moved inch by inch. He kissed my pussy over the panty and rubbed his face on the panty. I was getting wet gradually. He rolled the panty like a band and removed it and pulled my skirt and tossed on the chair. Crucifix removed my tops and then removed the bra also by moving me conveniently.
I still pretended as if I am sleeping. Crucifix cupped my boobs and played with my nipples. Crucifix said “Marvelous boobs”. He cupped my boobs tightly with his hands and crushed my nipples between his thumb and index finger and rubbed gently. Ben kissed my tummy and licked the navel and came to the pubic hair and rubbed his face on my hair. Ben said “Hey, see the pleasure mount. It’s amazing and I feel to plug my dick all the day inside this pussy”
Both of them laughed. I was slowly getting wet. Crucifix sucked my right boob and cupped the left boob with his hand and pressed hard. Ben spread my legs wide and started licking my pussy. He parted my pussy lips with his tongue and licked mildly. Slowly he dragged his tongue towards my anal hole and licked and kissed it. My body shivered and I tried to be calm. He inserted his index finger inside my pussy and rubbed the inner walls of my pussy.
Ben said “She is wet” and looked at me. I opened my eyes and asked “What you guys are doing” Ben said “Making you for the next session. He licked my pussy and moved his tongue near my anal hole and teased me. I was in extreme pleasure. He kissed my anal hole and licked it. I raised my hips and pressed his head tightly. He inserted his fore finger inside my pussy and rubbed the inner walls of the pussy.
Inserted his middle finger also and finger fucked me. He nibbled my clitoris and pulled it gently. Ben said “Babe, get ready for a doggy style” I said “No Ben, I am tired”. He said “Just one round dear, then we will take rest”. I kneeled like a dog on the bed. Ben moved me towards the edge of the bed for his convenient. He rubbed my ass cheek gently with his hands and widened my thighs. His right hand started rubbing my pussy.
He pressed my pussy with his palm and crushed gently. His fingers played on my pubic hair. He holds his dick and rubbed on my pussy from the back. I purred like a kitten. He opened my pussy lips and inserted his dick partly. I screamed mildly aahhhh. He pulled his dick out and rubbed his dick on my pussy. He cupped my boobs and fondled it and also rubbing his dick on my pussy simultaneously.
He moved his hands to my waist and crushed it. He positioned his dick exactly on my pussy lips and entered partly. Without giving any signal he gave a full thrust and entered my pussy deeply. I screamed loud. He cupped my boobs and moving inside me. I was moaning heavily. He slapped my ass cheeks and bit my bare back, caressed my armpits. Initially he was moving gently and then started moving fast. I pleaded him
Please Ben, slowly on hearing my request he increased his speed. His pubic hair rubbed my ass cheeks and created pleasurable feelings. He holds my hip and went deep inside my pussy. I was moaning heavily. He was moving inside me the maximum speed what he can and I purred like a kitten and hold the edges of the bed firmly. My voice was feeble. He moved faster and it was difficult for me to withstand his speed.
He moved deep inside and holds his dick for few seconds and then move, like this he did many times and each time I was in ecstasy and moaned heavily. I pulled the bed spread tightly due to pleasure and pain. Once again I begged him “Please! Ben do slowly at last he pulled his dick from my pussy and ejaculated his semen on my back. I felt his warm semen on my back. He rubbed his semen on my bare back and also on the ass cheeks. 
He inserted his fore finger inside my pussy and started finger fucking me. He inserted his middle finger also inside and made me crazy. Leaving my pussy he came to my front and rubbed his dick on my face. He rubbed his long dick on my lips and said “Please clean my dick with your tongue babe” I said No dear”
He pulled my head and moved my face to his dick and rubbed. The spunk was sticking on my face. Then I started licking his dick and wiped with my tongue.
Even though Ben was rough I liked his move. Sometimes roughness in sex will make more fun. I felt the tiredness and relaxed on the bed for some time. Then I went to bathroom and took a short hot shower. We had tea and snacks. It was five thirty in the evening. I said “Guys I am very tired, please do not disturb till dinner.
They also agreed. I watched TV for sometime and they had the drinks around eight thirty and I felt hungry and started dressing. I wear the long skirt and tops. Ben said “Honey don’t wear anything underneath” I asked “why? He said “There is a reason but we will not tell you now and you will know little later”. I removed my bra and panty as per their instruction.
At nine in the night we went to the restaurant to have the dinner. We choose the corner table. Ben and myself on one side and Crucifix on the other side. We placed the order and waiting for the food. There also Ben started to play with me. He cupped my boobs and kissed me. I felt shame because other peoples were watching us. I said “Ben, whatever you want to do please do inside the villa not here. He also agreed but without knowing others he started to finger fuck me. 
Before the food came to our table he made me to cum twice. At last the food came and we finished the dinner while returning to the villa Ben said “Shall we go to the tennis lawn and enjoy the breeze for half an hour? I agreed for that because I felt very tired. Since it was night so the lights were switched on. Ben hugged me and started kissing me. From the back Crucifix also hugged me.
We sat on the wooden bench near the lawn. Crucifix inserted his hand inside my tops and cupped my boobs on the other side Ben lifted my skirt and started rubbing my pussy with his hand. I was struggling to come out of these guys but all efforts went vain. Both of them lifted me and moved to the darker area of the lawn. They rolled me gently on the grass lawn. Crucifix pulled off my tops and cupped my boobs.
Ben pulled my skirt down and tossed on the grass. I was shocked. Ben removed his shorts and kneeled on that. He spread my legs and pulled me closer to him and rubbed his dick on my pussy. I was already wet due to these guys. He inserted his dick inside my pussy and started pumping. Other side Crucifix inserted his dick inside my mouth and fucked my mouth. I was scared because they are fucking me in the open place.
But they never bothered. But it was nice to have a fun session in the open air. Ben cupped my boobs and crushed hard. After enough drilling of my pussy Ben released his sperm inside my pussy and Crucifix released inside my mouth. We got up and dressed and returned to the villa. I scolded them but they were laughing at me.
We undressed ourselves and ready for the next session. Ben asked me to position like a dog. From the back he hugged me and cupped the boobs. He pinched my nipples and pulled gently. He kissed my back and slowly spread my ass cheek. He kissed my anal hole. I never expected this and got jerked. He started licking my anal hole and I was experiencing a strange pleasure. He applied some oil on and around my anal hole.
I was little bit shocked and wondering why he was doing all these. Then he slowly inserted his fore finger inside. I moaned due to pleasure. Then he inserted his middle finger also and increased the pleasure. I was moaning due to pleasure. He took out his finger and rubbed his dick on my anal hole. On the other end Crucifix came in front of me and inserted his dick in my mouth. Ben rubbed his dick and slightly inserted his dick inside my anal hole.
I realized that this guy is going to fuck my ass. Without giving enough time he inserted his dick almost 50% inside my hole. He hold my waist tightly so that I cannot move away from him. With a sudden push he inserted his full dick inside my anal hole and started moving inside gently. On the other end Crucifix was fucking my mouth and this end Ben took my virginity of ass. I cannot scream due to pain and pleasure because my mouth was plugged by Crucifix’s dick.
Ben’s hand was rubbing my pussy roughly. He inserted his finger inside my pussy. All my holes were plugged. He rubbed my clit with his finger and made me crazy. After fucking me about ten minutes they both released their sperm inside me. Throughout the night they kept on fucking me. I don’t know how many times they fucked me and I slept. Next morning I woke up at 07.30. I was between them and both of them were still sleeping.
I got up and freshened up and ordered for a coffee the in room dinning guy came and served the coffee. He smiled at me and asked how was your stay madam? I said fine both Ben and Crucifix also got up and freshened up. I went to bathroom for bath crucifix also came along with me and joined the shower. From the back he cupped my boobs and kissed me passionately.
He asked me are you Ok? I replied I am ok but feel very tired. He came in front of me and hugged tightly. He kissed me and probed his tongue inside my mouth. He made me to bend and entered inside my pussy from back and started fucking me. I felt extremely tired but not willing to disappoint him. While fucking me he started rubbing my anal hole with his thumb and slowly inserted his thumb inside.
I felt the major pleasure. He spit his saliva on my anal hole and rubbed gently. He fucked me for five minutes and then removed his dick from my pussy and entered his dick inside my anal hole. I screamed loudly due to pain. He cupped my boobs and fondled nicely and pumped my ass with constant speed. Pleasure moans came from both of us and sweating like anything. At last he removed his dick from my ass and released the sperm on my face and boobs.
He rubbed it on my body then we took shower and came to out. We relaxed for some time and went to the restaurant to have breakfast after breakfast we had one more session. This time Ben entered my ass from back and Crucifix fucked my pussy at the same time and made to scream like anything. After half an hour nonstop fuck they released their load inside me and filled my hole. Finally we checked out the villa and started moving to our place. I cannot forget this adventure in my life.
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